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01-13-2003, 09:53 AM
hello all im new. 'nuff said :D im 21 yrs old 6'1 275 and i dont work out at all... i work for a computer consulting company so i spend 95% of the day on my ass. im a big guy, people dont believe me when i say im between 275-280 sometimes 285 ;). i dont mind my size its just i dont feel comfy anymore. sad to say it but its getting harder to do stupid **** like get off the couch and tie my shoes. so now comes a time to make a decision, A) get off my ass and start working out again B) stay fat and get old be an embarrassment to my daughter and quite possibly be on a heart monitor when im in my 60's...

my father in law has a small home gym and i have plenty of places to run, i can also do pushups and sit ups, play handball etc... in the end my goal to to be a big freaking monster... but i want to start slow and right...

i was thinking of a diet of about 2000 calories a day? then slowly hit the home gym (pulley system) 3 days a week (push, pull, legs, what about back?) and run at least 2 days a week... i want to intake about 6-8 meals and make them clean as possible... i can EAT so i would like to avoid anything more than 1 light protein shake a day (i already have a HUGE tub of Whey Protein)... Im learning how to cook somewhat healthier meals i will be wearing out the recipe section here :p ohh final note, im hitting the gym slow as i have had reconstructive surgery and therapy didnt do well so i will be building my shoulders back up. i blew it out with a slew of boxing injuries. well i guess thats it for now just want to say hello and :help:!

PS: i know the home gym wont get me HUGE but it will let me get a basic routine down and some discipline.. also easier on my shoulder.. eventually ill be joining a local gym mainly used by the muscle heads.. im a solo-ist so i dont mind a hour in the gym by myself dedicated to getting huuuuuge!

feel free to ask any questions!

- GB

01-13-2003, 10:08 AM
Well for starters...back would be worked on pull day.


01-13-2003, 10:32 AM
2000 cals a day would be too low IMO. Start out at 15*bw for total daily calories and decrease this amount in small increments (300-500) each week until you are losing approx a pound a week. This way you will not sacrifice LBM when dieting. Get 1 gram of protein per lb of bw and about 25-30% of cals from fat and the rest from carbs. Try and get your fat in the form of EFA's and carbs from low GI sources (except postworkout) like oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, lentils, etc. Best bet would be to read up in the WBB diet and nutrition articles section to get some basic knowledge. You can save the protien shake for postworkout with some simple carbs.

Welcome to WBB and congrats on starting a new diet and training program

01-13-2003, 10:33 AM
I'd disagree. Find out your rough bodyfat percent.. bodyweight is meaningless, caloric intake should be a function of lean body mass. So that's priority number one. :)

01-13-2003, 10:39 AM
Originally posted by Belial
I'd disagree. Find out your rough bodyfat percent.. bodyweight is meaningless, caloric intake should be a function of lean body mass. So that's priority number one. :)

I am not disagreeing with you but I feel that it is better to start out at a higher caloric intake and decrease slowly as opposed to starting out at too high of a caloric intake.

01-13-2003, 11:05 AM
could both of you explain your standpoints??

Bradley: You say i should work my way down up until i reach 2000 cals *OR* 1lb a week loss?

Belial: From what i can understand about your post i should go about it how i stated orginally...

is 6-8 meals a day is fine?

how can i figure out my body fat without a caliper?

what store can i get a caliper in (not online)?

thank you both!
- GB

01-13-2003, 11:18 AM
I think you should make the first step the easiest one. If you can just start working out 2 or 3 times a week you will experience an astronomical improvement right away. This may then build your enthusiasm and then diet will be easier to get a handle on, as you see how much change you can make.

Maybe instead of focusing on calories for now, you just try and eat slightly smaller portions more frequently. Get your metabolism in gear. If you enjoy weights and don't enjoy cardio as much than ditch the cardio for now. Too much change at once and you'll just get discouraged and give up.

Also, don't worry about the scale, just go by pant sizes. When I was at IBM I was 270lbs, which is the heaviest I've ever been. I am now around the 250lb mark, but I've been around 240-250 for about a year now...not a big difference in weight, but I am like 6 inches less off my pant size, so sure I dropped a lot of fat, but put on a lot of muscle, so the weight didn't change much, even though my shape did.

