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11-22-2002, 07:31 PM
Well finnally got my busy(lazy) butt in gear. Going to start a JOURNAL!

Here we go hold on tight girls and boys.
Height: 5'8 (but for some reason I have convinced myself im 5'10 LOL makes for embarassing situations...)
Age: 20 (again I have convinced myself I am 21 =()
Weight: 145lb :eek:

By the end of the school year get to 170lbs! Not going to be hard school takes up like so much of my time =( No matter what anyone tells you ERTW!!!!


2x8 Military Press (45+5 plates on each side of smith machine)
2x10 overhead press (40lbs)
1x10 75lb 1x8 85lb Upright rows
2x9 lateral raises 20lb
2x10 15lb crazy things where you bend over and hit the rear delts :)

1x10 65lb 1x7 75lb BB curls
1x8 2x25lb+bar 1x10 2x20lb+bar Preacher curls
1x6 25lb Concentration curls

2x10 115lb CG Bench
2x10 2x20lb+bar Skulls
1x10 1x5 Pull downs (I have no idea the weight its unmarked)

Well This work out was ok except my middle finger of my right hand os ****. Had to keep re-adjusting and stopping because it hurt way too much. Could have done more wieght but no spotter so didn't want to risk it with the hand.

Now I have 2 questions if anyone reads my journal =D
What does it mean when your back tingles sometimes near your sholder blades... ???!
Forgot the second one oh well =)
OFF to eat more!!!!!!!

11-22-2002, 07:34 PM
You might have tendonitis, or you might be aggravating the joins from poor form. Stiffen your back on all back exercises, lock your shoulders back and just move your arms. Your shoulders should move as little as possible, except in shrug movements.

11-22-2002, 07:36 PM
I do keep my back pretty straight at all times. It's just randomly through out the day I'll feel tingling not for very long. But I will get it checked out now that you said something...

11-23-2002, 09:12 PM
Leg day today... Woke up at 6:30am WOW!
Workout started after breakfast at around 7:30am

1x10 135lb 1x8 155lb Squat
2x8 270lb leg press
2x10 85lb SLDL
2x9 Leg extentions
1x6 #32 Hamstring curls 1x8 #27
1x10 155lb calf raises

That work out was decent ;) My legs kinda suck (replace kinda with really). Not much else about the workout.

Went home after (from University) and got into my new supps. They arrived through the mail this week! Really liked the promptness of www.SNDcanada.com. I bought Prolab 5lb 100% whey protien powder (chocolate mmm!). Some cheap meal replacement powder and prolab creatine! Just started supping with creatine today. Looking forward to seeing how this works for me. *Crosses his fingers* The supps came with a free sample of a promax bar. They are pretty good almost makes me want to buy them. Well that's all until Monday.

Oh stupid back still tingles =(
Weight 145lb (well on my way to 170 by the end of the school year :mad: )

11-27-2002, 11:31 AM
Arg..... Worked out last night at like friggin 2am ;( SCHOOL SUX BIG HAIRY NUTS. Well it was back/chest day so I went pretty hard.

1x4 185lb 1x10 155lb BB bench
1x10 105lb 1x9 135lb
1x10 25lb fly
3x5 +30lb Dips

2x10 wide grip chins
1x10 close grip chins
1x10 135lb 1x1 185lb deads
1x10 95lb 1x10 135lb bent over bb rows
1x10 50kg pull downs
2x8 120lb cable rows
2x5 205lb bb shurgs

Whew I was hurting after all those sets. Man and I didn't get to sleep until like friggin 6am cuz I had to study/eat/kill the mother ******* people in the hall. =) Well as always gotta go.

