View Full Version : Hellrazor's Diet...

06-25-2001, 09:31 AM
I'm postin this for him... its his current diet. :D

meal 1: 8am: Porridge, toast, whey shake, vit tab.
meal 2: 10:30: 4 w m (whole meal perhaps?) tuna sandwiches, banana, yogurt.
meal 3: 1pm: wm pasta, tuna, cheese
meal 4: 4pm: wm rice and chicken breast
meal 5: 7:30pm: Porridge 4 egg
meal 6: 11pm: wm toast with peanut butter, flax tab and whey shake.

Comments welcome, because i work in a gym i sometimes indulge in the odd protein/carb shake, it`s multipowers own...crappystuff but tastes sooo good.

06-26-2001, 08:37 AM
I take 2 vit tabs, maybe even three sometimes, theres no danger in taking xtras except for peeing and its a great way of optimizing vits and stuff, i take one in the morning, 1 midday, and one right before bed.

06-27-2001, 02:41 AM
There is a danger in taking too many Vits. Excess A, D and E can be very dangerous. :eek: