View Full Version : newbie needs advice on WBBR#1 and cardio

08-17-2002, 03:17 PM
In browsing the forum I've noticed how many newbie posts there are and most notably the ammount of helpful replies to newbie posts so I figured I might as well ask for some help. I'm 22 Male 140 lbs 5'7" and I've been training religiously for the last month, probably too much (5 or 6 times a week). So i recently picked up the WBB Routine #1 and yesterday was my first training day. So the question is where does cardio fit into this routine? I figured I would run moderately (2 miles) on my rest days, or at least 3 out of 4 of them. Is that too much cardio? I understand that I shouldnt run immediately before or after lifting (which is what i've been doing in the past). My goal is to gain some muscle mass but not too much, say 20 lbs 6-12 months, and keep my body fat the same, thus lowering my BF%. I figure that will make me more defined as I'm kind of flabby as it is. I also enjoy being in good shape and being able to run a 7 minute mile(good time for me), so cardio is important to me, just as important as lifting. So my question is are my goals realistic? Can I make gains and improve my cardio at the same time or am I trying to do too much? What if I want to run 2 miles 5 days out of the week? Or what are my gains likely to be if I run on my off days? Sorry if this post is too long. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Paul Stagg
08-19-2002, 12:03 PM
running a couple of miles a couple of times a week is fine.

I'd focus on diet for bodyfat loss.