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08-19-2002, 10:08 PM
This is my first post ever on wbb and I must say I'm impressed by the knowledge of many of the people on this site. I also have been working out for about 6 years now, but kind of did whatever and didn't have a serious routine. I won't even bother to post my old routines b/c everyone on this board will absolutely rip them to shreads (lots of overtraining, no lower body exercises) Anyways, I'm using wbb routine 1 with some slight modifications. Also, due to the crowdedness of the gym on campus, I'm doing stuff over a 4 day split instead of a 3 day like listed on wbb1.

Currently I'm 5-9 165 with ~7-8% BF. My goal is pretty simple, ,since I lift more so for tone than to get "big", I just would like to keep gaining mass while keeping my bodyfat in the 6-9% range. I'd say I'll be happy if I'm up to 175 with the same bodyfat within the next year. My long-term goal is to be about 190 pounds with 6-9% BF.

I realize that I don't "know it all" and expect to keep learning while I write this. So, I guess I could say to take it easy on me at first!

Here are approxmately my max lifts. I say this because I haven't maxed directly on them lately but used the charts to figure out what my max would be with the reps I used. Deadlifts are new to me so I wouldn't be surprised if I improve on them rapidly at first once I get the technique down
Bench ~ 250 lbs
Squat ~ 300 lbs
Deadlift ~ 330 lbs

That would put me somewhere around 880 combined. I'd like to get that number up to 1,000 in the next year, but 950 is probably a more realistic number to aim for.

As for diet, I will somewhat watch what I eat, but not go all out like many seem to do.

Anyways, here is my current routine:

DB Bench
Hammer Curl
DB Incline Bench
BB Bicep Curl

Hack Squat
Leg Extensions

Smith Machine Military Press
Tricep Pushdown
DB Lateral Raise
DB Press
Tricep Extensions (I don't like the idea of skullcrushers w/o a spotter)

BB Deadlift
SL Deadlift
BB bentover row
Pull Up
Leg Curl

08-19-2002, 10:34 PM
Monday August 19: (Back + Shoulder/Tricep leftovers)

Yeah, I probably should not be putting them together, and this is monday when I said I was working out on tuesdays. The reason I did this was that the weight room was closed saturday and was a nightmare in how crowded it was on sunday (I got 3 exercises done in an hour with only 2 sets and 2-3 minutes rest). Anyways, after today, hopefully I'll be back on schedule.

Smith Machine Military Press 100+ Bar Weight/5
Tricep extensions 50/10
Shrugs 200/10
BB Row 95/11
Pull Up BW+15/6
Leg Curl 112.5/9
Ab Machine 115/10

****I skipped Dead Lifts and SL deadlifts due to my back still hurting from the last time I did them. Even though I was trying my best to use good form, I must not have used good enough form. I think part of the problem is the inflexibility of my achilles tendon that makes me not want to squat down as much as I should since my heels naturally come way off the ground. Also, it is not inflexibility in my hamstrings, b/c I can touch my palms to the ground with my feet together and straight. As a matter of fact, my achilles was so tight when I was younger that they actually considered surgery on them due to their stiffness.

Hot Chicks: (I saw someone else do this and I figured I would)
Many hanging around the abductor machine (if only they would do real exercises like squat, we might see more good legs and less "cottage cheese legs")

Oatmeal + Banana (preworkout)
Oatmeal + Banana + Pudding + Whey Protein + Creatine(postworkout)
Ramen Noodles + Protein for Lunch (gotta have a classic college food)
Mac and Cheese for Dinner
Protein at bedtime


08-20-2002, 09:57 PM
Tuesday August 20 (Chest/Bicep)

*I know my triceps are getting a workout again today, but I wanted to get back on schedule and my triceps are really sore right now, so that is good!

Weight = 164.2

DB Bench 75/6 (this feels light, I just have to do a better job balancing it)
Hammer Curl 40/8
DB Incline Bench 60/8
Bicep Curl 90/6 (concentrated on good form)
Dips BW+55/8 (these were a nightmare, the first set of bars were way too narrow and maybe made to target the triceps. Anyways, I moved to the other set of bars and had to try hard to keep the 55 lb dumbbell from hitting the steps to the bars. Hey, at least it will let me focus more on the negatives!:D )
Incline Situps 45deg angle 10/10

Hot Chicks: A few but the big story of the day was some girl in one of my classes. She was wearing some jeans w/o a belt that kind of sagged down clearly showing her thong underwear. So much was showing that I highly doubt this was by accident!

Diet ~2300 calories

08-21-2002, 07:43 PM
Wednesday August 21, 2002 (Rest Day)

Calories ~ 2100

My pecs, delts, and triceps are all sore:)

08-22-2002, 10:24 PM
Thursday August 22, 2002 (Leg Day)

Weight = 164.1 WTF? I up my caloires yet somehow have lost weight every day this week. My guess is that maybe spacing the meals out lets me eat more per day. Or, maybe I just underestimated how many calories I normally eat since I haven't really counted them before.

Squat 225/8 (I messed around with settings on here trying to be parallel. I think I may have went a little past parallel b/c I felt my hamstrings touching my calves. Either way, I'm moving it up 1 setting next time.)

Sitting Calf Raises 230/10

Sled Hack Squat 110/10 (Probably could have done quite a bit more, but want to get the ROM down along with getting used to moving those stoppers into place. Which makes me ask, WHY DON'T THEY USE STOPPERS LIKE ON SLED? I think it is dumb having to move the stoppers back and forth by hand while you are lifting. It seems like it would make things more dangerous and make it less beneficial since you can't go to failure.)

Leg Extension 112.5/8 (The 112.5 on this machine felt like 180 on the machine I used during the summer. Therefore, I guess you can't directly compare Leg Extension numbers)

Hot Chicks: A few that work there looked pretty good!

Calories ~ 2700 (I expect to be back to 165 by saturday!)

08-24-2002, 09:58 PM
August 23, 2002 (Rest Day)

My legs are a little sore.

Calories ~2700

08-24-2002, 10:09 PM
August 24, 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

Weight = 163.25 (Okay, 2700 calories weren't enough so I'll go up to 3000 until it budges. I figure I don't want to drastically up my calories since I'm trying to find a good number for me to go with)

Smith Machine Military Press (95 + bar weight/7)
Tricep Pushdown (130/8)
DB Lat Raise (25/8)
Sitting DB Press (50/8) *Probably could have gotten 1 or 2 more but I'll save them for next time.
Lying Tricep Extensions (60/8) *I'm still getting this down, the weight felt somewhat light, but I want to make sure I keep my upper arms as stiff as possible with my elbows in. A light weight lets me do that until I get it down)
Ab Crunch Machine (120/10)

One last thing, does anyone know if smith machines have a universal bar weight? I remember it was 20 at my high school, but I was wondering if all smith machines have the same bar weight. Also, are EZ curl bars 20lbs? b/c that is what I have been counting them as.)

Calories ~ 3000 (Hopefully I'll gain 1 lb back of the 2 I lost in the last week!)

08-25-2002, 09:46 PM
Sunday August 25 (Back/Hamstrings)

weight=164.75 (It went back up with 3000 calories, so I'll hang around 2700 and see what happens)

Deadlift (300/3) I'm trying out sumo style. I hurt my back a few weeks back on conventional. I did 10 pounds less on sumo, but my back doesn't have any "bad" pain in it. Therefore, I'll stick with sumo style.
SLDeadlift (255/9) This felt pretty good, my grip almost gave out at the end. I think I'll up this by 10 more pounds next week.
Shrugs (205/10)
Bent Over Row (105/10)
Pull Ups (BW+15/6) Didn't improve, but pullups seem hard to improve on as fast as others. Plus, they are my last back exercise so I probably could do better if they were first.
Leg Curl: (113/10)


08-26-2002, 10:43 PM
Monday August 26, 2002 (rest day)

My posterior delts are pretty stiff along with my back to a lesser degree.


08-27-2002, 09:14 AM
Bench ~ 250 lbs
Squat ~ 300 lbs
Deadlift ~ 330 lbs

Pretty damn good maxes considering your bodyweight.

Pull Ups (BW+15/6) Didn't improve, but pullups seem hard to improve on as fast as others. Plus, they are my last back exercise so I probably could do better if they were first.

Pullups are a b*tch to improve on. But hang in there man youll improve slowly and surely - you can count on it if your diet and all that is in order.

08-27-2002, 10:14 PM
Tuesday Aug 27 2002 (Chest/Biceps)


Well, aside from lifting I woke up this morning to find my windows xp with an error message. When I rebooted, numberous files were missing and I had to reinstall it. The only problem is that my windows xp cd key I think is either back at home or I lost it. I have the CD with me, but it wouldn't let me install it without my cd key. Then, I go to install windows me and it refuses to install b/c there are "errors on the drive" The only problem is that the scandisk that comes with that couldn't fix long file names! Also, since it didn't have an "auto-fix" option, I had to keep hitting "yes" about 1,000 times over 30 minutes. Anyways, I used an old version of windows 98 to fix the long file name errors and was finally able to install windows me. Luckily, everything went well after that. My answer to what went wrong was in my email. I got a message from the university saying someone was using my computer to send viruses to other computers. I guess it is some kind of attack over a network. Anyways, at least it didn't delete all my saved stuff and all I really lost was time along with all my customizations in windows xp. I also found out that I can get a free version of macafee. So, I loaded that up and hopefully won't get another virus for awhile.

Anyways, here is my workout (it didn't go much better than my computer)

DB Bench (75/6.5) I really felt I was going to knock down 7 or 8 reps. My biggest problem with this is that the weight feels light but my arms want to tremble a lot. I guess that is what I get for using a machine for the last few years before I changed my routine.
DB Incline Bench (65/7) I guess I could call this improvement since I went up ten pounds (five per DB) for one less rep.
Hammer Curl (45/6)
Bicep Curl (90/4) Hmmm...don't know why I did 2 reps less than last week. Maybe b/c I made sure to keep my elbows in.
Dips (BW+60/8) I'm glad to see improvement here, but I can't stand how they don't have a dip belt. It kind of sucks to have a 60 pound DB rubbing against your achilles tendon while you try to do dips. Also, I seemed to do a better job at not letting the DB get caught on the steps.
45 degree incline situps (15/10)


08-28-2002, 10:29 PM
August 28, 2002 (Rest Day)

Nothing really is sore today except for a very slight stiffness in my anterior delts.


08-29-2002, 10:51 PM
Thrusday August 29, 2002 (Leg Day)

Weight = 164.00 I lost a half a pound, but then again that is insignificant with how my weight can fluctuate.

Squats: (245/9) (too high of a setting)... then (225/10) at a lower setting with not enough weight (I wanted to play it safe going to a lower setting. I probably could have done 3-5 more reps but I was breathing pretty heavy by the 10th rep. Either way, I'll probably take as much as a month getting used to squat again before I start doing my intended reps of 3-5 with a higher weight. I seemed to improve well in that rep range. It has been 3 years since I last did squats before I started this journal.)

Seated Calf Machine: (220/10) I know this is 10 less than last week, but I'm trying to let the weight push my heels down to try to get me more flexibility in my achilles tendon. I don't know if it will help them or not, but I figure it is worth a try.

Hack Squat Machine: (120/10)
Leg Extensions: (113/10) I really am skeptical about this machine. I wonder if they just oiled it or something, b/c last week it took everything I had to get 8 reps at this weight. Today, I get 10 reps and probably could have done one or two more!


08-29-2002, 10:57 PM
I figure I'll mention this before anyone says anything, but I do 2 sets of pretty much everything with a few exceptions. I just record my first set on stuff b/c on upper body exercises for some reason I'm way weaker on 2nd sets regardless of how long I take to rest.

08-30-2002, 10:27 PM
Friday August 30, 2002 (Rest Day)

My legs feel like they do after a typical leg day. I'd say my Glutes are the sorest part.


Saturday Fever
08-30-2002, 10:36 PM
YO, where'd the hot chick report go? This workout and diet stuff is all fine and good, but we need important info here! :)

08-31-2002, 10:42 PM
Saturday August 31, 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

Wow, I'd say this was one of my best workouts improvementwise. I improved in every exercise!

DB Press 55/8 (Okay, at first I thought this was too good to be true. I figured I must have accidently mistaken some 50's for 55's. I check the DBs and they say 55. So, I have a very rare occasion of improving 10 pounds for the same number of reps in a week.)

Lying Tricep Extensions 70/6

DB Lateral Raise 25/9

Tricep Pushdowns 130/9 (For some reason I feel these more in my delts than my triceps. It weird too considering I keep my elbows in. If this continues I'll just do pushdowns on the bicep machine.)

Smith Machine Military press 95+bar weight/9 (This proved my DB Press improvent was no fluke. I improved 2 full reps with the same weight on an exercise that works pretty much the same muscles)

Ab Crunch Machine 130/10

Hot Chicks: I saw some girl with a very good body in a sports bra on my way in. Except they haven't allowed sports bras in the rec center since my freshman year. There were two decent looking ones in there, but they were your typical skin-and-bones, anorexic-looking, abductor machine warmers. Then, the day really improved once I went to the Football game. I have row 2 seats this year and they are right in front of where the cheerleaders stand on the sideline. Except, the best of the day were who I believe was the womens track team. They all were wearing spaghetti-string, skin-tight tank tops with daisy-dukes. Plus, most of them felt those tank tops covered too much skin, so they rolled them up from the midsection to have about the coverage of a sports bra.

Overconfident Chicks: When you go to a school that guys out-number the girls, many women can quickly get an inflated view of their looks and "think" they look good. Therefore, you get 40% bodyfat women wearing spandex or showing way too much skin. I'll bring up this category when I see this. Anyways, today at the football game I saw a disgustingly high number of women with cottage cheese arms and legs showing way too much skin. Yeah, I know it is hot outside but it is not because of those girls!

Lifting Mysteries: I'll add this category to my journal when I see people doing things that I can't figure out at the gym. Today, I see some guy about the same size as me doing 135 pound deadlifts. WTF??? I'm sure that guy could have at least been working out with 200. Hardly anyone seems to push themselves on deadlifts in our gym. I seriously have yet to see someone else do more than 225 on deadlifts so far in the 2 weeks I've been in school this year. Hey, that's good for me though. I can do deads without the long waits that usually come in our gym. Except, many times our beloved curl-jockeys use the deadlift platform to curl something like 55 pounds.


09-01-2002, 09:49 PM
Sunday September 1, 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)


Deadlift (305/4) Five extra pounds, one extra rep. My grip felt better here. I kind of find it cool how I can feel and hear the air rushing through my ears on deadlifts.

SL Deadlift (265/6) My grip was great on regular deads and it sucked on SL Deads. My guess was that it got fatigued from normal deads (since I do SL deads right after normal deads). The 6 reps weren't any trouble, but the bar slipped out of my hands on the 6th rep. Luckily, I was able to slow it down enough to not get the attention of the whole weight room!

Bent Over BB Rows (110/11) Five more pounds and an extra rep again here from last week.

Shrugs (210/10)

Leg Curls (113/11) Maybe someday I'll feel this more in my hamstrings than my calves!

Pull Up (bw +15/7) Wooo hoo! I improved a rep on what may be my worst exercise!

Hot Chicks: One was maybe 5'-10" with some fairly short shorts, nice body, and a decent face. The other had one of the most attractive faces I've seen all week. She had a decent body too, but a little on the skinny side.

Mysteries: Some guy was deadlifting 75 pounds. He wasn't waming up either.

Miscellaneous: For the first time all year I saw a female doing squats! The bad news though was that she was only doing 55 pounds. I bet though that if you did squats without the bar or any weight, they would still be more beneficial than the abductor machine!

Miscellaneous: Did anyone see this women's show on one of the networks today? It was called something like Living longer. Someone was saying if you eat 1000 calories a day, you will live longer. They had this disgusting....and I mean disgusting looking guy that was 5-11 120 talking about his 1000 calorie a day diet. He claimed that he has lots more energy on his diet which I don't understand since CALORIES ARE ENERGY!!!! They showed him working out curling 12 pound DBs. Even more disgusting, he was wearing this really thin tank top and had shoulders about the size of Calista Flockhart's. I don't know about you all, but I'd rather die right now than look like him and live to be 100 (if that really does work for slowing aging!)

MY CALORIES ~ 3200 (guess I won't live to be 100)

09-02-2002, 09:51 PM
Monday September 2, 2002 (Rest Day)

My lower back hurts from deadlifts (good pain I think).

Calories ~3100

09-03-2002, 11:38 PM
September 3, 2002 (Chest/Biceps)

Weight = 165.20

DB Bench 75-8 (My right arm lost balance on the 1st rep and I thought, "this is going to be a long day". But, after I straightened things out, I knocked down 8 reps while keeping good balance.)

DB Incline 65-8

Hammer Curl 45-6.5 (I actually had 7 here, but my body kind of leaned at the endof the last rep so I'll only count 1/2 of it!)

BB Bicep Curl 80/6 (I lowered the weight and tried to keep good form)

Dips BW+65/8 (The 65 pound DB tore up my left ankle. They don't have a dip belt there. Therefore, I don't really worry too much about dropping the weight from my ankles after my last rep. The thing goes bouncing off the floor. It's kind of funny to see. I'm not sacrificing any of my safety to protect their damn DBs. Last year I did a similar stunt b/c they didn't have 100 pound plates. I would just pick up and carry 3 45's across the room at once to load them on a machine. I wanted to get some doofus that probably couldn't lift one 45 to tell me not to do that so I could tell him to get 100 pound plates. However, that never happened so I didn't get to do that. But, if someone says anything about my dips, I'll reply "Get a F--in dip belt!(OK, maybe not that exactly), some of us actually need more than our own weight" The sad thing too is that I rarely see anyone else using more than their own weight! I always find it funny to see these fatasses who think they are so tough and act so tough to not be able to work out with even their own bodyweight on dips.

45 degree Incline Situps 20-7

Hot Chicks: There were tons today. However, they were all a bunch of 7s and 8s mostly. There was one that would probably be a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. She kind of let me down when she went straight to the abductor machine. Anyways, I'd say she was 5-6 and maybe 120. Short Blue shorts, and blond hair with a pony tail.

All Time Hot Chick: We all set goals, so I'll set a goal for the "hot Chicks" section to beat. This summer I probably saw the best girl I've ever seen in the gym. She was kind of tall (5-9 or 5-10), had a really good face, blond hair, and a pony tail. She was wearing my favorite type of shorts (to look at women wear, not wear myself!). They were the skintight volleyball style shorts that probably went literally to wrist level if she would hold her hands to her side. Well, here is the best part. Her workout that day consisted of Cleans, Skullcrushers, Squats, and I think deadlifts! It is rare to see women where I am at do ANY of those! I remember her cleaning over 100 pounds too. (note to any women reading this: I'm not saying all women don't do real exercises. I'm sure if you are reading this, you do real exercises so I'm obviously not talking about you!)

Mysteries: About half the people hogging up benches today were doing flat bench with 30 pound DBs.

Calories ~ 3200

09-04-2002, 11:08 PM
September 4, 2002 (Rest Day)

I feel a slight bit sore in my delts and my triceps also feel sore but for some reason my right tricep is more sore than my left. My only guess for that could be that maybe a slight bit more of my bodyweight is supported on my right arm on dips or something (since I'm right handed).


09-06-2002, 12:00 AM
September 5, 2002 (Leg Day)

weight = 165.70

Squats 225/11 (I'll probably up this to 245 next week)

Sitting Calf Raise 230/10

Hack Squat Machine 130/10 (I'm still slowly upping the weight on this until I get used to it enough. My knees are kind of bothered from it though. If this continues, I'll do the barbell version of hack squats. It is strange I'm feeling pulling on my knees considering I feel nothing bad on my knees from squats (which I HAVE to elevate my heels on)

Leg Extensions 125/10 (I seriously think these take more out of your muscles immediately after the exercise than even deadlifts! I mean, sure deadlifts tire out more muscle tissure, but I'd say leg extensions have to be the best isolation one of the bunch. My quads are so tired after doing these that I literally have trouble walking up and down stairs.

Hot Chicks: The one with the nice face I mentioned a few days ago was there along with one wearing volleyball shorts. I'll give both credit since I didn't see either one on the abductor machine!

Okay, I actually saw someone squatting with 315 on today. However, his thighs probably made a 135 degree angle with the ground! Hell, I'm probably a few inches above parallel, but my squats probably look like ass to floors in comparison to most people I see doing them!

That same person doing 1/2 squats took the saftey bars out of the power rack. I have no idea why you would want to do that! First off, you could put them just below where you plan to go down to if you don't want them to get in your way. I think squatting without the safety bars is one of the stupidest things you could possibly do. Plus, I like them so I know how far I need to bring the bar down.


09-06-2002, 01:25 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Hot Chicks: The one with the nice face I mentioned a few days ago was there along with one wearing volleyball shorts. I'll give both credit since I didn't see either one on the abductor machine!

I find it rather amusing that you rate a chick by the type of workout she does ;).

Why do you have such an obsession with the abductor machine?

09-06-2002, 03:41 PM
I have sort of intentionally been ripping on the abductor machine because of a few reasons.

1. Most people on there have been watching too many infomercials and think they can "spot reduce".

2. Here is a ROUGH breakdown of what I have seen women doing for the 3 weeks I've been here. I'll list my guestimate on how many women I have seen on each machine in 3 weeks.

~75 on the Abductor Machine
~40 on Leg Extensions
~30 on Leg Curls
~20 on Calf
~10 on Lying Leg Press
ONE on Squats
ZERO on 45 degree leg press
ZERO on Hack Squats
ZERO on Stiff Leg Deadlift

This list would likely be the other way around with a serious lifter! If someone would ask "what is the best lower body exercise" on here, I'm sure we would have about 80% of the people saying squats, 15% saying leg press, and 5% other.

3. The Abductor Machine is nowhere to be seen in any of the WBB routines and is also absent in a vast majority of the journals by people who are insanely strong here on WBB.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it would make a decent SUPPLEMENT for leg day, but most of these people seem to be using it as their main lift!

09-07-2002, 09:48 PM
Friday September 6, 2002 (Rest Day)

No surprise, my legs are sore after leg day.


09-07-2002, 09:58 PM
Saturday, September 7, 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

Seated DB Press (55/10)

Lying Tricep Ext (70/7)

DB Lat Raise (25/9.5)

Smith Shoulder Press (100 + bar weight/9)

Tricep Pushdowns (130/10)

Ab Crunch Machine (135/10)

Another Perfect day improvementwise.

Hot Chicks: It was too early. I got there when they opened. They all seemed to be walking in as I left.

Mysteries: A couple of guys in their 30s maybe were in there doing bicep curls. They did them on the deadlift rack and made sure to bend their back at a 45 degree angle. The motion looked more like an underhand gripped clean. Of course these guys had to grunt really loud too!


09-08-2002, 10:04 PM
Sunday September 8, 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)


BB Deadlift 315/4

SLDL 265/7

Machine Shrugs 210/11

BB Row 115/12

Leg Curls 125/6

Pull Ups BW + 15/8

Hot Chicks: None, plus I had to hurry to make it back in time to watch the Colts game.

Mysteries: Some guy was doing bodyweight minus 100lb dips (and this guy wasn't fat or anything). I swear I work out in a gym full of pussies (with the exception of some people). Maybe it is because my school is more of a engineering/technology school. But hey, I'm an engineering student! I just realize that most engineers aren't exactly physically fit.

Non Gym Related: That Browns/Chiefs game ending was something else! I can't believe both of the boneheaded plays by the Browns in the last minute (2 15 yard celebration penalties). That game gave me quite a laugh! On top of that in a different game, 2 kickoff returns in one day by the same player???....Wow!


09-09-2002, 10:19 PM
Monday September 9, 2002 (Rest Day)

My lower back was sore from deads, but less sore than the past 2 weeks. I guess that could be good or bad.


09-10-2002, 10:59 PM
Tuesday September 10, 2002 (Chest/Biceps)

weight = 165.00

DB Bench (75/10) I'm thinking that my stabilizer muscles might be finally deciding to catch up. I noticed a lot less trembling in my arms which let me use near-perfect form on these while adding 2 extra reps from last week. The real test for my stabilizers will be next week when I up the total weight by 10 pounds by using the 80s.

Incline DB Bench (65/9) Shame on me, I only improved one rep! No, just kidding. I just have been on a major tear lately improvementwise that a rep a week actually seems small!

Hammer Curl (45/7)

BB Bicep Curl (80/7)

Dips (BW+75/8) I upped the weight by 10 pounds from last week and actually had an easier time this week doing the same number of reps. Some girl kind of gave me a "What the f#%k are you doing" look when I put the 75 pound DB between my ankles.

45 degree incline sit ups (20/8)

Hot Chicks: One apologized to me because she thought she interfered with my incline bench. Actually though, she just happened to walk by as I was dismounting the DBs.

Gym Mysteries: A guy was doing "just the bar" barbell curls on the deadlift rack. Also, he had to have one of our limited supply of ez curl bars on hold for his girl even though she wouldn't be using it for about 10 more minutes. After that, I waited maybe 15 minutes for a different ez curl bar while this girl did reverse grip cleans....errr I mean bicep curls. Finally, I end up waiting another 15 minutes while this guy does bodyweight minus 120 dips. I guess he dethrones that guy from sunday doing bodyweight minus 100 dips. Also, this guy wasn't fat either.


09-11-2002, 10:13 PM
Wednesday September 11, 2002 (Rest Day)

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......Nothing to say


09-12-2002, 09:36 PM
Thursday September 12, 2002 (Leg Day)

weight = 165.40

Squats (245/9)

Sitting Calf Raises (235/10)

Hack Squat Machine (140/10) My knees hurt really bad on this at first, but I moved my heels up about 6 inches on the foot platform and they quit hurting.

Leg Extensions (125/11)

Gym Mysteries: I walked in to do squats and always have that worry that I'll have to wait for them forever b/c someone will be doing bicep curls in the power rack. Well, luckily I didn't have to wait but it was no surprise for me to see both power racks loaded up with 60 pounds So, not only did these people do curls in the power rack, they also failed to re-rack their weights.


09-14-2002, 09:38 PM
Friday, September 13, 2002 (Rest)

Typical post-leg day soreness. I do hamstrings on a separate day yet feel them more from Squats than SLDL and Leg Curls combined.


09-14-2002, 10:01 PM
Saturday September 14, 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)


DB Shoulder Press (60/6) I went up to the 60s and lose 4 reps for 10 extra pounds. I think it was more of a stability problem than a strength problem.

Lying Tricep Extensions (70/8)

DB Lateral Raise (25/10)

SM Shoulder Press (100+bar weight/10)

Tricep Pushdowns (14/8)

Ab Crunch Machine (140/10)

Gym Mysteries: I could be wrong on this, but don't you do good mornings in the power rack? I've never done them but it seems dangerous to be doing them without the power rack (which this guy wasn't using). If you lose control, you have a heavy bar falling on the back of your neck.

Hot Chicks: It's too early to see them in the weightroom when I went, but there were some good ones at the football game. There were a lot dressing in some very sexy costumes. My best way to describe it would be to picture the french-maid costume and make it into different costumes with just as much revealed!

Miscellaneous: I've been trying to avoid being on the jumbotron at games, but the cameraman got me today!

I loved seeing Nebraska get killed tonight. Now if they could only return the 94 national championship to its rightful owner (Penn State), give back Michigan the other half of the 97 national championship, and have Eric Crouch give last year's heisman to Grossman or Harrington! (yeah I know Grossman hasn't looked good this year, but he did last year!)


09-15-2002, 10:50 PM
Sunday September 15 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

Weight= The scale was out of order

BB Deadlift (325/4)
SL Deadlift (265/8)
Machine Shrugs (215/11)
BB Row (125/10)
Pull Ups (BW+15/8)
Leg Curl (125/7)

Mysteries: Okay, once again the power racks are filled with lightweight bars set in a position which could only mean bicep curls. It didn’t affect me today, but I know it will be a matter of time before it affects me along with others. I finally decided to write out a comment card to the gym about people doing bicep curls in the power rack and deadlift platform. I was nice about it and didn’t point any fingers in my comment. I just said that bicep curls can be done almost anywhere unlike squats and deadlifts. Since they answer these and post them, I’m gonna take a few guesses on how they will answer it.

1. (the most likely answer; 45% chance). We understand your problem, but there is nothing we can do about it. The people doing bicep curls were there first and have every right to use the power rack for 45 minutes to do their 10 sets of 50 reps. We suggest you come in at 6am to work out.
2. (the pussy answer; 20% chance) Deadlifts and Squats are dangerous and we suggest for you not to do them. You will get a great workout by using our back extension machine along with the abductor machine for legs.
3. (the new gym answer; 34% chance)We understand it is crowded, but it will get much better when we open up our new facility in a month. We will be adding many more treadmills, exercise bikes, and abductor machines. Due to the low demand for deadlifts and squats, we will be removing our power racks and deadlift platform to make room for our new and improved equipment.
4. (the answer of my dreams; 1% chance) We understand there is a major problem with people doing this. We have had many complaints in the past from serious lifters. We will be getting signs made to remind people not to do that in the next week. Also, it kind of evens out when you look at the slim shoulders, chicken legs, and nonexistent chests that are found on curl jockeys.

Hot Chicks: There were a few, but I was in a hurry to make it back in time for kickoff. Therefore, I don’t really have any details.


09-17-2002, 10:23 PM
Monday September 16 2002 (Rest Day)

Pretty much my entire back is sore today. I'd say my traps and lats are the most sore.


09-17-2002, 10:46 PM
Tuesday September 17 2002 (Chest/Bicep)


DB Bench (80/8) Felt pretty good. My form didn't seem to suffer like it usually does when I up the weight.

DB Inc Bench (70/7) Incline bench always seems a little more intense for me than flat bench.

Hammer Curl (45/7.5) I got 8 but I only counted half of the last rep due to my body wanting to kind of sway at the very end.

Bicep Curl (80/8)

Dips (BW+85/4) I know this is lower than last week but I finally found a dip belt and have to get used to the weight being on my lower back as opposed to my ankles. A couple of guys kind of looked like their eyes were gonna pop out of their head when they saw me do them. I guess that is what happens when probably 2/3 of the people do weight assisted dips in my gym.

45 degree incline situps (20/9)

Miscellaneous: They answered my comment about doing bicep curls in the squat rack. It pretty much said to tell whoever is working there and they will tell the person doing bicep curls to move. I'd say that was a decent response. More of the reason I wrote that is so maybe the people that do such a thing might read that and realize that people don't like it when they do bicep curls in the power rack.

Hot Chicks: There was one that really caught my attention. She had a real nice proportioned body with a beautiful face. Some men might have said she isn't skinny enough since she maybe was 5-5 130. The way I see it is that if those legs are firm and not flabby, she is not too fat! I kind of get sick of seeing these anorexic looking girls that think their 15-inch diameter thighs (or whatever they would measure) look good.

Mysteries: Maybe I should just make a macro for this, but a couple of guys by me who were serious lifters had to wait maybe 15 minutes for a power rack because.........you guessed it.....a guy was doing bicep curls in the power rack!


09-17-2002, 11:06 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Mysteries: Maybe I should just make a macro for this, but a couple of guys by me who were serious lifters had to wait maybe 15 minutes for a power rack because.........you guessed it.....a guy was doing bicep curls in the power rack!

I guess they haven't read the response from management yet and so didn't get management to kick the curl-jockeys out of there. :D :D

09-18-2002, 11:35 PM
Wednesday, September 18, 2002 (Rest Day)

My delts are pretty sore today. Anyways, I think I'm going to go a little less strict on my diet. I pretty much have been getting 95% of my calories from pasta, eggs, skim milk, chicken, meat, oatmeal, and yogurt. However, due to past experience, I can't afford to keep eating the same foods day after day. I will eventually get sick of everything I listed if I keep eating the same things every day. Therefore, I think I will still get a good chunk of my calories from the stuff I listed above, just eat other non-bodybuilding foods also to prevent burnout on my diet. Another concern of mine is that I don't think I'm getting near the fat I should be getting. The eggs and oatmeal are pretty much the only things that even have fat. The yogurt, milk, and chicken are fat free. If I eat less strict however, fat shouldn't be a problem to obtain. I'll just watch out for the saturated kind! Other than that, I'll continue to aim for around 3000 calories for my daily intake.


09-19-2002, 10:20 PM
Thrusday September 19 2002 (Leg Day)

Weight = 166.30

Squats (250/9)

Seated Calf Raises (240/10)

Hack Squats (150/10)

Leg Extensions (138/9)

Hot Chicks: None really stood out today. There were lots of 7's and 8's.

Mysteries: I had to re-arrange the pins and bar holder in the power rack before squats because, you know why. Plus, you also probably know what happened the second I finished my squats. And........you probably could guess what happened after those people finished their sets.


09-19-2002, 10:32 PM
1 month update:
Here are the changes in some of my lifts after one month of using a slightly modified version of WBB Routine 1. I'm getting these values by comparing my estimated 1 rep max from that useful repcalc program someone put on here awhile back. Of course, I'm sure many of these improvements are inflated since some of these lifts were new to me a month ago. That barbell row improvement really sticks out.

Squat +18 lb
DB Incline Bench +19 lb
DB Press +21 lb
Deadlift +22 lb
DB Bench +23 lb
BB Row +36 lb

I'd say right now my biggest goal is to get my deadlift max up to 400 by the start of 2003. Nah, make that 405 so I can have 8 plates!

09-21-2002, 12:40 AM
Friday September 20, 2002 (Rest Day)

My quads and hamstrings feel like they are tied in knots. My glutes don't feel as sore as they usually do the day after squats. Therefore they aren't literally "a pain in the ass" like they usually are. My knees felt a little bad early today from hack squats.


09-21-2002, 10:05 PM
Saturday September 21, 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)


DB Press: (60/7) Sure, it is one better than last week but I wanted to get this 8 times since last week was a disapointment on this.

Lying Tricep Extensions: (70/8.5)

DB Lateral Raise: (30/5) I upped the weight 5 pounds per DB, but the problem was that it is still one huge jump in weight used percentagewise. As a matter of fact, according to the max estimation charts, 30/5 is actually improvement from 25/10! That kind of made my day when I was all down on myself for getting the 30s only 5 reps. The only thing I don't like with DBs is that you can only go up in 10 pound increments (the ones in my gym).

Smith Machine Shoulder Press (110+bar weight/8)

Tricep Pushdowns: (100/11) I switched the grip on this. I'm now using the triangle shaped grip and have my two thumbs touching each other in a triangle shape.

Ab Crunch Machine (145/10)

Mysteries: This guy racks the bar on bench uneven. He gets up and I figure he is going to level it out. Nope, he goes on to load weight on an unevenly racked bar (one side was maybe 1 foot higher than the other).

Hot Chicks: One didn't look too bad and was doing some decent exercises, but she kind of gave me that lesbian vibe. I can't really explain why, just my instincts. A couple of decent ones came in right as I was finishing up. One had a nice chest along with a decent face and legs.


09-22-2002, 11:31 PM
Sunday Sept 22 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

Weight=167.65 Whoah, big jump there! On the positive side the little accumeasure caliper things seem to adjust fairly accurately to fat gains/losses. They were saying my bf was 7.5% today. It measured 6.5% earlier in the week when I was at 165.

BB Deadlift (335/4) My grip probably felt the best it has ever felt on deads despite adding 10 pounds for the 3rd straight week. Also, I beat my old previous max by five pounds and 3 extra reps! But, in all fairness, my 330 deadlift a month ago was from my first time ever doing deads. Also, If I were to max on deads, the improvement would probably put me over 900 now on the big three combined. I know it doesn't sound like much as compared to many people on this site, but it makes me happy. Plus, every once in awhile I see these really fat former high school football players bragging by wearing their 800 pound club t-shirts.

SLDL (265/9)

BB Row (130/8)

Machine Shrugs (220/11)

Pull Ups (BW+15/7) I think the extra couple of pounds made me go down a rep since it probably would have been equal to BW+17 last week. However, I did try to slow them down some.

Leg Curls (125/8)

Hot Chicks: None really stood out today.

Mysteries: After I finished deads, a guy does them with 115 pounds. I guess I can give him credit at least for doing the correct exercise on the platform. After that, we all know what the next guy proceeded to do on the deadlift platform! Also, some old dude was getting a good back workout with his bicep curls.


09-23-2002, 10:11 PM
Monday September 23, 2002 (Rest Day)

My back is extremely sore today from deadlifts. Luckily, it is all good pain. My traps feel a slight bit of soreness when I shrug my shoulders. I don't feel a damn thing in my lats!


09-24-2002, 11:09 PM
Tuesday, September 24 2002 (Chest/Bicep)

weight=164.70 (must be fluctuations, I only cut 200 calories the last 2 days and somehow lost 3 pounds, so that sucks!)

