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07-12-2001, 07:33 PM
Hey everyone.. This is my first post here, so hopefully I'm doing everything right... Anyway here it goes..
I'm a 24 y/o male.. about 225lbs, I'm not too sure of my bodyfat percentage right now, but it's still too way high for me (I think around 18%) I'd love to cut that down to 9%, I don't care how long it takes.. I'm dedicated to it, *but* I don't want to make things harder than they have to be.. so I'm wondering... right now I'm doing the whole low carb thing + restricted calories, I hear some people can do this without restricting calories.. but I cannot.. I've always had a pretty slow metabolism so I've been going 11 * my weight to get my BMR and then eating %5 less than that.. Currently my diet is 65-70% Fat Usually no more than 2% carbs and the rest protein... I eat 5-7 small meals a day depending on how much time I have... And anyawy, though I haven't lost much if any strength, I'm still worried about losing my muscle.. if I continue going on like this... I train 4 times a week medium intensity.. Mon/Tue and Thur/Fri and I do an hour of cardio 5 days a week.. It's on an adjustable bike so I turn it up high so it feels like I'm going up a hill basically.. My heart rate goes from 120-135 during the that time and according to the bike I'm burning about 750calories every session, I don't know how accurate that is or anything... Okay anyway I've told you all my stats, now for my real question.. if I stop low carbing.. And instead make a diet where I'm only in calorie deficit.. would I still lose fat? I'd make sure that I got enough protein first of all, and then after that I'd divide up the rest between carbs and fat... I just feel that that way I might could even promote a little muscle gain at the same time.. or at least I'd be doing better to maintain it.. and without feeling tired all the time like I currently am heh The only supps I take are.. My multivitamiin (all natural stuff) and I take plenty of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) rather frequently... I'm drinking over 2gallons of water a day.. Oh and I also generally use olive oil to help get enough fat in my diet..
anyways.. any help would be appreciated.. I don't want to argue with anyone, I'm just trying to get some good help from people that have a bit more experience than me... I obviously have little-none when it comes to cutting diets..

thanks a lot

07-13-2001, 01:57 AM
:eek: 1hour cardio,5times per week and you don't want to loose muscle mass???It's tooooooooo much!!!!
Sure you can loose fat while on a restricted calories diet,no matter if it's low carb or whatever.Just make smart choises and select carefully your carb sources so that they belong to the low gi list.
Also make sure that your fat sources are clean.(unsaturated and polynsaturated fats)
You can try an isocaloric diet.(30/30/30 +- 5%)

07-13-2001, 12:33 PM
All right.. Well, thanks for the info and all.. I'm gonna get more info on that isocaloric diet, I've heard a little about it and it seems the basic concept is easy as long as I plan my meals in advance to make sure the percentages come out right.. (I already do that just it's somewhat easier on a ketogenic diet, which I am used to by now) What you said is great of course, but now I'm still wondering about some more info. Like... anyone on this board ever switch from a keto diet to an isocaloric diet? If I eat the same amount of calories (BMR - 5%) do you think I'd gain any weight while switching between the diets? So far I've lost about 25lbs on the keto diet, I know a large portion of that was probably just water weight, but that weight loss still shows a signifigant difference on my body. Thanks.. Oh one more thing.. What *would* you suggest for times for cardio? I'm just trying to do the most efficient way of losing fat, I started at 7 days a week and I knew that was too much.. then cut down to 5.. Do you think that 4 days would still be too much?

thanks lots

07-13-2001, 12:52 PM
I switched from a ckd keto diet to an isocaloric and I gaind some pounds,all of them being water though but as long as I kept my carb intake at around 100grams per day and based on low gi carbs I re-lost most of the water weight.It's just an hormonal fix that makes you loose and gain water weight when you "play with insulin".
What kind of keto where you doing?With/without carb-ups?
As for the cardio thing,it's preferable not to combine it with anaerobic training.Don't do cardio the days you do weight-lifting and vise-versa.Your cardio sessions should last ~30-40 minutes and personally I prefer fast walking so that I preserve my legs' muscle mass.If I want to burn more calories,I adjust the elevation.(from 5%-15%).

07-13-2001, 02:39 PM
That doesn't sound too bad.. As far as sticking to low gi carbs that's not a problem.. And yeah I understand, I'll cut the cardio down to 3 times a week, it's hard though because at first I know I'll feel a little guilty if you know what I mean.. Up until now I've felt like If I wasn't constantly doing something I wasn't reaching my potential as far as losing weight :(
Oh and as far as carb ups go.. I did do them, but much less frequently, one 12 hour period every 2 weeks.. Doing a full weekend every week was a bit much for me and I never lost any weight. I know I should be researching this myself, but I'd like to know from someone with experience.. One of my most favorite foods is spaghetti.. I like the whole grain stuff too.. On the isocaloric/lowGI diet have you been able to work that in at all? Just wondering.. Thanks a lot for your help and responses

07-13-2001, 03:11 PM
The 12 hour period every 2 weeks was perfect,assuming that you were around 18%.(To keep optimum leptin levels).When you get down to 15% a 24 hour reefed done every two weeks may help you keep more muscle. Then once you hit 10% a weekly reefed is called for. Finally, once you get to about 6-8% a twice weekly refeed might be in order. During refeeding it is important to keep fat low.
Anyway,don't feel guilty when you reduce your cardio.I used to feel the same a year ago,when I was doing 30minutes/high intensity allmost every day and I was around 135 pounds at 11%bf.After focusing my self to weight training I hit 170pounds at 13%bf(no cardio) and now I'm 160pounds at 9%.(4days fast walking/30minutes)
As for the spaghetti,you can eat it,it's ok,especially if you combine it with some protein healthy fats(like olive oil)and veggies(for fiber).It's absorption will slow down a lot.

07-13-2001, 03:38 PM
Okay well, I think that answers all my questions.. When I first started the CKD-like diet I thought it was going to be great.. and it was... Until I found out I couldn't it cheese (it stalls me, I don't know why... some other people says it stalls them too..) even in small amounts.. And while people told me I wouldn't have to count calories as much that was great too, but... I do.. so I can't eat all the steak and hamburger I wanted to ;) I've cut everything bad out of my diet and all, and I think it's working for me as far as *weight* loss goes, at the moment I don't think I'm losing too much muscle, I'm starting to see a bit more definition in my upper body, I know some people just seem to carry body fat in certain places, but for me it's basically evened out soo yeah any loss == more definition that you can actually *see* heh But anyway after doing this diet for a while and enduring what's left of the foods after I cut out all the stallers, it's very boring.. And I'm feeling tired most/all of the time, I'm sure cardio contributed to that.. Soo.. that's why I'm looking towards the isocaloric diet you mentioned, now that I've done some research and actually started planning some things out using different online calorie/nutrient calculators and stuff. It looks great. So yes, thanks a lot for all your help and all. I'd appreciate any more tips or anything you might have learned with your experiences with the isocaloric diet. I plan on finishing this month on the keto diet while still doing plenty of research and shopping so I don't run into too many problems along the way. I don't have a weight/bodyfat goal, but I'm truly trying my hardest to look the best I can by mid October. That means I gotta be strict, no cheating, making as few mistakes as possible...
thanks :cool:

07-13-2001, 03:58 PM
It's true that after some time it gets too boring.That's why I switched to the isocaloric.It keeps blood sugar levels at a allmost perfect level (not too low,not high)
and every hormone works for you ;)