View Full Version : Wolfgars Road to 250lbs!!!!!

08-19-2002, 09:50 AM
Well I guess Ill start a journal here since im always loosing my book at home. I have 3 years left on my tour up here in Alaska and I would Like to be at 250lbs 10 t0 2 Bf before I leave. i have 3 years to do it.
Current stats.. Ht - 6-2 wt- 225 Bf- 13 %
Max bench 325

Currently training HIT 3 days a week
Consuming 3800 t0 4000 cals aday
roughly 450 grams of protein

current supplements. Creatine-whey protein-T-100 A-100..and meso tech MRPS. L glutamine

Workout example is Mondays- Chest and triceps
Incline bench-- 2 sets 12,10 r
Hammer press-- 2 sets 12 ,10
Flat flys 2 sets, 12 10
Cable crossovers 2 sets 10-8
dips- 3 sets

Close grips bench 2 sets 8 6 very heavy
Skull crushers 2 sets 8-6 very heavy
press downs 2 sets 20 15 reps
rope press downs 2 sets 20 -15

all this is done in 45 to a hour..go home..wolf down a shake..hour later eata high carb/protein meal...take a nap...thats my usual routine...what do yall think????

08-20-2002, 10:46 PM
Had a simple back workout today.

Upright rows 225 x12x10
Deadlifts 315x 12 400x7
Cable rows 2 setsx10
Dumbell rows 2 set 130lb dbs x 10

did this in 40 minutes..walked out wore slam out...drank a shake ..ate a meal 2 steaks 2 sweet potatoes took a nap...Good day!!

08-20-2002, 10:49 PM
You bastard! You've out done me by 10 pounds! :D jk Good luck with your goals!