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12-18-2002, 06:16 PM
I had been planning on starting an online journal as soon as I started checking out the WBB Forums, but I have had a Lower Back injury and do not have a lot going on...

I thought that I would start anyway and just document the struggle to get into a program after a few setbacks.

I am a computer programmer. I had been in OK/Poor shape up until about 2 years ago I tore the PCL in my knee. That combined with too many hours at work has resulted in my weight ballooning to 265.

Currently I am at 250 with about 34% BF my maximum Bench was 185 before I threw my back out I can overhead press about 135 do a max Skull-Crusher of about 110 lbs., and a max barbell curl of about 90 lbs. I am a little bit unsure what my max upright row would be, I was doing partial squats on a Nautilus machine of about 310(I would love to do a normal deep squat, but the PCL injury prevents that.) I am staying away from Deads for a while and I cannot do a pull-up unassisted presently.

In short I am in horrible shape, but I am pumped up about starting a structured routine and I think I came to the right place to get some ideas about how to achieve my Goals.

Currently I am not lifting. I will be doing HST as soon as I have some relief in the lower back problem. I haven't gone to a doctor for it yet because I have been traveling for Business (I am in CT and will be home the 1st of January) and would prefer to not have to start with one doctor then switch to another.

I suspect that my Sciatic nerve might be the culprit.

I am currently doing lots and lots of walking on the Treadmill and stretching every limb in my body with a special emphasis on the back and hamstrings. I am also doing some Ab work.

I hope that I will be able to lift again in early January and hope to take advantage of my Non-Strategic/Unwanted deconditioning by jumping into a couple of rounds of HST. It has the advantage of starting light and hopefully as I progress to the lower rep negative stuff my back will be in better shape.

If there is anyone out there who has had Lower-Back Problems/Surgery please let me know a little bit about your experience.



12-18-2002, 06:22 PM
Good luck and hope the back gets better.

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12-18-2002, 06:50 PM
Thanks Bradley...

I see you had Knee Surgery, how has the progress been on that?

12-19-2002, 03:38 PM
Did some walking and stetching today. Still doing Non-Strategic/Unwanted deconditioning getting Ready for HST. Walked for 3 Miles Did lots of stretching did crunches 2 sets of 15. My Stomach muscles are pitifull and my Hamstrings are very tight. I have been told that this is probably what led to the lower back pain.

Have reduced my calories and am hoping to experience some weight loss before January.

Weight: 247
Waist: 42

Injury Status: Noticing some improvement in the back am optimistic that I will be able to begin lifting on January 1st.

Short Term Goal.
Do AB Work and enough stretching to get my back well enough to lift.

Longer Term Goal.
Bring my bench press up over 200 lbs.
Stop doing assisted pullups and switch to unassisted.
Once back is improved do partial squats in the 400 range.

12-19-2002, 03:48 PM
Originally posted by Bobcat
Thanks Bradley...

I see you had Knee Surgery, how has the progress been on that?

THe knee in general is doing fine but I don't ever think it will be back like it was before I injured it. I am very careful about what exercises I perform and I always try to be conscious of my knee when in the gym. Sometimes it gets a little inflamed so I have to baby it for a while but all in all it has been well.

*knocks on wood*

Keep the diet in order and continue working your core and hopefully the back injury will get better. I would imagine that once you lose a little weight the back will improve as well.