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02-01-2003, 08:39 PM
Ok, hi there anyone who reads this. I've been looking through alot of everybodies journals and your all doing really well. Especially Hercule, for a 14 year old, the guy is pretty darn strong and should do very well in the years to come. I've decided to start my own journal basically just to keep track of my progress. And to avoid using pencil and paper, ha,ha! It'll also allow everyone and others on this forum old and new to follow what i'm doing in the gym, my weight increases etc, etc. Basically i have chosen to write one because my training involves 3 full body workouts a week which alot of you disagrees with, which is why i thought of doing this, thus allowing you all to see my progress.

I should say that i've never been in a competition, bodybuilding nor powerlifting but hope to within 2 years, hopefully alot sooner, enter my first powerlifting comp. All my lifts are raw and unless i state otherwise, i only use a weight belt, no straps, or knee wraps etc. Right now i'll just post my stats and my current routine which i will follow from Monday. I've changed my previous routine slightly as my knees and hips were hurting quite abit. I should also state that i'm all natural, have never taken a steroid in my life and never will. I'm also a hard gainer when it comes to training. i find it hard to build my legs and especially my ARMS. Their really hard.

I'm 21 years old and have been lifting seriously for about just over 3 years. Heres my stats:

Height - 6ft
Weight - 89.45kg/195 pounds/14 stone

Chest - 44.7 inches
Arms - 15.5 inches
Thigh - 23.3 inches
Calves - 15.3 inches
Waist - 34 inches

My best lifts just now - These were from last day

Bench press - 231 pounds for 6 reps

Squats - 264 pounds for 6 reps (had to stop - left knee ached)

deadlift - 275 pounds for 6 reps( My hips began to hurt)

My Monday routine will be as follows:

Front Squats
Standing Calf raises
Flat Bench Press
Cheat Barbell Curls

My target reps are between 8-15 reps with the heaviest weight possible for now.

I'll post my results on MON, by all.


02-02-2003, 04:07 AM
Good luck with the journal. Looking forward to see how the full body routine works out for you.


02-02-2003, 09:38 AM
Cheers mate, will keep you posted. I have already done 2 weeks of my full body routine and my total of the big 3 lifts have gone from 302.5(665.5 pounds) to 350kg(770 pounds). This though isn't my true 1 rep max lifts. The 770 pounds total i did by doing 6 reps with my heaviest weight in the bench press and 6 reps in the deadlift and agian 6 reps in the squat. I've still to find my 1 rep max total but at the moment i want to keep my reps fairly high e.g 8reps.

Will keep everyone posted,