DB Bench (80/10!) I got two more reps here. I'm kind of surprised I'm still improving at the rate I am on this. I figured my "new exercise" improvement would end after 2 or 3 weeks. Yet, I've improved for 5 straight weeks now on DB bench.

DB Incline Bench (70/7) This was not improvement, and I'll explain a possible reason why in my "mysteries" section at the end of this post.

Alternating Hammer Curl (45/8!) I alternate these between each arm by doing 8 reps per arm. I know a lot of people do both arms at the same time. So, I guess if alternating them is a bad thing, someone tell me and I'll do them at the same time.

Bicep Curls (80/8.5!) I got 9 reps, but only counted 1/2 of the last one due to the body leaning forward slightly towards the end.

Dips (BW+75/8) I'm back to where I was. Just, I'm now using the dip belt.

45 degree incline situps (20/10!)

Hot Chicks: One regular there is kinda starting to grow on me. The only problem is she keeps hogging up the damn EZ-curl bar forever right when I need to get to my sets of bicep curls. Maybe some day I'll give her advice on her form for bicep curls(she uses a decent weight but flings it up). Another regular there would really be able to go from a good looking girl to a great looking girl if she would work her legs on more than the abductor machine. Yet another Tuesday regular was also there. I think she was the girl that thought I was pissed at her last week (which I wasn't).

Gym Mysteries: Okay, in hindsight, I'm kinda pissed at this one guy that kept nagging me while I was doing bench press. He kept asking "are you done" after each set of mine. Why does he have to keep asking me? We have 7 or 8 flat benches there for DB bench. Now, I admit all were full, but can't he kind of spread that question around besides from bothering one person? I'm kind of bugged that I felt a slight bit guilty and tried to hurry up and reduce rest between sets. As a result, I went from DB Bench to DB Incline bench with maybe 1:30 of rest. Now for some people, this may be enough time, but for me it is not! So, I can't really compare my "reduced rest" incline bench to my "full rest" one from last week. To make matters worse, this guy goes on to do 15 pound DB flat bench! Things like this can make me understand why many serious lifters have a reputation for being easily annoyed!

Diet Mysteries: Today I went to a mini mart place on campus to get some cream cheese to put on my bagels. Since they are a mini-mart they have a limited supply of stuff. So, I see two philly cream cheese types; a regular and a light. I go to pick up the light and it seems more like they made it light by reducing the protein. I think it only had something like 3 grams per serving. Now, I think I remember seeing other kinds of cream cheese that were higher in protein and weren't loaded with fat. This so-called light stuff still had like 75% of it's calories from fat.

Another thing that kind of bugs me are bread companies that are reducing the carbs in their bread!!!! I got some wheat buns the other day and they have a big stamp saying "only 16g of carbs". Carbs are the whole f%#king point I eat breads and pasta. Due to our low selection, I'm forced to get this stuff. Plus, it makes me wonder why the calories aren't any lower if they reduce carbs. That just makes me think they are replacing nutrients with "empty calories"

Miscalaneous: I got some tuna today. I have to make myself like it before I get too sick of chicken and eggs. I have to admit it didn't taste as bad as I expected it to. Plus it is nice that I can get so much protein without having to waste my time cooking anything.


09-25-2002, 02:32 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I got some tuna today. I have to make myself like it before I get too sick of chicken and eggs. I have to admit it didn't taste as bad as I expected it to. Plus it is nice that I can get so much protein without having to waste my time cooking anything.

Hey Ryan,

One tasty EASY tuna meal i prefer is adding it to a mix of avocado, diced tomato, onion & cracked black pepper with a dash of lemon...its delish....this mix is also yummy on toast too:D...

09-26-2002, 12:08 AM
Wednesday September 25 2002 (Rest Day)

I don't usually mention my rest in my journal, but today I had 11 (yes eleven) hours of sleep. I slept through my first class and then decided to just take my whole morning off! Anyways, my delts are really sore today. For some reason it is always my delts and not my pecs after chest day. Now, I USED to arch my back a lot on bench press. However, for some reason I lost that habit when I switched to DB bench. Therefore, I'm not sure why I feel it so much in my delts as compared to my pecs. Anyways, I better get to sleep since it is getting late. I need to get to the gym early enough to beat the crowds so I don't have to wait to do squats in the bicep curl rack!:)

Thanks for the recipe info Franjipani, I'll have to try that sometime when I have tuna.

09-26-2002, 10:30 PM
Thursday September 26 2002 (Leg Day)

weight~166.2 Good, that is where it belongs for now!

Squats (255/9!) For some reason I felt more explosive on the way up as compared to previous workouts.

Seated Calf Raise (250/10!)

Hack Squat Machine (155/10!) I'm sure the sled weighs something, but until I know, I'll just keep putting down the weight I added to it.

Leg Extensions (138/10!) These felt pretty easy. Plus, I tried to pause at the top of the extension to work the quads even better.

Hot Chicks: A few walked in while I was on my way out. That always seems to happen!

Gym Mysteries: I go to a power rack for squats and of course the pins are in that position that could only mean bicep curls. Anyways, I go to change the height of the hanger pins and one is missing! Rather than go on a mission to look for it, I went to the other power rack. While I was loading the weight on in the other power rack, a guy comes in with the broken hanger pin to fix it. Geez, a curl jockey breaks the pin! I was happy to see them fixing the broken pin right away though. Usually they take the "you broke it, we're not fixing it!" approach. This attitude usually shows when I use the 70 lb DBs. One is banana shaped! Anyways, I'm sure the gym knew how important it was to have two bicep curl racks! :) I mean, a curl jockey might have to actually deadlift 55 pounds just to get into the starting position!

Miscalaneous: This will give some people a laugh. I burnt my eyelid cooking eggs today. I go to flip the eggs with my spatula and POP!......a small part of the egg flies up and hits me. That bastard was hot and left a burn mark on my eyelid!


09-27-2002, 10:35 PM
Friday September 27 2002 (Rest Day)

My upper back was a little bit sore from squats I did yesterday. Luckily it went away after a few hours. I wonder if I rounded my back or something. Of course, there are no mirrors by the power rack so I can't tell if I am or not.


09-28-2002, 11:56 PM
Saturday September 24 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)


DB Press (60/8!) I went up another rep. So, I'm slowly but surely improving on this.

Lying Tricep Extensions (70/9!)

DB Laterals (25/11.5!) I went back to the 25's just because 10 pounds is too huge of a jump especially when you look at it percentagewise. It is still improvement though so I'm happy.

Smith Machine Shoulder Press (110/9!)

Tricep Pushdown (110/13!) Last week I used a new bar on this and continued with the same one this week. I'll say the big improvement was more so do to technique than strength.

Ab Crunch Machine (160/8!) I'm running out of room to put the plates, I may have switch to something else.

Hot Chicks: One girl I believe used to be in one of my classes a few years ago. She sure has went a long way. She used to be a little chubby and now has an awesome set of legs in those volleyball shorts.

Mysteries: One of the regulars that is there when I usually am used the abductor machine for at least the 3rd time in the last week.

Football: I am having almost as much fun seeing Nebraska losing as I was when Notre Dame did in the Bob Davie years. I regret not taping the game I was at today. I think I may have gotten on National TV! The cameraguy for ESPN was shooting the crowd right where I was after a touchdown.

Rant about a not to be named wbb member: This person has nothing to do with me tonight, but he is starting to bug me. This user never seems to have anything positive to say and pretty much just tears apart anything someone says if he doesn't agree. He always comes back with an ounce of constructive criticism and a pound of destructive criticism mixed in. If he really wanted to provide "constructive criticism", he could send a PRIVATE message to the person he doesn't agree with. Instead, he just rips apart anything and everything in front of everyone. What really bugs me is that he went to dig up old threads to criticize the person he didn't agree with for the entire board to see. I don't care if he is the most knowledgeable person in the world. He could at least learn how not to be a smartass and actually contribute proactively with his bodybuilding knowledge.

I noticed that the moderators must have deleted the posts I was talking about in my rant. All I have to say is, "Thank you moderators!"


09-29-2002, 10:54 PM
Sunday September 28 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)


BB Deadlift (345/4!) Ten more pounds for the same number of reps. That is 40 pounds improvement in four weeks for the same number of reps! My hands got torn up, but my grip was strong.

SL Deadlift (275/8!)

BB Row (135/7.5!) I upped the weight mainly for easier loading/unloading.

Shrugs (230/11!) I probably should have more weight on these, but I'll just keep upping the weight 10 pounds per week until I can't get as many reps.

Pull Up (BW+15/8) I still can't get that 9th rep, but I am slowing these down and making sure I lower my body until my arms are straight.

Leg Curl (125/8.5!)

Extra Credit Trap workout (~50 pounds of groceries/4 stories) I had to shrug my shoulders up to keep the bags from hitting the steps.

Hot Chicks: One looked really good, but after I finished my last set of deads, she was gone. Therefore, I can't really give a report.

Mysteries: You know what happened a couple of lifters after me on the deadlift rack! Also, there was a guy doing 1/4 ROM push ups at a rapid speed. I found it no surprise that he went on to 1/4 ROM dips right after that. He went down to about where his pelvis was even with his hands.


09-30-2002, 10:50 PM
Monday September 30 2002 (Chest/Bicep)

weight = 166.20

Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a rest day for me if you have paid attention to my previous journals. However, we have octoberbreak coming up from Saturday to Tuesday. Due to me not being here during those days, I have to finish up this entire week by Friday. My lats are freaking killing me today. Bending down to pick up DBs for bench really was torture on them!

DB Bench (85/7) I dropped 3 reps from 10 extra pounds this week. Normally, I usually drop 2 reps for every 10 pounds I add. My stabalizers were struggling somewhat on this. They trembled a decent amount. However, my stabalizers always seem to have the most trouble whenever I up the weight.

DB Incline Bench (70/8!)

Alternating Hammer Curl (45/9!)

Bicep Curls (80/8) Damn, I dropped 1/2 a rep here!

Dips (BW+75/9!) I got one more rep here, but those lovely stabalizers of mine really got worn out by the last rep on this (my arms were trembling).

45 degree incline situps (25/8!)

Gym Mysteries: I went in expecting to get a page full of these due to going in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. It sort of shocked me to not see much. All I really saw was some guy doing 100 pound 1/4 ROM smith machine squats.

Hot Chicks: This one was tan, dark hair in a ponytail, awesome face, a little bit skinny but not anorexic looking. She was wearing short shorts along with some sorrority shirt for intramurals or something.

Miscalaneous: Okay, this one guy came awfully close to bumping his leg against one of my 85 pound DBs while I was doing bench. If he would have as much as touched them, I would probably have changed from my normal "passive" self to a very "aggressive" person. If someone were to bump against a DB, I probably could easily get a major injury.


10-01-2002, 10:24 PM
October 1 2002 (Leg Day)

This is my 4th straight day lifting and my 3rd straight day doing one of the big three. Luckily, my lifts didn't seem to suffer despite having some soreness. I'll take tomorrow off and then get shoulders/triceps on Thursday, back/hamstrings on Friday, and then be on break until next Wednesday.

weight = 165.10

Squats (265/8!) I might up this to 275 next week. Mainly because it will be easier to load and unload. The curl jockeys always seem to steal the 2.5s, 5s, and 10s. Then, I'm stuck scavengering the gym for those weights!

Sitting Calf Raise (260/10!) Ouch! This is starting to hurt my quads. It doesn't have near enough padding on it for such a weight. It kind of cuts off the circulation.

Hack Squat Machine(160/9)

Leg Extensions (138/11!) I once again was pausing these at the top of the extension. I really feel it in the quads when I pause at the top. I don't know if that helps or not.

Gym Mysteries: You know what a guy went on to do right after I finished squats.

Hot Chicks: This one I saw today was what I would call "my kind of girl" She had extremely low bodyfat, yet didn't look anorexic. The hair was black with a ponytail. She must have been on the soccer team b/c she was wearing a soccer shirt.


10-02-2002, 10:46 PM
Wednesday October 2 2002 (Rest Day)

This is kind of strange. I still have soreness from chest day on Monday. Usually I get 1/2 a day soreness tops from chest day. My legs aren't quite as sore as they usually are. All I have is a slight stiffness in my quads and hamstrings. I don't feel anything in my glutes.

The reason I always keep viewing soreness as a positive as opposed to a negative is because I always seem to see the best improvement after having soreness. I don't have any "scientific facts", it just always seems like I improve better.


10-03-2002, 11:16 PM
Thursday October 3 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)


DB Press (60/9!)

Lying Tricep Extensions (70/9)

DB Laterals (25/12!) I'll probably up this to the 30s next week.

Smith Machine Shoulder Press (110/9) This smith must not be counterweighted or anything. I highly doubt that I would lift 10 pounds more with DBs than I would on a smith machine. Therefore, this bar must weigh something.

Tricep Pushdowns (120/11)

Ab Crunch Machine (170/8!) I think 180 is the highest this thing will go. I'll have to pause them for multiple seconds I guess once I can do about 10 or so at 180.

Hot Chicks: One looked pretty good, but I forgot almost everything about how she looked other than pretty good.

Gym Mysteries: Some guy was doing 60lb tricep pushdowns with straps. Some other guy was doing a 235lb bench press with a 1/2 ROM. You know what happened on the deadlift rack


10-06-2002, 11:58 PM
Friday October 4 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

weight = 166.75

BB Deadlift (355/Lost grip after 1st rep) I noticed a different bar with a less rugged grip on it. I probably should have switched bars and used the one I have been using. But, I figured that it probably wouldn't make too much of a difference. Boy was I wrong! Since I did 345/4 last week with a very solid grip, I highly doubt it was me rather than the bar's grip.

SL Deadlift (275/Lost grip after 4th rep) Of course I didn't want to lose my grip on this but was kind of happy I did. That way, it proved it was the bar and not me. I had 275/8 last week on this with a decent grip throughout. So, I feel it is pretty safe to say I wouldn't have lost 4 reps on an exercise in one week!

Machine Shrugs (250/11!) I upped the weight by 20 pounds with the same number of reps. I figured I need to start upping the weight by more than 5 pounds per week!

BB Row (135/7.5)

Leg Curl (125/8.5) This goes to prove my problems on SL deadlifts and deadlifts were more likely the bar's bad grip than myself. If the 4 rep loss on SLDL would have been due to me, I probably would have went down in leg curls (which I didn't).

Pull Up (BW+15/9!) Woo hoo! I went down a rep two weeks ago, got it back last week, and added another this week. I also am using better form than I was at first by making sure I lower myself so my elbows are straight at the bottom.

Gym Mysteries: Some guy was doing 1/3 ROM dips. I had to wait awhile for the pullup/dip machine for some guy doing BW minus 58 lb dips (he wasn't fat either). I saw a really ugly pair of hammer curls that pretty much were momentum based.

Hot Chicks: It has been too long from this workout to remember.

Calories~Can't remember, but somewhere around the usual 3000.

10-08-2002, 08:36 PM
Tuesday October 8 2002 (Chest Bicep)


DB Bench (85/8!) I got one more rep with slightly better form.

DB Incline Bench (70/9!)

Hammer Curl (45/9)

Bicep Curl (80/8) I went down 1/2 a rep last week and still couldn't get it back this week. I'm letting the curl jockeys down! Maybe I should get my back involved in the motion. (kidding of course)

Dips (BW+75/9) I had a little bit better form on this for this week. My arms didn't tremble as much.

Incline Situps (25/9)

Gym Mysteries: I waited over 20 minutes for a trio of people doing DB bench. I ended up getting on a different bench. I finished off my flat bench and incline bench and they were STILL DOING BENCH! They had to spend at least 45 minutes on bench. Plus, a couple guys were using the 40s for it. While I was waiting, some guy was doing a 1/2 ROM shoulder press. He brought the DBs down to the level of the top of his head.

Hot Chicks: One was kind of short with long black hair in a ponytail. Another was tall with light brown hair and a well proportioned body. Both were doing real exercises too.

Calories~Not sure, didn't keep track since I got back from Octoberbreak today.

10-09-2002, 10:02 PM
Wednesday October 9 2002 (Rest Day)

My delts and pecs are super sore today. I'm kind of surprised that I'm starting to feel bench as much as squats and deadlifts the next day! What is even more surprising is that I wasn't feeling anything from bench until the last two weeks. Anyways, here is a theory of mine on why that could be.

Weeks 1-6 (no soreness)-I'm thinking the reason I wasn't sore here despite great improvement was due to my stabalizers catching up to my strength. Early on, the weight felt extremely light, except I would have a tough time balancing the DBs. Therefore, I'm thinking that my pecs and delts weren't being pushed due to my stabalizers being the weak link.

Weeks 7-8 (lotsa soreness) I'm thinking my stabalizers are caught up and now my pecs and delts are actually working to their ability. The weight actually feels heavy now.

Other than that, I felt real fatigued today, and hopefully will feel better for leg day tomorrow.


10-10-2002, 10:25 PM
Thursday October 10 2002 (Leg Day)

weight = 166.30

Squats (265/9!) I got an extra rep without much trouble. I could have went for a 10th but wasn't positive I'd get it.

Seated Calf Raise (270/10!) The padding on this isn't made to handle 270 pounds! It kills right above my knees.

Hack Squat Machine (160/10!) I hate hack squats!

Leg Extensions (150/8) I upped this to 150 this week.

Gym Mysteries: Wow, there weren't any today!

Hot Chicks: One had the hair in a ponytail and some nice spandex leggings. She really impressed me by doing SL Deadlifts. The only problem was that she defeated the purpose of it by just doing the bar! tuttut


10-11-2002, 10:40 PM
Friday October 11 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

weight = 169.20 (it was taken at night which means more hydration, etc)

DB Shoulder Press (60/9.5!)

Lying Tricep Extensions (70/9)

DB Laterals (30/5) Damn it! Back down to the 25's next week. Going from the 25's to the 30's is way too big of a jump! I'll probably stick with the 25s until I get around 17 or 18 reps.

Smith Machine Shoulder Press (110/10!) For those of you that say the bar weighs nothing, pay attention to my DB press weight (it is more)

Tricep Pushdowns (120/12!)

Ab Crunch Machine (170/9!)

Gym Mysteries: You people will love this one. One curl jockey was doing bicep curls with form that wasn't great but also wasn't horrible. As he finishes, a "more experienced" curl jockey comes up to him and gives him advice. This curl jockey said to him, "lean back as you curl up" That's so pathetic it's funny!

Hot Chicks: One had some blonde hair with some short shorts. She looked firm but not anorexic so that's good.

VH1 Rock Body Show: I'm so f'ing sick of these TV programs trying to make it sound harder than it is to get a good body. They make it sound like you need to go to all these drastic measures.


10-13-2002, 09:58 PM
Sunday October 13 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

weight=168.00 (It is kind of high, but it is the least important number for my workouts since it is the easiest to change)

BB Deadlift (355/4!) This proves my point even more that it was the bar last week and not my grip. My grip was solid with the "good bar".

SL Deadlift (275/9!)

BB Row (135/8!)

Machine Shrugs (260/11!) I probably should just up the weight to 300 or so next week. I started out way too low on this.

Leg Curl (125/9!)

Pull Ups (BW+15/9) The extra couple of pounds on my body probably kept me from improving here.

Gym Mysteries: Why do people put the safety bars at ankle level in the power rack while doing squats without a spotter? They are probably the people who give squats a bad name.

Hot Chicks: It's about time a good looking one went out of her way to hold a door open. Courtesy and attractiveness are usually inversely related on campus.


10-16-2002, 09:36 PM
Tuesday October 15 2002 (Chest/Bicep)

weight = 167.75

DB Bench (85/8)

DB Incline Bench (70/9)

Alt. Hammer Curl (45/10!)

Bicep Curls (80/9!)

Incline Situps (25/7)*feet slipped on the 7th rep; therefore not to failure

Dips (BW+85/6.5!)

Hot Chicks: That one that was on there last Thursday was doing "just the bar" SL Deadlifts again. After that, she let me down by going over to the abductor machine.tuttut

Gym Mysteries: None:thumbup:

Special Note: It's been two weeks since I've spoted anyone doing you know what on the power rack or deadlift platform!:)


10-16-2002, 10:20 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Hot Chicks

Hey Ryan,

I can't believe that whilst I was at the beach I was thinking about your "hot chicks" report and as various females strolled by I was wondering what you would be rating them out of 10.:eek: :eek:.

Bizarre I know...... cuz I care ;) .

10-17-2002, 09:41 PM
I can't believe that whilst I was at the beach I was thinking about your "hot chicks" report and as various females strolled by I was wondering what you would be rating them out of 10. .

Wow! My journal is making a difference in the world!:D

I've got to admit though that it is frustrating seeing many of the ones I mentioned not even working hard or using any kind of effective routine. I sure wish I could get a modelesque body solely by watching my diet! That is also why I note when I see someone that is doing a serious looking workout. It makes me feel better that they earned their body by training hard!

10-17-2002, 10:08 PM
Thursday October 17 2002 (Leg Day)

Weight = 167.40

Squats (275/8!)

Seated Calf Raise (275/9)

Hack Squats (165/9)

Leg Extensions (150/9!)

Hot Chicks: Wow, there were three today! Number 1 had a tye dye shirt, short green shorts and some nice legs that looked like ones you would find on a soccer player. Number 2 had blonde hair, a pony tail, and a nice proportioned body. Number 3 was pretty much exactly like number 2. As a matter of fact I thought she was her until I saw both of them on different machines!

Gym Mysteries: I knew I'd jinx things with what I mentioned last night. I walk over to the power rack and see a bar with 65 pounds on it. Of course, they never re-rack their weights. I also had to switch bars b/c this one literally had no grip on it. It was perfectly smooth across the bar. There also was some guy thinking he was impressing people by rolling up his sleeves and doing 55 pound bicep curls!


10-17-2002, 10:45 PM
2 Month Update

Here are my updates for my improvement in the last month and also the total improvement in the 2 months on my routine based on estimated maxes from that useful repcalc program. I expected to see great improvement in deadlift, and it isn't letting me down. As a matter of fact, it may be my best exercise now.

Deadlift (31 in month 2)/(57 total)
Squats (19 in month 2)/(38 total)
DB Shoulder Press (15 in month 2)/(36 total)
DB Bench (10 in month 2)/(36 total)
DB Incline Bench (6 in month 2)/(25 total)
BB Row (3 in month 2)/(39 total)

Favorite Exercise..............Deadlifts!!!! I probably made a bunch of friends and enemies at the same time!

Least Favorite Exercise.......Hack Squats

Weakest Exercise........Tricep Extensions

Strongest Exercise....A case could be made for bench, dips, or deadlifts

10-19-2002, 12:01 AM
Friday October 18 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

DB Press (60/9) Damn, I lost a half a rep!

Lying Tricep Extensions (70/10!)

DB Laterals (25/12.5!)

BB Shoulder Press (115/9!) I switched over from the smith to barbell. I think my body has a lot of adjusting to do (I'm doing more with the DBs)

Tricep Pushdowns (120/12.5!)

Ab Crunch Machine (170/10!)

After the workout was done, I did mainly out of curiosity:

Barbell Bench (205/7) I'm very pleased with the weight I did for a few reasons. First off, it is at the end of a workout which usually means weaker lifts for me and I also haven't done barbell bench in a long time. My form was great and I didn't arch the back (which I used to do a lot on barbell) I'm thinking in about 3 or 4 weeks, I'll start working in barbell bench just to get the technique down. Then, before I christmas break, I'll do some maxing.

Hot Chicks: Not many are there at 11pm. One looked okay but left before I could really get anything.

Gym Mysteries: A guy was using a weight belt for hammer curls.


10-19-2002, 12:41 AM
Congrats on your improvements:thumbup:. Just think how great its going to be when you reach some major goals and can reflect on your progress eh??

btw - nice pic in the wbb faces....although can't believe you read that ENTIRE thread....lol ;)

10-20-2002, 11:51 PM
Sunday October 20 (Back/Hamstrings)

weight=168.40 (hmmm...)

Deadlift (370/2)(Lost Grip) This is gonna bug me for awhile. I pulled up the first two reps without much trouble strengthwise. But, my grip started to give out as I attemped my 3rd rep. Unlike last time when I lost my grip, I was using the bar with the good grip.

SL Deadlift (275/9) My grip was kind of iffy on this too.

Machine Shrugs (270/11!) Guess what was giving hints of possibly having trouble with higher weights in the future....my grip

BB Row (135/9!) This was good improvement for today. I have surpassed my month 2 improvement for month 3 on this already on the first workout for month 3! I'd say my form was better also. It has kind of been a little iffy on this in the past.

Leg Curls (125/9)

Pull Ups (BW+15/8) I lost a rep but my BW was a few pounds heavier than usual.

Hot Chicks: I was too mad about my sorry grip on deadlifts to really pay attention.

Gym Mysteries: A guy about my size was doing 75 pound shrugs.

Positive Stuff: I left my sweatshirt there on Friday night right as they closed. I figured it would be gone. However, just my luck, they actually have a lost and found. Sure enough, they had it there. It kind of surprised me they would have that since we have two broken flat benches that haven't been fixed in over a month.


Fran, thanks for the compliments. I felt month 2 would be very pivotal for me on this routine since most improvements in month 1 were more so "new exercise" improvements. I feel fairly confident that the month 2 stuff is more so because of "increased strength". Also, I didn't read that entire thread at once. It was more so over the course of a month.

10-21-2002, 12:25 AM
Chalk? :)

10-21-2002, 08:52 PM
Originally posted by Belial
Chalk? :)

I didn't have any on Sunday, but I ordered some.

10-22-2002, 10:33 PM
Tuesday October 22 (Chest/Biceps)

I got 10 hours of sleep last night and walked into the gym feeling like I was going to have one great workout. Well, my instincts suck! I had by far my worst workout since I started this journal.

Weight = 166.55

DB Bench (85/8) I started off the day bad here. I had horrible form on the 8th rep. I was better on this two weeks ago!

DB Incline Bench (70/8) Lost a rep:cry:

Alternating Hammer Curl (50/6)

Bicep Curls (80/9)

Incline Situps (25/8) Lost another rep:cry: :cry:

Dips (BW+85/7!) At least I didn't get shut out!

Hot Chicks: I noticed the quality is the best in the middle of the day. They don't seem to come around at opening time or before closing time. Girl number 1 sort of found a loophole in the no sportsbra rule. It pretty much was the same material as a sportsbra, only it covered the midsection. There was dark long hair and she kinda looked like Natalie Portman. One slight flaw was that she was kind of on the skinny side and needs to hit the weights! Number 2 had long kind of wavy blonde hair in a pony tail. Her body looked decent, but she had a major clothing flaw. She was wearing shorts that went past her knees:eek: Those shorts are for guys! Chicks are supposed to wear shorts that don't go past finger level when standing straight:D . The exceptions here are 250 pounders with cottage cheese legs. The proper dress code there is to wear sweats. Number 3 looked pretty much like number two, but was following the proper dress code for her body!:) She also had straighter hair.

Gym Mysteries: Yet another guy was doing squats with the safety pins out of the power rack. Another guy was doing reverse grip cleans in the background while I was doing my bicep curls. He then proceeds to start flexing his flabby upper arms in the background of the mirror while I'm using it to monitor my form. This guy was just doing 50 pounds on bicep curls with shitty form, weighed maybe 210, and had absolutely no definition in his upper arms. Yet, he feels the need to make me look at him while doing my curls. Another guy was wearing some shorts that would have went well on "hot chick number two". Too bad they couldn't have traded shorts! I mean, I don't want to see some dude's hairy legs in shorts that go about an inch below his ass. I had this saying about guys in short shorts a few years back. I said that they are either clueless or gay. This guy didn't look clueless.

Miscellaneous: Some guy had really good strength today. He was kind of tall but not huge. Yet, he does 10 good reps of 305 on bench without the spotter helping. I bet he weighed maybe 200-210. He may have the best strength for his weight I have seen in my life in person for bench.

Rant Section: Okay, I'm f'ing tired of these workouts where my strength mysteriously goes down! I did not skip any workouts or slack on my diet. It is BS like this that keeps me from making long term progress. I always have this attitude that I'll get it back next week. However, it seems like when I finally do get some improvement, the same **** happens the next week and I'm back to square one! The days go by and before I know it, I've went months without improvement! I'll eventually change the order of my workout, but I don't have a ton of flexibility b/c I still want to keep my compounds first like most people say I should. I could possibly switch dips to the first exercise on chest day and move bench to last. However, I'm not even thinking about doing anything before squats or deadlifts! I'll probably wait until second semester to change my exercises since it will be following xmas break where I probably won't work out.

One last thing, don't worry about me giving up if I don't like my improvements. I guarantee you that won't happen. I had practically no progress 2nd semester for last year. Yet despite that along with overtraining, I still wanted to go to the gym. I guess I'm addicted to lifting! :)


Miss Rezza
10-23-2002, 12:53 AM
Geez, this whole "hot chix" thing has really got me worried! I really believed that the gym was the one place that i was "allowed" to look feral!! Obviously not.... hand me a pair of those short shorts!!!

BTW- i think it's about time you got "rated" Ryan!!!! :moon:

10-24-2002, 10:46 PM
Thursday October 24 (Leg Day)

weight = 167.90

Seated Calf Raise (275/10!) Both power racks were taken so I did the unthinkable by doing something before squats! It sort of bugged me b/c one guy was doing upright rows with like 65 pounds, yet had to hog up a power rack. God forbid he would actually deadlift 65 pounds to the starting position outside a power rack!

Squats (275/9!) I'm on a 9 game winning streak on these! Look out Oakland A's!

Hack Squats (160/11!) I loaded the wrong weight but it still is improvement. I meant to do try for 165/10

Leg Extensions (150/10!) Time to go to 163 next week!

Hot Chicks: I think girl 1 may have made this list sometime this year. I can't remember which lifting session though. Anyways, she had black hair, nice proportions, and dressed for success with some short gray cotton shorts. Girl 2 must be reading my journal! She had already short shorts and decided they weren't short enough, so she wore them higher up around her waist (which made them shorter looking):D One drawback though was that she was too tan. I like fair tans during the summer, but not these overboard tans during the late fall! Plus, tanning year round will make you look 60 when you reach 40!

Gym Mysteries: That same guy hogging the power rack was using straps on 155 pound shrugs.

Miss Rezza: I'm probably somewhere between a 1 and a 2 when I'm working out. My face turns many shades of red when I do things like squats and deadlifts. It's not too pretty!
My face looks like this while lifting (only without my hand waving):swear:


10-26-2002, 12:17 AM
Friday October 25 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

DB Press (60/10!) I got to 9 good reps on this and thought, I'm not letting this one go another week without improvement. The 10th rep had horrible form, but eventually the DBs got up. So that's improvement and I'll go up to the 65's next week. I'm tired of the banana-shaped 60 pound DBs. (they got dropped and the handle is all bent)

Lying Tricep Extensions (85/8) No, I didn't up this by 15 pounds. I found out that the bar weighs 30 pounds. I was only counting it as 20. So, all my bicep curls and tricep extensions just went up 10 pounds.:)

DB Laterals (25/13!)

BB Shoulder Press (115/10!)

Tricep Pushdowns (13 plates/10)

Ab Crunches (180/9!) I've reached the end of the road on this machine. 4 45's is the most I can load on it. I guess I'll have to start holding it for a couple seconds at the bottom of the lift to make it harder!

Okay, now for the goofy part of my workout. I was just screwing around here:

Curl Jockey Style Bicep Curls:) (130/1) I thought the other day, how much could I do if I did bicep curls like reverse grip cleans. I did one rep and was too embarassed to continue making an ass of myself with bad form. People might think I seriously train them that way!

Abductor Machine:D (The Stack/2) Ouch! My groin! I quit, I'm not hurting that!

Hot Chicks: Wow, one was actually working out at 11pm! She actually was one of the best I have seen all year. She kept things simple. She just had her hair tied back in a ponytail. She had nice tone, but could use a little more muscle. She had a weird training routine. She probably worked on every single machine in the gym (which is about 20). Either way, she is about the best I can expect in a gym that banned sports bras! Nine out of Ten!:thumbup:

Gym Mysteries: They fixed a broken machine! That is what I call a mystery! Now if only they would fix the two broken flat benches (which are always crowded)


Miss Rezza
10-27-2002, 02:36 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
My face looks like this while lifting (only without my hand waving):swear:

hehe, we must be twins!!!

10-27-2002, 10:09 PM
October 27 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

Wow, this was my most intense workout by far. It is all due to my purchase of chalk.

Weight= 165.60

Deadlift (375/3!) I had a kick ass grip on this thanks to the chalk. That grip probably would have been good from 450. The chalk also made deads a lot more intense since my strength is back to being the weak link rather than my grip. I blacked out on the 2nd set on the lockout. It is a good thing that it was just my vision and not my muscles! I wouldn't want to drop a weight like that and have everyone look over at me.

SL Deadlift (275/10!)

BB Row (135/9.5!)

Machine Shrugs (280/10!)

Leg Curl (125/9)

Pull Ups (BW+15/8) I was so beat by the time I got to pull ups. The deadlifts with the improved grip really took a lot out of me. I still should have gotten nine though since I was a few pounds lighter.

Hot Chicks:One had a ponytail, nice tone, dark hair, and was doing real exercises. I saw her doing reps with 80 on BB bench. That probably isn't as much as many women here on WBB, but it is still pretty strong compared to what I see the normal population do. Another looked just like girl number 1 but had blonde hair.

Gym Mysteries: Okay, that f#cker with the short pink shorts was there again. Only, this time the shorts were not the problem. He uses the freakin deadlift rack to do BB step-ups. We have two or three wood platforms made just for what he is doing. But, he has to hog up the deadlift rack to that instead of using the wood platforms. Another guy was using horrible form on bicep curls, but I should just start mentioning the people that do them right since they are rarer!


10-31-2002, 04:37 PM
Tuesday October 29 (Chest/Bicep)

weight = 166.60

DB Bench (85/8) I think I may drop this down to the 80s next week and go for 11 reps or so. My body is not wanting to respond to the 85's. I've always seemed to get out of a rut by upping the reps which usually improve my form.

DB Incline Bench (70/10!) Wow, I was shocked to not only get back the rep I lost last week, but to add a rep to that also. That is a good sign considering my troubles lately in pretty much every DB exercise.

Alternating Hammer Curls (50/6)

Bicep Curls (90/10!) No, I didn't up this by 10 pounds, I found out the bar weighs 10 pounds more than I thought.

Dips (BW+85/8!)

Incline Situps (25/9)

Hot Chicks: I saw a nice one in blue spandex, but she was just a cardio queen.tuttut

Gym Mysteries: Another adjustable flat bench goes down. That makes 3 now that are "out of order". WHY CAN'T THEY FIX ANY OF THE BENCHES? They have to be easier to fix than most machines that break down (those have been fixed too).


10-31-2002, 06:08 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I blacked out on the 2nd set on the lockout. It is a good thing that it was just my vision and not my muscles! I wouldn't want to drop a weight like that and have everyone look over at me.

:eek: :eek:.

continual *lol* @ your hot chickie reports.....

10-31-2002, 11:19 PM
Thursday October 31 (Leg Day)

weight = 166.15

Squats (275/9) I'll probably lower the depth sometime soon. However, I'll probably wait until they finish our new weight room. There are no mirrors to check my depth in the room the weights are temporarily set up at.

Seated Calf Raise (280/10!)

Hack Squats (165/9.5!) I hate hack squats!

Leg Extensions (150/11!)

Hot Chicks: One blonde haired girl with a nice face and some red windbreaker pants was using the leg extension machine as a nice comfortable recliner. Luckily she wasn't there when I needed the machine. She made up for not following the proper dress code by having a nice face. Girl 2 who I call Miss Volleyball Shorts made her daily trip to the abductor machine. Until she starts doing some real exercises, she will continue to be more of a waste of talent than the Notre Dame football team under Bob Davie. Finally, as always, a real hottie has to walk in as I'm on my way out. She was tall, and had a blonde ponytail.

Gym Mysteries: You know what what someone did in the power rack before I did squats. Of course, I had to reconfigure the pins and everything since they never re-rack anything.

Halloween Stuff: I should have worked out tonight instead of the morning. If I would have worked out at night, I could have seen all the hotties dressed up in their french maid costumes. I remember seeing about 8 or 9 on the way to my workout last year. It seems like the french maid costume is the only one that any chick wears with a good body. I guess it gives them an excuse to dress like that once a year. But hey, my eyes aren't complaining:hump:


11-03-2002, 12:10 PM
November 2 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

weight = 166.30

DB Press (65/5.5) I might regret upping this considering my problems I have been having formwise. But, it might get me off a plateau.

Lying Tricep Extensions (85/8)

DB Laterals (25/13.5!)

BB Shoulder Press (120/10!)

Tricep Pushdown (13/10.5!)

