View Full Version : how much should I be eating?

10-15-2002, 04:24 PM
I am 7stone 13 (about 50 KG), and 5ft 8" (1metre72) and I was just wondering, how much am I looking at to east, to put on mass? I was thinking maybe it is 3000 calories (with a balance between protein, carbs and fats 4:3:3)

I think usually I would have eaten (normally) about 2000 calories a day, at a push, and that kept me at this weight I am. For the age and height I am, I realise that I am very underweight, and I want to put on mass for a lot of reasons. I just have no idea about the ballpark I am aiming for. I know that it will be 2500 cals+, but as of next week I need to be training properly, with my diet sorted, and I would really appreciate advice.


10-15-2002, 04:47 PM
You need to go to fitday.com and start keeping track of everything you eat. At least till you can figure out how much do you need to grow and how 3000Kcals (or whatver you may need)a day feels like. The secret is increasing untill the desired wieght gain rate in achieved. Your 40%p,30%c,30%f could be a place to start but i don't think you'll need that much protein. It won't hurt though.

10-16-2002, 05:40 AM
Holy freakin' cow that has got to be a typo?!

Are you seriously 111lbs?!

Usually i'd recommend adding 0.5lbs a week, but i think 1lb would be closer to the ball for you!

Start at about 18kcals/lb

That's still just under 2000kcals, Jesus.

Tell ya what, start with 2000kcals straight. Go 40c/30p/30f:

800kcals / 4 = 200g carbs

600kcals / 4 = 150g protein

600kcals / 9 = ~67g fat

There's your daily breakdowns for macros.

Eat about 4-6 meals a day.

The first week you'll prolly add more weight from glycogen/water, but that's just gotta be accepted. The weeks after that should reflect the true weight being gained. Train like a mofo to ensure most, if not all of this weight gained is good quality muscle.

Once you don't add 1lb a week, bump calories up by 100-200.

After two weeks you haven't gained weight (except for the glycogen/water issue) then it may be that your metabolism is fast-as-fcuk so 500kcals on may be a better idea.

Just let us know how it goes.