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09-23-2002, 02:38 PM
Okay fella's here is were I'm at

I'd guess at maybe 15-16% body fat.

I'm currently using a 5X5 routine in weigh training, and I've bulked up quite a bit.

Zero Cardio

I'm going to continue this for maybe another month.

At that time I would like to cut down, so I'll start a cardio plan and diet.

I work an 8-5 job.

I need an easy to make week long diet plan, (you know by all the food on Sunday and last me till the following saturday night) I don't mind eating the same thing every day. Can you guys help me with a diet?

09-24-2002, 05:49 AM
Start with about 2400kcals a day (bodyweight x12 = 2340, so 2400 is a nice round number to begin with).

Do you prefer lower carb diets or closer to isocaloric?

If low carb is preference, get about 200-250g protein a day (that's either 800kcals or 1000kcals of your daily total). Save about 30-50g for any indirect carb sources like fruits (for fibre, vitmains/minerals/phytochemicals etc...), any found in nuts, cottage cheese etc.. and green veg (personally, i use broccoli and cauliflower).

And make the rest of the cals up with fat.

So, if you chose the 250g protein route your daily breakdown would look as follows:

250g pro (1000kcals)
50g carbs (200kcals)
133g fat (1197kcals)

Total = 2397kcals, which is close enough.

It's a good idea to do some sort of periodical carb load or refeed every so often. Some diets would advocate every 3rd and 4th day, other people may prefer to go every 5th day or so etc... It's up to you. Try not to go over 7 days without some sort of carb load or refeed though. They do serve beneifical purposes.

If you chose the isocaloric route, then:

(2400 x .33 = 793kcals from each macro)

792/4 = 198g protein
792/4 = 198g carbs
792/9 = 88g fat

A refeed on a diet like this may also be beneficial, but see how you feel before deciding how frequent they should be.

Space about 6 meals throughout the day.

Ensure a good intake of fibre from (waterous/fibrous) fruits and vegetables.

On the isocaloric, go for fibrous, low GI carbs. Eg sweet potato, oats, brown rice (my personal prefered choices).

Protein from chicken, turkey, whey, tuna, beef, eggs, cottage cheese etc...(my prefered choices)

Ensure adequate EFA intake. (flax, udos, walnut, oily fish [mackerel etc...] - olive oil is also a good oil, but not rich in EFAs, still beneficial for cardio protective properties none-the-less).

There's your numbers and guidelines for two types of diets you can potentially do. Go and find foods and food amounts to make them fit.