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05-22-2001, 10:34 PM
New diet

Trying to lose 2-3% bf each month for the next 2-3 months. Also, I want to maintain all my muscle. I need help finding a meal for meal 6...What do you think of the rest of the diet?

Meal 1

1 Cup Oats - 6g fat/ 54g carbs/ 10g protein/ 300 cals
1 cup milk - 0g fat/ 12g carbs/ 9g protein/ 170 cals
2 Egg Whites - 0g fat/ 2g carbs/ 10g protein/ 110 cals
1 Whole Egg - 4g fat/ 1 g carbs/ 12g protein/ 70 cals
2 12 grain bread - 4g fat/ 24g carbs/ 8g protein/ 220 cals

Cals: 850
Fat: 14g
Carbs: 83g
Protein: 49g

Meal 2

1 Can Albacore Tuna - 2.5g fat/ 0g carbs/ 33g protein/ 175 cals
2 Tbsp. Mayo - 3g fat/ 0g carbs/ 0g protein/ 70 cals
4 12 grain bread - 8g fat/ 48g carbs/ 16g protein/ 440 cals

Cals: 685
Fat: 13.5g
Carbs: 48g
Protein: 48g

Meal 3 -

2 Scoops Whey - 0g fat/ 6g carbs/ 40g protein/ 200 cals
2 cups milk - 0g fat/ 24g carbs/ 18g protein/ 160 cals

Cals: 360
Fat: 0g
Carbs: 30g
Protein: 58g

Meal 4 -

8 Oz Chicken Breast - 5g fat/ 10g carbs/ 34g protein/
1 Scoop Whey - 0g fat/ 3g carbs/ 20g protein/ 100 cals
1 cup milk - 0g fat/ 12g carbs/ 9g protein/ 80 cals

Cals: 180
Fat: 5g
Carbs: 20g
Protein: 39g

Meal 5 -

2 Egg Whites - 0g fat/ 2g carbs/ 10g protein/ 110 cals
1 Whole Egg - 4g fat/ 1g carbs/ 12g protein/ 70 cals
1 Scoop Whey - 0g fat/ 3g carbs/ 20g protein/ 100 cals
1 cup milk - 0g fat/ 12g carbs/ 9g protein/ 80 cals

Cals: 360
Fat: 4g
Carbs: 18g
Protein: 51g

Meal 6 -

I want it quick and simple, with low cals, since it will be ranging from 9-11 pm.


Cals: 2435 + Meal 6
Fat: 36.5g + Meal 6
Carbs: 199g + Meal 6
Protein: 245g + Meal 6
Water: 5 liters

05-23-2001, 05:22 AM
I suggest 2 scoops of Why for meal six.

05-23-2001, 03:02 PM
Hmm...maybe, but then I'd be taking 6 scoops per day and I'd go through like 2.5 tubs per month and that might cost a lot since each tub costs around $25. Anything else I could eat? Is my fat too low? What else could I eat that is low in carbs at night?

05-23-2001, 07:19 PM
How about 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese?

Cals: 160
Fat: 2g
Carbs: 8g
Protein: 28g

In theory, this would be good to eat before bed, because casein (the main protein in cottage cheese) is digested and absorbed more slowly than whey, so you should be absorbing amino acids into your blood for a longer period of time while you're sleeping. (I don't know if anyone has actually proven that this happens.)

This diet is probably going to give you more protein than you actually need. You might consider cutting back on some of the protein sources and substituting some fruits and vegetables, for example in meal 3 and meal 5. You actually use protein more efficiently for building muscle if you consume it with some carbohydrate, because you don't have to break down as much protein to provide energy and restore muscle glycogen after exercise. I would also include a multivitamin/mineral tablet each day. You may not be getting enough fiber to keep from getting constipated, so some Metamucil each day might be necessary.

05-23-2001, 11:20 PM
I tried eating cottage cheese for my last diet, can't stand the stuff.

05-24-2001, 09:09 AM
TUNA !!!:D

05-25-2001, 07:40 AM
IMO, I'd have red meat for meal 6, maybe a burger on a bed of lettuce... You could aslo cut out your dairy , but only well dieting. Make sure you get right back into amap (as much milk as possible, lol) when you want to grow again...

I'd aslo eat whole eggs, instead of whites...especially if you cut out dairy, you'll need to replace some cals..

05-25-2001, 03:54 PM
those eggs have got to be huge if they contain 12g of protein:eek:

05-25-2001, 11:38 PM
Err...hmm...heh, they're supposed to be 6g, thanks ;) Hamburger late at night? Is that good?

Chris Rodgers
05-25-2001, 11:44 PM
Hamburgers are good anytime! :D

05-26-2001, 06:47 AM

05-26-2001, 09:00 AM
you know whats better than a hamburger.....

two hamburgers ;)

05-26-2001, 09:31 AM
flake your wrong cheeseburger are better than 2 hamburgers.

05-26-2001, 10:42 AM
You're both wrong. Bacon Double cheesburgers!

Chris Rodgers
05-26-2001, 10:48 AM
Everyone is wrong.


Can't be beat!

05-26-2001, 11:25 AM
how about two double whoppers ;)

(little known fact: you can actually get a tripple whopper, theres a button on the tills to add an extra meat patty, you might have to get the superviser to do this though as most bk employee's cannot be trusted with this secret)