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10-22-2002, 01:10 PM
Alrite, wus sup. This is great, that I can keep my online journal. Boy do I need one, oh and feel free to drop in.

Well im not exactly nothing, im 6'3 and 190lb nekked(195 with some good ole clothes)

So this would be my first weight program, basically Im wanting to gain some solid pounds, umm an extra 30-40lb would be good.

Vital stats

Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'3
Weight: 191.4 lb
Biceps(unflexed) 13 in
Biceps(flexed) 14 in
Waist: 34 in
Chest: Dunno
Thighs: Dunno
Body Fat: Dunno
Body type: Probably ectomorpth


To gain 30-40lb of mass 1-2 year and become 220 or 230lb in a mass building cycle. Then to diet down, untill I am under 10% body fat. (Realistic goal? Or am I kidding myself)

Current Gym Plan: Got this from a site, sounds about rite

Monday: Off
Tuesday - Chest and Triceps
Wed - Off
Thursday - Back and biceps
Friday - Abs
Sat: Shoulders and legs

Thats done. Now to begin documenting my progress and my routine. Ill do that from a fresh post, this was my first day ever at a gym. Meanwhile, I'll try to get my other measuresments and current body fat reading.

10-22-2002, 01:12 PM
Good luck with your journey.

10-22-2002, 02:48 PM

Chest and Triceps day

I woke up late, around 1 pm, I was in a hurry to get to town for some business. So I quickly had an egg mayo sandwhich and a glass of milk with vanilla whey protein - It was sickening, I drank half of it, and spilled the rest!

After I got back home, I had a glass of milk, with this time, chocolate whey protein - It tasted much better. Oh well, now I was off to the gym - my first day of a gym.

Well this was my first day at a gym -so went on my own, perhaps I'll befriend a few people later, so I don't look so pathetic. Well my initial impressions were good, there was a vast selection of Iron and machines, most of which bewildered me. There was some beaty music playing in the background, and some very built dudes were walking around, which made me feel slightly inadequate. I did not exactly know where to start or what to start with - So I was looking around for chest and tricep machines - but a good friend told me, that I should focus on free weights.

I looked over into the chest corner, and I saw a cool looking machine called the Pec Deck. It looked intense, and I decided, that I will use this machine - at least untill the Bench press is free to use. Now the major problem I had with the Pec dec, was actually getting my arms around the thing! In fact it was an exercise in its own right to actually strech to get around this, It almost felt as if I was going to tear my chest, and the exercise had not even started yet!

Oh well, as soon as I painfully got in position and I could see myself in the mirror in front of me, I looked ridiculous! As if I was being wrested by the machine!

Finally when I got to grips with it, I contracted it in, almost like hugging a tree, I could feel the tension in the upper chest, almost immediatly. So now I was ready for me first chest work out set.
I set it to 30kg - and then did 10 slow reps on it, boy was this intense, the first 5 reps were a breeze, but the last 5 were like climbing a mountain!

After that, I just was compelled to rest, so I rested for around 2 min, looking around into thin air, wandering into a state of nirvana. Once the 2 min elapsed, it was back into decking. Now I set it to 40kg, and I could feel the intensity in my first rep, maybe I set it too high? Oh well I was oblivious to this, and I continued decking for 8 reps, and now I could hear myself grunting, and my facial expressions were as if I was about to orgasm! Oh well as soon as the set finished, I once again rested for 2 min.

Oh well, I decided to be adventurous for the last set, I set it to 50kg, and at first when I tried to pull a rep, I was unable too. But I was not going to give up so easily, so I put my all in, and managed to get it, then I did it again, and got 2 reps, now I was losing form slightly, instead of it going the entire way, I could only manage to get it 3/4's of the way - I just paused for 10 seconds, and I tried to pull 4 more, and I managed to pull thru!

Finally my first encounter with the Pec deck was over!

