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01-27-2003, 06:44 PM
here in the WBB Articles section. Has anyone seen a study of this? Do you guys take this into consideration when you do Keto or NHE diets?

"Truth is that as your body becomes more efficient at processing fat over time it become less efficient at processing carbs. This means over time there is a dramatic decrease in insulin sensitivity; this is known as Insulin resistance. So your carb ups become less and less effective as your body releases more insulin each carb up, leading to more of your carbs being stored as fat and less as muscle glycogen. This is the main reason why athletic coaches slowly reintroduce carbs into an athlete’s diet over a period of weeks to avoid excess fat gain after a period of carb reduction. Low testosterone can cause insulin resistance as well, but we will touch on this later."

01-28-2003, 08:12 AM
Yes and no.

Being a bit Insulin resistant when dieting (i.e. in calorie deficit) is not such a bad thing cause it means that insulin has a harder job of getting into the cell and doing it's task of shutting off lipoylsis.

When you carb load on NHE, you hardly breach your calorie maintenance level by much, so fat gain is minimal due to any leptin boost from any spilling into fat cells cancelling it out.

However, jumping straight into a high carb, high calorie diet (read: a good surplus in calories), for any more than a day or two, then you'll probably find the fat gain a lot more readily than you'd like.

A lot of people take the piss with their weekend binges on CKD's (although not all) so they do tend to put any fat they've lost that week back on and seem to go round in circles, or don't make as much progess as they'd like.

End of the day, if you're dieting on a low carb diet, then do periodical carb loads where necessary, keep the fat minimal in these meals, and don't take the piss with the amount you eat.

01-28-2003, 11:26 AM
Thanks CD!