View Full Version : Zig Zag weight gain and weight loss

01-28-2003, 09:55 PM
I read in one of Dr. Squat's old books that the best way to gain muscle and lose weight in a diet sense is to zig zag between periods of high calories and low calories.

He recommended that to gain a little bodyweight, lose alot of fat, and gain alot of lean mass at the same time, goin 2 or 3 days with and extra maybe 500 calories in your diet, then going 3 or 4 days on your regular diet. All this assuming there's a good training program and adequate rest. He said the up calorie days would add some muscle while not adding too much fat, and the regular days would burn some or most of the excess fat gained.

Does this sound effective to any of you?

01-29-2003, 05:34 AM

Ran a search and came up with some interesting threads.