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big calvin
06-05-2001, 09:45 AM
well im back guys, i fell of the wagon and didnt get on for a while. i have some emotional stuff i had to comfront.

well im going great and feeling great! :D

ill be updating every week or twice a week.

bf: 53-55%
max bench:estimate:320
max squat:estimate:300
max deadlift:estimate:275

i try to keep it at 2900 caloires, 50% from protein, 30% carbs. 20% fat and atleast over 40g fiber from food.

meal 1
myoplex lite w/2 cups skim milk

meal 2
8oz. chicken
2 natural apple sauce pk.

meal 3
4 slices wheat bread
6oz. turkey
2 slices cheese

meal 4
4oz. sirloin steak
1 cup baked beans

meal 5
same as meal 2 or 3

meal 6
same as meal 4 or 1


3 squats
2 bb curls
2 shrugs
2 grip work
2 calf work
2 ab work

3 bench press
2 skull crushers
3 bb bent rows
2 grip work
2 ab work

3 sumo deadlifts
3 push press
2 shrugs
2 grip work
2 calf work
2 ab work

reps change every 2 weeks:

all i really take is my thyroid pills and st. johns wort

ohh and i have hypothyroisism, and i pretty sure im diabtic i havent seen the doctor yet cause well my dads diabetic and he says if i lose weight it can go away, but like i dont want to use insulin , myabe some pills but my blood glucose levels are it around 200-250 , i just hopw theyll go down as i lose weight :)

well thats all for now, talk to u guys later....

big calvin
06-07-2001, 04:20 PM
past couple of day have been great in diet area :)

very good but my glucose level is still to high to me, i may have to do something with the diet...or not it all depends...

sucked! i havent gone all week :( im just ether going to work or to tired like if i got a headach or something, had a headach for the past 4 day!!! man i hate it!!!

still none, but im not to worried about it yet.

thyroid and st. john wort
im gonna add some supps ill wright them down if i decide to buy them....