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08-26-2002, 08:33 PM
ok, heres the current situation, Im an 18 year old male, 6foot 5, 300 lbs, built like a house, broad shoulders and all that. HOwever , I am overweight, most people say I dont need to be on a diet (my girlfriend included) but, I want to look better for me, and im tired of living like this, im the one who has to look at the mirror when the days over, and im not happy with what i see, now, I find that most of my weight (well id say 90% of it goes into my hips/ass area) but i could use a good diet to lose all over.

What i really need is a plan, that i can just stick to, and given a period of time, i'll see defeinte changes, about a year ago, i went on a diet for 5 months straight, (would cheat one day out of ever weekend) but on that diet, little exercise, 1200 cals a day, i lost almost 30 lbs, i haven't gained any of that weight back I dont think, i dont feel like i have ,and everyone says i look like i lost ewight, but i still feel ******* akward (you know what im talking about) help me with this pls hehe, im just curoius what I should do to lose weight fast and easy, help me! ;o

08-26-2002, 10:11 PM
If you're looking to do anything 'fast and easy' you won't get much of a response from the people on this board. The diet may have worked for now, but it seems a bit extreme. 1200 calories is not nearly enough, and with any diet, if you do it over a long period of time your body will just adapt and you will stop losing weight. You want to lower your calories gradually, eat 5-6 smaller meals a day to speed up your metabolism, and get an excercise routine with alot of aerobics and stick to it. Remember that the longer it takes you to lose weight, the longer it will stay off. You don't need a quick fix, you need to change your lifestyle.