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12-10-2002, 12:19 PM
I wanted to see if I could get some quick critique on a diet..

I'm a 24 Male
approx 159 pounds, and 15-17% bodyfat, according to a Bio-Tanita Scale.

My Goal is 9% or less...

My Diet:

Meal 1 5:30 AM
- Baked Potato
- Can of Tuna

Meal 2 7:30 AM
- Can of Tuna
- 1/2 Bag of Rice

Meal 3 10:00 AM
- Protein Shake
- 2 tbsp Flax Oil

Meal 4 12:30 AM
- Chicken Breast
- Baked Potato

Meal 5 3:00 PM
- Can of Tuna
- 2 Whole Eggs

Meal 6 5:00 PM
- Can of Tuna
- 1/2 Bag of Rice

Meal 7 7:00 PM
- Chicken Breast
- Baked Potato

Meal 8 9:00 PM
- Can of Tuna

Carbs 157
Protein 282
Fat 57
Calories 2310

I just got back into lifting after taking way to much time off, and will be working out 3 days a week with weights, and atleast 3 days, probably 4 or 5 with 30-45 mins cardio on an Eliptical or Tread Mill, until its once again warm enough to hit the trails outside.

I plan to cut about 150 cals off the diet each week until I hit my goal. Without of course going to low... I don't want to get much under 1600-1800 range in calories... that imo is to low...

But any critique would be greatly appreciated... thanks...

- DgrenJ

12-10-2002, 12:55 PM
I'd set the threshold at 1800 or even keep it where it is now. You really don't need to lower it that much, especially since you're planning on doing so much cardio.

12-10-2002, 12:57 PM

I figured I'll play with the calories and such a little to keep a steady decline in BodyFat if needed...

I'll also be taking a Multi-Vitamin in the mornings, and adding a few scoops of Glutamine to the Protein Shake...

and a Gallon or more of water a day *I hate that* but I do force myself to do it fairly well..

Other than that though... You think the diet is pretty decent?

- DgrenJ

12-10-2002, 01:56 PM
Where are the vegetables? You need more fiber, too.