Ab Crunch Machine (180/8) Lost a rep.

Hot Chicks: One was kind of skinny and was doing DB rows wearing some Daisy Duke bule shorts. The second one was not following the proper dress code with windsuit pants, but had one of the better faces you will see. The hair was how I like it in a ponytail.

Gym Mysteries: Some guy was deadlifting something like 195. I STILL have yet to see anyone do more than 225 on deadlifts this schoolyear.

College Football: Wow, there were a bunch of upsets today! Of course, I'm all happy about Notre Dame losing. Miami shocked me by trailing for most of the game to of all teams......Rutgers! Hopefully Ohio State will be the next team to go down. (I don't hate the Buckeyes, but look who they play next week.) Of course if they do win, I'd like to see a Big Ten team win it all!

Calories~3290 (Semi Cheat Day:D)

11-03-2002, 10:45 PM
Sunday November 3 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

weight = 165.85 So much for yesterday's cheat day. I lost weight.

BB Deadlift (380/3!) This felt easier this week with 5 extra pounds. I didn't black out until the very end of the 2nd set. My hands feel like someone set them on fire after I complete them. But, I'd rather have that than lose my grip! Chalk Rules!

SL Deadlift (285/9!) I saw some improvement here also.

BB Row (135/9.5)

Machine Shrugs (300/11!) If I ever have a bad day, I can always count on at least having improvement here. (more so because I'm upping the weight too slow)

Leg Curl (125/9) I'm starting to question if my hamstrings benefit at all from the hamstring exercises. It seems like my SL Deadlift only improves when my lower back gets stronger.

Pull Ups (BW+15/8) Fu@k you Lats!

Hot Chicks: One had dark hair, nice proportions, but used the abductor machine. The other was pretty similar with dark hair and a ponytail. She had a dresscode violation though. Just because it gets all cold outside doesn't mean you have to wear long pants :D She did do barbell shoulder press but told one of her spotters to assist her on reps 6-12. C'mon, at least lift more than half of your reps on your own!

Gym Mysteries: I beat Captain Short Pink Shorts to the deadlift rack today. Of course he hogged up the rack to do step ups once again. I have to get there right when they open to beat him to it. But, at least I get to watch the same infomercial every week at the same time while waiting for the clock to strike 11.

Slim in Six: This is the infomercial that I watch every week. It kind of has a "Jerry Springer" or "Doctor Laura" type of thing with me. That would be something that is so stupid that I want to watch or listen to it. This is your typical infomercial. Remember people, it is to TONE AND SHAPE your body. They use a new and innovative technique of using LOW INTENSITY to tone! Their ultra light weights will help you to slim and shape your way to get the trimmed and toned body you have always wanted without GETTING BULKY like most weight training programs get you. Somewhere around this point they show a bunch of people who look exactly the same in the progress pictures. Of course they use the usual tactics of them sucking in the gut, using good posture, smiling, and having strategic lighting to make the difference. Next, you have your magic pills to tone yourself down while you are still able to eat your normal pathetic diet that 90% of Americans eat! The only thing missing from this program is some 300 pound cow bawling her eyes out saying how this program has turned around her life. The show nears an end with some guy with a mediocre physique puts down his friends for telling him to lift heavy weights and I think he says how Slim in Six is so much better. However, the old informercials were always better. The world needs someone to bring back infomercials to their heyday. That would be the one....the only....Richard Simmons! I hope he comes out with a new program soon. His stuff is always hilarious. I liked "Deal a Meal"


11-04-2002, 01:21 AM
Just had to chime in and give you a "gym mystery" of my own....I thought of your column when I saw a chickie walk around in shorts and a singlet top with her bra fully exposed both front & back - a maternity type bra mind you.....she may as well have worn no top at all....it was not a pretty sight let me assure yoututtut.

btw...your Mr pinky ought to be tossed out on dress code alone....that is a shocker !!!

The Calvinator
11-05-2002, 03:33 PM
Why dont you just workout at International Sports Club down in the levee?? there are always hot chicks there. You should try it out sometime.

11-05-2002, 10:48 PM
Tuesday November 5 2002 (Chest/Biceps)

weight = 167.40

DB Bench (80/12!) I dropped down to the 80s from the 85s to try to help me get out of my plateau. I'm pleased with 12 reps. That is a 2 rep improvement from the last time I did the 80s.

DB Incline Bench (75/7)

Alternating Hammer Curls (50/6)

Bicep Curls (95/8)

Dips (BW+100/5!) The form was good here. I unintentionally let out a small grunt on the last rep. I always wonder though how some guys have to grunt and yell so loud on stuff. I mean, last year there were two guys on leg press who were doing some heavy weight. However, they sounded like they were having the biggest orgasms of their life while lifting. Actually that was an understatement. Literally the entire room was looking over at them with how loud they were.

Incline Situps (25/10!) I got an extra rep here after waiting forever for a guy to do about 3 different variations of ab exercises on the incline.

Hot Chicks: One was blonde with a camouflage type of shirt on. I think it was from her sorrority. Anyways, she struck me as the kind of girl that would cover her imperfections up by tanning year round. Miss Volleyball shorts was routinely there again............whoah whoah whoah....wait a minute! She wasn't wearing her volleyball shorts! I know she was technically following the proper dress code with short shorts, but why settle for the bare minimum? Of course she did her daily routine at the abductor machine.

Gym Mysteries: Down goes the 4th flat adjustable bench! They are dropping faster than Colts running backs! I wrote a feedback form for them telling them to get their asses in gear and fix them last Saturday. They haven't replied to it yet.


The Calvinator: I'd say the reason I go to the corec is because it is free (well actually we both know our tuition is paying for it so it is not really free!). I am usually fairly fine there if I go early in the morning. Plus it is within walking distance from me. But, thanks for the suggestion.

Franjipani: I'm sure that wouldn't be a pretty sight....even if it was me looking at an atractive one dressed like that. That just brought up an unpleasant memory from last year. I remember there used to be this 80 year-old looking woman that wore a leotard or something like that to work out. Also speaking of dress, I remember how things were in my high school. It was downright funny how many attractive girls could violate the school dress code on a daily basis and get away with it. Yet, if an unattractive one was showing too much skin, she would be sent to the office. You probably could guess by now that most of the people in charge were male! There were no complaints by me about it by the way:D

11-07-2002, 11:07 PM
Thursday November 7 2002 (Leg Day)

weight = 167.00

Squats w/ new and improved depth (225/9) I lowered the depth on here and took it a little easy to make sure I didn't hurt myself or anything. Thanks to us not having any mirrors, I have no freakin clue on how deep my new depth is. The only thing I know is that it is deeper than before.

Seated Calf Raises (290/9!) I'm running out of room to load the weight on this device. That will likely make it harder to have smaller increment increases (since I won't have room to add 5's or 2.5s.

Hack Squats (165/10!) I hate hack squats!

Leg Extensions (150/12!)

Hot Chicks: One had an orange t-shirt with some short gray shorts. She was kind of tall, like maybe 5-8. Another came walking in with a maroon shirt and some black shorts. She did like one exercise and left. Girl number 3 had a so/so face, but since she had a good body, she qualifies. Of course she just had to look over my way while I was finishing an intense set of leg extensions with my face turning various shades of dark red. The best of the day was some tall blonde that walked in right as I was about to leave. Also, not one of them used the abductor machine:clap: Actually, I would have had more details on this one, but I can't read my intentionally bad writing. After all, it would be sort of embarassing if one of them on the list actually saw my notebook.

Gym Mysteries: You know what someone did in the power rack after I finished squats.

Miscellaneous: It took 2.5 months for this to happen, but I finally saw someone deadlifting more than 225! This guy not only deadlifted 375, but Stiff Legged it 3 times! Okay, that is not a normal deadlift, but I doubt anyone stiff legs more than they deadlift.

Quote of the Day: It's not cement, it's concrete!
I had a lab today where we made concrete. Pretty much every Civil Engineering professor here says that quote and tells every student to correct everyone that says it wrong! I worked with a guy this last summer that had that class last semester and corrected me for it, so I guess I'll do my duty and pass it on!


I should proofread better. I just edited this for the 2nd time!

11-08-2002, 02:18 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I unintentionally let out a small grunt on the last rep. I always wonder though how some guys have to grunt and yell so loud on stuff.

*lol* I have found myself doing that lately too....kind of more heavy breathing really.... this weights business is TOUGH:eek:

11-08-2002, 02:38 AM
Not really meaning to degenerate but what's the difference between cement and concrete?

You know what someone did in the power rack after I finished squatsLOL, not squats, I know.

11-08-2002, 02:48 AM
Originally posted by HomeYield
Not really meaning to degenerate but what's the difference between cement and concrete?

OMG, you don't know ???:eek:. My dad is the Director of the Concrete Pipes Association and he'd have your guts for garters for that question:p

bloody Civil Engineers...... j/k

11-08-2002, 02:52 AM
LOL, I'm a computer engineer, cut me some slack. Now if you want to know the specifics of the North and South bridge of your motherboard and how to get better FPS in UT2K3 then that I know.

11-08-2002, 03:31 PM
Not really meaning to degenerate but what's the difference between cement and concrete?

Cement is one of multiple ingredients used to make concrete. I guess calling concrete cement would be like calling cookies butter. It's not like 99% of the world is not going to know what someone that said cement meant though! I figure they make such a big deal out of it so us CE students don't bring down the reputation of our program!

11-08-2002, 11:50 PM
Friday November 8 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

DB Press (65/7!) Wow, my delts are back from their long vacation! For some reason, I took the 75s off the rack. But, then I remembered that I do the 65s for this! I upped this by 1.5 reps from last time.

Tricep Extensions (85/8.5!) I had to wait for a 30 pound ez curl bar.

DB Lateral Raise (25/14!)

BB Shoulder Press (125/10!) My body continues to adapt to barbell each week.

Tricep Pushdowns (13/11!)

Ab Crunch Machine (180/8)

BB Bench (225/6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I may just get my goal of 270 by the end of the year. About a week ago, I felt I had no chance. Plus, I was doing this at the end of my workout and right after some farily intense tricep pushdowns. Wow, the spotter asked me how many reps I was expecting to get and I said 3 or 4. After the 1st rep came off my chest so easy he said, "You're going to get more than 3 or 4!"

Hot Chicks: There was a tandem of hotties that left about 2 minutes after I came in. One had a blonde ponytail and lime-green shorts. The other had pretty much the same body type with yellow shorts and long black hair in a ponytail. Both faces were pretty nice too along with the body proportions.

Gym Mysteries: Okay, we had a curl jockey convention there tonight. When I needed to do my tricep extensions, every single ez curl was taken. We also had someone doing barbell rows with the damn EZ curl bar. Also, you know what someone was doing in the power rack at the same time. Of course not a single person was using good form. It seems like the non-serious lifters go late at night.


11-09-2002, 02:40 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Of course not a single person was using good form. It seems like the non-serious lifters go late at night.

Do any of the staff EVER point this out to the lifters??? I shudder when I see people with bad form.....its foreshadowing pain & misery:cry:.

BTW: Just realised it was your swift detective skills that sought out our naughty little hoax pic poster eh??? Well done champ;)

11-09-2002, 07:03 PM
Do any of the staff EVER point this out to the lifters??? I shudder when I see people with bad form.....its foreshadowing pain & misery
No, that would require them to quit reading their magazine or stop socializing with friends.:(

BTW: Just realised it was your swift detective skills that sought out our naughty little hoax pic poster eh??? Well done champ
I'm sure glad I found a web page devoted to exposing fakers. If I wouldn't have found that web page, I would have had no proof on what I was saying. I probably would have made some enemies on here if I couldn't prove it.

11-09-2002, 07:37 PM
Here is some strange dream I had last night. I'd say it is almost as strange as when I had a dream back in the day of some guy in a monster truck driving off the road to try to run me over.

I needed to get a haircut so I went somewhere to get a haircut. Somehow instead of getting a much needed haircut, I ended up being at some place where you got to meet a couple of swimsuit models. The two swimsuit models were the two “hot chicks” from last night’s workout. I didn’t meet them though because I realized that I had to go to the grocery store since I was out of cream cheese and milk! I guess a proper diet is my number one priority! All the lines were really crowded at the checkout except for one. As I pulled up to the open lane, the cashier was reading a magazine and said, “This lane is closed!” I was thinking, “WTF??, can’t you at least do your damn job?” I went to the adjacent checkout lane and had to wait behind some fat single woman with 2 carts full of junk food for herself. While I was waiting in line, some attractive girl that I think went to high school with me was bagging groceries. I was thinking, “Wow, she hasn’t changed since high school! She is still really hot!” She then proceeds to turn around and it wasn’t who I thought it was. This was some ugly girl with a mustache! I then thought, “I guess a good body doesn’t REALLY mean everything!” As I was about to pay, the cashier somehow knew I was at the place with the swimsuit models. He was like, “How were they?” I then went on to say how I see ones as hot as them every day as I work out. Right as I was about to finish saying that line, I look out the window and see a big funnel cloud coming our way. I then proceed to warn everyone in the store to take cover by yelling at the top of my lungs, “TORNADO!” As everyone was running for their life, I decided that I wanted to get a better view of it. I ran out to the parking lot and was thinking “Gee, I hope this tornado does some major damage! I want to see some action!” As the tornado was going across the sky, I somehow could see the football stadium. I looked in the stadium and saw the scoreboard say, “Georgia Tech 21 Purdue 12” I then kind of thought to myself, “Hey, why am I not at the game? I never miss games!” I then thought of almost as great of a mystery. I was thinking to myself, “Bulls**t, our (Purdue’s) kicking game sucks! We would never make 4 field goals in a game!” I then devote my attention back to the tornado. The tornado is kind of making a turn away from the parking lot now. I start running after the tornado thinking, “Hey you’re not getting away this time!” The tornado ended up going away and I thought to myself, “This is just a dream anyway! I think I’m going to open my eyes now since things are getting boring” I finished by opening my eyes and ending a very eventful and strange dream.

Since every dream usually has some connections to the real world, here are some reasons why certain things happened in the dream.

1. I really do need to get a haircut.
2. I do need to go to the grocery.
3. The cashier not working reminded me of the people working in the gym I work out at. Most people that work there don’t do anything and just read magazines instead of watching over the gym.
4. The fat lady was likely from the “when you see a fat person” thread on here.
5. The mustached lady reminded me of some of the girls this one guy from high school would date. They seriously looked like they had facial hair in real life!
6. The tornado is from me always wants to see one in person. I came close a couple of years ago when one came within 1 mile from my house. I did get to see golf ball sized hail though which was pretty cool. I fed the hailstones to my dog.
7. The football game was likely since Purdue had a game today. They actually made 2 field goals today, so my dream seems a little less BS than I originally thought!
8. I’m thinking how Georgia Tech was the team they were playing was due to me picking them to upset Florida State today on my football predictions. (they didn’t beat them though today)
9. I found it amusing that I knew it was a dream before the dream was over.

Miss Rezza
11-09-2002, 10:24 PM
Originally posted by Franjipani

Do any of the staff EVER point this out to the lifters??? I shudder when I see people with bad form.....its foreshadowing pain & misery:cry:.

yes, but...... considering that gyms are mostly filled with "ego-maniacs"* if a trainer was to go and correct someone's technique they would consequently dent that person's ego..... and therefore they would become the Devil!!!

I have seen it happen a trillion times..... "person training" is doing something that their body really shouldn't be forced to do..... trainer taps them on the shoulder and explains as nicely as possible that this is wrong and shows them a better way to do such an exercise........ person training smiles and nods........ trainer walks away......... trainer gets "the big finger" behind his/her back as they walk away.......... person training continues to train as he/she has always done, whilst reminding him/herself that they know EVERYTHING, and is better than any qualified gym professional!!

It's a lose/lose situation!!

but that's just IMO ;)

*yes, i do realise that this is a HUGE generalisation.

11-10-2002, 04:07 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
4. The fat lady was likely from the “when you see a fat person” thread on here.

Wow, that is one massive dream..... I thought ^ was from that thread too.....interesting that you have managed to incorporate your "mysteries" & "hot chicks" & "wbb" into one dream eh...LOL:D.

Rez, I would rather take the risk & tell the person incorrectly lifting or doing damage to themselves(if i was a personal trainer or employee). In fact, I did tell a guy once and he took it quite well ....to my face anyway....at least I did what I could:D

11-10-2002, 10:08 PM
Sunday Nobember 10 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)


Deadlift (385/3!) Five more pounds, same number of reps. The bar looks a little cooler now with 3 45's and a 35 on each end. It will look even cooler when I do 405, which I should be able to get for a max since I got 385 for 3. Now I face a dilema. I could max next week, but I consider maxing as a waste of a workout.

SL Deadlift (290/9!) I upped this up five more pounds and still did the same number of reps.

BB Row (135/10!) I'm still unsure on how far I should bend down on this. I bend down pretty far. I guess I should just keep things consistent.

Machine Shrugs (310/11!) This is still too easy. I should up it to 360 next time. I can't believe I started out with 200 on this. And, no, I didn't have some earth-shattering improvement here. Those sets were to nowhere near failure.

Leg Curls (125/9) I think my "bench press curse" that I had for about 9 months has been passed on to leg curls.

Chin Ups (BW+15/8) This also has the curse. I think I might switch my palms to face away from me. That way, I can get my biceps out of the motion and give my lats more work.

Hot Chicks: One was short, had black shorts, and dark brown hair. She was about to take the leg curl machine right before I was to do them. But, she decided to go to the abductor machine instead. Once she was finished with that, she must have felt that it gave her a really intense workout and left. Miss Doll Face showed back up for the first time in over a month and a half. I hadn't seen her around for awhile. She used to be a regular on my Tuesday and Thursday workouts. She is kind of tall with long blonde hair tied back with short gray shorts.

Gym Mysteries: You know what happened in the deadlift rack after I finished my deadlifts. Also, some chick was doing 1/4 ROM DB laterals with the 5's. She was using the mirror that I needed to monitor my form on barbell rows too. The problem was that she literally was doing them for about 15 minutes straight. I kept waiting....and waiting...and waiting...figuring that she would eventually be done with her set. I'm not going to interrupt someone in the middle of a set to ask to work in. She eventually said, "Oh, are you waiting for this mirror?" I was like, "Yeah". She then was like, "Oh, I don't need this mirror anyways." The little voice in my head was like, "If you didn't need it, you wouldn't have been using it!" Oh well, at least she was considerate. I guess it was one of those things that kind of put the both of us in bad positions. I was waiting for her to get done with her sets to ask to work in while she didn't know that I needed the mirror.

Quote of the day: "Our whole nation is stuffing their faces. Can't we all do it at record speed?"

This was by Hank Hill from the TV show "King of the Hill". This quote came after he found out that the world champion of a hot dog eating contest was a 110 pound guy from Japan. I like King of the Hill, but it is hard for me to love because it killed my all time favorite "Beavis and Butthead" Mike Judge I guess got more of a payout with King of the Hill and decided to stop Beavis and Butthead. At least he did make the classic movie "Office Space" since King of the Hill started.

Good Decisions: I made a good decision on my way back from my workout on Friday night. I was driving down the road and doing the speed limit of 50. Some person pulls out maybe 110 yards behind me and approaches me at probably the fastest rate I have ever seen. So, I'd say this person probably had to be doing 75. This person continues to tailgate me on the road. As I turned off, I looked to my right to see the person who was passing me. Guess what.......IT WAS A FREAKING COP!

The good decision comes in with me not speeding up. If I would have increased my speed to get him off my ass, the cop would have likely pulled me over for speeding (which I think he was trying to pressure me to do). Even bigger in this was that I don't bring my driver's license with me when I go to work out. I don't want to risk losing it by hauling it around the gym with me. If I would have been pulled over, the cop would have probably tried to be like cops are on the TV show. I bet I would have been hauled into the station.


Miss Rezza
11-10-2002, 10:21 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
But, she decided to go to the abductor machine instead. Once she was finished with that, she must have felt that it gave her a really intense workout and left.


11-10-2002, 10:38 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
The little voice in my head

These little buggars are multiplying:p

Ryan, your entries are quite cheery of late:D

11-10-2002, 11:25 PM
I just found a workout-related article from my school's paper. It is sort of interesting hearing from a neutral observer.
One interesting point I found was that serious weight trainers are narcissistic according to the journalist. There also were quite a bit of bad over-training stereotypes in there. However, this one took the cake. This journalist sort of sent a message that it is not good to help someone out with pointers in the weight room.

"Caution: Be careful not to start conversation with these people, however, they may trap you into listening to hours of lifting techniques, proper protein diets and endless accounts of their personal dedication and improvement in the art of weight lifting. Keep your eyes down and walk quickly, if they stop you mutter something about needing a protein shake — stat."

My thoughts are that anyone who has that attitude better not complain if they ever have trouble with diet, training, etc.

Here is the entire article link:

Miss Rezza
11-10-2002, 11:53 PM
hehe, that was kinder funny!! Don't really know which category i'd fit into.... maybe a mixture of all three :scratch:

11-11-2002, 07:39 PM
If you are eating, you might want to stop. I took a pic of my "battle scars" from deadlifts on Sunday. My hands heal throughout the week only for them to look like this after my lifts. Actualy, there were a few times they were worse. I'd say this would be how they would look on a typical day.

11-11-2002, 08:21 PM
Haha, but don't you just love it. :D On back day my caluses (sp.) hurt so bad after some sets I just have to stretch my hands out so it can ease the pain. It's like they tighten up from gripping the bar on many of the back exercises, especially deadlifts.

11-12-2002, 04:31 PM
Haha ryan thats the truth isnt it man? My friggin' hands look almost the same way. Battle scars is the exact way to put it man, seriously.

The Calvinator
11-12-2002, 04:33 PM
did you like that article ryan??? that is my roommates g/f hahaha i give her info on what to write all the time.

The Calvinator
11-12-2002, 04:39 PM
you know what the sad part is about that article.... its true, all of those sorostitutes at our college? thats why i joined a gym out here and not the co-rec. there are no big guys there anyways

11-12-2002, 10:51 PM
Tuesday November 12 2002 (Chest/Biceps)
Are you ready for a marathon journal entry?


DB Bench (80/12) My left arm kind of toppled over on the 12th rep. Therefore, I had to regroup and do that rep again. I probably would have had 13 if it wasn’t for that. One thing I don’t like about DB bench is when one side kind of screws up. On barbell, you can usually make up for one side screwing up without restarting.

DB Incline Bench (75/7.5!) Incline always feels strange for me.

Alternating Hammer Curls (50/6) I think I’ll drop back down to the 45s next week. Six reps per arm does not seem to be enough reps for my body to respond. Plus, a 10 pound increment on DBs with that low of a weight is too big of a jump percentage wise.

Bicep Curls (95/8.5!) I got 9, but felt I might have used a little momentum on the final rep. So, I’ll count it as ½ a rep. I’ll save the other half for a rainy day! I also checked my form from a mirror on the side. My form looks weird compared to others (which is a good thing). My back doesn’t move an inch so that is good.

Dips (BW+100/5.5!) Here we go! My sternum bothered me after this. I sure hope it goes away or dips will have to go away. As usual, I got the unwanted attention of everyone within a 30 foot radius of me when I strapped on 100 pounds to my waist. Hot chick number 4 seemed to be watching me here, but it was probably more of a “What the f*ck are you doing?” type of look.

Incline Sit-Ups (**/**) I tried to use a 35, but only got a couple of reps out of it. Plus, it is a bitch trying to hold a 35 behind my head. Then, I was too tired to get an accurate rep range with the 25, so I’m just going to pretend I didn’t do sit-ups this week. Hey, it’s my journal!:hide:

Hot Chicks: Today was a busy day. There were some that I left out due to me getting tired of writing so many down.
Hot Chick 1: She had dark hair, a nice face, hair was kind of all tied up into something above her head. (I don’t know what it was, I’m not a cosmetologist!) But, she violated the dress code by wearing long pants. Either way, it was a good omen for the day seeing one before I even stepped foot into the gym.
Hot Chick 2: She is Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts. It is nice to see her do a free weight exercise for the legs, but she looks like she is having a walk in the park while doing them. At least do a weight that makes you turn a little red. She also wasn’t wearing her nice spandex leggings she wore last time.
Hot Chick 3: I’ll call her Miss Orange. She was wearing the short gray shorts and the bright orange shirt again. I didn’t really get to see what she was doing for a workout though.
Hot Chick 4: This one was wearing some ultra-short green shorts. She made them even shorter when she was stretching. Her face kind of let me down though. It was only average looking. She also decided to tie her hair back on some lifts and not tie it back on others. Like 90% of women through my eyes, her hair looked better tied back.
Hot Chick 5: The chick formerly known as Miss Volleyball Shorts was stretching or something in a separate room. She was probably getting her muscles ready for the grueling challenge from the abductor machine. Her change in dress kind of sucks too, since that leaves no regulars wearing volleyball shorts. I guess I kind of got spoiled during this last summer when the entire volleyball team worked out sometimes when I did. That was a very good sight for me!

Gym Mysteries: Okay, I was doing some incline bench presses, when I catch this girl out of the corner of my eyes doing cleans. I was thinking, “All right! Finally someone is doing cleans!” Unfortunately, when I got a better look, she was doing bicep curls. Her bicep curls keep diverging further and further from the correct form every week. For god sakes, she is squatting down to the bar and jumping up explosively with her legs to curl the bar. I saw a guy that fit the “dazed and confused” category from the article I posted a few days ago. He was wearing jeans and a sweater or something to work out it. It is funny how many times I see things I didn’t notice after someone points them out. Finally, a guy was doing bicep curls on the deadlift platform with form that would look like Mr. Humpy if he was holding a barbell!:hump:

I really rambled on in this journal today. Some stuff below is not really lifting related.

Sightings: I saw Khalid El-Amin today. Okay, no I didn’t. It was funny though because I saw this guy in the hall that looked just like him. Then, I pretty much laughed really hard when he was wearing some UConn basketball shorts. Most of you non-basketball fans are probably saying, “Who the hell is Khalid El-Amin?” He was the point guard for the 1999 National Champion UConn Huskies. They beat what looked to be an unbeatable Duke team in the finals.

Haircuts: Don’t ever tell someone that is skinny to cut your hair at finger length. Usually this is what I do. However, that is with 300 pounders cutting my hair with hands the size of a bear’s paw! The woman that cut my hair was hot and had really skinny hands. So, since the hands were really skinny, my hair looks bad. I look like Lloyd Christmas! (Jim Carey in the greatest movie of all time Dumb and Dumber)

Slim in Six: I was wrong when I said that the infomercial didn’t have some bawling lady saying the program has changed her life. Last Sunday, I saw what I missed. This was toward the end of the infomercial. On the other weeks, I was out the door before this part came up.

Hydraulics Exam: I had one tonight. I skipped two out of the three homework assignments for the material on this exam. The funny thing is that I think I did better on the two questions from the homework I skipped. Even if I didn’t do well on this exam, at least I have insurance. I beat the class average by 10 percent on the first exam and by 16 percent on the second exam. The bad thing was that I didn’t hear a lot of bitching in the hallways about this exam. When a class is curved like this one, you want to hear people bitching about things after the exam. That is music to my ears!

The Indiana Pacers: They are 6-1 without Reggie Miller! Maybe Isiah Thomas will keep his job afterall!

Marshall Fans: Why do the Marshall fans feel they need to run out on the field to celebrate after beating MAC behemoth Miami of Ohio? They looked almost as goofy as those Kentucky fans that ran out on the field this weekend to celebrate a win when they actually lost.


The Calvinator: I hear you on the "no big guys" part. Until last Thursday, I never saw someone other than myself deadlift more than 225! I did see some guy with a Bodybuilding.com shirt rack deadlifting 450 one time. But, other than that, most people deadlift like 135. The biggest problem I have are all the curl jockeys hogging up the power racks, deadlift platform, and flat benches. I usually go early so stuff is bearable.

11-12-2002, 11:24 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
a guy was doing bicep curls on the deadlift platform with form that would look like Mr. Humpy if he was holding a barbell!:hump:


Imagine Mr humpy doing lat pulldowns??? :eek: thats what I saw today..... A disgrace I tells ya!!!

11-13-2002, 12:02 AM
I can't stand those people humping the bar, or the lat machine for that matter. You just want to walk up to them and ask, "Would you rather do more weight, increase your chances for injury and looking utterly and unbelievabley stupid or use less weight and look like you actually know what you're doing?" I just have to turn my head and not watch.

Nice set of dips btw.

11-14-2002, 10:06 PM
Thurdsay November 14 2002 (Leg Day)


Squats (235/8!) I'm still slowly working my way up from a lower depth. I can't really explain why, but they felt good. These weren't quite to failure.

Seated Calf Raises (290/10!) They really need more padding on the part that goes just above your knees. It sort of reduces the blood circulation through my legs. Plus, I don't exactly have a ton of cushioning on my legs.

Hack Squats (170/8)

Leg Extensions (163/9)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly (new section): 6

Hot Chicks: Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts was there. She was violating the dress code again by wearing long pants that weren't even tight. She also did some bench press with just the bar. That isn't as bad as doing just the bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts though since pretty much nobody benches more than they Stiff Leg Deadlift. There was a new face thre with blonde long and straight hair. She had a long sleeve white shirt that almost went lower than her shorts did. Miss Volleyball Shorts brought her volleyball shorts back today and routinely went straight to the abductor machine.

Gym Mysteries: Some big guy who had a decent muscle mass and also a decent ammount of fat was doing 135 for bicep curls. The only problem was that he had crappy form. I don't see why he can't drop it down to maybe 120 with good form. That way, he would still be stronger than most and also be using good form. You know what happened in the power rack after I finished my set of squats.

Structural Analysis Exam: Okay, I've known all year that my professor for that class fits the exact description of a professor that would screw you over on an exam. I'm moving along on the exam tonight and get a reverse type of parabola on my moment diagram. Of course he doesn't give us the equation for the centroid on such a thing. Knowing the centroid of the shapes in the moment diagram is one of the numbers you have to use to solve for the deflection of a beam. I can understand expecting us to know the equation for a centroid of a rectange or a triangle. But, expecting us to know the centroid of such an uncommon shape is total bullsh*t! I spent a lot of my exam time deriving the formula for that stupid thing. The good news is that I just checked what the equation is from the back of my book and I derived it correctly. On top of that fiasco, he didn't give us any of the equations for the fixed end moments of different beam configurations. If you don't know the fixed end moments, you can't even start solving the problem using the methods we were required to use. I got around this by programming the formulas into my calculator for fixed end moments:D. I'm glad I had the gut feeling that he was going to do that to us and thought ahead by programming the equations into the calculator. I also thought of doing it to the reverse parabola shape I mentioned above. But, I didn't program that in because I thought that even our professor for that class wouldn't do something so cheap! I guess I'll program every equation for the final after what happened tonight. Requiring people to memorize things is not going to help in the real world. The good news on all of this is that I heard a lot of groaning during the exam from other people. Like I said before, this is a very good sign for me since the class is curved.

Calories: 2850

HY: I'm thinking why so many people use bad form is because the majority of people use terrible form. I'd bet most of them think you are supposed to lean back since 3/4 of all people do. I even saw a guy telling another guy to lean back once.tuttut

11-14-2002, 10:37 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly (new section): 6

*lol* gotta luv that...:p.

Here is one to add to your collection of "gym mysteries"....

Today I witnessed a guy building an incline bench out of a flat bench & plastic "step" building blocks in order to bench press using the smith machine:confused:... I said to him that It looked terribly unstable & pointed in the direction of the incline benches.....what a muppet :eek:.

11-15-2002, 01:31 AM
I hear what you were saying about the teacher and test. Almost all of our professors were like this. There were groups of us that got together to program our caculators. For almost every test in every class.

I once saw a trainer (a trainer mind you) doing curls. During this curl session I looked over and thought I was watching him through the mirror. What I was actually witnessing was him and his spotter for curls struggling with the weight. Both were shaking and had the strained look on their face. I couldn't tell which one was curling. It actually kind of looked they were doing some weird tug-of-war with a curl bar. By far one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

11-15-2002, 11:45 PM
Friday November 15 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)
I was running low on laundry so I had to bust out my Abercrombie t-shirt. Don't y'all just love me?

DB Shoulder Press (65/8!) Wow, I can't believe how my delts are responding. I had a plateau throughout October and also didn't have the greatest form. Now, I'm improving along with having better form.

Lying Tricep Extensions (85/9!)

DB Laterals (25/14.5!)

BB Seated Military Press (135/8!)

Tricep Pushdowns (13 bars/12!)

Ab Crunch Machine (180/9)

BB Bench (245/1.5) BOOOOOOOOOO, I dropped from 6 reps at 225 all the way to 1.5 reps at 245. Thanks to my triceps, it is always the lockout that gets me. 270 is back to looking unlikely by the end of the year. The only consolation I have is that this was done at the end of a shoulder/tricep workout. So, two important muscles in bench were probably tired.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 1 (It is not as low as you might think. There was only one guy doing them tonight.)

Hot Chicks: I almost didn't see any tonight. However, a blonde haired girl with short baby blue shorts came to the rescue. She had wavy blonde hair in a ponytail. The second I saw her, she went to do an exercise that you probably could guess.

Gym Mysteries: We had a guy using a weight belt for a 145 pound bench press. Also, just when I think I have seen the worst set of bicep curls, someone has to show me a worse set. Some guy was doing 55 pound bicep curls in the power rack with a huge bend in his knees and a deep lean in his back. I honestly don't think I could bend my knees and lean back as far as he did if I wanted to!

Calories: 2900

Fran: I wonder how that guy would be able to keep from sliding off the bench if he did that since there would be no perpendicular seat to the incline. Plus, if he would start sliding down in the middle of a set, that bar would fall right on his throat. It's amazing how people do such dangerous things.

HY: One of my professors jokingly says the reason you want to become a professor is so you can do to students what professors did to you in school. My argument about the formulas is that if you are in the real world and forget a formula, you are going to look it up! I guess I should be glad it isn't like my calc classes where we couldn't use calculators. I couldn't stand trying to memorize things such as complicated trig functions for integrals.

11-16-2002, 12:03 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
However, a blonde haired girl with short baby blue shorts came to the rescue. She had wavy blonde hair in a ponytail. The second I saw her, she went to do an exercise that you probably could guess.

:scratch: Errrrm, the abductor machine perhaps???

btw... I didnt hang around to watch that guy. I told him it was dangerous but he knew best !!!

11-16-2002, 09:20 PM
:birthday: :birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY:birthday: :birthday:

Hope you have a wonderful day Ryan.....and may those "hot chickies" be plentiful;)

11-17-2002, 01:27 PM
Hope you have a wonderful day Ryan
Thanks but, this isn't looking like a great day for me so far. I have to finish off a hydraulics lab write up along with studying for my materials exam tomorrow. At least my hard drive hasn't crashed. It did that on this day 5 years ago.

and may those "hot chickies" be plentiful
Actually, that happened today. The "hot chicks" section when I post my workout tonight will be the longest one of the year!

11-17-2002, 10:11 PM
Sunday November 17 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)


Deadlift (390/3!) I meant to drop down to doubles instead of triples this week to try to acclimate my grip and strength to be ready to max in a few weeks. I didn’t drop to doubles though due to me needing 15 extra pounds to have improvement with 2 reps. However, I’m still in that situation for next week. I will drop to doubles next week. I want to leave two different weeks to max in case I lose my grip or something on one of the weeks. Anyway, my grip was solid on this and it seemed to be easier to lift than the 385 I did last week. I also started to use my glutes a little more at the start of the lift.

SL Deadlift (295/9!) This also felt better than the 5 pounds less I did for the same reps last week.

BB Row (135/9) I lost a rep. I don’t know what happened.

Machine Shrugs (320/11!) This is just too easy. I probably should be doing them with a barbell, but I don’t feel like loading it up and I doubt I could grip shrugs long enough to give my traps a good workout.

Leg Curl (125/8) I lost a rep here also, but part of it was trying to focus more on form.

Pull Ups (BW+15/5) I switched my grip to an overhand grip. I’m trying to get myself out of a plateau.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 3 (out of 5)

Hot Chicks:
Hey, it was the busiest day of the year. There were six today.
1. This one had some short shorts with a white t-shirt. She was doing tricep extensions and tricep pushdowns. She sort of looked over my way when I was doing deadlifts. But, I’m sure it wasn’t for reasons I would want since she was wearing a bandana. Women wearing bandanas usually aren’t into men around here.

2. This one had a tight gray shirt on, black hair in a ponytail, and had a dress code violation with long black pants that weren’t even that tight. This one was doing DB tricep extensions.

3. This one had very short black shorts but was anorexic-looking. She had a tan at this time of year which means she probably isn’t that great of a person.