11-27-2002, 11:34 AM
pfft forgot

Chest 2x8 6plates Cable Crossovers

Don't know if the creatine helped me at all hard to tell... Going to keep supping and see how next work out goes... Ps I hate measureing creatine with a spoon. I have no FRIGGIN idea how big a teaspoon or a table spoon is.... Hope im not overdoing it

11-27-2002, 02:55 PM
Originally posted by GonePostal
pfft forgot

Chest 2x8 6plates Cable Crossovers

Don't know if the creatine helped me at all hard to tell... Going to keep supping and see how next work out goes... Ps I hate measureing creatine with a spoon. I have no FRIGGIN idea how big a teaspoon or a table spoon is.... Hope im not overdoing it

Next time you are at the supermarket pick up one of those litlle plastic measuring spoons. Should cost you alll of a buck.

On the shoulder thing, are you keeping your up while performing exercises like bent over lateral? Looking down could cause bad form. Just an idea, and good luck with the journal.

11-27-2002, 10:45 PM
Originally posted by bradley

Next time you are at the supermarket pick up one of those litlle plastic measuring spoons. Should cost you alll of a buck.

On the shoulder thing, are you keeping your up while performing exercises like bent over lateral? Looking down could cause bad form. Just an idea, and good luck with the journal.

Thanks bradley...
I'll pick up those measuring spoons this weekend when I go back home and do some grocery shoppin! As for the BB bent over rows. I keep my back straight and I look forward for the whole time. But thanks for the tip

11-28-2002, 10:48 PM
Good ol' Leg day...

You love to hate it....
Well lets get down to business since I don't have much time.

Today is the first day that I supped creatine b4 I worked out and then after (1/2 then 1/2). I felt like I had more energy then normal I don't know if it was from the creatine or if it was because I upped my cals. Go figure it feels nice :) Hope I am packing on the pounds :mad: My gym does not have a scale :cry:
Please don't ask why. Once a week I make the trek to the school gym and weigh myself. So far I have been stuck at about 145lb. I have recently upped my cals so i should break through that with ease (yeah right!).

LEGS (Sticks)

1x7 165lb 1x8 135lb Squat (Don't know what happened here I think my form sucked the first few reps so that made me suffer)
1x7 280 1x10 240 Leg Slide
1x10 115lb 1x8 125lb SLDL
2x8 Leg Extensions
2x5 hammy curlz (messed up)

2x10 +10lb decline crunches
1x10 leg raises
2x10 cable crunches

Well boys and girls that is my work out for today. Nothing amazing.

While I was at the gym it was funny because one after another HUGE guys came in. I don't know I hate working out with larger guys. I know most of them are nice and stuff. But it is more of a personal confidence issue. I have never been really big in my life so I have always been one of the smallest people I knew. Which sucked. Even now when I am a decent size I still feel real SMALL! I hate this feeling and am working to over coming it.

This leads into a question I have always had. You big guys on the board what do you think when you see a small guy working out? How about when he is doing "big guy stuff" such as deads? I always have it in my head that they are going "pfft stupid stick boy go home".

Well enough of my insecurities....

Well until next time (tommorrow). Same bat time, same bat channel.

11-29-2002, 09:11 AM
Don't worry about what other people are saying or doing for that matter. When I see people in the gym using good form and not just slinging the weight around, it makes me think they know what they are doing. On the other hand I see a lot of big guys with terrible form an it makes me wonder how they haven't hurt themselves. Just try not to think about it and focus on being consistent with your workouts. As people say, Rome wasn't built in a day. Something like that anyway.

11-29-2002, 11:53 PM
Sweet merciful.:cry: Today started off like total, utter, ****! WTF! Man just stab me why don't you and get it over with.:shoot:
First off I wake up at 8:30am and don't realize I have a quiz that I forgot about at 9:00am until 8:50am. GREAT! I don't get out of my room till 9:00am. Late before I leave, awesome. Of course I have not gone to this class for like 2 months so I have no idea what this quiz is on. On top of this when I walk out side it seems all hell has broken loose. High winds, hail, and rain all at the same time. :mad:

When I get there friends tell me... Great who the hell know's what a topological sort/hash tables/splay trees are??? I DON'T. Good quiz 1 failed. Oh forgot to mention on my way to school had to get something to eat so hungry. Got Burger King's breakfast sandwitch + hash + oj. Not the best meal but I need cals!. Well this is no tthe end of by any means. I have anther killer quiz coming up @ 1pm. Great time to study for this... This goes without incidence. OTHER THEN I CAN'T GET A FRIGGEN CALCULUS QUESTION RIGHT. WHO THE HELL NEEDS TO KNOW A JACOBIAN???? I DON'T!

