View Full Version : needed: Brown rice and Sweet potato recp!

12-11-2002, 04:29 PM
I really dislike the taste of both the above mentioned foods, anyone have a good way to prepair them to hide the blandness? Im not talkin about just butter and salt, I need some real cover up reciepies!!

12-11-2002, 07:58 PM
I cooked some venesion today hot salsa and tomato sauce with some onions, simmer real low about 75 minutes, was good on brown rice. The salsa by itelf might be, sure not bland. You find sweet potaos bland? What do you eat?

12-12-2002, 07:46 AM
Sweet potatoes bland?...when i cook sweet potatoes, i slice them up real thin, like potato chips, spray a cookie sheet with pam olive oil cooking spray, put the chips on the cookie sheet, then spray the tops of the potatoes with cooking spray, bake for 25-30 minutes at 400 degrees, very good stuff.

12-12-2002, 07:50 AM
For brown rice, there are a lot of things you can do, but what i recommend is to boil up your rice, pan simmer some beef or chicken, if its chicken make sure its cubed, sautee the brown rice with the chicken, i like to throw in garlic and cajun seasoning, lets the flavors mix a lil and then serve, its not all that bad, and a lot better than plain brown rice.

03-02-2003, 10:55 AM
hey pup, do you peel the sweet potatos before ya bake them? Or just leave the skin on.?.?

05-02-2003, 04:52 AM
omg that sounds good

05-02-2003, 07:56 AM
Bake a sweet potato just like you would a white potato. WHen it's done, slice it open and sprinkle on some Splenda (or sugar) and some cinnamon.

Or boil them like you would white potatoes, then mash them with a little orange juice, add sweetener, cinnamon/nutmeg, and maybe some chopped walnut or almonds.

Boil brown rice in low-sodium chicken broth along with some minced onion and celery, parsely, black pepper, thyme, a pinch of sage, and maybe a dash of basil. It'll taste more like stuffing than rice.

05-02-2003, 08:08 AM
mashed sweet potatoes taste good with cinnamon and apple sauce mixed in with 'em.

try it

P.S. if you're lazy you don't even have to really COOK the sweet potato.. cut it into quarters and put it in the microwave for 5-6 mins. then peel off the skin and it oughta mash up real easily

Saint Patrick
05-11-2003, 01:10 PM
Originally posted by Callahan
mashed sweet potatoes taste good with cinnamon and apple sauce mixed in with 'em.

try it

OMG mashed sweet potatoes. That's an awesome Idea!

I've never thought of that before. I'll have to try that.