4. This one came in with number 3 and had short baby blue shorts and pretty much looked exactly like number 3, only less anorexic. Her and number 3 did one ab “toning” exercise and left. Move over 8 minute abs!

5. This one had some short black shorts, was wearing some short soccer shorts that barely went past where her shirt went down to. She had some dark hair in a ponytail. She did a bunch of machine exercises, but I think she avoided the “evil machine”.

6. This one also had some short gray shorts and had light brown hair in pigtails. She had a mediocre face, but made up for it with a decent body.

So, the winner for the day would come down between the soccer shorts girl, the anorexic, and the lesbian. The anorexic one is probably not a nice person, so I’ll call it a tie between the lesbian and the soccer shorts girl. They both get 9’s!

Gym Mysteries: You know what happened in the power rack and the deadlift platform.

Calories: 2900
The rest of my semester gets easier after tomorrow. I have my final exam before finals. Finals shouldn't be bad since we have "dead week" the week before finals. Dead week is where professors can't assign new stuff since it is there for students to prepare for finals. Of course they always find loopholes in the policy and just assign stuff the Friday before dead week starts.

It was a pretty good sports weekend for me. The Pacers, Colts, Purdue basketball team, and Purdue football team won (about time they won a close one). I would have liked to see Illinois beat Ohio State since OSU has some really annoying fans. I know it is bad for me to root against a Big Ten team, but I still think Iowa has a small chance of making it to the Fiesta Bowl. If enough teams between Ohio State, Miami, Oklahoma, Washington State, Notre Dame, and Georgia lose, they still could make it. Iowa is the best team from the Big Ten and they deserve to represent the Big Ten in the highest bowl. Plus, Iowa has classy fans unlike OSU. I know you are probably thinking, how can all those teams lose. I'll list why.

Miami-has two tough games in Pitt and Virginia Tech
Oklahoma- Big 12 Championship Game
Washington State- Washington, UCLA
Notre Dame- USC
Georgia - SEC Championship
Ohio State - MICHIGAN....nuff said!

Finally....who thought enough teams would lose at the end of the year to get Nebraska in the National Championship last year?

11-18-2002, 12:48 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
3. This one had very short black shorts but was anorexic-looking. She had a tan at this time of year which means she probably isn’t that great of a person.

Interesting theory.....please explain :confused:

Ohhh and good luck on your last exam:D

11-18-2002, 08:47 PM
Originally posted by Franjipani
Interesting theory.....please explain :confused:
Begin: Semi-Rant
Okay, this is just a generalization and I’ll also put the required disclaimer here that it doesn’t apply to everyone. I also meant to include the anorexic-looking part with the tan part. I also should have mentioned that many factors I can’t really explain gave me that prediction I made. Here is a common scenario I usually see all the time in real life (especially at the college level).

Supply and Demand
1. A girl has positive traits pushed by the media or is just plain attractive.
2. Guys will do anything for her, even if she is a bad person.
3. Due to number 2, she has little incentive to be a good person.

The supply part comes into play b/c most let their bodies go to hell by the time they reach their 20’s. Due to there being less good bodies, there is a higher demand for them. This problem is fueled by guys pretty much kissing an attractive girl’s ass. If guys wouldn’t give them special treatment, the attractive women would not get away with treating people the way they do. I do my best not to contribute to this problem. There have been many times where I have flat out refused to help an attractive female if I felt she was trying to use her looks to her advantage. This also works the other way around, but more so with a guy’s wealth rather than attractiveness.

Some things to think about:
1. What if everyone had a good body? I bet a lot more emphasis would be put on other non-physical characteristics since there would be a higher "supply".
2. I’ve heard many times that in some cultures, an obese body was considered attractive. I bet there was a low “supply” of obese people in those cultures.

I also should mention that I have a "prove me wrong" attitude to how I feel about attractive women. I do look for things they do that would not fit them into this category.
End: Semi-Rant

Ohhh and good luck on your last exam:D

Thanks, but I didn't exactly have the greatest luck. The exam was too long to finish in 50 minutes. I had to answer a few calculation problems without reading the question. It could have been worse. One of my lab partners walked in 30 minutes late. He only had 20 minutes to finish that. He must have overslept since it is a morning class. I feel really bad for the guy.

11-18-2002, 10:43 PM
Monday November 18 2002(Chest/Biceps)

Okay, Thanksgiving comes up for next week. That means I only have Monday and Tuesday for all of next week. Therefore, I need to fit this week and next week in by next Tuesday. I really didn't want to go to the gym today, but I felt I had to. If I would have rested my back, I would have had to work out for something like 6 straight days to fit everything in.

DB Bench (85/9!) It's about time I broke though my plateau on this. I was stuck on 8 forever. Dropping down to the 80s temporarily for the last two weeks seemed to do the trick.

DB Incline Bench (75/8!) This felt good. The 8 were with better form than the 7.5 I had from last week.

Alternating Hammer Curls (45/10)

Bicep Curls (95/8.5) I thought for awhile about counting this at 9, but decided I had a little too much momentum to count that last rep.

Dips (BW+100/6!) I had a little trembling at the end, but not too bad.

Incline Situps (25/10.5!) That 25 starts to hurt against the back of my head by the later reps.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 4 (out of 6)

Hot Chicks:
Today was another busy day. This was likely due to it being super busy. I went in the afternoon instead of the morning.

1. This one had blonde hair, and a dress code violation. Actually, even though they weren't short shorts, they were really tight spandex pants. So, I guess that is just as good. She did some tricep pushdowns.

2. This one had some dark, curly, and long hair. She also had a dress code violation and just seemed to stretch the entire time. Maybe she was preparing to do cardio or something.

3. This one had a dark sweatshirt and some medium length black shorts. She seemed to talk the entire time. It must have been "jaw day" for her.

4. This one had some short maroon shorts with delta zeta on the behind of the shorts. That way when people look at her ass, they can say they were just reading chapter of her sorority. :D

5. This one had some yellow windsuit pants and light brown curly hair in a ponytail. She had a pretty good overall type of look.

So, the winner for the day would come down between Miss "jaw day" and Miss Yellow Windsuit Pants. I'd say Miss "jaw day" edges out Miss Yellow Windsuit Pants.

Gym Mysteries: There was a traffic jam by the abductor machine. I also saw two guys doing what HomeYield said earlier in my journal. It looked like they were playing tug-of-war. I honestly don't know which one was doing bicep curls.

Calories: 2900

11-18-2002, 10:56 PM
Don't feel like you have to get all those workouts in by next week. With Thanksgiving coming up just think of it as a time of strategic deconditioning and serious bulking.

Good job on breaking through the DB press plateau. Sometimes you have to take a couple steps back to get a step ahead.

Hotties galour man. The way our gym is set up, that unless the girls make it into the free weight section, I'm not gonig to see any unless I venture into the machine realm (I do but rarely). I normally stick around the power and squat racks and rarely venture out.

11-18-2002, 11:03 PM
DB Bench (85/9!)

DB Incline Bench (75/8!)

Dips (BW+100/6!)

Nice strength ryan! Keep up the hard work man. Good job breaking the plateau on the flat DB presses---impressive.

11-19-2002, 12:10 PM
3 Month Update

(Improvement in past month/Total Improvement since joining WBB)
Deadlift (26/83)
Squats (19/57)*
BB Seated Military (15/15)#
DB Incline Bench (11/42)
BB Row (7/49)
DB Bench (6/42)
DB Shoulder Press (5/41)

*I lowered the depth on squats a few weeks back. I'm counting my improvement on the squats with less depth plus the improvement I have had since I lowered the depth.
#This is my first month doing Seated Military Press

Thoughts on this Month
I'm pleased with the improvement I have had this month. I also was able to break out of plateaus in DB Shoulder Press and DB Bench that kept me from improvement until recently. Deadlift continues to have rapid growth. The 83 pounds is by far and away the most I have improved in any exercise in a year, let alone 3 months!

11-19-2002, 04:00 PM
Nice strength improvements ryan---I am not sure what kind of progress I have made since I started here @ WBB.

The Calvinator
11-19-2002, 04:09 PM
how do you measure going up 41 lbs or 49 lbs at the co-rec??
i dont go there, but i cant imagine having those kind of weights...

The Calvinator
11-19-2002, 04:10 PM
how heavy of DB's do they go up to there? international is 145's

11-19-2002, 04:37 PM
Originally posted by The Calvinator
how do you measure going up 41 lbs or 49 lbs at the co-rec??
i dont go there, but i cant imagine having those kind of weights...

I use the RepCalc program that someone on WBB posted a few months ago (I think it was Delphi) That program uses the Brzycki, Epley, and Lander formulas for projected maxes. I take the three and average the values together. I figure it is easier to do that so I can compare sets of different reps. The formulas have usually been within five pounds of what I can do. I also use that method for my estimated maxes. I'm probably going to test them during dead week and finals week.

how heavy of DB's do they go up to there? international is 145's
They go up to 150. Pretty much everything over 75 pounds usually collects dust. That is good though since I have hardly ever had to wait for the DB's I wanted.

11-19-2002, 10:47 PM
Tuesday November 19 2002(Leg Day)

I got legs in today and will get my rest day tomorrow before resuming an aggressive lifting schedule before thanksgiving break.


Squats (245/7!) I have 10 more pounds for my new depth here. It kind of is uncomfortable on my extreme upper thighs sort of around my waist. This was not to failure.

Seated Calf Raise (290/11!)

Hack Squats (170/8.5!) I hate hack squats!

Leg Extensions (163/9.5!)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 1 (out of 2)

Hot Chicks:
Today wasn't very busy.

1. Miss Volleyball Shorts was on her usual machine. She then did some tricep extensions and leg curls.

2. This one had a maroon sorority shirt on with long brown hair and a dress code violation.

3. This one had some old school blue shorts that kind of looked like what Daisy Duke would wear. She also had a headband which gave her a unique look. However, she was un-unique by using the abductor machine.

The winner of the day goes to Miss Volleyball Shorts even though she is anorexic.

Gym Mysteries: Someone was using straps for bicep curls.

Random Stuff: A. I like how one of my pairs of jeans look on me.

B. It is nearing the time when the co-rec pushes back their "opening date" to our new weight room. Here are how things have went on the co-rec.

1. January 2002 (Construction Starts): We will be opening before next semester.
2. February 2002 (Some Turbulence): Despite some problems, we are on schedule.
3. July 2002 (1 month away): We plan for a Mid-August opening.
4. August 2002 (bump): Things are going great, we plan to open by mid September.
5. September 2002 (new schedule): Here is a list of days we will be moving the equipment for our October opening.
6. October 2002 (beeep...beeeep...beeeep): We are sorry, for reasons beyond our control, we will not open until November.
7. November 19 2002 (current time): Opening date=Early-Mid November
8. Next Week (projected): We are sorry, we will be opening next semester.
9. Next Semester (projected): We have some problems and will open by mid February.
10. Mid February (projected): We are almost done. We promise!
11. Early March (opening day arrives): They will likely take a week to move the equipment. Instead of moving some equipment every night, they will probably close off the old and new weight room even though they won't be moving anything during the day. Obviously, they could move stuff at night and not have to close anything down. But, I would be shocked if they had that kind of common-sense.
12. Week Before Spring Break: The new gym finally opens while a bunch of new faces show up expecting to get all ripped for spring break in just one week.
Link: (notice the crappy job done on their web page with broken picture links, etc.)http://www.purdue.edu/RecSports/const/const.html

C. The old members of Guns N' Roses except for Axl and Steven Adler (drummer for Appetite for Destruction and Lies) have formed a new band together. This could be very good if things go right. I guess my question will finally be answered. I always wondered who between Slash and Axl was more responsible for their kick-ass music. I'd say my answer will be whichever album is better. The new GNR album should be out soon according to some reports on the net. (Axl kept the rights to the GNR name and got new band members)

Calories: 2850

11-19-2002, 10:56 PM
I'd be interested in seeing how those albums do as well. I've always liked GNR but I kinda thought slash was a major driving force. He's guitar was just awesome (still is).

Good work on the squats. How deep are you going now?

11-19-2002, 11:24 PM
Originally posted by HomeYield
I'd be interested in seeing how those albums do as well. I've always liked GNR but I kinda thought slash was a major driving force. He's guitar was just awesome (still is).

I agree, especially on the solos. I do think that Axl really helped by being a perfectionist. It seemed like he would never let an album go out until everything was perfect (with the exception of The Spaghetti Incident).

Originally posted by HomeYield
Good work on the squats. How deep are you going now?

Hopefully I'm going to parallel. I have no mirrors to verify where I am going to. When I use just the bar to test the depth of the safety pins, I seem to definitely be parallel by looking at my legs. However, I worry that I may lean further forward with heavier weight since my combined center of gravity falls a lot further back. Obviously leaning further forward would make it be less depth with the legs to reach the same point.

11-19-2002, 11:42 PM
I'm a total dumbass! I just realized that my Hydraulics Lab Writeup is due tomorrow. For some reason I was thinking Thursday. I don't know why either. We have never had one of those due on Thursday. Plus, it is no normal writeup. It is one of our formal writeups that is worth 2.5 normal writeups. I guess I'll be skipping some class tomorrow. I've got to get my sleep for muscle growth tonight.:D

11-19-2002, 11:48 PM
I guess I'll be skipping some class tomorrow. I've got to get my sleep for muscle growth tonight.
Hehe, its good to see you've got your priorities straight. Good luck with it.

11-21-2002, 10:54 PM
Thursday November 21 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)

It felt really strange doing shoulders on a Thursday.


DB Press (65/8) I was kind of distracted while doing this. Yeah, that’s my excuse.

Lying Tricep Extensions (85/9.5!)

DB Laterals (30/6!) Okay, I did improve on this but I’m still not happy. I can’t stand how 14.5 reps on the 25’s only gives me 6 reps with the 30’s. A 10 pound jump in the weight at that low of total weight is way too big. I wish they had some kind of 2.5 pound attachment for the DB’s. I’ve always felt that a gradual increase in weight is the most effective for me. Obviously, I can’t do that on this exercise.

Seated BB Military Press (135/9!) I had a nice effort on the final rep to get improvement here.

Tricep Pushdowns (13 bars/12.5!) I need to keep improving here to help out my lockout on bench press. The lockout kills me on heavier weights.

Ab Crunch (//////) I think I’m going to ditch this machine after x-mas break. It seems like it gets friction or something when it is not oiled. The weight feels vastly different every week. I think that is due to if it is lubricated or not. So, I'm going to do what I do when I'm not pleased with my lift. :hide:

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 4(out of 6)

Hot Chicks:
1. Miss “Do Just the bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts” was there again. She distracted me on my DB Presses by doing some Glute-Ham raises five feet from me. I mean, how can I concentrate.:D Honestly though, I didn’t improve because I didn’t improve my strength and not because of her. She also did some bench press. I bet you all can guess what weight she used there. I’m also not giving her a hard time on what she “can” lift. I’m giving her a hard time for “choosing” not to lift to her potential.

2. This one may be the best one of the year so far here. I almost ran her over with my vehicle on my way to the gym. Okay, that is a gross exaggeration. She was about to walk out in front of my car on the road, but decided not to at the last second. I got a good look at her from the car and was thinking, “She looks pretty good. I hope she is going to the co-rec!” Sure enough, she pops up there about five minutes after I did. She stripped out of her sweats and sweatshirt and presented one of the nicest body compliments to a beautiful face. She had some short bright white shorts along with a gray shirt. She had some smooth blonde hair of medium length that kind of had some volume. She proceeded to do abs for about 30 minutes. After that, she did some hamstring stretches. The only drawback on her is that she was tan at this time of the year.

3. This girl had some wavy brown hair and a headband. She kept going back and forth between Leg Extensions and the exercise bike for about 30 minutes. She was sort of skinny, but not anorexic.

Today’s winner goes to Miss “I almost ran you over with my car”. It is hard to pick against Miss “Do Just the bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts” with how nice her face and body are. I’d say car girl has a slightly better body with a little more lean body mass. Look for these two to meet up against each other again in the “Hot Chick Super Bowl” at the end of this semester.

Gym Mysteries:Some guys were doing a set of 185 pound deadlifts. I’m sure they could do sets of at least 225. Also, I have never understood why so many people do 25 reps of bodyweight dips instead of just adding 25 pounds or so to do some sets of 10 reps. Also, I don’t get why most people don’t bring Military Press down to the pecs. According to exrx, that is where you are supposed to bring the bar down to. Most people seem to bring the bar down to eye level.

Quote of the Day: For simplicity, treat yellow as part of the green phase. Besides, most drivers do anyway.(it is referring to stop lights) ------------This was from my transportation class text. It was explaining how to write a time space diagram. I got a laugh out of it because it is so true about treating yellow as green. Yellow does not mean “caution”, it means “speed up to make the light”.

Other Stuff:
I really cut things close with my hydraulics lab write-up I forgot to do a few days ago. I said I was going to skip class that day. I actually went to the first two classes. I came home and started on the lab figuring I would have plenty of time. Things actually did not go as fast as I thought they would. The three hours I gave myself to do the “formal” write-up was not enough for me to do it carefully. I did cut a corner on it by copying and pasting my abstract to my procedure section. Both kind of had some redundancy, so I figured I’d save myself some time if I just copied and pasted it. I probably will lose points, but there is always that possibility that it will go unnoticed. Plus, losing a couple points is better than losing a bunch of points due to not having a section. I finished the write-up with about 5 minutes to spare. I got to print it out on my printer to find out that my printer is out of ink! So, I speedwalked to a computer lab on campus to print out my lab. The computer lab was like the weight room is normally (super busy). I finally get to a computer and have to wait ten minutes for windows to log off the previous user and scan the hard drive for everything. I finally get to log on after an eternity, only to find Microsoft Word performs an illegal operation every time I tried to open my write-up. After about the 20th try, it finally worked. I figured, I’m late for class by five minutes but at least all I have to do is print this out. I click to print and was happy to see no errors. I walk over the printer and wait…..and wait…..and wait. After about ten minutes I’m thinking, “WTF is going on here?” I walk back to the computer I’m on to check my print queue. I was still in the print queue, so I went back to the printer to wait longer. About ten minutes later, my lab finally printed out. So, I waited a very unacceptable 30 minutes to print out a document. That is nothing short of pathetic! I did slip into class 20 minutes late, but was able to avoid getting to much attention.

Calories: 2800

11-21-2002, 11:59 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Look for these two to meet up against each other again in the “Hot Chick Super Bowl” at the end of this semester.


God, you are so amusing:D

I saw a chickie today that would make a great addition to your "Hot chick Super Bowl"..... She would have been about 5'11, attractive, medium dark hair in pony tale, wearing little navy running shorts & singlet top doing glute-ham raises whilst reading a magazine....

Just your kinda gal ;)

11-22-2002, 10:29 AM
Seated BB Military Press (135/9!) I had a nice effort on the final rep to get improvement here.

Good work here ryan! Nice strength man, are you going to increase this to 140-145 or just stick to 135 for a while?

11-22-2002, 11:29 PM
Friday November 22 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

There was a basketball game tonight, so I had to go in the afternoon so I wouldn’t miss the game. I have a hard time keeping my sanity looking at all the losers that come in there during the afternoon.

Deadlift (405/2!) I did my what I thought to be unobtainable goal for two reps. I really thought 405 for even one rep was very unlikely a few months back. The first rep was really easy. The second rep was tough, but I got it. I really think I could put up a big max by max week. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m able to do 20 pounds more for a max than for a double. I didn’t black out during the lift, but I was super light-headed after the lift. I had to kneel down for a few seconds to recover.

SL Deadlift (300/9!)

BB Row (135/10.5!)

Machine Shrugs (330/11!) This is actually starting to get challenging. It burns my hands pretty well too.

Leg Curl (125/8)

Pull Ups (BW+15/6!) This is with the overhand grip again. It’s not as much as my underhand grip, but I wanted to get my biceps less involved in the motion since I hadn’t been progressing on this.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 5(out of 6)

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had dark hair in a ponytail. She was sort of tall, but violated the dress code with red wind suit pants. She did a few sets on the bicep curl machine and left.
2. Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals was there again. She did some exercise with DB’s, so that is good. She had some nice short black shorts. My instincts say she is a decent person.
3. This one had tied back dark hair, was tan, and a dress code violation with sweats. She did abs the entire time. My instincts say she is a not a good person.

The winner comes down between all three. I’d say they are all 8’s. The tiebreaker goes to Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals since she doesn’t seem to be you typical “Lemming”.

Gym Mysteries:
I could have written a novel about this today since all the losers come in during the afternoon.
1. You know what happened in the power rack and deadlift platform pretty much the entire time I was there.
2. Some guy was doing some really ugly momentum based hammer curls.
3. Lots of people were rolling up their sleeves. This looks extremely stupid when these people are doing their 65 pound bicep curls with bad form.
4. Some guys were doing BW+35 pull-ups but defeated the purpose of it by assisting each other. I figure it was +35 for the weight, -35 for the assistance. So…….why not just do bodyweight pull-ups. They also had a 2/3 range of motion. The top of their heads didn’t even get to where their hands were.
5. Biggest Gym Mystery so far: This guy was probably 5-9 170 with maybe 15% body fat. He is wearing a skin-tight (and I mean tight) white shirt. I think the shirt was made of spandex. It is too hard to explain, but it looked very bad! I gave one of my classic facial expressions when he walked by (kind of WTF look). It was hilarious how I kept seeing other facial expressions and hearing negative comments from other people. He proceeded to do 85 pound bicep curls. That is a respectable weight, but someone who dresses like him better damn well be working out with more than 135.

Quote of the Day:''I expect us to score 50 and for us to turn it over enough for them to get a couple of scores,'' McConnell said with a laugh. ''This team is hard to figure out. I don't think there's any way Indiana can beat us. They don't have enough firepower, and, quite frankly, we're playing better now.''

This was from the Purdue Football announcer Joe McConnell. I got a laugh out of it because it is an announcer sort of trash-talking about the rival. If I remember right, McConnell was the announcer that yelled, "Bulls Win" after Michael Jordan hit a shot at the buzzer to beat Cleveland back in the early 90s. ESPN loves to show that clip.

Calories: 3000

Franji: She sounds good to me. I just wonder WTF she was doing reading a magazine while working out. Maybe I should attempt to read Maxim or Sports Illustrated while I do some deadlifts!

MonStar: I usually up my weight after I reach 10 reps. My body seems to respond best in the 8-12 range for reps.

11-22-2002, 11:39 PM
Congrats on the 405 pull!

LOL at all the gym mysteries. When I was going to school I avoided packed times like the plague though there were those times when you don't have a choice. It pretty much must be the same everywhere.

11-23-2002, 06:51 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Deadlift (405/2!) I did my what I thought to be unobtainable goal for two reps. I really thought 405 for even one rep was very unlikely a few months back.

Congrats :thumbup:

11-23-2002, 07:02 AM
Deadlift (405/2!)

Nice work ryan!! :thumbup::thumbup: Keep up the hard work man, seriously. Awesome strength here on deads.

11-23-2002, 11:49 PM
Saturday November 23 2002 (Chest/Biceps)


DB Bench (85/9)

DB Incline Bench(75/8)

Alternating Hammer Curls (45/10.5!)

Bicep Curls (95/9!)

Dips (BW+100/6)

Incline Situps (Ran out of time/Will do with legs next workout)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 0 (out of 1) Curl jockeys don’t like to go early in the morning.

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had dark hair with a ponytail and a sorority shirt. She was doing some tricep work with her friend.
2. This one had dark hair and a dress code violation. She just pretty much was on the exercise bike the entire time.
3. Miss Volleyball Shorts was there again. For some reason, she didn’t use the abductor machine. I think that is the first time in like a month I haven’t seen her on it.

The winner goes to Miss Sorority Shirt. She had a nice body, but really wasn’t anything unbelievable for the higher standards of the rec center. I give her an 8.

Gym Mysteries:
1. A couple of guys looked like Mr. Humpy doing shrugs. There was a lot of hip action in their shrugs.
2. Some 200 pound guy needed a spot on DB shoulder press with the 35’s.

Football Game:
At the end of today’s game, the cops kind of egged the student section on. One guy ran out on the field and the cops slammed him to the ground. That kind of pissed some of the students off and they started pouring out on the field. I eventually had to go out of the field too because people kept slamming into me while they were rushing the field. Luckily, I hung on to my digital camera. Everyone behaved though once on the field. I’m glad nobody went for the goalposts. It would be embarrassing if people went for the goal posts after a win over a team as bad as IU! I took some pics of the game and from on the field after the game. I may post them, but nothing is really interesting and also isn’t lifting related.

Calories: A lot (I’ll take my cheat day today)
Chili Cheese Fries
A big bag of starburst
A bunch of chocolate filled crunchy things
Some Hard Candy

I also feel like sh*t after eating all that sugar. Complex carbs give me nice energy and don't make me feel fatigued. I think of that the next time I have a cheat day, I probably should stick to stuff more like pizza.

11-24-2002, 01:00 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I also feel like sh*t after eating all that sugar. Complex carbs give me nice energy and don't make me feel fatigued.

Does the same to me....I also get itchy eyes & a bit irritable...At least we are able to tell the difference though... its a good thing;)

11-24-2002, 11:27 PM
Sunday November 24 2002 (Leg Day)

Weight=167.00 (Geez, this is the 2nd time my weight has went down after a cheat day)

Squats (255/7!) I added ten pounds, yet still got an extra rep.

Seated Calf Raises (290/12!)

Hack Squats (170/9!) I hate hack squats!

Leg Extensions (163/10!)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: Nobody was doing them while I was there (most likely since curl jockeys don't go there early in the morning)

Hot Chicks:
1. The girl with the bandana was there again. There was nothing really new on her.
2. Ms. Doll Face was there again. She was sporting a ponytail today. I liked her look better when she had her hair down. I'd say she is a member of the 10% of women that look better to me wearing their hair down.

The winner goes to Miss Lesbian. I don't know if she is really a lesbian, but it sure seems like bandanas are very popular among lesbians. That is too bad too since I find bandanas kind of sexy.

Gym Mysteries:
1. This ugly dude is starting to kind of piss me off. Every day he is there, he seems to just sit on the leg curl machine and stare at everyone. I don't think he ever does Leg Curls either. He also was deadlifting 185 which is pretty bad considering he is probably around 200.
2. A big guy was doing deadlifts with around the same weight/rep range that I do. He used straps and had to yell at the top of his lungs on every rep. He also slammed the weight down pretty hard on the negatives. That kind of bothers me considering that I lift heavy, yet let the weight down under control and don't have to yell.

Quote of the Day:
"If these were the Hoosiers, the situation would be different. Bowl trips come along in Bloomington as often as Bob Knight apologies."--------------------------This was a writer from the Indy Star talking about the celebration after the IU/Purdue game. It basically meant that a bowl game would be a huge deal for IU in football since they barely ever make one and that it isn't that big of a deal for Purdue since they will go to their 6th straight this year. The Bob Knight part is the best of it though. For all you international people, Bob Knight is a college basketball coach that probably has the biggest temper out of any coach. The thought of him apologizing for anything makes me laugh!

Calories: 2600

Also, thank you all for the compliments on my Deadlifts from last Friday. I meant to thank you all on my post yesterday but forgot.

11-25-2002, 12:06 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Weight=167.00 (Geez, this is the 2nd time my weight has went down after a cheat day)

What's your secret??:scratch:

11-25-2002, 11:26 PM
Monday November 25 2002 (Shoulders/Triceps)


DB Press (65/8)

Lying Tricep Extensions (85/10!) These felt a lot better than the past weeks. I probably could have went for 11, but decided to save it for a rainy day.

DB Laterals (25/15!) Maybe when I get up to 20 reps I can safely move to the 30's for 8 reps.

BB Seated Military Press (135/9)

Tricep Pushdowns (13 bars/13!)

Ab Crunch Machine (180/10!) They must have oiled it.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 4 (out of 5)

Hot Chicks:
There was a big list for today.
1. This one had some dark hair with a ponytail. She had a walkman around her arm and a dress code violation. My instincts say she is a bad person.
2. This one had short black shorts, nice legs, dark hair in a ponytail. The only thing though is that she was tan at this time of year which gives me a bad impression of her as a person..................BUT........I was waiting for tricep extensions and she was actually really considerate. She took off the gadget she was using on the cable and held it down for me so I could put the one I was using on the cable. I did the wise thing of making sure my notbook wasn't in clear view. That would be kind of embarrassing if she would read about herself in my notebook!
3. This one had a decent body, but wasn't that great looking. She didn't follow the dress code but had some really skin tight spandex black leggings.
4. This one had some short orange shorts with light colored hair tied back. She had some nice legs, but pretty much stuck to the machines. She broke my heart when she went to the abductor machine.:cry:
5. This one had some dark hair tied back. She had a dress code violation by wearing some knee-length shorts. She was doing some 1/2 ROM DB laterals. Then I saw her up close. I threw out the red flag to challenge the call of her being in this report. The ref (my brain) went to the replay booth to review the ruling on the field. Upon further review, the call has been overturned, she doesn't look that good from up close, ryan1117 will not be charged with a time out.
6. This one had a dress code violation with wavy dark hair in a ponytail. I wasn't going to include her at first, but she kept looking over my way while I was resting for BB Military Press. So, she gets brownie points and gets into this report.
7. One more had dark hair with a ponytail and a walkman. She also had a dress code violation. Actually, she is almost exactly like number 1.

The winner today would have been kind of tough. However, Miss "Prove Me Wrong" showed that she was the exception to the rule of my instincts. Therefore, there is no way I can vote against her. She was doing some pretty decent weight on bench press also.

Gym Mysteries:
1. You know what happened on the deadlift platform.
2. Some guy was hogging up a flat bench doing bicep curls.
3. Some guy was doing 1/4 squats with a lot of weight.
4. Some guy was incline pressing the 70 lb DB's and claiming to his lifting partner that he would be doing the 90's real soon. Riiiiiigggggghhhht, that is 40 pounds more. I guess he could consider soon something like 6 months, but I bet he meant more like a month which would be unrealistic.
5. A couple of geeks were hogging up the cable machine talking.
6. Our beloved Captain Short Pink Shorts was back again! He wasn't hogging up the deadlift platform by doing BB step-ups though. He was doing 70 pound smith machine military press.
7. A female was doing squats!:clap: That makes the leg workout score now something like Abductor Machine 250 to 2 over squats!
8. Some guy there looked like a 70 year old version of Fabio!
9. A guy was wearing a Purdue shirt along with a Notre Dame hat. That is like some house flying an Iraq flag and an American flag.
10. I had a nightmare scenario about the new weight room when it is done. I pictured them spending their entire budget on a room full of shiny new abductor machines. Well, I forgot to think of what is worse than the abductor machine. That would be exercise bikes and treadmills. Now, the cardio queens can be happy while the serious lifters like me can suffer even more when the equipment fails and their "budget" doesn't allow for repair since they spent it all on treadmills and exercise bikes. I view treadmills and exercise bikes as walking to your goals. The abductor machine would be something like running to your goals. The free weights would be like driving a car to your goals. I guess you could say anabolics would be like flying to your goals!

Quote of the Day:
"How long do you design something to last as an engineer?" "You design it to last long enough until you retire and are in a non-extraditable country!" This was from one of my professors. It's a joke in case all you people are starting to worry.

Random Thoughts:
1. They finally got air conditioning for the Maui Invitational this year! I guess there will be no more excuses by people such as Duke-E V, Digger Phelps, or Bill Raftery when a team such as Ball State beats Kansas like they did last year.
2. I forgot how bad of fans Wisconsin has for football. Geez, they are 2-6 in the Big Ten, yet their fans act like they are undefeated. They even lost to IU this year!!!!!
3. Iowa is the best football team in the Big Ten
4. Michigan is the most overrated team for basketball in the Big Ten every year. There is no reason why they should be picked any higher than 10th in preseason polls.
5. The new teacher on the show "Boston Public" is really hot!

Calories: 2800

Franji: My theory is that things are kind of delayed an extra day on the diet part (see my weight today)

Miss Rezza
11-25-2002, 11:46 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I had a nightmare scenario about the new weight room when it is done. I pictured them spending their entire budget on a room full of shiny new abductor machines.

LOL!! Now that is scary!! You must of woken up in a cold sweat!!!

Oh BTW i'm LMAO at the fact that you write about all the "hot chickies" while you're still at the gym. I bet you're featured in some girls "gym mysteries" section: "there was this one guy at the gym who spent more time writing in his notebook than he did training"........... "i also noticed him staring at my ass while i was doing my squats"!!

(............Only teasin' ya).

Keep up the good work ryan!! Your journal always makes me chuckle :p

11-25-2002, 11:55 PM
Great post from Monday. I love reading your journal for the hot chicks and gym mysteries.

When is the hot chicks' super bowl?

11-26-2002, 12:43 AM
Whooooa....almost forgot to mention...here's one to add to your hot chickies report.......

I did a body balance class today...the instructor was a "hottie"....She was wearing an unusual ensemble...To a degree she violated your dress code in the pants department but her top was a type of loose cotton halterneck creation. Throughout the class her breasts managed to free themselves...... but alas, there were no males present to appreciate such a fine spectacle:D:D.

Just thought I'd contribute.....;)

11-27-2002, 12:22 AM
Tuesday November 26, 2002(Back/Hamstrings)
:cry: I won't be working out for another week. This is thanksgiving break for me. I get back to school next Monday and will continue my regular schedule on Tuesday.

Deadlift (410/1):( I wanted to try for 2, but didn't really come close. The first one took too much out of me for me even to try to get the second rep. I do think I hurt myself by not getting down low enough. I think that hurt the assistance my glutes give for the lift. I guess one bright thing comes out of this. I can now say I have deadlifted 410 before.

SL Deadlift (305/9!) My hands were really burnt and sore after this set.

BB Row (140/8) I don't like this mainly because I'm always having second thoughts on how far I'm leaning forward. I'm pulling this to my lower chest. But, then I wonder if I should be pulling it to my waist. When I pull it to my waist, I'm wondering if I'm standing too far upright. Plus, day-to day variations on such stances could make it hard to truly compare workouts.

Machine Shrugs (340/11!) My hands really burnt after this.

Leg Curl (125/8)

Pull Ups (+15/6)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 4 (out of 5)

Hot Chicks:
1. Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals was there today. She was sporting a tye-dye type of shirt along with some maroon short shorts. She did machines for awhile and then went to the abductor machine.
2. This one was also you know where. She had some blonde straight hair tied back. However, she had a dress code violation with knee-length shorts.
3. Miss Volleyball Shorts did her normal workout on the normal machine. She must have had a big time workout because she left after about 10 minutes. At least she is back to wearing her one and only pair of volleyball shorts.
4. This one had curly dark brown hair tied back. She had short black shorts along with some intramural shirt for her sorority. She did bicep curls and then some abs.
5. This one had some blonde hair and a ponytail. She had a dress code violation with red windsuit pants. She did however have a very good amount of lean body mass on her. Her face was mediocre though.
6. This one had an orange shirt, and blonde hair in a ponytail. She had some short navy blue cotton shorts on. She was doing abs as I left.

The winner of the day goes to Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals. She doesn't really have any big time strengths, but seems to be decent across the board. I guess I could say she wins due to not having any flaws.

Gym Mysteries:
1. You know what happened on the deadlift platform.
2. You know what happened inside the power rack.
3. Some guy was doing squats with the safety pins set too low to provide any protection if he would slip while doing squats. I can't stand to see people do this since they are really risking their health. I still don't understand why someone wouldn't just set them one setting below the depth they plan to go. That way the safety bars won't get in the way, and will still be able to do their job. I'm sure everyone has slipped before or came down weird on squats. Even if the weight is light, it still is putting you at risk if you don't use the safety pins properly in my opinion.

Quote of the Day:
"They have the tradition of Wake Forest and the arrogance of Notre Dame"

This is a quote I saw a Florida State fan say referring to Florida. For all you non football fans, Wake Forest does not have much of a tradition in football (they do have a decent team this year though). Most football fans know that some Notre Dame fans can get quite arrogant. (These are usually the fans that were high school drop-outs and could never dream of going to college, let alone go to Notre Dame. The fans that actually went to Notre Dame, are usually a lot less arrogant.)

Other Stuff:
1. The ride home wasn't pretty. I had to drive through some heavy snow in some places. The snow was also drifting, which made it really difficult to see the road.
2. Workers did a good job plowing the snow and salting the roads. I was impressed with how many plows and salt trucks I saw. I'm glad to see that safety is important.
3. I slammed my knee really hard against a sharp edge of my computer tower. I thought things were okay until I started to crouch down. I had such intense pain, that I had to take all my weight off my right leg. It has gotten better since then, but still is painful to put all my weight on that leg. I'm glad however that that happened at a time like this. It won't affect my workouts since I won't be working out for another week.

Calories: Don't Know.