After that, I needed rest! So I rested 5 min, sitting on something, and looked at another guy doing the peck deck, he was doing it very fast, as if he was in a race. I wondered to myself, maybe you are suppose to do it fast? I was in contrast, doing it very slow, I read somewhere, slow exercise is what builds muscles. Ah well, Ill try it fast next time, to see what its like.

After my 5 min were over, I wanted to head for the bench press - but it was still occupied. So I just sat there, waiting, and the guy did not budge. So I decided to work my triceps instead, and went onto the pull down machine. This was much easier to do, I started out on the 50kg mark for my first set of 10 reps, the first set was quite simple, I then did my 2nd set on 55kg for 8 reps, this is where I began to feel the intense pressure, on the 3rd set, still at 55 kg, I was struggling to keep form, and ended up leaning forward to max out 6 reps.

I was really working up a sweat now, and finally the Bench press was free. So I went to the bench press - Now I really did not know how much weight to put in, it had about 200lb on it, and I already knew, I would not be able to lift that, and even the bar looked like it was 50lb! And it was about 7ft! So I started out with the bar alone, for 10 reps. because I wanted to pyramid the load, like I have done with every other exercise - it was actually a breeze for the first 6 reps, it felt quite light, then the last 4 is where It seemed to have got heavy. I waited 2 min, and then put on some weight on it(Very stupid of me), just two 10kg plates(one on each side). As I proceeded to lift it off the bench, I just felt like I had an elephant in my hands, and I attempted to lift it up, but I coudn't lift the damn thing, I could not even lift it as far as the safety hooks. I was stuck with the bar on my chest! trying painfully to get it off me, oh well, I managed to rest it on my chest and roll it off and thanked myself that I did not try it with 20kg plates, I would probably have ended up crushing my chest otherwise!

At first I was thinking, why should 10kg plates make such a difference! Oh well I still don't know, but boy did I feel terrible! I then did my 2nd set with the bar alone, and I managed to do 8, but then I could not lift that up either in the end.

My first experience with the bench press was not good at all, I was thinking, woah, people say they do 200-400lb on it, and I can only lift the bar :( Im going to start a topic on this...

I was planning to do the incline bench press afterwards, but I could not take any more, my chest was exhausted! And I felt like I was going to pass out now! I was sweating like crazy, and my heart was beating rapidly. Oh well I sat down for a while, rested, and was ready to go back home.

As soon as I got home, I collapsed on the floor(on purpose) and just rested there for 15 min, afterwards I went downstairs, took my shirt off and looked at myself in the mirror. Sure enough, my chest and triceps had a pump, only in the upper part of the chest though, and I felt that my first day at the gym did not go to waste. I walked around shirtless, feeling quite good about my body, and looking forward to back and bicep day.

Afterwards I had another chocolate protein shake, to be followed by fish and chips, which I oven baked with a dab of olive oil, and then went out and got a KFC meal, a Zingatower double chicken burger, with chips and a soda drink....

Finally I had Lancashire Hot Pot, with lamb, with corn cob and mashed potatoes and mint peas, and 600ml of whole milk(I normally have semi skimmed)

Summary of Day 1 workout:

Peck Deck: 30kg for 10, 40kg for 8, 50kg for 6
Pull Down: 50kg for 10, 55kg for 5, 55kg for 6
Bench Press: 50lb for 10, 50lb for 8

Summary of Day 1 Diet:

Egg Mayonaise sandwhich: Not sure
2* Chocolate protein shake: 37 p, 290 cals
Fish and chips: 19p? 400 cals?
KFC meal: Not sure - probably 900 cals
Hot pot: 29p, 15f 39c, 405 cals
600ml whole milk: 17.2p, 24f, 30c 360 cals

In total:

290 + 350 + 900 + 405 + 360 = 2355 cals (not bad for waking up late)

Sorry the figures are so messed up for today, Ill have to record them accurately from now.


10-22-2002, 02:53 PM
Thanks Bennett :)

beastin v6
10-22-2002, 03:09 PM
Heh, cool story...i wish i would had foudn this website before i had started to lift, i would so better off...anyways good luck. and train hard. btw, dont worry about the bench. soon enough you to will see your bench increasing up their too.

