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05-28-2001, 05:19 AM
Alright i am like 165 ,wanna get down to 155,get somewha lean for the summer ,plus I cant afford new pants :P waist 34now:/ need to drop atleast 3waist sizes to fit back in my pants hahaha

Meal1-2whole eggs,3eggwhites,2bacon strips
meal2-tuna with mayo
meal3-tuna with mayo
meal4-Protein shake
meal5-chicken breast,1tbsp olive oil
meal6-1chicken breast,1tbsp olive oil or maybe 2hotdogs or something

and 2more tbsp olive oil :)

protein i get is enough to maintain but i will add more:)

here is the pics of DAY 1 Keto

05-28-2001, 05:20 AM
oops i posted as new tread sorry,anyway i will take a new pic at the end of the week again,heres the back pic

05-28-2001, 04:17 PM
Moday -May 28 ,2001 Day 1 keto
foget the meals uptheir is the fnew one which i consumed today

Meal-2whole eggs,3whites,3Bacon Strips
34.5/2/24/371 =P/C/F/CALS

Meal2-Tuna +mayo,1tbsp Olive oil

Meal3-Tuna+mayo,2tbsp Olive oil

Meal4-Protein shake,2tbsp olive Oil
35/6/28.5/410 Cals

Meal5-CHicken Breast,1tbsp Olive Oil

Meal6-CHicken Breast,1tbsp Olive oil
I dont know how much p/c/f in a chicken breast :/

Routine today Chest/Biceps
Flat Bench-5sets at 12 reps 135lbs
DB Bench-5sets at 12 reps 70lbs/80lbs
DB INLINE-5sets at 12 reps 70lbs
DB Flyes- 3sets at 12 reps 70 lbs
Cross over cables -3sets 20reps 80lbs

Preacher Curl=3sets at 10reps 40lbs
DB Alternate Bicep curls 2sets of 15reps at 30lbs/50lbs/70lbs

05-30-2001, 08:10 AM
Defwer, it looks good, but i would substitute flax for the olive oil, better source of fat. Also, instead of oil in so many meals, why not have half of them with oil and half with natty pb. Aside from flaxseed oil, many oils have hidden carbs, I read it somewhere i'll find the link.

05-30-2001, 08:17 AM
Most oils have hidden carbs?


err, less than peanut butter does.

05-30-2001, 09:22 AM
Peanut butter contains 2-3g of carbs / teaspoon. I wouldn't use it while on a keto diet.

05-30-2001, 09:38 AM
20-30g of carbs per day keeps you in. Some Natty PB, will not hurt much. I like Hellmann's Mayo for this scenario best: 16g Fat, per 1 Tbsp.

05-30-2001, 09:48 AM
Depends on the individual. Some people have to stay under 20g to maintain ketosis.

05-30-2001, 03:15 PM
The reason 20 grams is used for a guidline is because you will be taking in the occasional carb or two even though you don't mean to. Eggs have like 1/2 carb, full fat salad dressings have a carb or two. These add up during the day. Plus you will want to get a serving of greens like brocolli or romain lettuce just to keep yourself regular.
Just my opinion. I know I can't get into keto while eating peanut butter.

05-30-2001, 03:53 PM

05-30-2001, 04:10 PM
Getting into keto is different from maintaining ketosis.

05-30-2001, 06:02 PM
Not necessarily. Too many carbs period will give the body an alternate fuel source from fat and knock you out or keep you from getting in.
If you can get away with eating PB, more power to you. I would rather eat greens so I can hit the bathroom every day.