Franji: If the word gets out, you will probably see many new faces the next time you have that class.:D

Home Yield: Thanks, that "Hot chicks'" Super Bowl would be at the end of my semester which would be two weeks from Saturday.

Miss Rezza: I intentionally write small and hard to read along with lots of abbreviations. I kind of use that as a safeguard. I didn't always write down descriptions, but I found out it is hard to provide good descriptions 15 hours or so after a workout. Here is my guess on how they would view me if I was in a "Gym Mystery"
........."Some guy that wasn't even that big was squatting down and then standing up straight with some heavy bar. He also did some exercise with a weird belt wrapped around his waist with 100 pounds attached to it."................
Since weighted dips or heavy deadlifts are so rare in my gym, many people give me that "What the F*ck are you doing" look.

11-27-2002, 12:38 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I can now say I have deadlifted 410 before.


Have a sen-frickin-sational Thanksgiving Ryan:D :D

11-27-2002, 01:06 AM
Good job on 410 man!

A week off could probably do you some good. Lots of food and lots of rest never hurt.

11-29-2002, 12:57 AM
I have always been strongly against measurements as a gauge of strength. I have always felt maxes were the best indicator of strength. I stumbled on something to support my point even more. I used a calculator that calculates the “ideal” body measurements based on wrist size. Try to guess which parts of my body surpassed the “ideal” measurements. Now try to guess which parts of my body lagged greatly behind. One more point is that I'm not complaining about my lifts. Like I said at the starting of my journal, I don't lift to get big.

Here they are from largest to smallest:
Calves: 107% of “ideal” measurement. (15.5 inches)
Waist: 105% of “ideal” measurement (31 inches)
Hips: 103% of “ideal” measurement (37 inches)
Thighs: 100% of “ideal” measurement (22.5 inches)
Neck: 100% of “ideal” measurement (15.6 inches)
Chest: 90% of “ideal” measurement (38 inches)
Forearm: 90% of “ideal” measurement (11 inches)
Bicep: 89% of “ideal” measurement (13.5 inches)

My Analysis:
1. My upper body is clearly stronger than my lower body with my lifts. It would be a major mistake to use measurements to say my lower body is superior to my upper body.
2. My calves have my biceps by 2 inches which I believe is quite a bit considering they should be around the same size.

Some Points:
1. I agree that measurements are good to use as a personal benchmark. However, I don’t agree that it is fair to compare a measurement from someone who is 25% bodyfat to someone who is 7%. Obviously the one with 25% is going to have extra inches from the extra flab!
2. Most people with so-called big biceps curl less than me and use bad form while doing it.

Other Stuff:
1. Did anyone notice that guy posting in the “members pics” section. I was laughing so hard when he was claiming 286 at 8% body fat. Plus, he goes posting another fake pic like two fakes make a real pic.
2. Some other guy posted some professional photo in there a few days ago also claiming it was him. That one was even better. However, they deleted it.
3. The Pacers beat Dallas tonight. Dallas was 14-0 going into that game. The Pacers are looking awfully good at 12-2 right now.
4. I saw the music video for Aenima for the first time. Tool always has weird videos. I like their videos though.
5. My knee still hurts a little. I'm surprised it has lasted as long as it has. It should be fully healed by tomorrow. It's not that I'm going to lift in the next few days anyway though.

11-29-2002, 07:06 AM
Here they are from largest to smallest:
Calves: 107% of “ideal” measurement. (15.5 inches)
Waist: 105% of “ideal” measurement (31 inches)
Hips: 103% of “ideal” measurement (37 inches)
Thighs: 100% of “ideal” measurement (22.5 inches)
Neck: 100% of “ideal” measurement (15.6 inches)
Chest: 90% of “ideal” measurement (38 inches)
Forearm: 90% of “ideal” measurement (11 inches)
Bicep: 89% of “ideal” measurement (13.5 inches)

Nice measurements ryan, really impressive. Good luck increasing the ones that you want. Really good measurements so far though. Keep up the hard work man.

12-01-2002, 12:40 PM
Okay, just for the fun of it.....
Saturday November 30 (Glutes)

Glute Workout (Bodyweight/12 hours) My glutes got quite a workout with all my weight being on them for 12 hours watching football and basketball on the recliner. I guess I took that "Jimmy John's" commercial seriously. "God gave you a butt.....use it!"

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 1 (out of 1)
Geez, I really thought this was going to be zero considering I didn't work out. However, on NBA inside stuff I saw some NBA player performing some DB curls with lots of momentum and lots of back bending. Plus, this guy was showing people how to perform the lift.tuttut

Hot Chicks:
1. USC looks like they have some good ones from their game. Hmmm......maybe that is why USC is the trojans. Probably b/c guys that go there are thinking about using a trojan on chicks like those!:eek:

Gym Mysteries:
1. I saw some informercial telling people to do high reps to tone and low reps to get bulky. tuttut

Other Stuff:
1. Yesterday was a very good day for me sportswise. Purdue knocks off Louisville in basketball and might actually have a good team this year. Later in the night it was a very enjoyable game watching USC destroy Notre Dame. If the BCS takes Notre Dame, there will be some major complaining with how they played last night.

I didn't keep track

12-01-2002, 01:03 PM
Looking ahead:

1. I'll probably be cutting my reps down on the major exercises in the next week to prepare for maxes the week after that. I figure I'll go for somewhere in the 3-5 range for DB Bench, Squats, Military Press, DB Press, and Dips.

2. I'm starting to think seriously of bulking. I likely won't start it until after xmas break since I only have 2 weeks left before xmas break. The reason I might bulk is due to my body not wanting to do anything despite me gaining strength. I've made great improvements over the past 3.5 months, yet my measurements are pretty much the same as what they were in the summer. Now, like I have said before, I lift more for strength rather than bodybuilding. However, I get really sick of these people that sort of talk down to people like me since they feel that no guy that weighs what I do could possibly lift a decent amount of weight. Most of these guys also weigh 40 pounds more than me and lift less. It is some sort of denial with these people too. Even after they see me lift, they still don't respect my strength.

3. I probably won't bulk as much as most people do. I figure I might put on something like a pound a month during the winter. I may not cut after I put that on also since hopefully I won't gain much fat from gaining that slowly.

4. I worry that I will chicken out part way through the bulk. I don't want to lose my abs.

5. The bulking would also make it very unlikely that I would have chance to get a triple bodyweight deadlift or a double bodyweight dip.

6. I have bulked once before. My freshman year, I kind of hit a plateau, and decided that I needed to bulk. (I was 145 then) I went up all the way to 165 within the next year. I didn't seem to gain that much fat. However, I did lose some of my definition. It took me pretty much up until now to have the same definition at 165 as I did at 145. However, I still looked almost as lean with clothes on.

12-02-2002, 07:56 PM
My post #200 belongs in my journal!

I really want to get back to lifting. I haven't gone this long without lifting in about 8 months. I nearly gave into my urge to lift today. However, I figured I wouldn't want to put myself in a bad mood with all the losers that lift there in the afternoon (which is the only time my schedule allows on this day). Plus, every guy there benches 225 no matter what. They do as many reps as they can for 225. If they can't do 225 on their own, they let their spotter lift the difference. So, I decided to save my sanity and wait until tomorrow. I can't wait to bust out the 95's on DB bench and do some BW+115 dips for as many reps as I can since I'm lowering my reps to prepare for maxes next week.

In other news, I forgot for the second time that I had a hydraulics lab due today. I had to rush through everything once again. Oh well, I should be locked into a B there. I'll take that grade considering a co-worker of mine this summer that was smarter than me took that class and got a D in it.

Hot Chicks: Lots of nice ones were around campus today wearing jeans that fit their bodies very nicely.:D

Calories: 2600 (back to eating real foods)

12-03-2002, 02:41 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
4. I worry that I will chicken out part way through the bulk. I don't want to lose my abs.

5. The bulking would also make it very unlikely that I would have chance to get a triple bodyweight deadlift or a double bodyweight dip.

Mmmmm so whats more important to you? I would be very surprised if you set yourself a realistic outcome and then chicken out on it....:eek:

12-04-2002, 12:03 AM
Tuesday December 3 (Chest/Biceps)
Weight=167.00 I once again lost weight over Thanksgiving. But, then again, I was kind of a few pounds over my norm before Thanksgiving, so it could have just been fluctuations.

Ahhh, I’m back in action. It felt good to be back in the gym. The only problem is that in less than 2 weeks, I’ll be off for 4 weeks unless I decide to find a place at home to work out at.

DB Bench (95/4) Damn, I always have such a dropoff when I up the weight on any type of benching. It always happens on barbell too. For example, I did 225x6 on barbell, yet couldn’t get 245 twice a few weeks back.

DB Incline Bench (75/8.5!) It is always nice to come back from a week off and actually gain a half a rep.

Alternating Hammer Curls (45/11!)

Bicep Curls (100/7) I probably could have tried for 8, but my form would have probably made me look like a curl jockey on that rep!

Dips (BW+115/3) This is about what I expected to get 115 for. I had quite a bit of trembling on the 3rd rep again. I’m probably looking at a 130 for a max. That would put me about 35 off of a double bodyweight. I guess you could call it 31 if I went by the weight of my body not counting clothes/shoes.

Incline Situps (25/8) I still don’t get why I can get over 10 reps one week and get 8 reps the next.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 3 (out of 4)

Hot Chicks:
1. Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts was there doing some glute ham raises. She was wearing some short gray shorts with a gray t-shirt.
2. Miss Reverse Grip Cleans was there. I like the headband she made out of a bandana.
3. This one had some straight brown hair in a ponytail. She had some short black shorts and nice all around proportions to her body. She was doing some weighted lunges. Then, she started doing the splits while she was stretching.
4. This one had some blonde hair tied back along with a blue camouflage shirt. She was not tan so that is always a good thing in the winter. However, we all know where she hurt her image at today.
5. This one was really petite with black hair in a ponytail. She was wearing some headphones. She had a dress code violation and worked out on you know what.

It is too close to call who is the winner is today. I already said that Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts is a Super Bowl contender. Our newest contender showed up today with Miss Splits. I’d say the difference will be the stronger feature between Miss DJtBfSLDL’s face and Miss Splits’ nice body.

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some guy was hogging up a flat bench to do standing DB bicep curls. That bugged me since I was waiting for one of the flat benches to open up.
2. They confiscated a 30 pound EZ curl bar. I have no idea why they did that. Luckily some guy took it from there and used it. I used the bar after him and nothing was wrong with it.
3. Another guy took the flat bench after I was using it to do standing DB bicep curls on.
4. You know what someone did on the deadlift platform!
5. Some maintenance guy was filing down the grip on a barbell. WTF!!??? Did some curl jockey complain about the grip being too rugged or something? Whenever I do deadlifts or squats, I seem to find the smoothed out grip bars. I figure this happens when the curl jockeys do their curls in both places. So, I always have to scavenger the gym to find the bars with a good grip.

Other Stuff:
1. My CD player in my car seems to be dead. It would have trouble reading CDs when my car was idle a few weeks back. It decided to not play CDs at all now. The radio on it works fine though. I guess I’ll be getting a new CD deck that has the ability to play MP3s on it. That way, I can put every Metallica track on one disc! I also have to find one with 4 volt RCA connections. I like how the 4 volt connections on the one I have kept all the noise out. I also need to make sure it has a dedicated subwoofer control built into the deck since all CDs have greatly different bass levels that I always have to change.
2. In my “Psychology of Women” class today, we had a guest speaker on body image. The info was fairly decent. I liked how she made sure people knew that 98% of diets fail (a hint for all the infomercial people). She also asked the class how many people exercised regularly. I figured this number would be something like 75%. Boy was I wrong! Only 1/3 of the people in the class admitted to exercising regularly! That is borderline disgusting to me! Plus, who knows how many people of that 1/3 might just be saying that to make them sound better. It also bothers me how I bet most of the 2/3rds that said they didn’t work out would complain about how there is nothing they can do about their body. I did like how the speaker used an example of one of her anorexic patients not eating any carbs. I’m sure glad someone that is a dietician pointed out how eliminating carbs is a not a smart diet. People like my dad claim that carbs are bad. I keep trying to convince him that carbs are not bad, but he refuses to listen. Plus he runs and rides long distance on bicycles but won’t have any carbs. Carbs are extremely important for long distance cycling or running.
3. I think I’ll put up one of my upper body shots pretty soon. Actually, I don’t have one from right now. It will be one from this last summer. I could play off like I got a lot bigger since then, but I haven’t. My measurements are exactly the same now as they were then despite me being stronger. That is why I’m thinking of bulking after xmas break. Plus, I bet everyone will be yelling at me to bulk after seeing it.
4. My team, the Chicago White Sox, traded closer Keith Foulke and catcher Mark Johnson today for closer Billy Koch. I’d say that trade is about even. Koch can throw super hard.
5. It was announced today that Purdue is going to the Sun Bowl. This is where they played their bowl last year. I really like the time for the bowl considering it is not on New Year’s Day. It is on New Years Eve in the afternoon. I kind of wanted to see them go to the Music City Bowl so it would be within driving distance. Hell, El Paso is too far of a drive from most people even in Texas! They will likely play Arizona State from the sounds of it.
6. Damn, Maryland was about a tenth of a second too late from making a 2/3rds court shot for the win.

Calories: 2550 (a little lower than I intended)

Franji: I'd chicken out b/c I would change my mind. Some days, I want to add mass. Other days, I'm happy with being the way I am. The problem will be me wanting to stick with one or the other.

12-04-2002, 12:22 AM
Nice DB bench! I find that when I go up in weight I always seem to get stuck at 3 or 4 reps for the longest time. I can do probably 8-9 of the weight below it but jumping up it feels fine until the 3rd rep then its all over.

Why not try to maintain a clean bulk? That's what I'm working on at the moment. I'm slowly (ever so slowly) putting on weight but at the same time I can still see my abs. (I'm vain. So shoot me. :) ). Just eat clean and eat plenty of it. Your metabolism should keep your body fat levels down. That way you keep your abs but continue to add mass. I weigh the most now I ever have and can see my abs better know than I could when I was a wrestler at 135lbs.

Good luck with however you decide to go.

12-04-2002, 03:40 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I think I’ll put up one of my upper body shots pretty soon. Actually, I don’t have one from right now. It will be one from this last summer. I could play off like I got a lot bigger since then, but I haven’t.

*lol* gotta love an honest bloke;)

Lookin forward to those pics though:D

12-04-2002, 07:55 AM
Weight=167.00 I once again lost weight over Thanksgiving. But, then again, I was kind of a few pounds over my norm before Thanksgiving, so it could have just been fluctuations.

Crazy to me that you lost weight over Thanksgiving. The day after the feasts I think I gained like 6 lbs. or something LOL. What a shame. Mostly water and fat.

12-05-2002, 09:28 PM
Thursday December 5 (Leg Day)

Squats (285/4!) Wow, I only expected to get 3 reps on here! The four reps were pretty solid also. For some reason I seem to get stronger on squats with a higher weight and lower reps. It is the other way around for most upper body workouts. The fourth rep wasn’t even that much of a struggle. I bet if a date with Jessica Biel would have been riding on it, I could have gotten 5! I’ll probably load up 300 or 305 next time. Then, I’ll likely max the time after that.

Seated Calf Raises (320/6) Ouch! That freakin hurts on my quads. The padding was not made for that large of a weight. It feels like the circulation is cut off just above my knees due to the weight resting there.

Hack Squats (170/9.5!) I hate hack squats!

Leg Extensions (163/10.5!)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 3 (out of 5) It looked like I was going to get through my workout with actually having more people performing them correctly for the first time. However, someone did a set on the deadlift platform and someone else did a set in the power rack. Thus, it went from 1 out of 3 to 3 out of 5 at the last minute.

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had some short black shorts with a gray shirt and dark brown straight hair in a ponytail.
2. This one had a red shirt and some short gray cotton shorts. She had some black hair in a ponytail. She was doing some lat pull downs. At first I was thinking, “She’s kind of hot.” By the end of my workout I was thinking, “She is really hot!” I liked how she kind of had her own look, was not tan this time of year, and was not anorexic looking.
3. Miss Volleyball shorts came straight in to the………do I really have to keep saying this? Anyone who has read my journal knows where she goes straight to every day!
4. This one had a yellow shirt and a dress code violation. She made a blue bandana into a headband. She had some straight blonde hair tied back, but was lacking lean body mass. There was a traffic jam at the abductor machine between her and Miss Volleyball Shorts.
5. This one was anorexic looking with some black hair tied back with a dress code violation. I can’t remember anything else. I just had the above sentence written in my journal, but I can’t relate her face to it again!

The winner today goes to Miss “Love at Second Sight”. She has decent originality compared to most typical attractive lemmings that feel they have to look all the same. I’d say she looks like she will get the wild card for the playoffs. She will have to pull an upset or two to make it to the hot chick superbowl!

Gym Mysteries:
1. A guy had to roll up his sleeves to show off his flabby arms. You couldn’t even see anything on the medial delts, so there was quite a bit of flab for that to happen. Yet, he probably thinks he is so hot just b/c he has 15 inch arms or whatever. (they probably would be 12 without the flab). The sad thing is that most ignorant people would call someone like him stronger than me since he is bigger.
2. You know what happened in the power rack after I did squats.
3. You know what happened on the deadlift platform.

Other Stuff:
1. I did some extra credit for my psych class last night. It was a semi-interesting article on how there is a contradiction between what people say and do when it comes to physical attractiveness. The article pointed out that people usually claim that looks don’t mean anything. Yet, the article pointed out that plastic surgery has tripled in the last ten years. It also pointed out how 75% of people dye their hair if it turns gray. This is also sort of related to a thing that makes me angry. I’m so sick of people whining to not be judged by their outside, yet they turn right around and judge the opposite sex by physical attractiveness. I really wish such people would quit being hypocritical and be consistent. If they are going to judge the opposite sex by attractiveness, they better not object to being judged the same way!
2. As I was looking for articles to do extra credit on, I stumbled across another rather disturbing one. This article tried to say that it was impossible to get a six pack unless you worked out 6-7 days a week. It also tried to claim that some people cannot get six packs. BULLSH*T!! Anyone can get a six pack if they have a low enough bodyfat percent! Plus, I’m sure most people on WBB with six packs work out 3-4 days a week. The article failed to put most of the emphasis on diet to get a six pack. In all fairness, it did seem to have accurate information when it said that men need single digit bodyfat to get a six pack.
3. I saw one of the worst weight-related articles today. The main point of the article was to say that if you walk one mile a day, you will not gain weight??? I waited for it to say that this is true as long as the diet is kept constant. However, the article never mentioned that. So, Mr. Joe Blow is probably reading that article thinking, “Hey I can eat whatever I want as long as I walk a mile!” I probably walk 1.5 miles every day to and from class. I have gained weight on some days. Therefore, I just proved this article wrong. If this article would have mentioned something about a responsible diet, it would have actually been okay. That is like saying that if you put a gallon of gas in your car per day, it will never run out of fuel. What if you decide to go for a long drive? Of course, you would run out of fuel! I’d compare that to eating 5000 calories in a day and expecting not to gain weight since you walked a mile.

Calories: 2900

Home Yield: I am thinking of doing what you are saying. I want to bulk slowly (like maybe a pound every 3 weeks). I'm thinking that I can get the most lean body mass out of the bulk if I do it that way. I agree with the abs thing too. I'd say my abs are better at 166 or so right now than they were when I was 140.

Franji: Thanks!

MonStar: It's mainly because I don't care for any thanksgiving food except for turkey. My Thanksgivings usually start out with me sleeping in, someone waking me up, and a 2 hour car trip. I end up eating some turkey around early afternoon. Most other stuff I don't like. So, it is 7 or 8 by the time I get back home and eat. Therefore, I probably have had maybe 500 or 600 calories by then. I don't really have the appetite to eat up 2300 clean calories in one sitting to even them out for the day!

12-05-2002, 10:55 PM
Nice squating man!

Do you prefer the seated calf raise machine over the standing? I like the standing myself because I feel I can control heavier weight that way. I also feel it more in the tops or middle of my calves where with seated I feel it more in the lower areas of my calves.

There was a girl today that might have qualified for your list. Even though she had a dress code violation and was absolutely abusing the adductor machines. She wasn't quite anorexic looking (though close). She had wavy blond hair and quite a sophisticated look about her. Since the storm there wasn't many people in there and it was nice to have some scenery in the gym.

12-05-2002, 11:11 PM

Squats (285/4!)

Nice strength ryan!! 166 lbs. squatting 285 for 4 reps. Insane man, keep up the hard work. :):)

12-06-2002, 12:16 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
The winner today goes to Miss “Love at Second Sight”. She has decent originality compared to most typical attractive lemmings that feel they have to look all the same.

What do you mean by "decent originality"??? Why did this one stand out so much from the others?

Hope you know that your reports are infectious :D

Miss Rezza
12-06-2002, 08:04 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117

She had some black hair in a ponytail.

hehehe, does anyone else find it completely adorable the way ryan always uses the word "some" when talking about hair???

She had some black hair!!

Awww- so cute!


The Calvinator
12-06-2002, 09:06 AM
1. A guy had to roll up his sleeves to show off his flabby arms. You couldn’t even see anything on the medial delts, so there was quite a bit of flab for that to happen. Yet, he probably thinks he is so hot just b/c he has 15 inch arms or whatever. (they probably would be 12 without the flab). The sad thing is that most ignorant people would call someone like him stronger than me since he is bigger.
HAHAHAHAH, sounds like the Co-Rec alright!! Hope it doesnt kill at the first of the year since everyone and their mother will be doing their new years resolutions... keep up the good work man! it looks like your strenght is coming along nicely.:thumbup:

12-06-2002, 11:53 PM
Friday December 6(Shoulders/Triceps)

I’m happier with this workout than my improvements would show. Many of the weights were upped for today. So, I usually don’t find improvement the first time with a new weight. On most of the exercises, I got what I expected to get, so I’m a happy camper.

Seated DB Press (70/5)

Lying Tricep Extensions (90/8)

DB Laterals (25/15)

Seated Military Press (165/2) I was going to up the weight to 155, but then I thought, “Why not just do my bodyweight?” So, I loaded up 165 and did 2 reps.

Ab Crunch Machine (180/11!) It must have been lubricated once again.

Tricep Pushdowns (13bars/14!)

Barbell Bench (250/1)….then (260/Ahhhhh So Close!) I likely would have had the 260 if I didn’t waste my time with 250. The 250 probably just fatigued me enough not to get the 260. I had the 260 in a position where I felt I was going to pull it off, but the right side ever so slowly tilted a little. That was enough to keep me from getting it.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 4 (out of 6)

Hot Chicks:
1. This one was an employee there. She was wearing a black corec shirt along with some nice fitting jeans. She had blonde braids tied back. She looked to have a pretty nice body also.
2. This was wearing those short black shorts with a message across the butt. I like those shorts. They give you an excuse to look at it! Why are you staring at my ass? I was just reading what it said on it! She had some dark brown hair in a ponytail. She had a very nice face and some nice legs. She went on to do some ab work a little later. She started lying on her back and bending in all these unique positions. My mind went straight to the gutter then! My mind went out of the gutter and into disappointment when she went to the you know what.
3. This one had some really tight spandex leggings. The only drawback was that she was a little too skinny for her height. I’d say she was a borderline “hot chick”. She had some black hair in a ponytail and was sort of looking my way while I was doing military press.

The winner today goes to Miss “Special Positions”. My mind will be forever in the gutter whenever I see her now. She may not have the power to compete with the top chicks this semester but looks like she might get the wild card.

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some 140 pounder was rolling up his sleeves. Other than that, it was a very “mystery-less” Friday night workout. That is probably the biggest mystery of all.

Other Stuff:
So, here I go for the grand finale for this semester. I plan to work out 6 out of the next 7 days. After that, it is a 4 week break assuming I decide not to work out. I’ll have to decide if I will bend over and take it from behind with the “x down + x per month” of the gyms. If the price can stay below 100, I’ll consider it.

Calories: 2900

Home Yield: I do the seated calf raises since I don't have to load up as much weight. However, I plan to switch to standing calf raises after this semester. The seated ones are getting too painful right above my knees. Plus, I believe the standing ones work more of the calves also.

MonStar: I am expecting big things from squats early in 2003. They have been overshadowed by my deadlifts, but look to still have as much momentum as ever. My deadlifts seem to be slowing down on improvement. Plus I need to cut down on the 100 pound differential between deads and squats!

Franji: I guess I consider "originality" just by if a woman looks attractive yet doesn't look exactly like all the others. I can't really explain it any more specifically. I don't know if it is the same way where you are, but where I am everyone seems to want to look the same! I admire someone who is strong-minded enough to know that they don't have to look the way society wants them to look.

Miss Rezza: When I took speech class, my weakness was that I used too many small filler type words (like, as, etc.) I guess that "some" is another one.

The Calvinator: Yeah, that is going to be absolutely positively horrible when I get back. There are going to be all the "New Year's" people along with people who just want to check out the new gym. (Actually that is a big if right now. I can see them still not having it finished by January even though they said it was going to be done by August.)

12-07-2002, 10:13 PM
Saturday December 7 (Back/Hamstrings)
I was a little worried about my legs only being at about 95% since I did squats on Thursday. It turned out that they didn’t really affect me.

Deadlifts (410/2!) The first one came right up and the second one took everything I had. I need to watch things on these though. My hands want to hit my knees every once in awhile. I have to take a slightly wider grip due to how the grip on the bar is. Where I would ideally like to have my hands is where there is no grip.

SL Deadlift (315/7)

BB Row (140/10!)

Machine Shrugs (350/11!)

Leg Curl (125/8)

Pull Ups (15/6)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 1(out of 2) Most curl jockeys don’t work out in the morning.

Hot Chicks:
1. Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals was there again. She was doing all sorts of exercises and avoided the bad one.
2. This one had some short navy blue shorts. She had short dark brown hair, but spent her time on the abductor machine.
3. This one had a green shirt and a dress code violation. She had some brown hair tied back. She also used the evil machine.
4. This one had some short light brown hair. She pretty much looked just like Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals.
5. This one had a yellow shirt with short black shorts. Her hair was light brown and wavy hair in a ponytail
6. Miss Doll Face was there again. However, she went straight to the abductor machine. She had some long blonde and straight hair tied back.
7. This one would have been a lot better if she wouldn’t have been so anorexic looking. She was probably 5-9 120. Plus that 120 is probably her actual weight and not her BS’ed weight. Her BS’ed weight would probably be around 100.
8. This one had some blonde hair in braids. She was wearing short black shorts.

The winner of the day goes to Miss Doll Face. Her nine beats out the large group of eights she was up against today.

Gym Mysteries:
1. Captain Short Pink Shorts was there again. I guess those pink shorts must be the only pair he wears. I haven’t seen him wear any other pair yet.
2. I had to wait for a guy hogging up the hammer strength bench machine before I was able to do my shrugs. He had 160 on there. That may sound respectable, but I can do roughly 1.5 times more on that machine than free weights. So, that weight probably would have been equal to 105 on free weights.

Other Stuff:
1. I like the student section this season for basketball games. I have these frat guys that sit by me that are funny as hell. They pretty much find something to yell at the top of their lungs every 2 minutes or so. They will boo absolutely everything. It kind of sounds like the game last year when IU played against Duke with all the IU fans booing the entire game. They first started out by yelling at our backup point guard about a DVD he borrowed. I guess he borrowed the awesome movie “Office Space” Every timeout or free throw, they would be yelling, “Hey Austin, Where’s my DEEEEEE-VEEEEEEEEEEE-DEEEEEEEE?” It was pretty good to because they would do it at times where the arena would be quiet. I bet everyone was hearing them. Then, someone took the opportunity to start doing Bill Lumbergh impressions (he was the boss in office space if you haven’t seen it) We instantly had about 20 people saying things to the tune of, “If you could return that to me, that would be greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!” They then proceeded to start talking about some “Hot Chicks” they have seen in the co-rec. About this time in the game, one of Scottie Pipen’s realitives entered the game. They would cheer when he would score even though he was on the other team. Late in the game, a player on the other team let out a yell after he hit a three. The guys started to just randomly impersonate him. It was only a few seconds before the entire section started doing what they were doing. The last five minutes of the game was pretty much nothing but people yelling in a modulating tone, “OHHHHHHHHH…..OHHHHHHH” I noticed some chick with a huge chest and a tight shirt. I’d say they probably were fake since she was fairly lean. I knew it was just a matter of time before the frat guys saw her. Of course the second they saw her, they were going on and on about her. One of the guys was like, “Hey, just walk up to her and grab her chest! Don’t be a pussy!” In tonight’s game, the other team had a player that looked like Screech from “Saved By the Bell”. They kept yelling, “Bring in Screech!”. Just like with Pippen’s relative, they would cheer whenever the guy that looked like screech would score. It’s hard to really describe how funny these guys are in words, but they had both sidelines laughing from some of the things they were doing.
2. I need to study for my Materials final over cement…..errr Concrete. That is all it is over, but there is way too much material in the book over that. I’ll have to study hard tomorrow to be prepared for that since it is on Monday morning at 8am. It will be a 35 minute walk also. Our professor told us to pack a breakfast for our long trip there.

Calories: 3300

12-08-2002, 10:12 PM
Sunday December 8 (Chest/Biceps)

Here I am taking a break for studying for my finals. I figured I had to prioritize!

DB Bench (100/2) Damn, those 100’s are a major challenge for me to stabilize. It felt like I was pushing them laterally as much as vertically.

DB Incline Bench (80/5.5) This was a sort of ugly set. I felt I should have gotten the 80’s for 6 or 7 since I got the 75’s 8.5 times. But, then again, I always have big dropoffs when I up the weight.

Alternating Hammer Curls (45/12!)

Bicep Curls (100/8!) I may have used a little momentum on the final one. My back stayed straight though.

Dips (BW+125/2)

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 2(out of 2) They batted 1000 today.

Hot Chicks:
1. Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals was there again. She was once again doing about a million sets of abs for the second straight day.
2. This one had some short baby blue shorts and a black shirt. She had light brown hair in a ponytail.
3. This one had short black shorts, blonde hair in a ponytail, and a nice body.
4. This one was really hot, but would be too tan even for the summer. She had some dark hair in a ponytail. She had nice proportions, but was a little too skinny. She also used the abductor machine.

The winner today is Miss Tan. Even, though she probably isn’t that great of a person, her looks are very nice to look at.

Gym Mysteries:
1. Captain Short Pink Shorts was there again. I guess those pink shorts must be the only pair he wears. I haven’t seen him wear any other pair yet. This is not a replay from yesterday. It was the same thing again today!
2. You know what someone used the seated military press rack for.
3. Someone had a very ugly set of bicep curls that looked like Mr. Humpy.:hump:

Other Stuff:
1. Purdue will play Washington in the Sun Bowl. It will be a Rose Bowl Rematch from 2 years ago.
2. The Colts really hurt themselves today by losing to the Titans.
3. They just posted a memo about moving exercise equipment to the new gym at the co-rec. This totally sucks! Why couldn’t they wait until after this week while everyone was on X-mas break? Now, it looks like I will not be able to workout possibly until Thursday. Therefore, it looks like my normal workouts might be done. I think I’ll use the remaining days to solely do maxes.
4. I absolutely positively love the latest South Park Episode. They mock the government for grossly exaggerating the effects of drugs such as marijuana. However, it is not the liberals making up that stuff. It is the conservatives!

Calories: 2800

12-09-2002, 10:37 PM
Monday December 9 (Rest Day due to 2 Finals)
Tomorrow, I will probably go to the gym and check to see if they are open. I know they are moving equipment right now, but if they are decent, they will let your work out on stuff that has already moved. Except, I bet they don’t let anyone work out there. Oh well, I decided to throw out my regular workouts for this week. I’ll probably dedicate the remaining days to attempting maxes. I’ll probably try for 420 on deadlift the next time they are open. On another day, I’ll hopefully get the 260 I probably would have gotten on BB bench if it wouldn’t have followed my delt/tricep exercises. I probably won’t try to max out on dips since I did a double of 125 and don’t really want to push it. I figure I’d likely get a +135 for one rep. I’m still not sure about maxing on squats. I don’t exactly like maxing on them. Plus, I’ll have to check my form in a mirror (assuming they have them in the new gym). I bring the bar pretty low on squats, but I’m worried that I lean further forward the higher the weight is. The further the lean=less depth with the legs.

1. I went to the wrong room for my transportation final! I’m sure glad I got there early. I read the wrong row on the location of the final. I went to a room that I had a final another day on. I got things straight, and made it right as finals were being passed out. I don’t think I did that great on the final. However, the last problem was 24 points out of 100. The last problem consisted of a bunch of little near-meaningless tidbits of info that barely related to transportation. None of those were in the book. I have no idea how I remembered the answer to all 6 nitpicking questions! My brain was usually asleep in that lecture!

2. I kicked some ass on my Materials final over cement……err concrete. It was a long early-morning hike before it was even light out. The temperature was absolutely freezing and I was shivering like crazy on my walk there. I walked fast to keep myself warm and probably went 2 miles in about 25 minutes.

Small Rant:
It kind of pissed me off when I saw someone on here making absurd accusations on Chris Mason’s character. Chris Mason made a very valid point IMO and he got ripped for it. The accusations on him were unjustified and the nature of the replies make me think this person is BS-ing!

A Gym Rant (from Sunday):
I meant to put this up Sunday, but forgot. I can’t stand when I’m carrying two 100 pound DBs and people don’t make a decent effort to get the f*ck out of my way. I end up running some obstacle course every time. I wonder how these people would feel if they were lugging around more than their bodyweight in DBs, and people wouldn’t move out of the way. Oh wait, they can’t carry more than their bodyweight, so they wouldn’t know! Anyway, I should “accidentally” drop a 100 pound DB on one of these people if they don’t make an attempt to move. I bet that would teach them a lesson!

Goals for Max Week:
Deadlift 420
BB Bench 260

12-10-2002, 07:49 PM
Tuesday December 10 (Bench/Tricep/Bicep)
weight = 165.30

It was a nice surprise to see that they didn’t close down the gym even though they were moving much of the equipment. The free weights were still available. None of the machines were except for the abductor machine.

Barbell Bench Max: 260!
I said I was really close to getting this last week, and I proved it this week. It took a decent effort to get it, but I still think I have a shot at 265 before I go on X-mas break. My goal was 270, but I’m mighty happy with 260 right now. Plus, I set my goal way back in September. I probably would have gotten it if I wouldn’t have plateaued on DB bench in October. The big thing though is that I actually have some momentum on this now. I was stuck around 250 for what seemed like forever.

EZ Bar Bicep Curls: (100/9!) Wow, I improved on these also.

Lying Tricep Extensions (90/8)

Other Stuff:
I went downstairs to look into the room that will be the new gym. They have a whole new rack of DBs down there. That will be good since it seems like every weight I use for DB military press and Incline DB bench comes in banana shaped DBs due to people dropping them. I was disappointed with all the cardio equipment I saw. They always use their “budget” as a reason why they can’t fix broken stuff. I’m afraid all the new cardio equipment will take away from fixing things with the weights.

Hot Chick Superbowl:
Okay, just like I jokingly mentioned a month ago, here are the participants in the road to the Hot Chick Superbowl. In case you haven't been reading my journal, this is just my "dramatic" way of deciding which chick was the hottest for this semester! I’ll keep adding a “match up” here every day until there is a winner. I figured it would take away any drama if I made the seedings according to how I viewed each of them (b/c you would know the better seed would win). So, to make things unpredictable, I seeded them how I would expect the rest of the world to view them. However, the winner of each match up will be “my” opinion. I bet a lot of people are probably thinking my journal has hit an all time low with this.

Abbreviation Legend:
LHC = Light Haired Conference (light and medium brown was considered this since there weren't enough blondes)
DHC = Dark Haired Conference (Dark Brown, Black, or Red)

The Seedings:
Miss Prove Me Wrong (1 seed-1st round bye in the DHC)
Miss Doll Face (1 seed-1st round bye in the LHC)
Miss DJtBfSLDL (2 seed-1st round bye in the DHC)
Miss I almost ran you over (2 seed-1st round bye in the LHC)
Miss Splits (3 seed in the LHC)
Miss Tan (3 seed in the DHC)
Miss Volleyball Shorts (4 seed in the LHC)
Miss Special Positions (4 seed in the DHC)
Miss Jaw Day (5 seed in the DHC)
Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals (5 seed in the LHC)
Miss Soccer Shorts (6 seed in the DHC)
Miss Lesbian (6 seed in the LHC)

Round 1 Match Ups:
Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals vs. Miss Splits (Wednesday)
Miss Lesbian vs. Miss Volleyball Shorts (Thursday)
Miss Soccer Shorts vs. Miss Tan (Friday)
Miss Jaw Day vs. Miss Special Positions (Saturday)

Round 2:
Match Up 1 (Sunday)
Match Up 2 (Monday)
Match Up 3 (Tuesday)
Match Up 4 (Wednesday Dec 18)

Conference Championships:
Match Up 1 (Thursday Dec 19)
Match Up 2 (Friday Dec 20)

Hot Chick Superbowl
Match Up (Saturday Dec 21)

12-11-2002, 07:16 AM
Yesss!! The Hot Chick Superbowl is here.