Well I walk into the quiz feeling good about my knowledge. That is when everything is set straight. I know nothing and the profs > me. I can't answer 1 question and sit their scribling stuff to try to get marks. It is not good when you write stuff like "assume integral value is 1". The question is evaluate the integral... DAMMIT. Quiz 2 failed... another 10% down the hole...

Well this is where it turns for the better. While in the quiz a really hot girl sits down beside me =) Too bad she gots a bf oh well =).

Now time for the best time fo the day. The work out.

1x8 110lb 1x10 90lb Military Press
2x8 45lb Overhead press Db
1x10 85lb Upright row
1x6 25lb 2x8 20lb Lateral raises

1x8 1x6 2x27.5lb+ez bar Preacher curl
1x8 75lb 1x5 75lb BB curl
2x10 6 machine plates per side Cable curls
1x10 35lb Db curl

1x8 135lb 1x10 115lb Close grip bench (messed up and no spot + no one in the friggen gym)
2x8 2x25lb +ez bar Skulls
2x10 Rope pull downs

This was a really good work out felt I put close to 100% per set. I think it is a combination of the creatine and placebo :). Hehe what ever it is I'll keep doing it. Just trying to bring my bis up to speed. They are really lacking. Well anyways I'm tired and I need to study. So until next time, as always "Don't do what I wouldn't do".

12-02-2002, 12:33 AM
A new day another workout...

Doing some back today. Didn't plan it but made it a dealiftcentric day. Went pretty well.

1x6 1x8 1x10 WG chins (messed up the reps increased as i did each set)

6x135lb 1x155lb 1x175lb 1x185lb 1x205lb 1x225lb (miss) Deads (wow I didn't really think I could lift that much deading. Very pleased and finally fixed my form i think that was what put me over the top)

1x10 115lb 1x9 135lb Bent over BB rows

1x6 55lb 1x8 50lb Db rows

1x10 120lb? WG pull downs (It's a machine don't know what that number means)

2x10 180lb shurgs

+ misc ab work

Well that's it =) very happy. Again creatine is working great. Don't see a direct strength increase but I do see that I have generally more energy while I lift :) Which I LIKE!@!

12-02-2002, 03:57 AM
Good work on the deads. After a good back workout you always feel like you have accomplished something, at least thats the case with me.

12-03-2002, 01:47 AM
ARGGGG That's it! *insert infinite # of profanities* WTF. I eat right I eat pretty as much as my schedule allows and STILL I GAIN NOTHING. WTF. I hope it is just because of a different weight scale. I used a different scale just now and it says I'm 145lb. Right where I started like friggin 5 weeks ago. But this an old one that I have never used before. So I'm going to go tommorrow to my orginal scale and try that. If im 145lb still I'm I'M GOING TO GO POSTAL! Well whatever don't have time to bitch and moan cuz of finals this week. So on to the work out.

1x5 165lb 1x7 155lb 1x10 155lb BB press
1x5 55lb 1x9 50lb DB incline
2x8 +30 Dips
1x10 Cable crossovers
1x10 25lb 1x8 30 lb incline DB flies

+misc ab work

I leave with the phrase... WTF

PS I'm going to eat the largest friggen meal ever created. TIME TO PACK ON THE POUNDS. ENOUGH WITH WORRYING ABOUT GETTING FAT

12-03-2002, 01:48 AM

12-04-2002, 05:25 PM
Post your diet and we can try and figure out something to help you start gaining some mass.:burger:

12-10-2002, 12:28 AM
Well bradly my diet is all over the place right now (exams) so it's not a good time to do that hehe just trying to eat everythign I can. I'll post it after exams.

