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01-09-2003, 04:38 PM
hello, ive been reading this forum for about a week, and decided to join, and ask a couple questions.

First off, Im 5' 10", and in may of this year I weighed about 245lbs, (at what seemed like 345%BF), and since I have started a much more healthy diet, even though it is not perfect, and have begin a good cardio regimin, and recently started a good lifting routine. As of now, My weight fluctuates between 184-186, and I've added a boat load of muscle.

Ive gone from pretty much an all cardio workout, to now include alot more weight lifting. I am following the WBB routine #1, which so far seems to be working great, I sometimes through in an extra day of chest or an extra day of arms, still making sure i have 2 complete days of rest in between working them again. My cardio now primariliy consist of alot of full court basketball, I play for about 2-3 hours a night, usually 5 nights a week. I realize that its not as good as running on a treadmill, but the shear amount of time spent doing it should more than make for its inperfection. That and I actually look forward to cardio time, because I love playing basketball. I also take whey protein, creatine, and multi-vitamins.

what my question is, is that im not sure what my diet should be like. My goal is not really to get physically larger, but to tone more muscle, add more muscle, basically become more cut,but not necessarily bulk up, and without growing in physical size. I also have a little more flab than what I want around my gut.

My first thought was a cutting diet, but when In a cutting phase, I understand that you have potential of losing alot of muscle, which definatly isnt what I want to do. and I definatly do not want to bulk up. So what I was thinking is to diet right in the middle, just at maintinance level, continue to eat healthy (or to the best of my ability), while staying active, and staying on my lifting program. Another possibility would be going on one of those low carb diets. that should help in the fat burning, while still maintaing a good amount of calories, and protein to feed my muscles for growth

So any of you gurus out there, feel free to critique and give me some advice to help me lose my gut, and maintain my muscle.


01-09-2003, 05:19 PM
If you still want to lose bf then I would suggest creating a small calorie definit (either through diet or cardio) and shoot to lose about a pound a week. You have some good goals but try and focus on one at the time (cut/bulk). A low carb diet is not necessary especially with all the b'ball that you play. I would imagine that your performance would suffer.

Why not start out eating at maintenace (roughly 15*bw) and slowy reduce cals while keeping training the same. Continue doing this until you are losing approx a lb a week and you should lose mostly fat and not LBM. Might want to get your bf% checked monthly to really be able to track fat loss. Shoot for a gram per pound of bw in protien and maybe 25-30% of your daily cals from fat and the rest can be low GI carbs (except postworkout which would ideally be high GI carbs to aid in recovery).

Congrats on the weight loss that you have already accomplished.