View Full Version : Help! Damnit! :(

10-26-2002, 05:30 PM

10-26-2002, 05:43 PM
lower the cals more or throw in an ECA stack.

Saint Patrick
10-26-2002, 10:52 PM
what he said.

or maybe a 3rd day of cardio?

10-26-2002, 10:59 PM
At 185 pounds, using 185 * 12, you should aim to lower your cals toward maybe 2200 - 2300. Not all at once, but work your way down.

At your present calorie rate, you're eating both below and above maintenance since you say sometimes you eat 2700 and other days you eat 2900 cals. You'll see some gains in LBM and lowering of bf % probably, but nothing that fast or drastic. Lower the cals.