12-10-2002, 12:32 AM
Well today sucked again. Failed another exam (#2). Great I hope I didn't fail the course. University sucks big nuts. Well on to the work out.

Today is CHEST! Yay!

!x7 175lb 1x8 155lb 1x10 135lb Flat BB press
1x7 120lb 1x6 140lb (Sholder felt funny so didn't want to test it)
1x10 bw 2x10 +30lb dips
1x10 1x7 Cable cross overs

Misc Ab work

Didn't want to do a large workout today cuz I didn't eat much before it and was pressed for time and energy. Just wanted to vent some frustration from my exam. Well Off until tommorrow.

12-20-2002, 11:50 PM
Wow been off for a bit here hehe. (DAMN SCHOOL) Rough layout of what I have been doign work out wise. Most of this stuff will be vague cuz I forgot since it was like a week ago.

1x6 185lb 1x6 165lb 1x8 135lb Squats
2x8 135lb SLDL
2x7 290lb Sled
Hammy curls and leg extentions

1x6 185lb (wow!) 1x8 165lb 1x10 135lb
2x8 Incline
2x8 +30 dips
Some flys and stuff

Whole bunch of stuff.

1x6 100lb 1x8 90lb Military press
1x5 50lb 1x9 45lb dumbell overhead press
1x6 25lb 1x8 20lb lateral raises
2x8 preacher curls
1x8 75lb 1x7 80lb BB curls
2x10 35lb db curls (slow)
CG bench 1x8 135lb 1x6 155lb
2x8 25lb + 5lb plates on each side of ez curl bar Skull crushers
2x8 bitch rope

Well I'm off to bed. Don't know if I'm going to go to the gym over the holidays. Since I don't have access to one. Unless I pay =(. We will see on Sunday I will drop by my community center and see how much it is for a month membership. Otherwise I will just wait until I get back to school (Jan. 6).

12-25-2002, 04:29 PM
Originally posted by chris mason
Here's my 2 cents:

I recommend a four day split as such:


bench press- 2 sets x 5/10
dips- 2 sets x 10/10
skull crushers- sets x 10/10
squats- 2 sets x 8/15
leg extension- 1 set x 10
leg curl- 1 set x 10
calf raise- 2 sets x 10/10


chins- 2 sets to failure
rows (T-bar or on a machine with a support for the chest)-
2 sets x 6/8
v-bar pulldowns- 1 set x 10
military press- 2 sets x 10/10
straight-bar curl- 2 sets x 8/10
shrugs- 2 sets x 10/10

All listed sets are performed to failure. The reps listed are to start with and then you can vary them until you find a range that works best for you. I recommend you stick with the listed reps for the first 4-5 workouts. Be sure to try to progress in either reps (whole or even partial), or weight during each and every workout. Perform warmups (2 sets usually) for the first exercise for each bodypart. After the first exercise, no warmup should be necessary. If you want to maximize you mass, then I recommend you skip the aerobic exercise for now. If you train in a gym or with a partner, you may use forced reps on the first exercise per bodypart.

New routine for the new year.

01-15-2003, 12:15 AM
bench press- 165x 5 145x10
dips- +30 x 8/9
skull crushers- 55lb x 10 60lbx10
squats- 185lbx 7/ 135lbx13
leg extension- 1 set x 10
leg curl- 1 set x 10
calf raise- 1 x 10

Diet was awesome today.

3xegg + 1 cup oats + 2xww bread + 1 cup milk

2xchicken breast (small) + bagel w/ spread

1 slice pizza pizza pep

1 iced tea + Huge plate of pasta + chicken

40g p/w shake + gatorade + creatine

2 small chicken breasts + cup milk + 1 slice ww bread

Damn. Ate enough today. Now to see if I can keep it up. I know it is not all clean but hey whatever I'm skinny. Current BW about 150lb (don't know though went on a forced fast for the last 5 days. Wisdom teeth were taken out)

06-23-2003, 09:39 PM
I guess it's time to bring this biznatch back from the dead...

