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10-01-2002, 02:38 PM
Hey guys,
I took this year off from football, and I have decided to play again next year. So I have one year to totally transform my body. I plan on gaining 30-45lbs over the next year, and I want to get EXTREMELY STRONG!

I decided that keeping a daily log would help me keep motivated, and get some extra help. My currents maxes are: Bench-220 Squat-260 Deadlift-305 Powerlcean-165
My goals for a year from now are:
Bench-250 Squat-315 Deadlift-370 Powerclean-220

If I reach these goals and get up to 225lbs by next year, then I am sure to get a spot on Varsity first string. Yesterday I officially started on my way to a new person. Here is what I did yesterday:

Bench Press: 170 for 3X5 and 165 1X5

These felt pretty good. My form was good, and I felt it in my shoulders and triceps. I wanted to get 4X5 with 170, but I had to lower the weight on the 4 set. My endurance is kinda low from low reps.

Skull Crushers: 65lbs for 3X8

My form sucked bad, but I havn't done these in forever. I went light yesterday, I felt a little burn, but I know I will move up about 10lbs next week.

Curls: 80lbs. for 3X8 w/barbell

These were nice, I havn't done curls in forever either. My form was pretty good. On the third set I started swinging my elbows too much, I need to remember to keep my elbows still.

Powercleans: 125lbs for 3X8

I havn't done these in 5 months...but they still went well. They were nice and snappy. I used a more upper body-usage technique, my back and shoulders really feel it today.

Yesterdays workout was great. If I workout like this everytime, then I will most likely shatter my goals :D.

Yesterday as far as food went.

Braky: Nothing.....yeh I know..most important meal of the day, but i woke up too late.

Lunch: I had a chicken sandwhich from school(prolly full of nutrients....LoL). French fries, and a baked potatoe

After workout: Whey protein with myozap

Dinner- Pigged out on mexican food. Had chicken fajitas

Before bed-3 glasses of milk and a protein shake.

Protein for the day: 150g. Little too low since I weigh 185.

Wish me luck everyone

captain piddles
10-01-2002, 06:48 PM
Wish me luck everyone

create a big ol monster! :D

10-02-2002, 03:40 PM
Hey guys,
Today was report card day. I had really high grades...lowest was a 95...enough bragging about myself! here is what i did today.

Squats- 3X5:190lbs. 1X8:135

These were AWESOME!!!! I had a nice wide stance, and went WAY past paralles but not quite ATF. I really felt these in my glutes and my back. I kinda had trouble keeping my knees out on my final set, but it was all good. I did the set with 135 to get some speed. I am really trying to develop some exlposiveness.

Goodmorning- 2X8:100lbs.

These felt good. I went pretty light so I don't fry my glutes and back any more than I did from squats. I really felt these in my glutes and back. My back is tight right now as I type.

Leg presses- 3X10: 255lbs.

I went moderate on these. I was mainly going for speed and a good burn. These were nice. I touched my heels to my but every rep! I could barely walk after these.

Leg Curls- 3X7: 135lbs.

These were painful. I pulled my ham on my third set...got to going to fast....OUCH!!!

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: Glycerlean and some cookies

Lunch: Cheese Fries and a cheeseburger.....YUM YUM!!!!

Snack: Pure Protein bar

After workout: Glycerlean and some smarties

Dinner: Homecooked Prime Rip....MMMMMMMMMM!!! LOTS OF PROTEIN AND YUM YUM!!!!

Before bed: 2 glasses of milk and some tuna.


That was it for the day. Overall it was a good day. Nearly got into a fight with some kid, but he backed down....musta seen me workout or something...LoL. I am sure that a 315 squat is well within grasp in about 5-8 months. No prob. I will totally dominate on da football field :D. The coaches were crying this year when i didnt play..LoL. Anyway..nuff tooting my horn. C ya lata guyz. Thanks all 2 people who are actually viewing my journal and supporting me :D.

10-06-2002, 03:34 PM
Hey guys,
Kinda got grounded from the computer, so now, I now I will post what i did friday.

Bench- 3X5:170lbs. 1X8:135lbs.

I didn't have to drop the weight on the third set, which really excited me, must have been extra strong that day :D. The speed was good on the fourth set, they were quick and explosive.

Close Grip Bench Press- 2X8:125lbs.

These were good, I really felt em in my triceps. My wrist started to kinda hurt, but it was prolly from falling on it the other day.

Lying Dumbell Tricep Extension- 3X10:25lbs. dumbells.

These were totally killer. My triceps were on fire the whole time. I really had to grunt to get out the last 3 on the final set. I felt like I had beach balls in the back of my arms after these babies!!

Hammer Curls- 2X10: 25lbs. dumbells

These were good as well. I really went slow and got a BIG ROM. My arms were totally exhausted after this workout.

I don't really rememeber what all I ate friday, but I know I got around 150-160G of protein that day.

I will post what I did today, after I actually workout :rolleyes:

10-06-2002, 07:40 PM
Hey guys.
Here is what i did today.

Deadlift- 3X5:250lbs

These were nice. I really got the weight around. I didn't do a fourth set because my lower back was kinda hurting me.

Rows- 3X8: 75lbs.

These burned. My grip was really week by the time i got to these. I really felt em in my traps.

SLDL- 3X8:135lbs.

These were too light, but my grip was LONG GONE by the time i got to these. My back and my hams were burning, but not as bad as my forearms.

Hang Cleans- 3X8:95lbs.

Once again, too light. I don't know how I managed to even hold the bar. My fingers absoulutely would not hold something over 100lbs.

This was a good workout, but i have had better.

10-09-2002, 03:44 PM
Hey Guys,
I got kinda busy yesterday and forgot to type my routine. Here is what I did

Bench Press: 3X5-170lbs. 1X8-135lbs.

These were easier than last week. Next week I plan on going up to 175. The last set was very explosive.

Skull Crushers: 3X8-75lbs.

These were freakin hard. I really had to concentrate so I didn't use momentum on the last few of each set. My triceps are killing me today.

Barbell Curls: 3X8-80lbs.

These were good. I didn't cheat on any of them, and I am going to go to 85 next week.

Power Cleans: 4X5-130lbs.

These were VERY snappy. I liked the way these felt. My technique has made a 100% improvement since last week. I will prolly go up to 140 next week.

I don't really remember what I ate yesterday, but I did get around 150g. of protein.