Good job on 260. That's some good pressing. When are you going to test your deadlift?

12-11-2002, 07:18 AM
Barbell Bench Max: 260!

GREAT work ryan!! :thumbup::thumbup: Really impressive man. Yeah get 265x1 by January 1, 2003. No doubt about it. Well both add 5 lbs. to our bench personal best by the end of 2002.

The Calvinator
12-11-2002, 11:36 AM
nice job on the max big man!!! How heavy do the DB's go up too at the Co-Rec?? International only goes up to 130's... but that new Flex Appeal place in Lafayette goes up to 200 i heard, I might need to start heading over there... Keep getting huge man!

The Calvinator
12-11-2002, 11:37 AM
DUDE! Let me know when the tourney times are, I want to come watch!!! Maybe we should do arms for fun one day....

12-11-2002, 10:00 PM
Wednesday December 11 (Rest Day/another final)
I had my hydro final today. I think I did pretty well considering I studied about 30 minutes for it! I have a final is psych tomorrow that I should be studying for right now. There is a lot of stuff over female anatomy so if any of you attractive women on here want me to get me real life experience on that, you can come on over!:eek: (joking of course)

Hot Chick Superbowl Matchup 1:
Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals (5 seed in the LHC) vs. Miss Splits (3 seed in the LHC)

Miss Splits was only there one day when I was this semester and I have forgotten much about her. I remember she had a very nice body and also nice proportions. She distracted me one day while she was doing some weighted lunges right in front of me. Miss DB Unorthodox DB Laterals got her name from doing some 15 minute long set in front of a mirror that I was waiting to use one day. She has pretty much been a regular in the gym ever since. She has really grown on me. She has a great “girl next door” type of look which always goes well with me. Miss Splits is at a disadvantage since I haven’t seen her as much.

Better Body: Miss Splits
Better Face: Even
My prediction for less arrogant: Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals
Better Workout: Miss Splits
Intangibles: Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals

This one goes down to the end. Miss Splits is down by 4 with 30 seconds to go on Miss Unorthodox DB Lateral’s 20 yard line. Her QB scrambles to avoid the blitz, but fumbles the ball. The revised “tuck rule” for this year rules the fumble as a fumble and not an incomplete pass. Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals gets the ball and goes into the George Bush formation to run out the clock!

Final Score: Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals 31 Miss Splits 27

12-12-2002, 12:45 AM
Wow, 5 seed upsets the 3rd seed.

Good luck on your psych final.

I'm sure you mentioned this somewhere and I missed it (of course) but what's your major?

12-12-2002, 11:46 PM
Thursday December 12 (Deadlift Max)

I sort of ranted about them getting rid of some equipment on the general chat board. I don't really feel like repeating everything right now. I will say that I am very unhappy with everything they did. The new gym is now worse than the old one!

Deadlift Max: 425!
I went for 420 at first figuring that I wasn’t going to get it due to having to expend some of my energy to load the bar from the floor. (since they got rid of our platform) To my surprise, 420 came up super easy. I took my rest and then did 425. I’m going to try on Saturday just before I leave for 430. That would give me 100 pounds worth of improvement since August on deadlift if I could pull it off. Deadlifts are going to be a pain in the ass from now on since there isn’t really any open space to do them at. I am very worried that some geek will bump into me when I have something like 430 hovering off the floor.

Bodyweight Pull Ups: 15
I didn’t do these really fast. I probably could have pulled off 20 if I wanted to sacrifice some form.

The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl Matchup 2:
I don’t know what my problem was when I made this up. The 6 seed would play the 3 seed in such a format and not the 4. Oh well, it will all come out the same in the end anyway.

Tonight’s Match Up
Miss Lesbian (6 seed in the LHC) vs. Miss Volleyball Shorts (4 seed in the LHC)

Miss Volleyball Shorts has been there the same time I have about 30 times or so this semester. So, I have had plenty of opportunity to judge her by her physical appearance. Just like her name, she wore the same pair of volleyball shorts pretty much every day. She is an abductor machine warmer if I ever have seen one. In fact, she does the abductor machine practically every day she is there! I have no idea if Miss Lesbian is really a lesbian or not. It just seems to me like all the hot lesbians wear bandanas which she always wears. It is too bad that not as many straight women wear bandanas b/c I find them incredibly sexy looking. She also has a decent workout routine that involves free weights and DBs.

Better Body: Miss Lesbian
Better Face: Miss Lesbian
Dress Code: Miss Volleyball Shorts
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss Lesbian
Better Workout: Miss Lesbian
Intangibles: Even

This one isn’t much of match up. Miss Lesbian controls the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball due to Miss Volleyball Shorts being anorexic. Miss Lesbian runs the ball at will on offense with holes in the offensive line as big as the ones Colorado had when they beat Nebraska last year in college football. Miss Volleyball Short’s offensive line is about as good as the Houston Texans O-Line. This one isn’t close as Miss Volleyball Shorts retires to go eat her cheat meal of an apple and a half a slice of bread.

Final Score: Miss Lesbian 52 Miss Volleyball Shorts 16

Home Yield: I'm a Civil Engineering Major

12-13-2002, 10:15 AM
I got 265 on bench press this morning. I came very close to 270. It was close enough that I think I have a 50/50 chance of getting it if I tried again. The only problem is that I want to go for 430 tomorrow on deadlifts before I leave. Obviously, doing both on the same day would likely keep me from getting whichever I did second. So, I think I'm going to go back there before closing time tonight and try one more time for 270. That will give me about 12 hours rest for my pecs, delts, and triceps. Obviously, I wouldn't be doing such a thing if I had more time. But, I leave for break tomorrow afternoon and I will likely lose a little strength over the 4 weeks.

I also just noticed that this is also a personal best for me in regards to percent of my bodyweight. I did 230 at 140 my senior year of high school. I then bulked up and my percentage went down. I finally caught that today.

Weight=161.30 (without clothes/shoes)
Bench = 265
Percentage of BW = 164.290%

Back then:
Weight = 140 (without clothes/shoes)
Bench = 230
Percentage of BW= 164.286%

12-13-2002, 11:53 AM
Dude, you are very strong for 166 lbs. Good job!


12-13-2002, 03:52 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
So, I think I'm going to go back there before closing time tonight and try one more time for 270.

Now THAT's dedication;).

Well done dude...you really are cranking it:thumbup:

12-13-2002, 09:08 PM
Friday December 13 (Bench Max/Dip Max)

Bench Max: 270!
Like I said earlier in this journal, I got 265 this morning and came very close to getting 270. I was so close that I didn’t want to let it go. So, I gave my body about 10 hours of rest today, and went back to it at night. I really focused on being explosive with the bar the second it touched my chest (no I didn’t bounce it). I really made a quick push with my delts and pecs to try to help from getting stuck on the lockout (my weaker point). I’m sure it was pretty ugly of a rep. The right side was a little tilted. Oh well, 270 sounds a lot better than 265 to me. Plus, it was my end of year goal.

Dip Max: BW+135
This is nothing special here. That was what I expected to get. These were probably uglier than the bench. My arms were trembling a whole lot. I like higher rep dips a lot better.

The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl Matchup 3:
Tonight’s Match Up
Miss Soccer Shorts(6 seed in the DHC) vs. Miss Tan (3 seed in the DHC)

This is between two chicks that I have only seen once all year. Therefore, I don’t have much to say about either. Miss soccer shorts made it here mostly due to the “girl next door” look she has. Miss Tan makes it due to her nice face and proportions despite being borderline anorexic and tan during the winter.

Better Body: Even
Better Face: Miss Tan
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss Soccer Shorts
Better Workout: Miss Soccer Shorts
Intangibles: Miss Tan

This one is very close for 3 quarters until Miss Tan takes over in the 4th. She takes the lead with a TD with 5 minutes remaining. She then picks off the next pass and returns it for a TD to win by 11

Final Score: Miss Tan 32 Miss Soccer Shorts 21


BennettBoy: Thanks. I do plan to bulk once 2nd semester comes around. I haven’t really gained on any measurements despite great improvements this semester. I’m planning on a slow bulk of 10 pounds over 3 months. Plus those new cardio-queen friendly mirrors they have in our new gym make me look skinny. To be honest, I probably look lighter than I actually weigh. Wait till I post a upper body pic of me on here, I bet everyone will really be telling me to bulk!

Franji: Thanks, it’s good to see you back!

12-13-2002, 09:13 PM
The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl Matchup 2:
I don’t know what my problem was when I made this up. The 6 seed would play the 3 seed in such a format and not the 4. Oh well, it will all come out the same in the end anyway. Its not rigged is it? Are some of them purposefully throwing the game? LOL

Nice benching man. That's really impressive for your weight. Good job on the deadlift too. 430 should be easy, try 435 or 440. You still shouldn't have any problems with those.

12-14-2002, 09:50 PM
Saturday December 14 (Deadlift Max)
Weight = 166.30

I’m not feeling too great today. I stayed up sort of late studying for a final and also got up early not being able to sleep well. The final went terrible. So, I ended up 2 for 5 on finals. Two went very well while three went horrible. Plus the three bad ones greatly outweigh the two good ones. I’m just glad it is over and I get a four week vacation now. I don’t know if I’ll be lifting or not over this break. I guess it all depends on if I can find a place that won’t screw you over if you don’t want to join for a long period of time. I also had a very low protein intake today. I let my kitchen run down before break so all the perishables would be gone. All I really had time for were two bagels with nothing on them. I had a big pack of tortellini once I got home around 5:15.

Deadlift Max: 430!
My deadlift max is 430 and probably not one pound more. I was fairly tired when I went into the gym due to a terrible sleep. Luckily, that didn’t seem to be a factor. My first thought was, “I’m going to get this.” as the weight came off the floor. Then, it reached around knee level and I was thinking, “Aw man! I’m not going to get this.” The bar stayed in limbo just in front of the knees for about a second and then came up. I held the lockout for about 3 seconds just to be totally sure. I also got to see myself in the mirror while doing this. That makes me feel so good when I see some huge intimidating looking weight being held by me in the mirror. I also noticed that I use a very wide stance on sumos. I’m kind of glad this was so hard though. At least I won’t have any doubts that I could have done more. But hey, I can’t complain about doing bench and deadlifts multiple times due to me feeling I could have done more since I improved each one on my next try. This also gives me 100 pounds improvement on deadlifts since August.

Other Stuff:
1. I’m glad the Heisman voters got it right this year. Carson Palmer proved he was the best player after his performance in his final two games.

2. I never realized that country music had so much bass. I was flipping through the radio today trying to find a station and there is Shania Twain with some loud bass on my subwoofers. But hey, that is not enough to get me to listen to country!

3. I guess I'm in the search of something to keep me occupied over this break now. I'm thinking about getting Vice City to play over the break. If I don't end up finding something, I'll probably finish off Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask is probably one of the dullest Zelda games. It is just barely intersting enough for me to keep playing it. Plus, I can't stand the time limit on it. If that gets too boring, there is always time for me to replay one of the Final Fantasies again. I've completed 7 four different times. I got all three dates with the chicks in it and also found the cheat to get one with Barrett! I've finished 6 three different times. I'd probably replay 10 if I do replay one. I've only went through 10 once.

The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl Matchup 4:
Miss Jaw Day(5 seed in the DHC) vs. Miss Special Positions (4 seed in the DHC)

This is another one between two chicks I only saw once all semester. Miss Jaw Day got her name due to her not doing a single lift in an hour. All she did the entire time was talk to people. She did look very nice though with what I believe was black hair and a nice pair of legs. Miss Special Positions got her name from her very strange stretching. She was doing some abs on the mat and then decided to start bending her body in all sorts of strange positions. That sent my mind straight to the gutter. My mind is still in the gutter when I think of that stretching.

Better Body: Even
Better Face: Miss Jaw Day
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Even
Better Workout: Miss Special Positions (by default)
Intangibles: Miss Jaw Day

This fairly evenly matched game is a big defensive struggle all the way. Both teams trade field goals in the first half to go in at the half tied at 3. In the 4th quarter, Miss Special Positions blocks a punt with 5 minutes to go. The ball bounces out of the end zone for a safety. Miss Jaw Day makes the critical defensive stop with 2 minutes to go and gets the ball back. Miss Jaw Day drives down to the 30 yard line with 5 seconds to go. It is a 47 yard field goal attempt to win the game. The kick is up……it’s long enough…..and it is……..Good!

Final Score: Miss Jaw Day 6 Miss Special Positions 5

Calories: Don't know

Home Yield: Thanks, but I’d say 430 was the most I could have pulled off on deads. I really battled with it at the midpoint and finally got it up all the way.

Miss Rezza
12-14-2002, 10:22 PM
:hello: Hi Ryan!

Bummer to hear 'bout yer exams.......... but hey, you've got 4 whole weeks to not think about it!! Try not to get yerself into too much trouble during your hols. ;)

Congrats on the 430!!! Holy Guacamole!!! :eek: What a champ you really are!!!


BTW- bass in country music??? hmmm :scratch: I'll have to listen out for that....... not that i listen to country........... of course!!............ honestly...........ummmm............... ermmm........... *cough*

12-15-2002, 08:27 AM
Bench Max: 270!

Dip Max: BW+135

Totally awesome work here ryan. Impressive as hell man, seriously. Really looking forward to seeing these numbers come up. Youre not far away at all from 3 plates on each side. In a few months youll definitely be there.

12-15-2002, 10:54 PM
Sunday December 15
Weight = 164 (a little high considering this was without clothes/shoes)

1-handed Push Ups (12) I was just curious to see how many 1-handed push ups I could do. I did them with my left hand behind my back and I got 12. Actually, they were pretty intense. They weren’t as intense as deadlifts, but my right delt really felt it. And, no this is not a serious workout (just curiosity)

Other Stuff:
1. I got to see my grade for my psych class today. It confirmed that my final helped me there. The only bad thing was that the two extra credit assignments I did ended up not helping my grade. There is still no word on how my hydraulics class will be curved. The final scores are out from it and I’m 7% below the class average. The final absolutely killed my score b/c I was a little above the class average going into the final. It is critical in that class that I don’t drop two letter grades due to that final. I think right now it is 70/30 that I only drop 1 letter grade. Hopefully 7% will be within 1 standard deviation of the median score(which usually is what they use for grade cutoffs).
2. The Colts had a nice comeback win today. They had their usual slow start falling behind 16-0 at the half. They came back and won moving them up to 9-5 and in a tie with a bunch of teams for the AFC lead. Hopefully they can win their last two games that are both at home and possibly get home field advantage throughout the playoffs so they could make the REAL Superbowl.

The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl Matchup 5:
Miss I almost ran you over (2 seed in the LHC) vs. Miss Unorthodox DB Laterals (5 seed in the LHC)

I have only seen Miss I almost ran you over once all year. However, she did make quite an impression on me. She got her name from when she was about to cross the street, but decided against it when I was driving down the road. I remember looking at her and thinking, “Damn, I hope she is going to the co-rec!” Sure enough, she shows up about five minutes into my workout. She strips down to some short shorts to show her lovely legs. I’d say they were some of the best legs I have seen all year. They seemed to have quite a bit of lean body mass, and were also lean.

Better Body: Miss IARYO
Better Face: Miss IARYO
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss UDBL
Better Workout: Miss IARYO
Intangibles: Miss UDBL

Miss IARYO takes an early lead in the first half. This one sort of keeps going back and forth after that with Miss IARYO holding a 10 point lead for most of the game. Miss IARYO goes ahead by 13 with 4 minutes to go with a 42 yard field goal. Miss UDBL comes back with a 65 yard TD pass with 2:37 to go. She is out of time outs, so she has to try an onside kick. She recovers the onside kick and has a chance to win the game with a TD. However, her QB drops back and throws the ball right to a linebacker on the other team for an interception kind of like Peyton Manning seems to do once every game. Miss IARYO goes into the George Bush formation to run out the clock and seal the win and punch her ticket to the LHC Conference Championship.

Final Score Miss IARYO 31 Miss UDBL 25

Miss Rezza: Thanks, I wish I could have all four of the weeks not to worry about my exams, but I still have to wait around to see my grades on Wednesday. Until then, I have to keep worrying about how bad some classes are going to be. All I really need is to get one break in the three classes I am worried about and I can just take my bad grades and move on. If every class goes wrong, I might have to reduce my credit hours for future semesters. I will pass all my classes unless I totally screwed up my Structural Analysis Exam (which is possible with how the professor grades and how bad I felt I did) I was likely getting a C in there though, so I would have to do pretty bad on the final in order to not pass. That is one thing I hate about grades. In life, you can usually move on and forget the past. But, grades will stick with your GPA no matter what.

MonStar: Thanks, but 315 would be one hell of an improvement on bench. I figure I improved about 20 this semester. But, you never know. I do plan on bulking up by about 10 pounds over 2-3 months once 2nd semester starts. So, maybe that bulking will get me faster gains than I have gotten by staying at the same weight.

12-16-2002, 01:14 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
1-handed Push Ups (12) I was just curious to see how many 1-handed push ups I could do. I did them with my left hand behind my back and I got 12. Actually, they were pretty intense.

Awww, can you NOT ??? Brings back vivid memories of the "hot firies"


*wipes chin*

12-16-2002, 09:41 PM
Monday December 16

There was no workout today for me. I figure there probably won’t be many workouts over this break unless I decide to go somewhere to work out. I guess I might keep this thing alive over my break by just using it as a non-workout journal. I feel somewhat guilty for doing that, but there are a decent number of people who do the same even when they are not on break.

Happenings Today:
1. I beat the last level of Warcraft III on the hard level to try to get a different ending. I guess I’ll have to beat the entire game on hard in order to see the different ending.
2. I got some new headphones since the ones I have are about to die on me. I like the new ones I have. They are the Sony Walkman ones with the “in the ear” speakers with little clamps so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of the ears.
3. I can’t stand trying to find shoes for me. I’m average height, but never can seem to find shoes big enough for me. I wear 12’s and the stores usually only have 9’s and 10’s. I went to Speice Fieldhouse first (it is a big sporting goods store and fitness center). I found out that their store is no longer in business. I hope their weight room is the next thing to close. They wanted to charge something like 300 down plus 70 per month to work out there.
4. So, I dared to go to the mall this close to X-mas. Everyone and their brother has to drive into town and make everywhere crowded. I hate out-of-towners with their poor driving skills. It wasn’t too bad getting in and out of there. I cut through an industrial park all the time and avoid all the stoplights. Of course, nobody had my shoe size in the shoes I wanted.
5. Soooooo……I went online to find some shoes. I found many pages with the shoes I wanted, but many of them still didn’t have my size. I finally found a pair that was in my size. Actually, I found two pairs. So, I bought both pairs. They both are the exact same Adidas shoes I have right now. So, I will have three pairs of shoes in the exact same model. I will have my current black stripes along with my red stripes and baby blue stripes. I guess I need to prepare in case another long recession comes in regards to good looking shoes.
6. I ate a bunch of X-Mas Cookies today.
7. I watched the South Park Movie again. I noticed a few small things I didn’t notice the first time around. I was laughing pretty hard when they showed the pie graph for Canada’s economy.
8. I couldn’t figure out which DVD I wanted to watch next. I almost put in “Wild Things” but decided on Office Space. I always felt that Peter Gibbons doesn’t have it that bad in that movie. I mean, I’d go through a sucky job if I got to date Jennifer Aniston!
9. I used a lens cleaner on my CD player in my car. It fixed it so the player would actually read CDs now. However, it keeps cutting out in the middle of tracks, so I think I’ll be getting a new one.

The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl:
Tonight’s Match Up:
Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Leg Deadlifts (2 seed in the DHC) vs. Miss Jaw Day (5 seed in the DHC)

Miss DJtBfSLDL has been there the same time as me many times. She has possibly the best face out of anyone left in this competition. She got her name from the day I saw her doing stiff leg deadlifts. I was all happy to see her doing such an exercise, but she cheated herself out of a workout by doing just the bar. She was wearing some nice spandex the first time I saw her, but has slipped back to short shorts ever since. She solely lifts the bar for bench also. Miss Jaw day got here with her win in round 1.

Better Body: Even
Better Face: Miss DJtBfSLDL
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss DJtBfSLDL
Better Workout: Miss DJtBfSLDL (by default)
Intangibles: Miss DJtBfSLDL

This one was not as close as the score would have indicated. Miss DJtBfSLDL would get just enough yards every play to get the first down. If she needed five yards, she would get five yards and not an inch more. (like with her lifts).
Final Score: Miss DJtBfSLDL 10 Miss Jaw Day 6

Franji: What are those? Exotic Dancers?

12-17-2002, 05:58 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Franji: What are those? Exotic Dancers?

They are real fire-men that do strip shows for charity....tasteful of course:angel:.....

I wrote about them in my journal a while back..... They be too busy for any of that at the moment with all the bushfires we've had of late though...

I was just being cheeky Ryan :p.

12-17-2002, 02:12 PM
:clap: :clap:
It looks like I will be working out over the break. I found out that it will only be 15 per week to work out at the Fort Wayne campus for Purdue. Also, sports bras are legal there.:hump:

12-17-2002, 09:11 PM
Tuesday December 17
I plan to work out tomorrow. Since I am working out over the break now, I think I’ll start my bulk here. I plan to be at 168 in clothes and shoes for the start of the semester. I then plan to add a pound per week so I will be at 175 by spring break. Once I get there, I’ll decide if I want to cut any of it back or not. It is possible that I will jump back down to 170, but I don’t plan to go any lower than 170. If everything goes nearly perfect, I’ll just stay at 175. I also modified my routine slightly for next semester. I moved triceps to the chest day since the triceps are worked during the chest exercises. I figure this will keep me from possibly over training my triceps. I also moved hamstrings back to leg day. The numbers with slashes between two exercises mean that I will alternate between them from week to week. I figure this could help throw some variety in for my body.

My New Routine Starting Tomorrow:
Chest/Triceps Day
1. DB Bench
2. Lying Triceps Extensions
3. DB Incline Bench
4. Tricep Pushdowns
5. Abs
6. Dips

Leg Day
1. Squats
2. Hammer Strength Calf Press / Standing Calf Raises
3. Leg Press (since they got rid of the hack squat machine)
4. Stiff Leg Deadlifts
5. Leg Extensions

1. DB Press
2. Hammer Curls/Preacher Curls
3. DB Laterals
4. EZ Bar Bicep Curls/ DB Bicep Curls
5. BB Seated Military Press

Back Day
1. Deadlifts
2. BB Row
3. Hammer Strength Shrug Machine
4. Lat Pulldowns
5. Normal Grip Pull Ups / Wide Grip Pull Ups
6. Abs

The Road to the Hot Chick Superbowl:

Tonight’s Match Up:
Miss Doll Face (1 seed in the LHC) vs. Miss Lesbian (6 seed in the LHC)

Miss Doll face was at the gym regularly when I was for the first few weeks of the year. For some reason, she quit coming for about two months. Then, she reappeared around the last few weeks. She is probably in the 5-10 or 5-11 range for height and has some long straight blonde hair. I’d say even though I call her Miss Doll Face, she doesn’t have as good of a face as someone like Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Legged Deadlifts. She faces Miss Lesbian tonight after Miss Lesbian had a blowout win over Miss Volleyball Shorts.

Better Body: Even
Better Face: Miss Doll Face
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss Lesbian
Better Workout: Miss Lesbian
Intangibles: Even

This one is a back and forth game. Miss Doll Face jumps out to a 10-0 lead early in the first quarter. Miss Lesbian goes on to score 13 straight to take a 13-10 lead at half time. Miss Doll Face then jumps back to take a 16-13 lead with 3:20 to go when she gets a TD but misses the extra point. That missed extra point could be costly since the margin is only three instead of four. Sure enough, Miss Lesbian drives down to the 30 yard line with 8 seconds remaining. She will need a 47 yarder to tie the game at 16 and send the game to overtime. The field goal is right down the middle and forces overtime. In sudden death overtime Miss Doll Face wins the coin toss but decides not to take the ball. Miss Lesbian gets the ball and scores on the possession to win the game 23-16 without Miss Doll Face ever getting the ball! So the 6 seed knocks off the 1 seed in the big upset of the playoffs. I guess it must be the sexiness of the bandana even though it makes me assume she is a lesbian!

Final: Miss Lesbian 23 Miss Doll Face 16

12-18-2002, 12:11 AM
Your routine looks pretty solid. The one thing I would recommend would be to which back day and shoulder day. That way you get plenty of rest in between the 2 push days and the biceps aren't sore the from the previous day when you do back. That is of course assuming you have enough rest days before you start the routine over again.

Nice upset on the road to the Hot Chick Superbowl.

12-18-2002, 03:21 PM
Wednesday December18 (Chest/Triceps)

DB Bench (75/14) Okay, I tried the 85s, but they were made of rubber and the sides of the DBs were super big. The sides kept hitting my wrist and kept screwing up my reps. So, I went down to the 75s which were a different style DB. I proceeded to do the 75s for 14 reps which is probably around the right number of reps I should have had to be on par with the 85s for 9 which is my PR.

Lying Tricep Extensions (90/8) I wish they would have the 30 pound ez curl bars like they do at school, but everything was okay. Hey, I got to put the 35s on each end since the bar was lighter!

DB Incline Bench (75/5) Okay, this was from my 2nd set and not my first. My first set got screwed up due to the pins on the incline bench getting in the way of my range of motion. The DBs hit against the pins about 3 or 4 times. So, I moved to an adjustable bench and was only able to get 5 reps on my 2nd set. However, I believe I got 5 reps on my second set last time when I did the 75s for 8.5. That is just how I am. Losing 3 ½ reps from the 1st to the second set is usually normal.

Tricep Pushdowns (160/7) This was obviously a different machine along with a slightly different grip.

Ab Crunch Machine (180/20) I’ll probably jump this up next time, but I did seem to respond well with high reps on this machine over the summer.

Dips (BW+55/14) No dip belt=lighter weights. Even the 55 pound DB was really rubbing against my Achilles tendon. It was pretty painful along with me having to concentrate on keeping the DB between my feet while it was slipping. I also noticed with the mirror that I still usually go past parallel. Going to parallel just seems to me like I am doing ½ dips.

Number of People Performing Bicep Curls Incorrectly: 0 (out of 0) Believe it or not, nobody did BB bicep curls.

Hot Chicks:
Geez, there were 4 women there today while I was there. Three of them will make my hot chick report today. Even the one that didn’t make it looked pretty good. Since they allow tank tops and sports bras, you can bet that my eyes were in for a treat.

1. This one had some light brown hair that was kind of highlighted blonde. She was wearing a spaghetti string skin tight tank top over a sports bra. I could be picky and say that she should have ditched the tank top, but she still looked damn good. She had short black shorts and I bet you could guess which one machine she used and left. I guess some things never change.
2. This one is still pretty hot, but was overshadowed by the first one. I guess I could call it the Jennifer Aniston/Courtney Cox factor. Courtney Cox is really good looking on Friends, but gets overshadowed by Jennifer Aniston. If she would be on any other show, she would probably be more attractive.
3. This one had some short brown straight hair. She spent her entire time stretching and talking. She was wearing a white skin tight tank top. She had some nice cleavage too. Disclaimer: I have said before that I don’t judge one woman over another based on chest size. Chest is not a factor with how I judge attractiveness, but it is nice to look at. I call it a bonus.

The Winner for the day is a tie between Miss Cleavage and Miss Spaghetti String Tank Top. Both of these would have been contenders for the Hot Chick Super Bowl if they would have went to Purdue over the fall semester. Both get 9.5s.:hump:

Gym Mysteries:
1. There were old guys there again. I got to listen to a bunch of 50-somethings do more talking than lifting. They were mostly things along the lines of, “What did you shoot today buddy?”. One guy had to hog up the dip rack by talking and then doing ¼ ROM bodyweight dips. Of course, he had to yell as he finished his last rep. If I didn’t make any noise on my full ROM +135 dip, he can surely keep quiet with what he is doing!
2. Some guy had to be doing DB bicep curls right in front of the rack where the 75s go. I had to wait for his slow-motion set before I could rack my 75s.

Other Stuff:
1. Okay, I can live now. I got my grades today and the lowest I got was a C. That was a big surprise since I figured some of those finals would have killed me. I’m thinking maybe I kept a C in structural analysis due to me having a good attendance record. I still doubt that I really got a C based on scores alone due to me estimating a 35 or 40 on that final. I know my GPA isn’t impressive, but my classes don’t have grade inflation like most majors out there. Classes are curved to C’s usually. It isn’t like some majors where half the class gets A’s and the other half gets B’s. Also, the curve has gotten progressively harder each semester due to people dropping out of engineering to an easier major. Ignorant people can say what they want about GPAs, but they aren’t going to convince me I am not a good student when I stay competitive with the class averages in what was ranked as the 3rd best Undergraduate Civil Engineering program in the nation last year.

The Road to the Hot Chick Super Bowl
Tonight’s Match Up:
Miss Prove Me Wrong (1 seed in the DHC) vs. Miss Tan (3 seed in the DHC)

Miss Prove Me Wrong got her name from one day when I wrote her down in my hot chicks report and I was thinking she probably ruins it all with her personality. To my surprise, she was possibly not only the most generous hot chick, but one of the most considerate women out of any place all semester (which is saying a lot considering attractiveness and politeness has an inverse relationship on campus). She also had a very good looking pair of legs that seemed to have used the power rack and not the abductor machine.

Better Body: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Better Face: Miss Tan
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Better Workout: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Intangibles: Miss Prove Me Wrong

This game is a semi-blowout from the start. Miss Prove Me Wrong jumps out to a 17-0 lead half way through the 2nd quarter. Miss Tan gets a field goal with 2:00 to go in the half to make it 17-3. However, Miss Prove Me Wrong scores a TD as the half ends to go into the locker room up 24-3. She picks off where she left off in the 2nd half after she runs back the opening kickoff for a TD. The score is 31-3 now and she sort of lets up since the game is easily in control. Miss Tan gets two TDs in garbage time to make the score seem more respectable than it really was. Miss Prove Me Wrong gets a better match up next game with Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Legged Deadlifts.

Final Score: Miss Prove Me Wrong 31 Miss Tan 17

Home Yield: Actually, I do get a decent amount of rest between my two push days. The normal chest day is on a Tuesday while my shoulder day is usually on Saturday. I don’t want to move my shoulders to Sunday, b/c that would not give my legs enough time to recover between squats and deadlifts (which would be Saturday if I switched). I can understand your point with biceps, but I figured I wanted to move my triceps to chest day since they are worked on many chest exercises. That way, I don’t end up working my triceps twice per week. I don’t really want to move biceps to chest day b/c my workout would be over 90 minutes long with chest, biceps, and triceps on the same day. I could also move biceps to leg day, but leg day looks to be fairly long as it is right now. Thanks for the input though.

12-19-2002, 07:14 PM
Thursday December19 (Rest Day)
I am not in that great of a mood today. I’m actually pretty angry. The anger came from a domino effect of a couple postings from WBB. Neither of the two posts were directed at me, but were enough to bring anger to my mind from a gross misunderstanding the two posters had on some things. I guess all I will say is to just remember that your own actions DO indirectly affect others and life isn’t always as easy as some nice bullsh*t fairytale! (Especially for the underprivileged which I can’t say I have walked in their shoes, but I’m sure it is not fun) Sorry about saying this, but it makes me feel better getting it off my chest. I will also say that I'm pretty sure both posts had only good intentions.

Other Stuff:
1. Where is Mike Vanderjagt on the Pro Bowl Roster? How many times is he going to get snubbed?
2. It was nice to see Rod Woodson and Mike Alstott make the Pro Bowl once again.
3. I accidentally overwrote my saved game in Final Fantasy 10 with all the characters having the sphere board mastered. I accidentally loaded the spot I had saved at the end of the game instead of the spot I saved at the Monster Arena with all my stuff. I’d say I just lost about 40 hours worth of hard work mastering stuff on there.
4. My shoes better get here soon. The page that I ordered them from still says “processing” for my order after three days. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that they haven’t shipped them yet.
5. My triceps are super sore today. They never usually get sore. So, I would have to say that moving my triceps to chest day has really helped.

The Road to the Hot Chick Super Bowl
Tonight’s Match Up:
Miss I almost Ran You Over (2 seed in the LHC) vs. Miss Lesbian (6 seed in the LHC)

The winner of this match up punches her ticket to be the first participant in the Hot Chick Super Bowl. Can the bandana magic continue for Miss Lesbian or will Miss IARYO live up to her high expectations?

Better Body: Miss IARYO
Better Face: Miss IARYO
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss IARYO
Better Workout: Miss Lesbian
Intangibles: Even

The clock has struck midnight for the Cinderella Miss Lesbian. She is out matched by a more talented opponent in Miss IARYO. Miss IARYO runs back the opening kickoff for a TD and never looks back. Before anyone knows it, she is up 24-0 on what was thought to be a close game. Miss IARYO sort of lets up and this match up turns into being dull and boring like the one the other day. Miss IARYO lets in two late TDs with her 2nd stringers in there to make this one seem closer than it really was.

Final Score Miss IARYO 31 Miss Lesbian 20

12-19-2002, 11:36 PM
Home Yield: Actually, I do get a decent amount of rest between my two push days. The normal chest day is on a Tuesday while my shoulder day is usually on Saturday. I don’t want to move my shoulders to Sunday, b/c that would not give my legs enough time to recover between squats and deadlifts (which would be Saturday if I switched). I can understand your point with biceps, but I figured I wanted to move my triceps to chest day since they are worked on many chest exercises. That way, I don’t end up working my triceps twice per week. I don’t really want to move biceps to chest day b/c my workout would be over 90 minutes long with chest, biceps, and triceps on the same day. I could also move biceps to leg day, but leg day looks to be fairly long as it is right now.I see exactly what you're saying. That all makes good sense and now that you've explained I think that works perfect. That's actually thought out better than mine is.

Will it take you as long to regain what you overwrote in FFX? I've got a couple of saved games and plan on going back to get as much of it as I can. That's an awesome game. Are there any other RPG's that you could recommend?

12-20-2002, 08:57 PM
Thursday December 20 (Leg Day)
Weight = 170 :eek: (Probably due to me going out to eat last night and loading up on the chips and salsa before my meal came) I will admit that I feel I do look better at 170 than 165. I also still feel I look too skinny even at 170. I have said many times that I look lighter than what I weigh. But, I’m not going to allow a 5 pound jump in one week. I plan to go back to school at 168 and add a pound a week until I reach 175. I figure that will help me gain mostly lean body mass on the bulk.

Squats (225/10) Okay, I lowered the depth once again. I “think” I’m competition legal here. I have the safety bars set 9 inches below the part where my pelvis sticks out on the side. (yes I actually measured). Looking at the height I set the safety bars at, I don’t see how I could possibly not be parallel when I bring the bar to down to them. One thing to note also is that I may lower this once more when I get back to school. The un-adjustable squat rack there is about 0.5-1 foot below parallel for me. I might just go down to that to stay consistent with my depth once I go back to school.

Seated Calf Raises (230/6) This is a different machine, so the numbers don’t compare to what I was doing at school. To look on the bright side, I think I was doing 180 for 9 or so last summer on this.

Leg Press (///) I’m going to eliminate leg press from my routine. I decided against doing them after how my legs felt from squats. Plus, my routine is too long as it is for leg day.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts (160 kg/ 6!) (or 352 lb / 6!) The bumper weights they have there by the places to do deadlifts are in metric. So, I loaded up 160kg. For some reason I forgot to multiply the extra 0.2 from 2.2 when I did the conversion in my head. So, I was thinking I was doing 320. While I was doing that set I was thinking, “Why is my grip barely hanging on to 320?” I realized that I forgot to multiply the extra 0.2 on after I finished. This sends one big message though. It shows just how much better I can do on SLDLs when they don’t follow deadlifts like they did on my old routine. My best was 315/7 following deadlifts. So, we’re probably talking about the equivalent of 30 extra pounds when they don’t follow deadlifts. (I estimate I would have probably gotten 345 for 7 reps if that would have been what I would have loaded)

Leg Extensions (180/10) This is a different machine than at school, so I can’t say I had some great improvement on it.

Leg Curls (120/8) This is also a different machine even though the weight is fairly close to what I was doing.

Hot Chicks:
Wow, I think I’ve seen about 4 or 5 in two days that would have beaten out the best ones for the entire semester back at school! This may have been the best day since last summer when I saw about 20 girls from the volleyball team working out in the beloved volleyball shorts.