How about your diet?

10-22-2002, 03:18 PM
Thanks Beastin, yeah this site is really helpfull. It's probably the best BB site on the net. Yeah I am going to train hard, now that I started, I ain't quitting without reaching my goal.

I will post my diet everyday, on what I ate. Im going to eat in 5 min now, that would be my last meal for today :D

C u in 5

Craig James
10-22-2002, 03:40 PM
Hey, AJ22, welcome! You have found a great site here, and its sounds like you have a little bit of knowledge already. If you don't mind, let me offer a couple of pointers.

1. First off, your first couple of workouts, I wouldn't worry about pushing yourself too hard. I have a feeling that you are going to be in some serious pain the second day after your chest workout because your body isn't accustomed to doing these exercises yet. So just take it easy the first couple of weeks, and have some ibuprofen handy for the aches.

2. I see that you did the peck dec machine and then the tricep pushdowns before getting onto the benchpress. What I would recommend doing instead is doing the hardest compound exercise first (the benchpress), followed by the peck dec (an isolation exercise), then you could do some tricep pushdowns. I actually wouldn't neccesarily worry about doing an isolation exercise like the peck dec yet, and instead I would recommend doing dips after benching. The bench and dips will hit your chest very well.

3. You are right for the most part on doing your reps in a slow and controlled fashion. It never hurts to do the reps a little bit slower vs doing them faster.

4. Pyramiding is a good rep scheme. I usually do a warmup up set of 12-15 reps (very light weight). This first set just gets blood flowing through the muscle and joints nicely. My next set I will bump the weight up a little bit and do perhaps 8-10 reps. My third set is my heavy set to absolute failure and I try to use a weight that I can get for 3-6 reps. Once I hit 6 reps with a certain weight on this set, I will increase the weight on my subsequent workout. Remember, the key is to always try to progress. If you got 50lbs for 4 reps last week, then get it for 5 or more reps this time.

5. Be sure to get plenty of rest between workouts and eat a lot of food. I like your workout breakdown by days, by the way.

Now I am curious as to what you plan on doing for your back and leg days.

Good luck to you, and I hope some of these pointers are helpful.

10-22-2002, 04:41 PM
Thanks Craig! That was really helpfull, and im really grateful you took time out to point me in the right direction. My mind was set out on doing the bench press, so I had to settle for the next best thing - which looked like the pec dec then. I'll do what you say for my chest CAT routine - bench and dips

For back's, Im thinking either Lat pull down(i think that's it) and deadlifts. For legs, Squats and leg curls. Depends on the day really.

Thanks for your pointers again, Im going to sleep now, as soon as I edit the post with my diet for today.


10-24-2002, 09:05 AM
Day 2 and 3

Hey, sorry for not updating yesterday. I was out of town all day.

Anyway I got into a lot of trouble on tuesday with my girlfriend, we almost broke up. So did not get no sleep that night at all, because of fixing the problem. Next morning I had to go out of town on a business trip by train. So did not get to sleep at all on wed either. When I got back home, I could not sleep untill about 2 am, and then I woke up at 3pm on thursday.

On wed, I surely did feel a lot of aching in my muscles, in my upper chest area and my triceps - but the pumped feeling I was getting, felt good, they seemed harder, and almost as if they are growing already.

As far as eating is concerned, the only meal I had was the one wed morning, and that was a mega 800-1000 cal breakfast. Then because my trip was so busy, I never got a chance to eat anything else that day. As soon as I got back home, at 1pm at night, I just had a pasta and vegetable bake. So sadly I was under the 1500 cal mark for a day, but not by choice, and I went without 48 hours of sleep.

Today is suppose to be Back and Biceps day, but my chest, triceps, even biceps are still aching, maybe even more than yesterday. And I think if I train today, I might overtrain, seeing as my body is still sore from the last workout. So I guess Ill move back and biceps to a Friday for this time.

I just put the pizza in the oven right now, its turned 4pm, so this will be my first meal of the day. Later for now.