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09-08-2002, 10:37 PM
ok, i notice most people are trying to beef up here.

but im 20 and tired of my out of shape self.

ive got the mass to spare. being ~6'4" ~6'6"

and well over 300 lbs. but im not rediculously round due to sports all my life up to sophomore year in highschool.

but i am obese, there is no denying that.

im trying to slim and tone. and dont know where to start. im in college, so cash is minimal, can anyone help me with getting the right foods and a good gym schedule and outline to tone and lose lots of fat. based on my classes it will most likely be tuesday thurday and saturday being my free days to work out., and sunday as well.

thanks in advance

09-08-2002, 11:48 PM
It's great that you are wanting to do this. I would number one begin by getting a good understanding of how our diet affects fat gain and fat loss.

Here are some good places to start reading. (many ppl will have somewhat different views in regards to fat loss (biology, hormones, etc...) , however there are ALOT of general basics which is what you should be concerned with, try to keep things as simple as possible.


Basically speaking, if you want to loss fat, you have to create a caloric deficit.... this is usually done by finding your maintenance caloric intake (meaning how many calories you take in per day to stay at the same weight) and either taking in less calories than that number and/or increasing your caloric spendature (such as cardio work... like cycling, running, swimming, etc...)

Now, the thing is that all of the processes in our bodies regarding diet, metabolism, and hormones, etc... ARE very complex. For instance, if you choose to "cut carbs" the body will begin to see a state of "starvation" and start increasing fat storage rates and lowering your metabolism... this problem is often counter-acted by such programs/diets as the CKD and the TKD (diets)... do a search on them... the CKD might be a good choice for you, but I don't know, you are going to have todo some work at research here, and trust me that will be a determining factor in your goals (learn the hows and whys first by reading reading reading, don't just believe what some moron at the gym tells you).

I honestly, don't have much experience personally with fat loss, but I can suggest a few basic principles (which you will prolly run into in various articles).

1. Never do cardio work unless you have not eaten for at least 3 hours.

2. Cut saturated fat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.... (no more McDonalds) but don't be afraid of good fats such as those found in Peanuts, fish, etc... in fact EFA's (essencial fatty acids will actually aid your fat loss goals).

3. Start lowering your meal size and increasing your meal frequency, meaning try to get 5-7 smaller meals per day rather than 2-4 big meals.

4. Shift your carbohydrate sources away from sugars (no more cokes) and towards whole grains and complex carbs (bread, noodles, etc..)

those are just a few of the many, which hopefully more people will reply with below. Also the CKD (diet) will dictate alot of the above for you.

I hope this helps, good luck... if you stick to your goals and put forth the effort, it will pay off, trust me..

In regards to your training, if fat loss is your PRIMARY goal (as opposed to muscle gain) which I'm assuming it is... then you could try circuit training or 3 full body routines per week (low volume)... do a search (on this forum) for "cutting routine" or stuff like that.... the physiology of training is a whole other issue.. I would put most of my research efforts into diet.