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07-09-2001, 12:24 PM
ok I have 12 weeks more or less to the day till I start my second year of uni. I'm aiming for another 20lbs by then, which at almost 2lbs a week may seem a lot but what the hell, you'll never reach the sky if you never aim high eh ;)


4 day split, spread over three workouts p/week

Chest & Biceps
Incline Bench Press x 4/5
Flat D/Bell Press x 3
Low Inc Fly x 3
Barbell Curls x 3
Reverse Curls x 2

Squat x 5
Leg Press x 3
Leg Ext x 2
Leg Curls x 3

Shoulders & Triceps
Standing b/bell shoulder press x 4
Upright Rows x 3
Standing Frontal Raises x 2
French Press x 4
Overhead Rope Press x 3

Deadlifts x 5
Pull Ups x 3
Close Grip Pull Downs x 3
Bent Over Laterals x 3

Everything and anything :)

A serving of N-Large in litre of milk postworkout

07-09-2001, 12:32 PM
Felt a bit lousy as I've been a bit slack the past couple of weeks (coming back from uni). Rejoined my home gym, got told I was looking bigger by the owner :)

Inc BP
50k x 12, 50k x 12, 60k x 8, 70k x 4

Flat D/Bell Press
20k x 10, 22.5k x 6, 25k x 2

Low Inc Fly
17.5k x 8, 20k x 4, 15k x 8

Barbell Curls
30 x 10, 35 x 6, 35 x 4

Going well, didn't get up till 2pm so had a large bowl of pasta and headed straight for the gym. So far I've had my post wkout shake and a meal of steak & pasta, mmmm.

07-09-2001, 12:59 PM
With the exception of the leg extensions, I think your routine looks really solid.