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10-08-2002, 11:04 PM
Well I figure by surfing and not posting anything no one will be able to really help or guide me. First I'll give this journal a format and then I'll follow up with some background for this first entry only.
A. Talk about the day
B. What body part I worked on
C. What I would like to improve
D. Diet and Food Intake.

Okay well I am med student from California, and I am in Medical school at St. George's University in Grenada. www.sgu.edu if you want to look at the campus. The island is very beautiful but since it's a 3rd world country you have to make do with the things around you. I came here in January at 180lbs and when I left in June to visit my family I was a 150lbs and about 13% BF. Not good that I lost all that weight, most of the time I was studying and did not have time to eat or even make a shake etc. This time over the summer I began to workout again to get use to the weights and exercises and managed to gain 155lbs.

I returned to Grenada in August and have consistently lifted everyday, a single body part a day have noticed drastic improvements in strength but it has been really hard to gain weight. I believe it's so hard here because you have to cook everything you want, so I spend most sunday evenings doing a massive cook off and because of the humidity you sweat constantly. So far I have had no luck gaining any weight.

My goals are to leave this island which is on Dec 14th to be around 165 (I am 153 as of today) and to have gained a little bit more mass I am 5'11." My goal is to stabalize around 180 which I was before and about 11% BF.

As of now I am doing a single body part a day which I fit it into my shedule sometimes it's very hard to eat right, but since I am so frustrated and angry that I have no gained any weight I have decided to follow my routine religously and see how far I get in the next two months. Only supplementing with whey and going to start my creatine cycle this week and hope that will help in the weight gain. Only thing that has been good about loosing all that weight last winter, was that I lost my belly and also I am actually stronger than I was before.

Well wish me luck and I hope to keep updating everyday, with even the little time I have. I have already taken my before pics, and well we'll see if there is any change come december.


captain piddles
10-09-2002, 07:21 PM
well good luck, as far as no one being able to help or guide you, its true, after all your the one that has to face the bar each time you step up to the squat rack,the path to bigness is a lonely one, most times your freinds might not understand your dedication to yourself but its ok cause inside its all about you, even though we might not be able to help you or point you in any direction, we are still here, and when you have reached past the goals you set for yourself, not to meny people would understand the victory you have had over yourself, but we would love to hear about it, cause we have been there too. we may not be able to help but we can encourage you and motivate you to put that extra plate on and go for it, welcome to the board

10-10-2002, 07:47 PM
Well the past two days have been very hard and I have had to deal with numerous things, from test scores to meeting with advisors and things like that. Further I was mentally down, I walked with B's on my midterms low B's and well the thing that sucks is that I deserve cause I crammed and did not study diligently. I should have studided everday for a few hours, I paid for it. But only good thing is the past two days I have been working out, however have not been able to start my creatine routine. I have been re-organizing my life and my priorities and eliminating my problems and getting rid of all the things that have been holding me down or back. In the end you do realize that most of the time you hold yourself back. Well tomorrow is friday and I am going to get myself back in gear and looking very much forward to starting fresh, my second half of my term. I'll post my routine tomorrow and right now I am going to get some sleep.

Captain Piddles your comments are very true and were very inspiring considering the stuff that I have done to myself being a slacker and all that, but what you said I agree all the way with you and I am going to get my goals, cause I am sick of not getting them anymore...I hate that oh it's ok you did not get it but you tried ur hardest, when you try your hardest you know you will get it.
well..thanks once again...