School took up so much of my time I didn't have enough time to keep this sucker alive. Now that I have been out of school and goofed enough it's back to business.

Well time has passed and thank God that I have progressed.... Not as much as I would have liked but I am happy with my results (to a degree... the quest for mass never ends :) ). The past year at school sucked and sucked some more. Worked harder and spent more time studying but my average didn't budge one bit. Don't know if that was because the courses were harder or they just shafted me again. Either way I'm going to get a higher average this year no matter what.
Well enough of my ranting and more about my training. For the past month I have been doing a "do whatever a I feel like routine". Don't know how that's working out really :( I'm in the process in soilidifying a true routine. I think it will be a routine that utilizes a higher rep range 10-15 reps rather then the 6-8 I have been doing forever. But that will take a few days to sort out.

Well currently I am ~160lbs! w00t! Well sort of my goal :( but whatever :mad: I will reach 170lbs by the end of the summer barring any serious accident. In the past year I have gained about 35lbs with minimal BF% increase. I just founds some pics that I have from res just before I started training (3months poorly and 9 months right). They are posted just below :) I was about 125lbs soaking wet in those pictures
:confused: :cry:

Well it was chest day today... and it was totally ruined *exageration* by a friend today. I though he knew how to spot because he is not a moron. The thing that upset me was I TOLD HIM WHAT TO DO. I was maxing on the bench which I haven't done in like forever (like 9 months LOL). Well guess what? He totally ignores my instructions. I put up 205lbs pretty easily and then I go to 225bs... For some reason he doesn't think he can spot me properly on this (this should have been the first indication to get a new spotter) so he called is brother over so they could spot one side each. I ask for a lift off I get none :mad: Great start! Then my friend will not let go of the weight on my decent so it goes extra slow and I'm finally like "GET OFF stop touching it". Ok so I start pressing and I have always had a sticking point at the bottom of my press so the bar speed is always a little slow to start off... So for some reason my friend decides I am in trouble and starts lifting the left side up!@!@!@! :eek: Thus shifting all the weight onto my right arm/pec. *clap* *clap* clap* This ruined me. I tried 225lbs again but my right side wasn't feeling too good after that (sholder hurt). I couldnt even get 215lbs up. Pffft.... I can do 185lbsx6 minimum so I don't think my max is 205lbs. Never asking him to spot me again.

The rest of the day was as I said before a do what I feel like day tuttut I will get a solid routine then I will start posting weights/reps/sets.

As for diet I stopped counting calories a while back... Right now I am trying to gain as much mass as I can. NO MATTER WHAT! I eat what ever I want when ever I want (about ever 2.5 hours). I just keep eatting and eatting... But seems I never gain weight really. I don't know if this happens to other people at all but I plateau for several weeks at a weight. No matter how much I eat but then all of a sudden my weight will rapidly increase... The last time this happened was a few weeks ago... I was 150lbs and then in a week and a halfs time I was 160lbs... Weird.
Well that's enough for now :) Wow that was alot of text...

06-23-2003, 09:40 PM
This is me and 2 friends about a year ago

06-23-2003, 09:41 PM
Pratical pranks @ res :) Golden... I was small enough to fit in a cabinet... SCARY! :D

06-23-2003, 09:42 PM
I'll kill you.... once I wake up that is...

06-23-2003, 10:15 PM
omg you look like my friend, he's about 5'10, 130 pounds. Your hair cut and facial structure really reminds me of him.

06-23-2003, 10:23 PM
LOL :) What are you SAYIN??!@!? :mad: :mad:
All asians LOOK ALIKE!?@
Hehe j/k :cool: