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i think what matters most here is the TOTAL calories you are consuming during your day. eating more often actually increases your ability to metabolize and burn fat.

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You diet is to low on fat, there's no omega 3 in there. It's only natural that your testosterone levels go down with time if you stay on that diet.

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About the efa's... since you don't mention it, I wonder if you eat fish at all? a couple of servings of salmon, for instance, can really make a difference.
And, something I learned, oil capsules (such as flax or Udo's Perfect Blend) are significantly small doses of oil per capsule so you end up having to throw back, like, 6 or 10 at a time to get what you would from one tablespoon of oil. Capsules can be a very expensive way to go...

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there's not alot of advantage to eating shell fish and calling it your "fish protein for the day" because you have to eat alot of it to get the efa you need. Salmon, tuna and some white fish are the best choices for seafood just as lean cuts of beef, chicken, & turkey are for meats. There's always fish oil capsules...

Yeah you could stop whining but you really hate the taste of flax oil! Eating raw almonds is good (there's about 7 pieces per ounce providing about 6 grams pro, 6gram carb, and 15 grams of fat -- most of fat is "good" for lean diets). How about a compromise?
Try a good organic, cold-pressed, flax seed oil or hemp seed oil. Once every second day, either suck back a tablespoon (and breathe!) or add a tbls to a salad or blend in a smoothie. DO this for 2 weeks and then have a tbls everyday for 2 weeks. For this one month, have 1-2 ounces of almonds as snacks in addition to your oil. The taste is hard to get used to but think of a food or two that you've always found repulsive but now eat and enjoy.
Have Fun!

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On a side note, i've had someone tell me that eating 7 meals a day is bad regarding fat burning, but 6 is good.

And that is regardless of the overall calorie intake.

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Originally posted by _8_Ball
So I should look into EFAs... would taking Flax seed tablets help? cuz I just can't swallow the liquid stuff... :-( and should I take the EFA in the morning before my Cardio... ( low intesity days ).

I thought the almonds would provide the adequate amout of fat... I also at normal cheese.. and cottage cheese ever second day or so...

Or could I just eat nuts? ... <dood voice> huhhu... he said nuts </dood voice>


Walnuts are good for omega 3. Personally I recomend a mix of cod liver oil, walnuts and sardines for your EFA's needs. The omega 6 will come from beef.

Get a lemon flavored cod liver oil supplement, it should be pretty painless.