View Full Version : Bulking... when to stop???

Joey G.
09-10-2002, 10:48 AM
I'm going throught my first "real" bulking stage. I have put on some weight in the past but I have managed to stay under 200lbs and still look fairly cut. Well a couple of months ago I decided to put some size on and have put on almost 20 lbs. in the past couple of months. (give or take a pound or so) I am currently at 215 and this is the biggest I have ever been. Arms and legs are still pretty lean. Now to the question, how big is big enough?? I am 5'10", don't know what my BF% is but I don't want to put so much on that I will have trouble taking it off. Or should I just keep trying to put more weight on, get stronger, and worry about it come March? What do you guys think??

09-10-2002, 10:59 AM
Its really up to you, bro.

Bulk till you feel uncomfortable then start cutting..

09-10-2002, 01:01 PM
Phuck it go big till you have to take your shirt off agin in march or when ever you feel the time is right. I am going through a simlular thing right now where I am 5'7 and weight 192-195 @9-10% b.f. and I am not sure if I want to just keep adding size or cut down and see all the beautiful muscle fibers now.