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11-14-2002, 12:36 PM
I'm 19 years old, stand 6'00", weigh 183 pounds (don't know body-fat percentage), and am consuming approx 3000 calories a day. I actually haven't been hitting the weights seriously for almost a year. When I was 16, I was a husky 220 pound farm boy with a 750 lb. leg press, 265 lb. bench press and 375 lb. squat. After I got out of high school, I moved from the sheltered country life to the big city (typical fish-out-of-water type stuff). I fell into the party scene and forgot all about training, thus did some very negative things to my body (I'm sure I don't have to explain what "supplements" I was taking then...). I went from 220 to about 170 overnight... and not the good way. I'm just now starting to get back into fitness and this is week 1 of my new, healthier lifestyle. I'll keep you guys posted throughout the weeks and look forward to constructive criticism.


11-14-2002, 01:37 PM
Nice traps. Must have been from lifting all those bales of hay :D

11-14-2002, 07:36 PM
(I'm sure I don't have to explain what "supplements" I was taking then...)
Glad to hear you stopped taking the supplements:) I'm guessing what it was. I've been clean for 12 years now and I LOVE it.

Good luck:)