View Full Version : Ballast's Westside-Modified

08-25-2002, 07:08 PM
Just started Westside training again and am in the middle of my third week back.I'll just list the main stuff in order to catch myself up to date.My modification to the original Westside program, is that I am not a competative powerlifter, nor do I care to be.I'm just after brute strength, and Westside is the best system I've ever used for gaining strength.Nothing else has come close.Therefor, I don't do the board presses or stuff that would benefit a lifter who utilizes a shirt.I also don't include any band work or chains, but that is because I'm poor, not because I don't want to.
8 aug
bent-over good mornings(wide stance) 245ibs x3

15 aug
bottom-position back squats 340ibs x1

17 aug
bottom-position incline presses 215ibs x1

22 aug
bottom-position good mornings @ 42"(wide stance) 265ibs x1

24 aug
bottom-position bench presses 230ibs x1

08-26-2002, 12:52 PM
26 AUG

1. Speed Squats 10x2 @ 165ibs -60 sec rest intervals
1x1 @ 255ibs(speed was about 75% of that for 165)
2. Speed Deadlifts 5x1 @ 255ibs -20 sec rest intervals
3. Glute-Ham Raises w/ stability ball 3x10,10,8 -2 min rest intervals
4A. Static Crunches 2x3 @ 90ibs -3 sec static pauses
4B. Reverse Hypers 2x20
4C. Hanging Leg Raises 2x15

Speed was good on the squats and deads.Glute-ham strength is coming along nicely.Much easier on the knees using the stability ball.Abs strength coming up.

08-28-2002, 11:51 AM
1. Speed Benches 9x3 @ 135ibs(3 grips used) -30 sec rest intervals
2. Decline Dumbell Bench Presses 2x8 @ 75ibs -2 min rest intervals
3. One-Arm Dumbell Rows 6x8 @ 55ibs(2 grips used) -90 sec rest intervals

08-29-2002, 11:06 AM
1. Bottom-Position Zercher Squats(thighs parallel at start) 1x1 @ 295ibs
2. Bent-Over Good Mornings(wide stance) 1x8 @ 185ibs
3. Dumbell Side Bends 5x8 @ 95ibs -2 min rest intervals
4. Hanging Leg Raises 4x15 -2 min rest intervals
5.Reverse Hypers 4x15 -2 min rest intervals

08-31-2002, 11:55 AM
1. Decline Bench Press w/ 19" grip
1x1 @ 245ibs
2. Decline Bench Press w/ 15" grip
3x6 @ 185ibs -2 min rest intervals
3. One-Arm Dumbell Rows
4x8 @ 65ibs -2 min rest intervals

Progression on max effort declines was 135x3x2 165x1 185x1 205x1 225x1 245x1 255xfail

09-03-2002, 04:03 PM
1. Speed Squats 8x2 @ 185ibs -60 sec rest intervals
2. Speed Deadlifts 5x1 @ 275ibs -20 sec rest intervals
3. Glute-Ham Raises 3x6 @ 10ibs -2 min rest intervals
4. Static Rack Crunches 5x5 @ 95ibs -90 sec rest intervals
5. Dumbell Side Bends 2x10 @ 95ibs -90 sec rest intervals