1. This one had a red shirt with her sleeves rolled up. She had some dark brown straight hair in a ponytail. She had a dress code violation since she was wearing some sweats. We all know what machine she worked out on.

2. This one had a skin tight tank top that could pretty much be considered like a sports bra that covered the abdominal region. It was really tight and fit the contours of her body nicely. She had some black hair kind of crimped or whatever you call it tied back. She did something with the DBs and left before I really could investigate further.

3. This one had some dark brown shoulder length hair with a nice looking face. She was wearing a sports bra with a sweatshirt unzipped all the way over it. She was a little bit on the skinny side, but is still very fine.

4. There was a large gathering of very hot chicks doing some type of dance class or something. About four or five of them would have been on here if I would have been able to see every one of them for more than a few seconds. I didn’t want to stare for what would have been a few minutes to see an entire group of people in the same spot.

The winner for the day goes to Miss Sports Bra. She may have a little lean body mass to gain, but her face is hard to beat. If she could have both, she would be dangerous!

Other Stuff:
1. I’m getting about 9-10 hours sleep per night, but I’m beginning to wonder if my sleep isn’t as good with the mattress I have at home. At school, I usually can’t sleep that long for consecutive days. I always seem to be able to at home.

2. I really wish they would just have a bowl game on every night with all the bowl games they have. All they need to do is stick some of the dot com bowls on days like today so you have a game on every day up until the championship game.

3. It is truly sad when the satellite school for Purdue (where I work out at over breaks) has a power rack and Purdue doesn’t.

The Road to the Hot Chick Super Bowl
Tonight’s Match Up:
Miss Prove Me Wrong (1 seed in the DHC) vs. Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Legged Deadlifts (2 seed in the DHC)

The winner of this match up punches her ticket to join Miss I Almost Ran You Over in the Hot Chick Super Bowl.

Better Body: Even
Better Face: Miss DJtBfSLDL
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Better Workout: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Intangibles: Miss Prove Me Wrong

In my opinion, neither of these two deserves to lose. But hey, someone has to win. This one is very close the entire time. Neither ever leads by more than 4 points along with numerous lead changes. The game winds down to late in the 4th quarter with Miss DJtBfSLDL having the ball down by 3 with 40 seconds left. In a near-miracle, she moves the ball down to field goal range with 1 second remaining. She kicks a 50 yarder as time expires to send this to overtime. Both battle things out in the first overtimes, but a pair of missed field goals keep anyone from scoring in the first overtime. So, they go to the 2nd overtime and Miss DJtBfSLDL has a shot to win with a 58 yard field goal. Obviously, if this is made, the game will be over. The snap is good……..the hold is good………and it is………..BLOCKED! Miss Prove Me Wrong picks up the blocked field goal and runs it back for the winning TD! It is perfectly fitting for a special teams blunder to happen considering they both go to Purdue (which is the king of poor special teams play in football)

Final Score Miss Prove Me Wrong 41 Miss DJtBfSLDL 35

Home Yield: It will take a decent amount of time to get back what I lost in FFX. Luckily, Tidus, Auron, and Wakka have the board mastered with Rikku being about 20 spots away. But, they are missing many power-ups they need to beat the biggest enemy at the Monster Arena. I literally will have to fight thousands of battles there to get back all the power-ups I lost (such as Break Damage Limit, Break HP Limit, Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Haste) The biggest enemy there has 10,000,000 HP (yes, ten million) and does about 250,000 damage per hit. As for other RPGs, I have many favorites that are really old, but for the more recent games I would recommend FF7, FF9, and Chrono Cross. All three of those were for the PS1.

Miss Rezza
12-21-2002, 03:00 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Leg Press (///) I’m going to eliminate leg press from my routine. I decided against doing them after how my legs felt from squats. Plus, my routine is too long as it is for leg day.

But, but, but, but............


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


*loses all respect for ryan*

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

12-22-2002, 12:33 AM
Saturday December 21 (Shoulders/Biceps)
Weight = 169

DB Press (65/8) The 8th rep was very ugly but at least I broke even here.

DB Laterals (30/7!) This is improvement at least with the 30s. I’d say 7 is enough reps to stay at the 30s. I don’t feel safe on many exercises with too low of reps. For some reason my body doesn’t like to respond on lower reps on a lot of exercises.

Hammer Curls (50/7!) This is ½ a rep improvement here also.

Bicep Curls (101/8) This was metric plates mixed with American plates. That is how it came out to be 101. I did one less rep than I did at 100 the last time I did biceps. I guess that 1 pound made all the difference! (lol)

BB Military Press (135/8) I lost a rep here, but I haven’t done this in 2 weeks, so I guess it is not the end of the world if I lose a rep. I don’t like starting at the bottom of the range of motion though on this. The bar starts from chest level on this bench as opposed to starting at the top of the motion back at school. Starting at the bottom of the motion is a pain because it usually takes me a few seconds to position the bar where I want it before I start. Obviously, that is easier at the top of the lift.

Ab Crunch Machine (190/18) I like this machine. I actually felt it in my upper abs and more surprisingly in my lower abs (which I usually don’t feel from anything)

Hot Chicks:
There were no hot chicks today. In fact, there were no chicks period. The students are on break there now. They were in class earlier this week. Therefore, there may not be any chicks there for the break. I would say that most of them don’t take lifting seriously enough to work out over the break. I guess I should prepare for a 3 week sausagefest! The abductor machine will probably get pretty lonely though without any hot chicks to use it.

Other Stuff:
1. It was fun to watch Mike Davis get thrown out at the end of the IU Kentucky game. It brought back memories of Bobby!
2. Purdue played their worst game in nearly a year (and there are plenty of pitiful games to compare it to from last year). This game tonight rivals the games they played last year against Michigan and Penn State on the road.
3. How can the Pacers lose to of all teams…..the Bulls?
4. At least the Dolphins lost today. I believe the Colts can clinch the playoffs if the win tomorrow. That won’t be easy since they are playing the Giants who also need to win to make the playoffs.

The Hot Chick Super Bowl
This one’s for all the marbles!
Miss Prove Me Wrong (1 seed in the DHC) vs. Miss I Almost Ran You Over (2 seed in the LHC)

Better Body: Miss IARYO
Better Face: Miss IARYO
Dress Code: Even
My Prediction for Less Arrogant: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Better Workout: Miss Prove Me Wrong
Intangibles: Miss Prove Me Wrong

Like with the real Super Bowl, people all of a sudden take an interest. The press declares Miss IARYO to be the favorite right after this match up is determined. As a result, millions of bandwagon fans become the fans of whoever is the favorite. The press goes on to proclaim that Miss Prove Me Wrong has absolutely no chance in this one and it would be one of the greatest upsets if she could win (despite her being on a major roll lately) The game starts and Miss Prove Me Wrong dominates for the first three quarters jumping out to a 17-3 lead. Miss IARYO gets down to within a few yards of scoring a TD to cut it to 17-10 with about 10 minutes to go. She fumbles it at the goal line and Miss Prove Me Wrong returns the fumble for what looks like the back-breaking TD. But wait, there is a flag! The holding penalty negates the TD and Miss IARYO scores to make it 17-10. Miss IARYO scores another TD late in the game to tie things up with a little over a minute left. John Madden then says that Miss Prove Me Wrong should take a knee and go to overtime. But, Miss Prove Me Wrong decides to try to win in regulation. She moves down the field to have a chance to kick a game winning field goal. The snap is good……the hold is good……the kick is up….it’s long enough……annnddddddd it isssssssssssss…………GOOOOOODDDD. The press quickly calls this one of the greatest upsets while people like me are just sitting there not surprised one bit. Okay, so I copied this off of the real Super Bowl from last year. But, that sure was a fun one to watch with all these people who never watched football all year and all of a sudden were big Rams fans. I was laughing so hard inside when the Patriots beat them.
Okay, back to the hot chicks. What is the moral of all this? The moral is that personality is the ultimate thing that separates the best from the best. It would be way too hard for me to pick between all of these chicks on looks alone. It would be like me trying to pick out my favorite Metallica song (which seems to change every week) or pick out my favorite scene from Dumb and Dumber. Of course, I’m not trying to use some BS lie saying that attractiveness means absolutely nothing. I’m just saying that I’d take a girl that I’m just barely attracted to with a nice personality over a girl that I’m really attracted to with a bad personality. The biggest feature for personality in my opinion is to not be arrogant. Miss Prove Me Wrong showed that by being very considerate to a total stranger (which would be me). Most attractive ones on campus would not give a stranger the time of day!

Miss Rezza: I take it you like leg press. I’m LMAO at your response though. I just think it might actually do more harm than good volume wise. If squats wouldn’t be the best exercise out there, I would be doing leg press. On a side note, one thing I don’t like about the leg press is that it always seems like fat and out of shape people do well on it. Yet, if you put those people in the power rack for squats, they couldn’t do 200 for a single!

12-22-2002, 10:07 PM
Sunday December 22 (Back)
Weight = 169

Deadlifts (407/Quit after 1) I’ll have to use a different bar next time. The grip on this one is too wide to do sumo deadlifts with. My stance had to be too wide in order for me to fit my hands on the inside of my legs. I did a rep and quit after it because I didn’t like how wide my stance and grip had to be in order to grab the part of the bar with the grip on it. I did see some other bars there that I can hold my hands closer together with. I could have also done conventional deadlifts, but I don’t feel like injuring my back.

BB Row (143/11!) I still think I’m leaning too far forward on these. My lats are definitely the weakest muscle in my body, yet I do more weight on lat pulldowns. That is a reminder that I’m probably doing these wrong and making them harder.

BB Shrugs (315/10) I switched over to barbell for shrugs now. I tried doing them from behind my back, but decided that my body doesn’t get in the way if I do them in front. The grip will probably keep me from doing these to my potential, but I refuse to use straps. I can also note that it is easy to re-grip the bar since I did them in the squat rack (where the rack is about an inch or two below the bottom of the ROM)

Lat Pulldowns (160/15) The sad thing is that I just noticed that I did more during the summer here. But, I bet I’m doing more in about a month once my body gets used to pulldowns again. It also doesn’t help me by doing them after BB row.

Pull Ups (BW+10/7) I think these suffered due to being right after lat pulldowns.

Hot Chicks:
Okay, I feel kind of bad for putting this woman on here, but she is hot as hell! She is probably around 40, but has a better body than about 95% of the women I see in their 20’s. She would be there a lot during the summer and looked flawless in a sports bra! Usually older ones may look nice fully clothed, but have flaws once they show some skin. I really wish all these typical Midwestern Girls that pass the buck about their poor body would take a look at her. However, we all know what machine was part of her workout. I guess there are no age boundaries for that!

Other Stuff:
1. The Colts looked like they did last year today. However, they still are in great shape to make the playoffs due to all the teams that lost. The problem is that they probably killed any chance they had at making the Super Bowl. I can’t see them winning two games on the road (which they will likely have to play with their seeding)
2. I rented the RPG for PS2, “Kingdom Hearts”. I have heard it is fairly decent, but the Disney stuff still kind of scares me away from playing it. I’m kind of unhappy with the lack of Squaresoft RPGs for the PS2. I need more RPGs to hold me over between Final Fantasies!
3. I’ll have to lift once again tomorrow to stay on schedule. The gym won’t be open after tomorrow until the 27th. Then, they are closed on New Years.

Miss Rezza
12-23-2002, 03:25 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I’ll have to lift once again tomorrow to stay on schedule. The gym won’t be open after tomorrow until the 27th. Then, they are closed on New Years.

Bummer the gym has to shut over the Chrissie period! :( Although you're pretty lucky........ my "second home" will be shut from the 24th Dec - 7th Jan!!


12-23-2002, 08:32 PM
Monday December 23 (Chest/Triceps)
Weight = 168

DB Bench (75/15!) Like I said last time, I’m using lighter weights b/c the heavier ones catch on my wrist due to them being different DBs. I sort of like the 15 reps though. It probably is a nice curve to throw my body after a semester of 6-10 reps. I do plan on going back to the 6-10 rep range once 2nd semester starts. That is assuming the DBs have a wide enough grip to not catch on my wrists while doing the exercise.

Lying Tricep Extensions (90/8) For the third straight time, I’m stuck at 8 for 90 pounds.

DB Incline Bench (75/7) This really suffers coming after tricep extensions and DB bench. I may end up moving it back to being after DB bench.

Tricep Pushdowns (160/8!)

Ab Crunch (190/18) I’m using this exercise for both of my weekly ab sessions. So, not upping this by a rep is not that big of a problem since I did this two days ago.

Dips (BW+60/12) This was not a good set, but the bars are narrower than they are at school. I like to use a wide grip on dips which this machine does not allow. I probably should call these tricep dips b/c the width is closer to those than my normal width.

Hot Chicks:
1. This one was an attractive Asian girl with long hair. She was wearing some short black shorts along with a sports bra. She was pretty lean and did a few legitimate exercises. She probably obeyed the dress code the best out of anyone I have seen since last summer. The only way she could follow the dress code any better would be to trade those short black shorts for some volleyball shorts.
2. This one had some long dark brown hair tied back. She had a dress code violation with black windsuit pants. She proceeded to do an intense set of 5 pound tricep kickbacks.
3. This one had some long dark brown hair tied in braids. There was something about her face that I really liked despite not being able to describe it. She too however had a dress code violation with some windsuit pants. We all know what machine was a part of her workout. She also did DB bench and DB incline bench, but defeated the purpose of it by using the 10s.

Other Stuff:
1. Okay, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet need to shut up at the Tangerine Bowl. Yes, a 31-2 lead is probably going to hold up for Texas Tech, but it is ridiculous to say that they ran up the score by making it 34-2 at the end of the half. Don’t these guys remember the 2001 GMAC bowl or the 2000 Outback Bowl?
2. Why does FOX always have to cut out Boston Public from its regularly scheduled time.

Miss Rezza: Ouch, I can’t believe they would close down a place for that long. Are they a small place? Most places around here couldn’t afford to close down for more than a couple of days. Maybe you could find somewhere else to go over that time period if they don’t make you sign a contract for 6 months or whatever.

12-23-2002, 11:35 PM
Glad to see personality won the Hot Chick Super Bowl. It always makes the biggest difference in the end.

Don't feel bad about putting the 40 something chick in there. I'm sure she would love the fact that you were checking her out.

How do you get odd numbers on your exercises (like 407 for deads and 143 for rows)?

12-24-2002, 09:43 AM
Originally posted by HomeYield
How do you get odd numbers on your exercises (like 407 for deads and 143 for rows)?
Metric Plates

12-24-2002, 10:57 PM
Okay, this is probably going to sound weird, but I just realized that the deadlift I did on Sunday was not 407.

Here are the plates I had on the bar (I also wrote them down in my notebook):
2 25kg plates on each side
2 20kg plates on each side
1 5 lb plate on each side

Converting the kg plates to pounds gives me 396.83 pounds. If I add on the 5 lb plates and the collars (I figure it is safe to say they are at least 0.1 pounds), that puts things at 407.

Now, I forgot to add something here. Can you guess what it is?
The Bar!!!!

So........I actually was pulling 452!:eek: A wider stance which I thought hurt my strength actually increased it by 22 pounds!

Screw the 470 goal for May! 500 here I come!

Miss Rezza
12-25-2002, 06:02 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Now, I forgot to add something here. Can you guess what it is?
The Bar!!!!

So........I actually was pulling 452!:eek: A wider stance which I thought hurt my strength actually increased it by 22 pounds!

Screw the 470 goal for May! 500 here I come!

Oh, you gotta luv that!!! :D

500 here Ryan comes!!!

:strong: :strong: :strong:

12-25-2002, 06:29 PM
Calf Shot @ ~167

12-25-2002, 06:32 PM
Quad Shot @ ~167 (Looks bad with my winter complexion)

12-25-2002, 06:36 PM
Upper Body @ 165 from the summer
I have the exact same measurements now as then only I'm stronger. As a result, I plan to be at 175 by March. All you size-lovers will be greatly disappointed.

12-25-2002, 06:40 PM
Very ripped Ryan. There is nothing wrong with that look. Your abs are awesome and you have the model look women love.

Miss Rezza
12-25-2002, 08:40 PM

WOW!! You look great Ryan! :D

Looks like all your hard work and dedication has really paid off!!

Oh yeah, and BB is right when he said that us women really dig that whole "model look"!!........ and you sure do got it!! :nod:

12-26-2002, 08:06 PM
Way to go on 452lbs. man! 500 ain't that far away.

Looking ripped man! Looking better than most of those models I see and hell of a lot stronger.

12-26-2002, 11:05 PM
Thursday December 26 (Rest Day)
Weight = 167

1. I can’t stand getting spam to my normal email address. To make matters worse, some of the emails have broken links to the unsubscribe page.
2. I’m getting sick of my Playstation 2 really fast. It refuses to read many of my DVDs. My Simpsons second season will have to wait b/c the PS2 is refusing to read those DVDs.
3. I lost two pounds over Xmas. That shocked me too b/c my diet consisted mostly of chocolate, starburst, and jelly beans. Xmas now joins Thanksgiving for me losing weight on those days! I didn’t intend to lose anything though.(Runs away, since I probably pissed some of you all off)
4. I hate snow. The foot of snow we got has now been packed down enough on some roads to turn into a sheet of ice.
5. How did Tulane ever beat Hawaii at Hawaii? I mean Tulane lost to Army at home earlier this year! That is my only blemish on my bowl picks so far.
6. I really like the article Dave Tate wrote on elite fitness titled “Sick of Your Gym”. That made me laugh with all the things he brought up about most gyms that are so true!
7. I’m trying to cure an epidemic in my aquarium. I have lost about 10 guppies in the last three days. I believe it is ich. Hopefully the heater I bought will help things along with the medication. The water temp was cooler than the desirable temp for guppies. Plus, they all looked stressed due to the temp (which make them much more likely to die) What is funny though is that I have yet to lose a neon tetra in 6 months. Really though, it doesn’t bother me too much. I started out with 6 guppies, and they multiplied to around 50. I’m probably back down to about 30. I don’t like how dirty guppies are either. I guess all this could be a blessing in disguise since it is sort of like survival of the fittest!
8. I can’t remember if the gym opens tomorrow or on Saturday. I guess I might have to call and check.

Bennett Boy, Muesli Queen, Home Yield: Thank you all for the comments. It was a nice sight considering I was worried about a flood of responses trying to tell me I’m not 165. (because I feel I look lighter than that) Hopefully by the end of this summer, I can have the same definition at 175!

Miss Rezza
12-26-2002, 11:12 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Muesli Queen

Muesli Queen?? Who's mues............



LMAO!! :p

12-27-2002, 02:25 AM
Your abs are out of this world...well done Ryan :thumbup:

.....mmmmmm a guy with a tan at this time of year....well, you know what they say about that...:p


12-27-2002, 11:15 AM
Physique is looking good ryan, and so is your deadlift!! :eek::eek: Awesome strength man. Pulling 452 and weighing 175 correct? Thats friggin' nuts. I am weighing 215 or so and only pulling 3 lbs. more than you! LOL. Good job man, awesome strength.

Keep up the hard work.

12-27-2002, 09:40 PM
Friday December 27 (Rest Day)
1. I caved in and got a DVD player to use instead of my Playstation 2. My PS2 has been having major problems reading some DVDs. I bet there will be a class action suit against them sometime in the future. The same exact thing happened to my Aiwa stereo. They just had a class action suit against them due to the stereos not reading CDs after awhile. I’ll probably have to send that in some time before it expires. I made sure I got something better than the PS2, so I got one that has a 5 DVD changer. It also can read DVD-R’s in case those become useful in the future.
2. The gym was closed today. I think I may be working out the next three days to keep myself on schedule due to the closings on New Years.
3. Geez, Nebraska can’t win whenever I actually root for them. I got my second pick incorrect for bowl season today. I picked Nebraska to beat Ole Miss. People are always like, “Are you betting money on these?” I’m like, “No, but my pride is riding on my picks!” I find that even more important than money. For the record though, I’m 3-0 on football bets in Las Vegas.
4. I’m also thinking that the Big East may possibly be the best conference in college football this year. I always talked about how easy Miami had it in that conference, but it turns out that they have four other top 20 quality teams in my mind in Pitt, Virginia Tech, Boston College, and West Virginia
5. My favorite football game of all time is on tonight at Midnight on ESPN Classic. I’ve got to find a blank tape to record it!
6. My CD Player is scheduled to get here by January 2nd. It will be nice to be able to play CDs in MP3 format so I can fit multiple albums on one disc. Here is a pic of it:

Franji: Thanks, I’m looking forward to your progress pics you said you would post some time in January!

Monstar: Thanks, I was 169 the day I pulled 452. 175 is the weight I plan to be at by March. I’ll either stay at 175 then or cut down to 170 depending on my bodyfat level. I think the extra few pounds of bodyweight helped me get the deadlift along with me thinking it was 407 (b/c I forgot to add the bar weight) I was lifting it and thinking to myself, “Come on Ryan, what is wrong with you? You got 410 for 2 a few weeks back and can barely get 407 for one?” I also can pretty much guarantee that you will be pulling 500 very soon on deads after seeing what you do on rack deads.

12-28-2002, 12:14 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Franji: Thanks, I’m looking forward to your progress pics you said you would post some time in January!

Errrm yeah, about that.... theres a wee bit of a delay on that front.... I didnt take into consideration Xmas & the like and I'm rather shy:angel:.

Don't you worry none....they will come:D

12-28-2002, 11:23 PM
Saturday December 28 2002 (Leg Day)
Inevitable Rant:
I’m so sick of all these people that let their body fall apart between February and Christmas. Of course, they are always the New Year’s Resolution type of people. If you want to have a good body, you need to work out year round. You can’t expect to get things such as a six pack or a v-shaped torso by a ****ty diet and a non-existent workout routine for ten and a half months out of the year. Of course, most of these people are what I call the Shallow Police. They accuse people of shallowness if they care about their own body or a body of the opposite sex. Yet, every year these same people make a resolution to improve their own body. If this is something that is so wrong to care about, why are they making it their NUMBER ONE priority? So, I guess my main point would be for these people to just be consistent. If they want to make New Year’s resolutions for their own body, they better not badmouth people like most of us for doing the same year-round (and actually being successful to say things bluntly)

Squats (245/8!) I had to do this in a squat rack as opposed to the power rack since some resolutioners were doing bicep curls in the power rack. I don’t like the squat rack since it is un-adjustable and the safety bars are too low. I like to have the safety bars to the depth I go to. They are a nice reminder that my depth is consistent (and no, I don’t bounce the bar off the safety pins). I’d say this looks parallel in the mirror I have in front of me.

Seated Calf Raise (230/7!) I don’t like this machine since it is really tough to rack along with having to have a hand on the stopper at all times b/c it will fall out of reach if I don’t hang on to it. Either way, I’m doing roughly 50 pounds more on this machine than I did during the summer.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts (160.4 kg /7!) (or 353 lb/7!) I was surprised to gain another rep here. The first few reps felt super light. It is amazing that only about 2 months ago I would have been jumping up and down to do a normal deadlift with such weight for less reps. In fact, here is a flashback:

Originally posted by ryan1117
Sunday October 13 2002 (Back/Hamstrings)

BB Deadlift (355/4!) This proves my point even more that it was the bar last week and not my grip. My grip was solid with the "good bar".

SL Deadlift (275/9!)

So, as you can see, I was deadlifting roughly the same weight for only 4 reps as I’m stiff legging for 7 now. My SLDL is also somewhere around the equivalent of 70 pounds stronger.

Leg Extensions (180/11!)

Leg Curls (120/9!)

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had some nice lean body mass and some brown short hair. She had short black shorts and probably stood at around 5-10. We all know what machine she went to though.
2. This one was very lean with blonde hair in a ponytail. She had really short and tight gray shorts with a sleeveless white shirt. She looked familiar from somewhere. (maybe she worked out there last summer)
3. This one was probably around 30 with long curly black hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a hat and had a dress code violation with black pants.
4. This one looked like Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Legged Deadlifts. She had blue spandex pants along with dark hair in a ponytail. We all know what machine was part of her routine.

The winner for today is another tough call between Miss Lean Body Mass, Miss I’ve Seen You Before, and Miss Do Just the Bar for Stiff Legged Deadlift’s Sister (no she isn’t really her sister). I’d say I’d give this one to Miss Lean Body Mass. She didn’t have a tan this time of year which is a plus, but she probably wouldn’t give me the time of day since I’m around an inch shorter than her.

Number of People Using Power Rack/Squat Rack for Bicep Curls:3 (out of 3) The only people doing squats were myself and a guy I worked with last summer.

Gym Mysteries:
1. A couple of bitch boys were doing curls and pull ups in the power rack when I needed to do squats. There were two different places besides the power rack that they could have done pull ups there (which nobody was on). If that wasn’t enough, one of them just plops down on the seated calf raise machine like it is a recliner and props his feet up where you load the weights. Of course, he didn’t do any sets.
2. New Year’s must have started early for many cardio queens. The bikes and treadmills were packed today by unattractive 35% bodyfat women that I have never seen in there during the normal part of the year.

Other Stuff:
1. Some guy was doing 405 pound shrugs there. I’m almost sure he juices though, b/c I used to overtrain last summer and he would be there every day and would do longer workouts than myself. He does have a very impressive physique. I’d say he is maybe about 220 at 9%.
2. It seems that teams that complain about their bowl always lose. West Virginia got blown out today by Virginia. Even after the loss, I still agree that West Virginia got screwed over on their bowl due to………(any college football fan would know this one)…..Notre Dame. At least Notre Dame didn’t make a BCS though. I also feel that Notre Dame shouldn’t be able to take other conference’s bowls away. If they want to be an independent (and not have to share bowl money), they should only be able to go to a bowl of a conference team if no other teams are eligible. For example, West Virginia was the corresponding Big East team for the Gator Bowl, but Notre Dame got to take their spot away.
3. IU lost to a 1-6 Temple team today. Hopefully the rednecks break a leg jumping off the IU bandwagon! I agree that Temple is much better than their record indicates, but I really didn’t think Temple had a chance.
4. What the hell is wrong with Oakland’s field? It is kind of fun though watching them play football on a swamp! Anyway, they got the Colts in the playoffs.
5. Wisconsin beat Colorado tonight. That is a good start for the Big Ten considering a 2-6 team in the Big Ten (which included a loss to IU) beat a team that went to the Big XII Championship.

The Michigan Watch:
The last time I updated this, Michigan was 0-6. They have won 5 straight since then and are now 5-6! I guess they may beat out Penn State and get next-to-last place in the Big Ten (although Penn State is also on a win streak after starting 0-6) However, I’m still trying to find the three other teams the press said they were going to finish ahead of in the Big Ten!

12-29-2002, 12:09 AM
I totally agree about Notre Dame. I have never liked them anyway though LOL. :p

I was pretty shocked about Wisconsin beating Colorado.

Your gym must have alot of women passing through. I seem to see the same few all the time in my gym. :mad:

12-29-2002, 12:30 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Saturday December 28 2002 (Leg Day)
Inevitable Rant:
I’m so sick of all these people that let their body fall apart between February and Christmas. Of course, they are always the New Year’s Resolution type of people. If you want to have a good body, you need to work out year round. You can’t expect to get things such as a six pack or a v-shaped torso by a ****ty diet and a non-existent workout routine for ten and a half months out of the year. Of course, most of these people are what I call the Shallow Police. They accuse people of shallowness if they care about their own body or a body of the opposite sex. Yet, every year these same people make a resolution to improve their own body. If this is something that is so wrong to care about, why are they making it their NUMBER ONE priority? So, I guess my main point would be for these people to just be consistent. If they want to make New Year’s resolutions for their own body, they better not badmouth people like most of us for doing the same year-round (and actually being successful to say things bluntly)

Agree completely with this rant. I try to ignore these types of people at the gym, because inevitably they all show up in January and end up petering out by February. Oh well, it will make for a change of scenery I guess.

12-29-2002, 08:01 PM
Sunday December 29 2002 (Shoulders/Biceps)
Weight = 171:eek: Oh no! I'm such a fu*king fatass! I better go do a bunch of cardio and lash out at people in my journal.:) In all seriousness though, I still look too skinny in the mirror even at 171. However, I'm not going to allow me to bulk that quickly. I want to be up to 175 by March. Right now, I'm on pace to be there by mid January. Obviously, bulking 10 pounds in one month would probably be mostly a fat gain.

DB Press (65/8) These were ugly. I had an easier time with the 8th rep last week.

Hammer Curls (50/7.5!) I improved a half a rep

DB Laterals (30/7) No improvement here this week

Bicep Curls (101/8) This was an ugly set. The 8th rep was ugly just like with the DB presses.

Nautilus Ab Crunch (190/19!) I added a rep here.

BB Seated Military (135/7) Ouch! One rep can be likely accounted to me having to start at the bottom of the lift as opposed to the top, but I had 8 here last week.

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had some dark hair in a ponytail. That and her face were about the only good thing. She was likely anorexic due to her having nonexistent delts and traps. I can’t stand “corpse shoulders” If she could add some lean body mass, she would be very attractive.
2. This one had some light brown hair in a ponytail. She had a dress code violation with some windsuit pants. I would say that she had one of the best faces I have seen in awhile. She was doing a set of shoulder flies, but ruined things by going to the abductor machine. She sort of made up for it though by doing some lat pulldowns.
3. This one had some nice cleavage in a skin-tight sleeveless gray shirt. She had some dark brown hair in a ponytail. She was a cardio queen though which is worse than an abductor machine warmer. She also had a dress code violation though with some navy windsuit pants.

The winner of the day comes down to a close one between Miss Doll Face II and Miss Cleavage. This is a really close one. Miss Cleavage seemed to have better lean body mass, but Miss Doll Face II has the better face. I’m going to call this one a draw!

Number of People Using Power Rack/Squat Rack for Bicep Curls:1 (out of 1)

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some guy was wearing sunglasses to lift in. My only guess would be if he has some eye condition that requires shade.
2. Some guy that actually looked like he had a decent amount of muscle but with high bodyfat was doing bicep curls in the squat rack.

Other Stuff:
1. I saw Home Yield there today (okay not really). Some guy there looked exactly like him.
2. My Achilles tendon is itching like crazy from last week when a DB on dips grinded against the skin there.
3. I get to do deadlifts tomorrow! I’m excited.

BennettBoy: I’d say most of us Purdue fans hate Notre Dame more than IU in football. I’d say it is because Notre Dame is full of bandwagon fans and IU football fans are…..well…very loyal (due to how bad of a team they have).

Fuzz: I guess the reason all this gets to me is because most of these people get in my way and disrupt my workout.

12-30-2002, 08:30 PM
Monday December 30 2002 (Back)
Deadlifts (425/2) I wanted to get three here, but I guess I shouldn’t be too greedy since I couldn’t even max this three weeks ago!

BB Row (155/8) This set felt good.

BB Shrugs (325/6) My grip was having a terrible time hanging on to this. The 6 reps were due to my grip and not my strength. I did find out that it is easier to grip though with a narrower grip. I think I’ll use the narrower grip next time. I was gripping this like I would do for conventional deadlifts at first.

Lat Pulldowns (170/10) I’m happy with the 10 reps since lat pulldowns usually have a bigger drop in reps when I up the weight.

Pull Ups (BW+10/7) This was the same as last week, but I’m heavier.

Hot Chicks:
1. I entered to see a tandem of outstanding looking ones. They both had dark hair tied back. One had an extremely nice body, a great face, and those short shorts with text printed on the butt. She also had a skin-tight blue tank top with a spaghetti string top. The other one was very similar, but was wearing a track-style tank top.
2. This one had a black sports bra with a dress code violation in her gray pants. She had black hair in a ponytail, but was tan at this time of year.
3. There was another tandem of girls that looked very similar. Both were wearing sports bras and had blonde hair in a ponytail. Neither were tan, so that is good, but one went straight to the abductor machine after their marathon ab workout.

The winner today has to go to Miss Spaghetti String Tank Top. I’d say she is the best I have seen since I saw that one girl doing cleans, squats, and tricep extensions last summer.

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some guy was doing bicep curls in the squat rack.

Other Stuff:
1. Some guy asked me to spot him. I noticed I usually only get asked to spot someone when I’m doing deadlifts.
2. Minnesota shocked me today with their convincing win over Arkansas. Before the game, I said Minnesota was the worst team out of the Big Ten in a bowl (which I still think they are) and that they would probably embarrass the Big Ten. Sure enough, Arkansas marches right down the field for a quick TD and myself and my dad (who was also watching the game) were really complaining how bad Minnesota was going to embarrass the Big Ten. Well, Minnesota played like they heard us for the remainder of the game and won 29-14. That means that the two worst bowl teams from the Big Ten (in most people’s opinion) have beaten a Big XII championship participant and an SEC championship participant. Now, the pressure all falls on Purdue to keep the Big Ten undefeated.
3. Wake Forest blew out Oregon today. I really was rooting for Wake Forest, because Purdue fans such as myself have heard endless trash talk all year due to Purdue getting beat by Wake Forest.
4. I saw some link for a “sample workout” on the front page from AOL. I figured I’d take a look at it for curiosity. To their credit, they did mention that diet is the most important thing for abs, but they really had some questionable workouts for arms and legs. For arms, they told you to do 8 different bicep and tricep exercises 3 times per week. They also told you to do about 8 different leg exercises (which didn’t include squats or leg press) three times a week. I got a good laugh when they showed some guy doing stiff legged deadlifts with 5 pound DBs. Due to each individual area they had for workouts, you would be doing about 25 sets per week for each group of chest, abs, arms, and legs. I don’t think I would be going out on a limb to say that is major overtraining.

12-30-2002, 10:08 PM
1. I saw Home Yield there today (okay not really). Some guy there looked exactly like him.I'm all over the place man, didn't ya know.

Nice job on the deadlifts.

I did find out that it is easier to grip though with a narrower grip. I think I’ll use the narrower grip next time. I was gripping this like I would do for conventional deadlifts at first.Where do you normally grip on the bar? I like to be just outside of shoulder width. I think its normally just inside the rings on the bar.

Miss Rezza
12-30-2002, 11:37 PM

May 2003 bring you a plenitude of hot chickies! :thumbup:

12-31-2002, 08:11 PM
Hey man!! Happy New Year to ya. May 2003 bring you and me both a plenitude of hot chicks.

When does school start back?

12-31-2002, 10:12 PM
Tuesday December 31 2002 (Rest Day)
Random Info:

1. I went to the eye doctor today and got to get my pupils dilated. I hate when that happens, because I can’t see anything up close for a few hours. My eyes barely got worse though, so that is good.

2. I got a dreaded questionnaire to fill out for jury duty. That totally sucks especially since I would have to drive 2 ½ hours home from school if I can’t get out of it. (I figure the trial would end up being after I go back) I want to fill the thing out and answer “no” to the questions that ask “do you think you could be a fair juror?” That way, I could look like a racist and make them not want me. But, I heard that doesn’t always work and they usually take you anyway. My dad knows a judge and asked him about it, and it sounds like I will still have to do it, but will likely not have to do it during the school year since I am not at my Fort Wayne address.

3. I’m in a very good mood after watching the Sun Bowl. It looked like the same old story for Purdue in the first quarter. They had a fumbled punt snap at the 6 yard line which led to a touchdown and a fumbled snap a few plays later that was returned for a TD. They fell down to a 17-0 hole and finally looked like they were making things happen when they got a first and goal from the 1 yard line. Thanks to a bonehead personal foul penalty, they get backed up 15 yards and ended up missing a field goal. So, at this point I am so angry, b/c this team has made the same critical mistakes by gift-wrapping points to the other team all year. They also had negative 8 total yards at the end of the first quarter thanks to very questionable play calling early. But then, things started to change drastically. Purdue runs of 34 straight points and pretty much dominates both sides of the ball against Washington for the remainder of the game. Washington got a lot of yards and a touchdown in garbage time against the prevent defense at the end of the game. The funny thing was the 34-24 score was the exact same as the Rose Bowl two years back only the other way around.

4. My bowl pick ranking has gone up drastically today. I am 5 for 5 so far on my picks for the day and went from an extremely embarrassing 31st percentile to a percentile in the high 80’s.

5. The Big Ten is 3-0 in bowls so far!
Like Barry Alvarez said, lets run the table!
Trev Alberts is now 0-3 with the Big Ten! He picked the Big Ten to go 0-7 in bowl games!

6. I hope you all have a great New Year! Hopefully a year from now, we all will be looking back at our lifts and be talking about how much "weaker" we were in 2002!

Miss Rezza: Thanks, it sounds like you had a great New Year from what you wrote in your journal. I also tried to find some Muesli at the grocery, but they didn’t have it! It must just be an Australian thing.

HomeYield: Thanks, school starts on the 13th for me. I would always grip the bar further than shoulder width on shurgs, but I might grip it more narrow from now on. I noticed my grip is stronger the narrower it is on shurgs.

