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10-13-2002, 06:22 PM
Well hi everybody im kinda new hear well either way heres some info
age 15
height 5'6
weight 134
bf guessin 13 or 14
trying to bulk

daily diet not to good but im a kid i guess it ok
breakfest cheerios with 2 glasses of milk, some oj 700 am

lunch sometimes a pizza usually or ham sandwich with a chicken salad with ranch to get some fat in
early lunch 1100 am

mid afternoon snack met-rx bar 30 grams sugar not sure about fat 30 grams of protein 2-230 pm

dinner baked potato or mashed not artifical mashed potatoes, with a steak or chicken breast with a salad or some fruit 5-6 pm

night time dinner 2 sandwiches on whole wheat bread 1 with chicken and the other with ham with a glass of milk at 8 pm

night time protein b4 bed can of tuna with mayo and whole wheat bread for slow release of protein and everything else

i drink soda but only diet i dont even think about regular soda to much sugar and when im usually hungry ill eat some fruit or a sald

well here my routine

Back Press 2*6-8
Barbell Front Raises 2*6-8
Curls 3*6-8
Barbell Curls 2*6-8
Dips 3*6-8
Triceps Pusdowns 2*6-8

Leg Press 3*10-12
Deadlift 3*10-12
Leg Extensions 3*10-12
Standing Leg Curls 3*10-12
One-Leg Toe Raises 3*10-12

Bench Press 3*6-8
Chin-ups 3*6-8
Bent Rows 2*6-8
Flies 3*6-8
Back Lat Pulldowns 2*6-8

Done Everyday i work out
3 sets of crunches to failure
3 sets of broomstick twists

well my lifts are really bad heres some examples
Deadlift 110lbs*6
bench 90lbs*6
Curls 22lbs*8
Flies 20lbs*6
military press 75lbs*5
leg press 300lbs*6

well im planning to bulk for a while until i get at least 3 inches in my arms which is most likely like 3 or 4 months im guessin im hopin to demolish all my old records well any of your support really would help me thanks again for taking the time to read this if u did

10-13-2002, 06:32 PM
Originally posted by WaNnABeAmOnStA

well im planning to bulk for a while until i get at least 3 inches in my arms which is most likely like 3 or 4 months

10-13-2002, 08:00 PM
im just takin a guess since im a begginer im guessin its possiblr

10-13-2002, 08:21 PM
3 inches to your arms is alot, even though your new. I would expect that you would have to train substantully longer then 3-4 months and gain alot more mass to your whole body then you think. However I strongly think that you'll be able to meet or excede your 3 month goals if you train hard. As for ab training, try working them like every other muscle group. I wouldn't do them more then 3 days a week max. Personally I rarly even train abs. Good Luck and keep us updated. :)

10-13-2002, 11:37 PM
im only training abs when i train

10-14-2002, 07:41 AM
2day i only got like 6 hours of sleep i know its not good but i wasnt really that tired, usually i sleep 7-9 hours well lets get to the point today for breakfest i ate some cheerios, pretzels, cheerios with milk, and a glass of milk