01-13-2003, 11:51 AM
EP: you make a great point i should start slow... one thing though i hear people raving about the CKD diet which is a modified Atkins from what i can tell... would this be recomended for a newbie such as me??

ill try and eat smaller portions and read up on a clean diet and start adjusting properly... i would really like to have about 6-8 meals a day minimum 5 meals... and have them be clean... its not hard for me as i like to cook and 3 days out of the week i work from home...

- GB

01-13-2003, 01:39 PM
Originally posted by GoldenBoy
could both of you explain your standpoints??

Bradley: You say i should work my way down up until i reach 2000 cals *OR* 1lb a week loss?


Although I am unsure as to what your caloric intake is right now, I would bet that it is higher than 2000. Dropping cals quickly is not the best route IMO. EP makes a good point in that you could get your training in order and start making subtle changes in your diet. Since you are just getting back into training I feel certain that you will see great improvements. Eating 5-6 smaller meals a day would be ideal and I would wait before trying anything along the lines of a ketogenic diet.

I do agree that with Belial in that caloric intake depends on how much LBM you have and not just how much you weigh on the scale but 15*bw is a general guideline when referring to maintenance calories. This could be too many for you but that is why I stated to work your way down. If there are some gyms in your town you could check with them and see if they do bf testing and how much costs. Your medical doctor or hospital could also perform the test. You can purchase calipers online but getting it done by someone with previous experience might give a more accurate measurement.

01-14-2003, 01:42 AM
The Atkins diet works great if you can stick with it. Read up on it, and keep it strict for the first two weeks. You will notice the weight falling off pretty quick in the beginning... most of it will be water weight and some fat. But don't stop there...keep at it. After the initial two weeks, you can gradually add some carbs (the right ones) and still lose fat. After a while, the fat loss will slow down, and then you can start working out to help things along.
I've lost plenty of weight in the past on Atkins plan... without exercise. But as weight loss slows down, kick it up with some exercise. I've been on and off this type of diet for almost ten years, and I believe it's the only one that is truly the best for fat loss. But it's hard, man. You will start craving sugary things that you normally wouldn't think of eating before starting this diet. Modify it here and there, fine tune it to your needs/goals. It works. Take vitamins. You'll see. I was eating bacon like every day, having buttery, cheesy eggs for breakfast and all the while getting leaner. Just make sure you eventually work out at some point, and take small breaks from it too if you hit a plateau.

01-14-2003, 11:47 AM
bradley: i understand now, thanks... i was counting my calories these past few days i would estimate them at about 2500-3500 im a network eng... i work for a medium size dot com thus i get the night shift alot... sechedule is off whack... now i work from home...

FrusWeighted: do you recomend the all out Atkins or the CKD even for a person like me that hasnt been working out?

i have no problem avoiding sweets and eating like an animal... :D atleast i think... i quit cigarettes about 9months ago and that shot my weight up like crazy! i enjoy a good beer (or 2 6packs) every weekend that i think is what i really need to cut out...

thank you all!!

01-14-2003, 12:41 PM
Personally I would start out simple. WO 3 times a week, eat good clean meals, maybe cut back on carbs and find an activity you like. You mentioned handball, I wish I had a sport I liked. Its easier then cardio. I would try to become more active. I wouldn't worry righy away about #s for the diet, thats just gonna slow you down. You need to start now. Then read and learn more and fine tune. Get a simple wo plan going. Then as you learn the exercises add more start a routine.
I put on a few pounds after college, dieted for a few months. Then started wo 3 days a week whole body per wo. Did that for a few months then developed a spit. I am not sure if I am for body once a week starting out. I think a little condioning and get used to it is good. For me when I wo out whole body once a week I work to failure. Not always best right away.
Theres nothing wrong with a home gym, as long as you have enough weight and the right set up. I like it I can follow my routine exact without having to wait or work around someone.
Good luck and welcome aboard.