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07-06-2001, 03:25 PM
I am trying to eat a lot more protein-centered meals, and since this is a common goal for a lot of us, I figured it would be good to share some recipes or something. I, for one, am tired of sliced turkey, grilled chicken, skim milk, and egg whites. They are rather boring on their own. Anyone have any clever tips on quick, easy-to-make snacks/meals centered around complete protein sources? The most interesting thing I can do with a can of tuna is dump it into a salad or on a piece of bread. <sigh>:rolleyes: I obviously need help. And what about that canned cooked chicken stuff? I have never tried it; what can one do with it?
Thanks in advance! :)

07-06-2001, 03:33 PM
Hi Jane,

Here's some old standby's from me:

Chicken/turkey:grill w/different spices or marinades for variety, stew in crockpot w/nonfat broth, spices, veggies, wrap in wheat or corn tortilla, saute in broth and white wine w/garlic, etc.

Venison: burgers, sloppy joes, chili mac, chops, meatballs...lean red meat (if you can get it)

Egg whites: scrambled or in omelet w/green or red peppers, onions, broccoli, feta cheese, or w/salsa, peppers, onions

Nonfat yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder and or granola, ground flax seed, wheat germ

"milkshakes" made w/milk, ice cubes, protein powder, sweetener, flavorings

Protein shakes: Isopure, Myoplex, Ultramet, Meso-Tech, whatever's on sale at the health/supp store

Salmon and other cold-water fish: broil, bake, poach, grill w/a variety of spices or nonfat "sauces"

Beans: garbanzos on salad, black bean "chili", pasta e fagioli (Italian pasta and beans)

Meatballs and sauce: with a side of pasta

Tuna: on wheat bread, in a pita pocket, on salad, on an English muffin...

Let me know if you want the particulars of any of these...

07-06-2001, 04:05 PM
IceRgrrl you RULE! :D I'm runnin out of ideas.. in fact all I really ever do is microwave my chicken or eat my tuna out of a can. I'm gettin tired of no variety..thanks a lot. ;)