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08-12-2002, 12:16 AM
Allright, I decided to start a journal. I've been training on WBB1 routine for awhile, and have decided to switch it up starting tomorrow. I will be using the 5x5 rep scheme for all exercises, lifting heavy, and lifting intensely. I will be doing as many compound movements as I can, with exceptions to squats. The reason I cannot squat as of now, is that MRIs indicate that I have a torn maniscus (or two), and my doctor advised me that squatting, although it probably won't make it worse if done with proper form, could potentially make the injury considerably worse if done incorrectly (I also have a case pending as a result of the knee tears, and will be obeying my doctor's orders). He did, however, tell me leg presses would be a perfectly suitable exercise, even though they are not as good as squats. My eating plan will optimally be the following:

Meal One: Oatmeal, Cottage Cheese (300 calories)

Meal Two: MRP (300 calories)

Meal Three: Two Chicken Breasts, Oatmeal (300 calories)

Meal Four: MRP (300 calories)

Meal Five: Salmon, Oatmeal (300 calories)

Meal Six: Designer Whey Protein (300 calories)

I'm going to be supplementing with L-Glutamine, Creatine (in the form of BetaGen), and Flax Sead Oil. The Macronutrient breakdown is 40/40/20

My program's training aspect, will be upper body workout on Monday, lower body on Wednesday, and upper body on Friday. I will alternate the days every week. I will not go to failure with these lifts. The exercises will be as follows:

Upper Body:

Chest-Barbell Bench Press 5x5
Shoulders-Shoulder Press 5x5
Back-Dumbbell Rows 5x5
Triceps-Skullcrushers 5x5
Biceps- Hammer Curls 5x5

Lower Body:

Quads-Leg Press 5x5
Hamstrings-Standing Hamstring Curls 5x5
Calves-Standing Calf Raises 5x5

Ab work will be done at the end of one of the workouts every week. Off days will include High Intensity cardio in the morning on on empty stomach, as well as rotator cuff work.

This program will be followed for three months in which case I will probably get a knee surgery and be forced to cease lifting for a little bit (I'm not sure how this is going to go though). I figure I'm still making newbie gains, so we'll see where I go.