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06-20-2001, 10:59 PM
This will be my journal for next 2months which I will be following CKD diet..
I'm looking to lose about 10lb.. of LEAN FAT...

Friday - Chest/Back
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press - 3sets
Incline Barbell Bench Press - 2sets
Dips - 2sets
Chin up/Pull Down - 2sets
T-Bar Row - 3sets
Wide Grip Chin up - 2sets

Sunday - Legs
Squats - 4sets
Leg Extension - 2sets
SLDL - 3sets
Calf Raises - 3sets

Monday - Shoulders/Arms
Shoulder Press - 3sets
Dumbbell Raises - 2sets
Skull Crusher - 3sets
Cable Push down - 2sets
Bicep Curl - 2sets
Hammer Curl - 1set

Tuesday - work in Driving Range
Wednesday - Rest/Cardio
Thursday - Grueling Workout (Circuit training) at noon, Carb up start and work in Driving Range

Meal 1 8:00
3Tbsp Mayo
2Cup Romain Lettuce
80g tuna

Meal2 11:00
150g Lean Ground Beef
1Tbsp Mayo

Pre Workout 12:00
5g Glutamine

Post Workout 1:00
15g Low Carb Protein Shake
5g Glutamine

Meal3 2:00
2 Chicken Drum Stick
30g Butter

Meal4 5:00
40g Tuna (leftover in morning)
50g chicken
2Tbsp oil

Meal5 8:00
45g Butter
100g Chicken Breast

Meal6 11:00
1Cup lettuce
2Tbsp oil + 1Tbsp salad dressing
5g Glutamine

= Total 2400kcal (i'll reduce once i get used to it)

Carb Up
Every 2 hours, i'll be eating something carb.. not frutose or sucrose to prevent liver glycogen restore.
After circuit Training, I will have a 100g Carb drink with 40g Protein.. And then ... pizza that nite.. lol and some drinks..maybe lol I'm underage!!.. haha..

Wish me luck guys.. I hope this thing works well.. Hopefully!!.. yaya GO DB!! .. i mean c_8nom!