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01-17-2003, 02:04 AM
Currently im 18, 6'1 and 150 pounds...and im looking to gain a lot of mass obviously.. how many calories, protein, fat, and carbs should i shoot for. Believe it or not i think that i can put weight on easily but my diet is absolute **** and im gonna work hard on changing it. Im naturally pretty cut and im not afraid to lose that for a few months in the interest of gaining a lot of muscle.. Can anyone give me a good sample diet.. And since im going back to college in a few days protein shakes wont be an option unless there is a good one that dissolves really easily because i dont have a blender... also it would be hard to eat 8 small meals a day considering the fact that i can go to the dining hall like 3 times... i guess twice a day i could pick up two sandwhiches and eat once later or maybe 3 even thats probably my best option.. i have acess via my meal plan to tons of sandwiches so thats a good food to fit into my diet.

01-17-2003, 04:05 AM
Just get 1g protien per lb of bw and about 25-30% carbs from fat (mostly in the form of essential fatty acids), and the rest of your daily calories can come in the form of carbohydrates (low GI would be good, except postworkout which should be high GI).

Here are some general guidelines about daily calorie totals:
cutting 12*bw
maintenance 15*bw

Might want to start out at 18*bw and divide this total over 5-6 meals. Increase or decrease calories as needed until you are gaining approx 1 pound per week.

As far as protien shakes and weight gainers most mix easily in a shaker bottle so these could be an option for you to use. Would best to use something like this postworkout. You can check out the online journal section to get some menu ideas.