12-31-2002, 11:43 PM
Whoops, I got caught up in all the joy of the Big Ten that I forgot to give another shout out for the remaining bowl games.

Go North Carolina State!


01-01-2003, 10:27 PM
Wednesday January 1 2003 (Rest Day)
Random Info:
1. It was another slow day where I got a great glute workout by sitting on my ass all day watching the bowl games. It would have been a perfect day if Penn State could have held on. It still turned out to be a good day though. The Big Ten is 4-1 now, but will have two very tough games when Iowa plays USC and when Ohio State plays Miami. I had fun watching NC State destroy Notre Dame. After that game, I had a tough decision to make. I had to decide whether I would watch the Brian Boitano New Year’s figure skating extravaganza or the Rose Bowl. After one of the toughest decisions of my life, I decided I would watch the Rose Bowl.
2. My CD player is supposed to arrive tomorrow thanks to the usual things such as weekends not counting as business days and the holidays. I probably could starting doing something productive and start burning my CDs into MP3 format (so I can fit more albums on 1 CD so I don’t have to keep switching while driving)
3. It is back to the gym tomorrow. Since I don’t have any limits to my schedule before I go back, I’ll end up fitting two weeks into this last week and a half. I’m still crossing my fingers that the new DBs at Purdue (which I haven’t used yet) are not the same ones as the high weights where I am over break (that catch on the wrists and limit my chest workout).
4. I've moved up to 203rd place on the all time WBB posters list! :bow:

New Year’s Resolution Moment of the Day:
I figure I will add a category for this to help me keep my sanity.

Today’s Nominee:
Abductor Machine (mis)Information
I guess all the cottage cheese legged New Year’s Resolutioners will have a false hope of spot-reducing their outer thighs after reading this.

01-02-2003, 06:25 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I guess all the cottage cheese legged New Year’s Resolutioners will have a false hope of spot-reducing their outer thighs after reading this.


I for one am not looking forward to the influx of newbies this month at my gym....still, gotta look on the bright side and realise that it will only be an inconvience for about 6 weeks or so:p.

01-03-2003, 02:19 PM
Don't read this if you don't want to possibly be grossed out.

Okay, I wasn't feeling too well on Thursday but I decided I would go to the gym anyway. I figured since it was chest day, everything would be okay. I figured if I wouldn't be like doing squats or deadlifts, I would be able to make it through my workout. I finished my DB bench and started feeling extremely lightheaded and dizzy. I decided to call it a day due to how I was feeling. Well, the ride home felt like it took an hour even though it is about ten minutes. I had to pull over in a parking lot and stick my head out the door b/c I had nothing to "aim" it in. So, what I always had dreaded was happening. I can't stand being in a car, let alone drive it when I'm sick. I gathered enough energy from there to make it home and was probably the sickest I have been in ten years once I got in bed. It was terrible, I went without food for about 36 hours mainly because my stomach couldn't even handle water. So, I pretty much kept making myself sick by trying to keep myself from being dehydrated. At least I'm feeling better enough that I can sit up now.

Weight Before I Got Sick: 169
Weight After I got Sick: 163:eek:
So, those six pounds really bother me. I realize that four were probably due to dehydration, but I never like to lose that much weight in one day.

I don't know if I'm going to lift tomorrow. I figured I would have been better today since I usually go through a flu in about 8 hours. This one is at around 36 hours right now and I'm still only about 75%. My immune system is usually extremely powerful. (I once went a period of 3 years without getting sick) I figure this has to be a super nasty strain in order for me to be sick this long.

Other than that, GO OHIO STATE tonight! The Big Ten is riding on being the best conference in bowls if they win. Plus, I can't stand hearing, "The Big Ten has not had a national champion since 97" Even with that, we all know Michigan had to share it with Nebraska that year due to the coaches giving a gift to Tom Osbourne since he was retiring. Michigan was ranked 1st in the coaches poll before their bowl, yet lost it despite winning their bowl and being undefeated.

Franji: The bad thing about being on a college campus is that once the Resolutioners die out, the spring breakers take over. Even after spring break, people seem to get ready for the summer. So, it never really reaches a level of the fall. But, if those people avoid the mornings, I'll be okay.

01-03-2003, 06:07 PM
Sorry to hear you're sick. I'm sure you're just very dehydrated. It's amazing how quickly you can lose water if you're puking up a storm. Hope that killer immune system kicks in. Cytotoxic T-Cells rule.

With that said....Big 12 All the way...but since we're talking about Miami vs. Ohio State...I'll pick the Big 10 over the Big East just for sh*ts and giggles.

Again, hope you feel better.

Miss Rezza
01-03-2003, 06:15 PM
Awww ya poor luv!! :(

All that puking and no alcohol involved??? I just can't seem to comprehend!! :confused:

Anyway, glad to hear you're on the "road to recovery"! :D

Oh yeah, and make sure you're 100% before you hit the gym again mister!!

01-03-2003, 09:17 PM
All that puking and no alcohol involved??? I just can't seem to comprehend!! LMAO, ditto that.

Hope you get to feeling better soon. I know its tough. I get that way at least once every year. Hopefully it was just something you ate and it won't take long to recover.

I'm dreading the new year's newbies too. I go at the worst possible time. I hit the gym pretty much when everybody is getting off work so it's slam packed to begin with and now plus its going to have the NY'sN too. I ain't looking forward to it at all. Hopefully it won't be too bad. I wouldn't feel so bad about them if they came in and stuck with it. Its just coming in taking up space and then quitting. That's the toughest thing about it all, is the quitters.

01-04-2003, 10:20 PM
I'm still not feeling great. Right now, things are at three days through this. I've probably had maybe 2000 calories combined for the last three days due to my stomach not wanting to hold anything. I really fear the weight I likely lost from all this and how that might set me back liftingwise (due to LBM loss). Even if I do feel better tomorrow, there is no way I'll go lifting. I hurt myself by jumping the gun last night when I ate some cereal. The cereal made me sick and pretty much kept me from getting any better today than yesterday. My shoulder joints are all sore also from lying on them the last three days. Oh well, hopefully this nightmare will be over by tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you for your "get well" posts. That really helps cheer me up from what has been three days of hell.

01-04-2003, 10:28 PM
Awww hon, sounds dreadful:eek:. Best to avoid milk products when you are sick... stick to lots of nice hot soup & bread....and any protein you can muster... but above all, keep those fluids up.... you will feel better pronto!!

I'll speak to da man above for ya:angel:

01-08-2003, 04:12 PM
This was yesterday's workout. I couldn't post it due to the forums being down. Today's workout will be coming tonight:

Tuesday January 7 2002 (Chest/Triceps)
This is not good at all. I knew I probably lost a large amount of weight due to not being able to eat food for three days, but this is bad:
Weight = 162
This weight is also after two days of eating normally. So, any temporary dehydration from the sickness was long gone by the time I weighed in at 162. The two days also were plenty of time for the weight to boomerang after the three days without food. I would not be surprised if the weight was something like 157 right before my stomach was able to digest food again. That means that I lost somewhere between 9 and 14 pounds in the three days. My abs are also the same definition at 162 as they were when I was at 171 before I got sick. In other words, I just lost one hell of a lot of lean body mass.

If my weight and definition are not enough to prove this, here is my workout:
DB Bench (75/11) (down 4 reps)
Tricep Extensions (85/8) (only down 5 pounds; one of the lesser damaged)
DB Incline Bench (70/7) (down 10 pounds on the different incline I’m using during break)
Tricep Pushdowns (160/5) (down 3 reps)
Ab Crunch Machine (200/6) (This is a different weight than before, but I likely would have gotten around 12 or so here at 200)
Dips (BW+60/10) (At first, losing 2 reps with the narrower grip doesn’t sound so bad. But, then you have to take into account my lighter bodyweight. So, that makes this as bad as bench)

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had brown hair tied back. She had a dress code violation with gray sweats. She did a typical Resolutioner type of workout of abs and the abductor machine.
2. This 30-something was there last summer regularly. She has some dark short hair and a very nice lean body with a decent amount of lean body mass.

The winner of the day goes to Miss 30-something. She may be 12 or 13 years older than me, but she is a rare one considering most let their bodies go to hell after 18. Remember, in one of my classes only 1/3 of the class admitted to working out. (which means it is likely even lower than 1/3 since some people surely lie to give a politically correct answer)

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some girl was talking on a cell phone. I know that is a WBB favorite!
2. A guy was doing bicep curls in the squat rack.

Other Stuff:
Here this is thanks to the reality (yes this show is realistic) of Joe Millionaire, ignorance on strength, and other pet peeves of mine. If you don't like it, don't read it.
1. I have a great new idea for powerlifting meets! Instead of having to load all these heavy weights and have properly trained judges, they should have every competitor come up and get all their measurements taken. The winner would be the person with the highest measurements. I mean that is a genius idea since we all know that you can’t be strong if you aren’t big. I mean, some weak ass with 22.5 inch thighs, 15.5 inch calves, a 38 inch chest, a 15.5 inch neck, and 13.5 inch arms can’t be strong at all. I bet he only benches 150, squats 225, and deadlifts 250 with those kind of measurements. Plus, we all know measurements are solely based on muscle. Since the volume fat takes up is negligible, you can be assured that all the inches are due to muscle.
2. Hey I’m on a roll with my brilliant thoughts. I guess I’ll add some more
3. Women don’t care how much money a man makes. I mean, you see blue-collar workers making minimum wage marrying models all the time.
4. That fat guy in the Porsche that is rude to everyone and thinks he is a god will never be able to find someone to marry him because he is too wealthy.
5. The shorter you are as a guy, the more attractive you are. Some guy that is 6-5 will probably end up never having an opportunity to find love. Guys that are under 5-5 get all the girls!
6. A 23 year old woman dating a 22 year old man is plain sick. Why can’t they be more traditional and date a man older than them. A good match would be an 18 year old dating a 52 year old lawyer. I mean geez, what was that 23 year old thinking?
7. All guys except me really dig women above 6 feet.
8. Marijuana is a very dangerous drug and deserves every cent of government money to destroy the lives of recreational users that happen to get caught.
9. It doesn’t matter if you are natural or not just like it doesn’t matter if you do squats to full depth.
10. Everyone practices what they preach with the saying beauty is on the inside. That is why the gym is dead around New Year’s. All the people are working on their resolutions to make them a better person on the inside.
11. Nobody is shoveling all this money into infomercials for weight loss since they believe physical appearance is not important. That is why you never see infomercials on a Sunday Morning. Since there is no audience, they can’t afford to advertise.
12. It is perfectly right for people to get longer jail terms for marijuana possession sometimes than lesser crimes such as rape or murder.
13. AIDS is an epidemic and it should get more money for research than rare diseases such as heart disease and cancer.
14. Flying in a plane is much more dangerous than driving a car. People should continue to be scared to fly. It is well worth the damage to the economy in order to take safer modes of transportation such as cars.
15. It is not the thought that counts; it is how much money you spend.
16. Carbohydrates are evil. The government should ban them immediately due to them making 2/3rds of the US overweight by the BMI.
17. The BMI is the best way to test bodyfat. Underwater testing is now obsolete. I did have too much bodyfat before I got sick according to the BMI. Now, I’m in much better shape after I got sick and am no longer in the “bad” category.
18. Squats hurt your back and knees.
19. Deadlifts are too dangerous. Isolation exercises for the back are much more effective.
20. Music artists rip off all the poor big record labels.
21. DVDs are much more expensive than VHS tapes to manufacture. That is why prices jumped from 10 dollars to 20 dollars once stuff went on DVD.
22. The Yankees are just a well run team. Their success has nothing to do with their high payroll.
23. Notre Dame gets no help in recruiting due to having every home game on national TV by NBC. I mean, what kind of recruit would want to be on national TV every week?
24. Notre Dame has strict academic standards with its football players. That is why they had a team average in the 900s for the SAT a few years back. It is just a coincidence that the rest of the school averages around 1400.
25. College book stores aren’t the reason why books are so high priced. It is all because of the students selling used books. We all know the students make all the profit when the book stores give a student 10 dollars for a used book and turn around and sell it for 70.
26. Dr Laura is the most logical radio personality ever.
27. An elementary education major with a 2.95 GPA is smarter than an engineering major with a 2.90 GPA.
28. Lifting heavy makes you big and bulky. It has nothing to do with your diet.
29. The World is really flat and not round.
30. You could go a week without water when standing outside without any shade in a heat index over 100 degrees. I mean, there is no difference is how fast you get dehydrated in such conditions as compared to a 68 degree air-conditioned house.
31. Words speak louder than actions.
32. Phil Jackson is the greatest coach ever in the NBA. All his NBA titles have nothing to do with Jordan, Shaq, or Kobe.
33. Jeremy Shockey and Terril Owens weren’t the reason for any of the fights at the end of the game Sunday.
34. Larry Johnson’s 4-point-play at the end of Game 3 of the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals was a good call.
35. The NFL salary caps are a joke. Now bandwagon fans have to keep changing favorite teams every year.
36. Higher reps tone and lower reps bulk.
37. Production costs are too high to show every Purdue and IU basketball game. Instead, only blockbuster games such as IUPUI vs. IPFW or Ball State vs. Akron are on TV locally.
38. Digger Phelps is the best basketball mind on ESPN.
39. Trev Alberts is just as smart as Digger Phelps only in football.
40. Pete Rose doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame
41. France played like the World’s top team in the 2002 World Cup.
42. Mexico was nothing but graceful losers in their game against the US in the World Cup.
43. The SEC follows all NCAA recruiting regulations in football.
44. New Yorkers have a vast knowledge of everything outside New York.
45. There are no old people in Florida.
46. The Butterfly Ballot was not misleading.
47. Your IQ is determined by how nerdy you look and act.
48. You are unintelligent if you can think of more than just the obvious way to see or do things.
49. You have always walked a mile in someone else’s shoes.
50. Minimum Wage is plenty of money for a family to bring up children in a nice environment.
51. Money is not a reason why many great minds never go to college.
52. Universities care more about their students than alumni.
53. Education is the number one priority over money from a University.
54. The ideal body for a 5-9 male comes at a weight of 154 pounds.
55. Car alarms are there to annoy people and not protect the sound system.
56. The law punishes people who break into cars to a greater extent since the victims are usually under 30.
57. The “Disc Read Error” problem with the Playstation 2 is a very rare defect.
58. The Cubs will win the World Series next year.
59. Ryne Sanberg doesn’t belong in the hall of fame.
60. Most IU basketball fans actually graduated from IU.
61. Even more Notre Dame Football fans graduated from Notre Dame.
62. Bear Bryant was a classy football coach.
63. Michael Jordan was better in basketball than Wayne Gretzky was in hockey the year he scored 92 goals, had 120 assists, and 212 points.
64. The law of supply and demand doesn’t work for anything.
65. Digital Zoom on a digital camera is as good as optical zoom.
66. 100 watts on a stereo will sound twice as loud as 50 watts.
67. Four speakers will sound twice as loud as two speakers with the same power per speaker.
68. 120 degree temperatures in the desert aren’t really hot since it is a “dry heat”.
69. Ticketmaster doesn’t rip people off with the service charges. It really takes 50 dollars more of service to order 11 tickets as opposed to 1 from an order.
70. Movies such as Waterboy and Scary Movie painted a positive image of people who are patriotic.
71. World Trade Center Victims deserve all kinds of money, but victims of other similar but less popular events don’t deserve a dime.
72. Biceps are much more important in real world applications than muscles such as the lower back, quads, hamstrings, traps, lats, calves, glutes, and delts.
73. Big quads and hamstrings don’t really shape your thighs. That is solely in the abductor muscles.
74. You should buy two copies of Windows XP if you own two computers.
75. Everyone who pirated the 500 dollar copy of Office XP would have paid the 500 if they couldn’t pirate it. So, the xxxxxxxx dollars lost per year due to piracy stats are accurate estimates.
76. Pirating Microsoft Software doesn’t help their monopoly.
77. Microsoft gives Purdue students their software for 5 dollars out of the goodness of their heart and not to try to aid their monopoly.
78. MP3s hurt CD sales. That was why there was a drastic change in sales the year Napster came.
79. MTV plays good music.
80. TRL is the greatest show.
81. It is totally wrong for bodybuilders to use dangerous drugs such as creatine and whey protein, but it is perfectly fine for everyone else to use safer drugs such as ephedra or get plastic surgery.
82. The distribution of wealth makes a perfect bell curve.
83. You should never look for the cause of a problem that someone is angry over. Since you have walked a mile in his or her shoes, you know exactly what is going through his or her mind.

Song of the Day:
I like this idea that has been in HomeYield’s and Franji’s journals lately. I figure I’ll copy off it. Except, mine will mostly be either by GNR, Metallica, or Green Day.

Bleeding Me (Metallica, Track 7 off of Load)
Okay, before some of you Metallica people start assuming that I haven’t listened to the better, older Metallica albums, stop reading between the lines. Load is my next-to-last favorite Metallica album, but it is still a very good album. It may not be up to the standards of the first five albums, but it still has some very good tracks on it. Bleeding Me was a song that never really got my attention until about a year ago. It was one of those songs that just kept growing on me until it was one of my favorites on the album. This track growing on me kind of reminds of how the entire album “…And Justice for All” did the same thing. I name things such as this in all aspects of life now, “The …And Justice for All Factor”. It is a long track over 8 minutes which is always good for me. It starts out slowly and kind of gains momentum throughout the track until it is moderately heavy around the end with a decent solo.

New Year’s Resolution Moment of the Day:
Today’s Nominee:
The Hollywood Diet
This promises to lose you something like 10 pounds in 2 days. They also claim that 90% of the weight that was lost was fat. I wonder who doctored the results.


Franji: Thanks, I'm better now. Well....at least everything other than my lifts.

01-08-2003, 08:58 PM
I know its tough to get back to working out after being sick. The loss of strength and mass can be kind of disturbing but with muscle memory its comes back alot quicker than if you hadn't already been there. Give it a week or 2 and you'll be up to and if not beyond where you were before.

LMAO at all your Other Stuff. That's freaking hilarious man. Yep, I read every bit of that and agree with it all.

I don't care what people say Load is one of my favorite Metallica albums. Master of Puppets is my favorite but Load is still top notch. My favorite song off that album is "The Outlaw Torn." Great song. "The Thorn Within" is another one.

01-08-2003, 10:33 PM
Wednesday January 8 2003 (Leg Day)
Weight=163 This is up one pound from yesterday. I’m not going to gain things back to fast though. I figure I’ll go back to school at about 165 and make my ascent of a pound per week until I reach 175. I’m pretty excited. I really liked how I was looking at 171. I gained about 6 pounds in 3 weeks, but my abs were only slightly less defined. Honestly, I’m wondering if 175 will be too little to bulk to. Oh well, I’ll guess I’ll cross that bridge when I reach 175.

Squats (245/7) Woohoo! I only lost one rep here!

Seated Calf Raise (230/6) I probably could have got the 7 I did before, but the machine seemed to be tilting to my right which made a strange stress on one of the tendons around my right knee. I stopped things there since it is not worth risking an injury.

Stiff Legged Deadlifts (331/8) This is 21 less pounds than last week, but I did add a rep. So, overall I’m probably about 10 pounds less on this after I got sick. Also, I’m doing my SLDL’s from the floor and not on a platform (I still feel it in my hamstrings though)

Leg Extensions (180/9) Two Reps Less

Leg Curls (120/7) Two Reps Less

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had some red short shorts along with a white cotton tank top. She had some light brown hair in a ponytail. She did have some decent lean body mass also. She ruined everything by going to the abductor machine.

The winner goes to Miss Red Shorts by default.

Gym Mysteries:
Other Stuff:
1. It was a nice day there today. There weren’t any losers that I usually see in January. There were a few older people there, but they had good etiquette and stayed out of everyone else’s way.
2. It was pretty light crowdwise too. There were about 5 or 6 people in there at 11:30am. Then, the basketball team came in. Even though it made things crowded, it is kind of cool to have a bunch of division 1 basketball players there. I’ve seen a few of their games this year and they actually do have a few really good players. The only problem is that they are only in their 2nd year in division 1 and only have had the luxury of better recruiting the last two years. I guess that is why their freshmen and sophomores seem to be the better players on the team. Of course, I’m a die hard Purdue fan first, but I’ll root for the only hometown team from Fort Wayne also!
3. I finally beat that damn lightning dodging game in Final Fantasy X. You have to dodge 200 consecutive lightning strikes in order to get a fraction of a puzzle for a single character’s best weapon. That game has way too many difficult side quest stuff. I’m still trying to get total perfection in that game. Doing so literally takes somewhere around 400 hours of game play. Of course all those hours have been over the course of the last year. Now I just have to win the butterfly catching game and have the stupid blitzball tournament offer the right prize (since I have won something like 70 straight games)

Song of the Day:

I’m Broken---Pantera (Track 4 off of Far Beyond Driven)
I really love the guitar part toward the end that is played maybe 3 or 4 times throughout the track.

New Year’s Resolution Moment of the Day:

Today’s Nominee:
Peel Away the Pounds

All you have to do is put on a patch and you will “Peel Away the Pounds”. What is even worse is that the spokeswoman for this has one of the worst cases of corpse shoulders I have ever seen. She has absolutely no delt definition despite having very little fat. It is one of my detectors for a likely anorexic.

HomeYield: I don't understand either why so many people hated Load. I don't really see much of a difference in the style of it as compared to the albums before it. Yet, most people act like it was an alternative album instead of metal. I mean, it is still a better album in my opinion over most other albums in the same genre. I honestly think if they put the best half of Load and Reload as one album (since they were mostly done at the same time despite different release dates), it would be the best Metallica album.

01-09-2003, 02:16 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
Song of the Day:
I like this idea that has been in HomeYield’s and Franji’s journals lately. I figure I’ll copy off it. Except, mine will mostly be either by GNR, Metallica, or Green Day.

No worries hon;).

Ohh my bloody god, I thought I suffered withdrawals from wbb over the last couple of days....I reckon your a definite winner for "longest post" award on wbb....hee hee:D.

Glad you are feeling better too... you will be true to form as quick as a flash or ya money back;).

01-09-2003, 05:05 AM
Damn ryan! Your SLDL strength is friggin' insane man. Keep up the hard work! :thumbup::thumbup:

01-09-2003, 07:55 PM
Thursday January 9 2003 (Shoulders/Biceps)
Weight = 164 I’m one pound heavier than the last workout. I’m pretty happy too since my abs had their best definition since I have gotten sick this morning. I was worried that I may have lost weight due to the definition, but I gained a pound and some definition. I guess that would be muscle memory.

DB Press (60/9) This is down nearly ten pounds since I got sick. My best was 8 reps with the 65s.

Hammer Curls (50/5) This is down 2.5 reps per arm.

DB Laterals (30/6) This only lost one rep which sort of surprises me.

Bicep Curls (96/7) This is probably down around 7 pounds when taking into account different reps since I did 101 for 8 before.

Ab Crunch Machine (190/15) This is down 4 reps.

BB Seated Military (135/6) This is only down a rep from when I got sick, but I had an unexplainable 2 rep drop before I got sick. Therefore, I’m still down by 3 reps.

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had a blue sports bra, short white shorts. She didn’t really have that much lean body mass and her waistline was sort of questionable considering how skinny she was. She was a major turnoff when she started talking in fluent bitch. I call it that when women starting talking in this type of voice that is obviously made up. It reminded me of Saturday Night Live in the early 90s when they would make fun of how sorority girls talked (such as ohhhhhh muuuhhhhhyyyyy gahhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuud). I can’t stand people that alter their voice because they think it makes them sound cooler. So, she doesn’t actually really make it on this list. I just wanted to point her fault out. But, I’m sure she thinks she is the greatest girl in the world.
2. This one had some light blonde hair and some nice volleyball shorts. I didn’t care for her hair that much, but I’m pretty sure she was a natural blonde. In my book, any natural blonde beats an artificial one. Her body was fairly nice also, but she went to the abductor machine.
3. This one was on here before early in the break. She had a dress code violation with long pants. She had some long black hair tied back. She had the right idea with some of her exercises but ruined them by doing DB press with the 15s and tricep kickbacks with something like the 10s.

The winner of today goes to Miss Tricep Kickbacks. The other girl looked awfully good in her volleyball shorts, but her hair wasn’t that attractive to me. Miss Tricep Kickbacks wins since she is more balanced despite not having quite as good of a body.

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some guy is really skinny and wears daisy duke shorts in there. I don’t think I will go any further though because I suspect that he might be mentally handicapped. If he isn’t though, that is a mighty strange dress code violation.

Other Stuff:
1. There were a few old people in there once again that were probably resolutioners, but they stayed out of everyone’s way. So, I’m happy so far with the etiquette of some of the older people.
2. I wanted to get Grand Theft Auto Vice City today, but Wal Mart was out of it. I’ll have to try a few other places.
3. I’ll give the guy behind me at the checkout some credit. I paid at one of the self-checkouts and forgot to take my change (change as in bills and not coins). The guy behind me told me as I was about to walk away. That makes me happy, because he could have very easily just said nothing and kept the change to himself. His actions made me happier than the fact that I got my change back.
4. I find it funny how all these people are linking everything to terrorism now. The first to do so was the US government with drugs. They went on to say that you are funding terrorism if you do drugs. Of course, they don’t say how much you are helping. I’m sure you could find a way to say that buying a stick of gum funds terrorism. Now we have people running commercials against SUVs. They are saying you are funding terrorism if you drive an SUV. I admit that you probably are helping terrorism, but this anti-SUV propaganda is getting ridiculous.
5. I have an idea since terrorism is such a popular thing to use as a reason now. How about all you female members here on WBB, start sending me pics of you in a bikini or less. If you refuse to do so, you are supporting terrorism. You wouldn’t want the terrorists to do something again now would you? So, fight terrorism by showing some skin!

Song of the Day:
Lucretia---Megadeth (Track 6 off Rust In Peace)

This is off of what seems to be the fan favorite album, but this track almost always seems to be overlooked by tracks such as “Holy Wars”, “Tornado of Souls”, or “Hangar 18”. This track has always been my favorite track off the album. I really love the solo towards the end of the track. If I remember things right, Dave Mustaine said that the lyrics of this track have absolutely no meaning.

New Year’s Resolution Moment of the Day:

Today’s Nominee:
Disco Sweat (by Richard Simmons)

I haven’t seen this, but the thought of Richard Simmons shaking his ass and flinging his wrists to disco is downright scary and funny at the same time. I can see it now. Richard is probably dancing to his favorite Village People tracks for which he has probably slept with each one.


Franji: Yeah I hate not having WBB, especially when I'm on break.

MonStar: Thanks, but to make things clear, I do them from the floor and not from a platform. I bend my knees some, but not as much as I would for a normal deadlift. If I could find a reliable platform, I would probably do them from one. Unfortunately, I don't expect there to be one when I get back to school. However, I still feel they are the second-best hamstring exercise next to squats even if they are done from the floor.

01-09-2003, 08:12 PM
I’m one pound heavier than the last workout. The samething is happening for me too. Muscle memory is a Good Thing (TM). Glad to hear about your definition too. I would have found it hard to believe if you had lost much, even with all the weight you lost.

I was going to do a gym mysteries of my own but figured it go better here. There was this older lady at my gym wearing the shirt that said, "Gotta have my GUNK!" I have no idea what that was about. The back of the shirt was empty so it was lost on me. I thought that was pretty mysterious to say the least.

Song of the Day:
Lucretia---Megadeth (Track 6 off Rust In Peace)Dude, that is my favorite Megadeth song ever!! I learned to play that whole song all the way through. One of the few songs I knew well enough to sing to as I played. I have problems with the solo but that's such an amazing song. Makes me wish I had that CD with me now. I doubt I can download it here at work but maybe I can find something. If not, then that's the first thing I'm doing when I get to the house. Good call on that one!

01-09-2003, 09:46 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117

Other Stuff:

4. I find it funny how all these people are linking everything to terrorism now. The first to do so was the US government with drugs. They went on to say that you are funding terrorism if you do drugs. Of course, they don’t say how much you are helping. I’m sure you could find a way to say that buying a stick of gum funds terrorism. Now we have people running commercials against SUVs. They are saying you are funding terrorism if you drive an SUV. I admit that you probably are helping terrorism, but this anti-SUV propaganda is getting ridiculous.

I saw the ad this morning and it pissed me off to no end. I hate the blame mentality that seems to infect our country. Lets blame the SUV's for terrorism...yeah, that's the ticket. That seems like a viable alternative to say...pointing out that the sale of these large expensive vehicles is pumping money into the economy, or perhaps that large families in rural areas...maybe, just maybe might need them. Bah.

Good to see your back in the gym. I'm still cracking up over your list of 87 'other stuffs'

01-09-2003, 09:52 PM
I find it terrible too. Why not just blame all the antique car owners and everybody else that owns cars past 1980 or whenever they put stricter guidelines on gas consumption. I've got an SUV and I don't care. I ain't sending my money over there. If its SUV's its also every other car on the highway. What about planes and helicopters? They consume probably more gas than anything. And Nascar? What about the army using gas for hummers and crap. Is our own military supporting terrorism?

01-10-2003, 04:02 AM
Originally posted by ryan1117
She was a major turnoff when she started talking in fluent bitch.


1. Some guy is really skinny and wears daisy duke shorts in there. I don’t think I will go any further though because I suspect that he might be mentally handicapped. If he isn’t though, that is a mighty strange dress code violation.

*lol* it is indeed !!!

You will be happy to note that I am now wearing appropriate attire to the gym that does not violate your dress code;).

Miss Rezza
01-10-2003, 10:16 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
I have an idea since terrorism is such a popular thing to use as a reason now. How about all you female members here on WBB, start sending me pics of you in a bikini or less. If you refuse to do so, you are supporting terrorism. You wouldn’t want the terrorists to do something again now would you? So, fight terrorism by showing some skin!


Yeah, nice try mister!!

01-11-2003, 10:03 PM
Saturday January 11 2003 (Back)
Weight = 162 WTF? I had over 3000 calories the last two days and somehow lost the two pounds I gained back since I was sick. I guess it isn’t that much to worry about. If I continue to eat in the low 3000’s, I should have my weight back up to where I want it in no time.

Deadlifts (403/2)*2nd Set----------Okay, on the first set, the bar I had wanted to rotate on one side and not the other. The significance of that was that it would slide right out of my right hand while lifting. So, I wasted a lot of energy on the first set in which I did two reps before I realized that it was the bar and not me. I switched bars and didn’t have this problem on my second set. Like I have said before though, I am MUCH weaker on the 2nd set of anything regardless of how much rest I have. For example, My SLDLs were about 30 pounds less when I used to do them following deadlifts. I guess I can say that I likely would have gotten 3 if it wouldn’t have been for the first bar. That is not too bad of a loss from when I got sick. I figure I would have gotten 4 at that weight before I got sick.

BB Row (155/7) I only lost one rep here.

BB Shrugs (325/7!) This was improvement, but that was likely to me using a more comfortable grip.

Lat Pulldowns (170/11!) This is actually improvement from before I got sick. However, you must remember that it is likely due to my body adapting to the exercise. I said a couple of weeks ago that my numbers were slightly down as compared to when I did them last.

Pull Ups (BW+10/6) Like dips, it is really sad when I’m walking around with about 10 pounds less bodyweight yet still drop reps.

Hot Chicks:
1. This one had some blonde straight hair that was slightly longer than shoulder length. She was wearing a black tank top along with gray cotton shorts. She seemed to have some pretty nice looking legs. I didn’t really get a good look at what she was doing, but it probably was some 5 lb DB toning session.
2. This one had a blue t-shirt. She had white shorts and light brown hair in a ponytail. She sort of hurt herself by looking borderline anorexic. If you think long and hard, you could probably figure out which machine she used.
3. This one had some dark hair in a ponytail. She had a volleyball shirt, but let me down by not wearing the volleyball shorts to go along with that shirt. She was wearing some short shorts that showed off her typical “volleyball player legs”. Of course it was torture to me, because I could just picture how nice her ass would have looked in some volleyball shorts.

The winner for today is a no-brainer. It goes to Miss Volleyball Player. Volleyball players are the hottest type of athletes on the planet usually!

Gym Mysteries:
1. Some guy was doing “just the bar” bicep curls in the squat rack.
2. Like I have been saying, the resolutioners have been a pleasant surprise so far. They are staying out of the way. Unfortunately, this likely won’t continue at Purdue. I can just picture it now. There will be about 20 guys with hair dyed blonde, Abercrombie windsuit pants, and some Abercrombie shirt. The all will be doing 10 sets of bench, 10 sets of bicep curls in the power rack, and 10 sets of preacher curls. A couple of them will probably hurt my concentration when one of them walks within a half an inch of the bar on a 400 and some pound deadlift I’m locking out on.

Other Stuff:
1. It was a good day for basketball. Purdue won and IU lost. However, the Purdue win was ugly.
2. Mad TV gave me a good laugh when they did John Madden and Pat Summerall. They had the voices down perfect along with Madden doing his normal mumbling. I really got a laugh in when Madden started mumbling about his Bloomin Onion (he does Outback Steakhouse commercials every once in awhile in case you didn’t know) instead of talking about the game.
3. I’m really liking GTA Vice City so far. I’m trying to find a good spot to go to when I just want to go on a shooting rampage. I have been going to the parking garage since the helicopter can’t shoot at me in there. But, I can’t seem to get past five stars on my wanted level. I probably killed about 10 FBI members, 15 SWAT soldiers, and about 50 police officers, but they won’t bring in the army and the 6th star.
4. I kind of got to take out my anger on gawkers in that game too. I spun out of control on a curve and crashed the car into a building. After it blew up, everyone started to run over to stare at all the damage. I hijacked the ambulance and started running over all the gawkers with it. Man, that felt good!
5. Another thing I did that was fun was when I took about 20 cars from a parking garage and the surrounding area and piled all them into a corner of the garage. I then started to ram them so I could get this huge 20-car chain-explosion. I got my explosion all right and was also practically on the opposite end of the garage, but still had cars fly all the way over to my end and kill me in the explosion.
6. I’m stuck on the mission where I need to hijack a tank now. I tried using brute force to take over the tank, but that doesn’t work well. The army guys have powerful guns and large numbers. They kill me practically right away if I try to fight them. I also tried to kamikaze my car into their vehicles to make a chain reaction explosion, but they blow my vehicle up with their guns before I can get there. So, I think you have to sneak your way into the tank somehow.
7. I think they should make a “Joe Millionaire” add on for Grand Theft Auto. I mean, that would be a huge hit. You could stick an expensive evening gown into the middle of a room and watch all the women fight each other over it. Then, while they are distracted doing that, you could throw a grenade right into the middle of everything! The novelty of throwing a grenade at those gold-diggers would never wear off!
8. I noticed they have “Peace Sells” as a song on the radio in vice city. That makes since due to that album being from 1986. That is the same year the game is set in. Plus, the track title fits the game very well. I love the talk radio also with that foreign guy.

Song of the Day:
I Alone-----Live (Track 3 off of Throwing Copper)

Throwing Copper is the only album by Live I actually own right now. However, I like that album for a uniqueness I can’t really explain. I Alone sounds very nice with some decent subwoofers. The bass doesn’t drown out the guitars or vocals like it does on most non-rap albums. This track is sort of soft and heavy at the same time. It sort of switches back and forth which I like.

New Year’s Resolution Moment of the Day:

Today’s Nominee:
The Firm

I woke up this morning to guess what? Wow, another infomercial on TV on a Saturday Morning! This one at least slightly gets it by admitting that you have to work out with weights to get a firm and toned body. However, they think you will get that way by using 5 pound dumbbells. They then went on to an even more ludicrous statement in saying that with their special equipment, you can work the lower portion of your glutes and the upper portion of your hamstrings. So, there we go again with the myth that you can work a portion of a muscle. Maybe I can work the upper right quadrant of my chest next time on bench press. They then had some woman saying something to the tune of, “I just can’t get this kind of workout with my lunges”. Hellllllllllllll-llooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, what about the king of all exercises? Oh yeah, that’s right, they probably think squats are bad for your knees and back.

Ectx/HomeYield—I can’t stand how anything and everything is being related to terrorism now. Plus, if people quit living their lives because it might support terrorism, it probably would hurt the economy. As a result, it probably would help terrorism even more. Like some commercial said after September 11, “You are letting the terrorists win if you don’t live your normal life”

Franji—I can’t stand it when people use fake voices to try to make them sound cooler. I would think that someone around 20 would be more mature by now and use her normal voice.

Miss Rezza---Fine, I guess you are a terrorist since you refuse to fight terrorism!:)

Miss Rezza
01-12-2003, 02:32 PM
Originally posted by ryan1117
WTF? I had over 3000 calories the last two days and somehow lost the two pounds I gained back since I was sick.