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02-02-2003, 12:18 AM
Actually, "super-strength" is an exaggeration, but a 6 pack and toned arms will do just as well with the ladies Im sure:) Im a 19 year old guy who has discovered the benefits of weight lifting and wants in on the action. My senior year at High School, i discovered i was fat. The logo on my t-shirts were in 3-D. I topped off at 170lbs and a 35" waist. Im only 5'6". For the next month I rarely ate, i ran on the cardio machine EVERYDAY like a madman. I even popped ephedra like Pez. On the plus side, i dropped to 135 and got my 30 1/2 waistline back. On the down side, I did not gain a greek bod. I have successfully kept the pounds off. I have given up my Oreo nites and Taco Bell days. I eat sensible food and don't starve myself. I now go to the gym with a buddy 3 nites a week and we have started weight lifting. Im relatively weak for my age, but im sure i can change that. We use the weight machines right now. Im not entirely comfortable with them. They seem to be designed for someone with an ungodly shaped body. I'm thinking free weights sound good. In high school i took weight training classes and my arm strength increased quite rapidly for only 2 days a week. Any advice will be appreciated and not just shrugged off. I also purchased "The idiots guide to weight training" and i have found it to be very helpfull. I needed a basis for information because 10 people will tell me 10 different things.

For the Record - My stats as of 01-20-2003

5' 6"
10" fore arms
11 1/2" biceps
33" chest
30 1/2" waist

preacher curl
60x10 75x6

tricep Exte
50x10 80x6

overhead press
80x10 100x6

compound row
100x10 140x6 170x4

bench press
70x10 90x6

incline press
70x10 90x6

pec fly
60x10 75x6


super overhead pull
120x6 140x5

vertical press
100x6 110x2

And some preliminary pix:

02-02-2003, 12:47 AM
Best of luck on achieving your goals. You look fairly lean and could probably stand to pack on some muscle. Congrats on the fat loss, btw. I suggest you post your diet and routine. We can help you out with those, but we need to see them. Welcome aboard and again...good to see you in here.

You'll be fine with free weights. There's no need to stick with machines. Just use a weight you're comfortable with and concentrate on doing the movements correctly. The weight increases will come with time.

02-02-2003, 04:22 AM
Good luck with the journal and happy to hear that you have decided to start weightlifting. Might check out one of the WBB routines and see what you think about it.

02-02-2003, 05:59 AM
good luck m8, you have a good frame to begin with (height wise 5'6" offers many advantages in weightlifting e.g. shorter distances to move weight).

Once you get your routine sorted e.g. Wannabebig routine 1 then seek out a good nutritional plan of attack and you will do fine, especially with the interaction with the other board members.


02-02-2003, 06:33 AM
What everyone else said, and... :spam:

02-02-2003, 06:41 AM
no more taco bell nights! you sir a liar!

02-02-2003, 10:27 PM
My morning exercises consist of a light cardio work out to blood moving, the heart pumping, and the metabolism going. Then i move on to some stomach exercises to tone my abs. My gut is flabby like a motha. I do 2 sets of push-ups, the style varies from day to day. I then move onto 2-3 sets of situps and 2-3 sets of crunches. On the off-gym days, I do another group of similar exercises in the evening. I try to work in my "Torso-Trak 2". I have heard many a rumor that "ab rollers" do not work, but im sure they do something. My stomach feels to have done something when I am done. I do not do the ab roller alone, It is incorporated into a variety of other activities.

Todays Menu:
- 1 Bowl of Golden Grahams
- 1 Stacker 2 (similar to Xenadrine or Metabolite but ALOT more potent)
- 1 12oz Sarsaparilla (Drink of Kings)
- 1 serving of scalloped potatoes
- 1 1/2 slices of Ham

I swear I eat more than this. I was doing some major cleaning in my room today so I was totally pre-occupied. I did drink about 1+ Liters of water today. My mainly drink Water or a bad @ss cup of Earl Grey tea. I do enjoy the occasional sarsaparilla tho! Any suggestions on snacks to eat during nite school would be appreciated. I tend to stick with home made beef jerky (lots of it) and 94% fat free Kettle Pop Corn. I don't have the money or the stamina to eat foods such as Cottage Cheese and other similar foods. I know they are good for me, but i drink milk and eat veggies. I do eat "Real Food" tho. I am partial to Mac and Cheese, Tuna Helper, Progresso Soups and PB & J sandwiches. I don't gorge or stuff myself, I do limit myself and make sure I have fruits and vegetables also. I have been known to just open a can of tuna and chow down for a lite snack. My only real problem is eating at nite. I am told that whatever i eat after 8pm will "go to bed" with me. I am most hungry around 7 - 9 PM. I am thinking that if i increase my food intake during the day just a bit, that i will be satisfied when bed time rolls around. Is there any foods that I should stay away from religously? There is a can of Corn Beef Hash in my pantry that is calling me, but dear Lord, the nutrition facts turn my stomach. Yay? or Nay?

02-03-2003, 05:48 AM
I woud go with some type of nuts to eat during night school. I would recommend eating a meal before be, and no it will not go to bed with you as long as you have alloted for the calories in your total caloric intake for the day. I would also stay away from the mac and cheese and the tuna helper. They are very dense in calories and you would be better off with just some tuna, brown rice and veggies than the "Tuna Helper." Oh yeah and the corn beef hash might not be a good idea;) Also pb sandwiches are good to carry when you want a snack.

02-03-2003, 11:30 AM
I finish my morning routine and it felt like I accomplished something.
10 minute Jog
2 sets of Leg Lifts held for 30 seconds each
3 sets of 15 push ups wide & triangle variety
2 sets of 15 sit ups
3 sets of 15 crunches

For breakfast I ate a bowl of oatmeal with a bit of peanut butter and maple syrup mixed in. After i work out I always feel fat no matter what i eat. Is this normal? I also heard that 5 small meals throughout the day are better than 3 big meals. What does a "small" meal consist of. i have been so hungry the past few days and Im not sure why. I seem to be craving peanut butter and cheesburgers. Not together but seperatly. By cheeseburgers I mean homemade ones on the grill with lettuce and onions and extra lean meat :) . NOT BK OR MCDONALDS

02-03-2003, 04:29 PM
Just take your daily caloric intake and divide it over 5-6 meals per day. If you are craving cheeseburgers go get some lean meat and grill some up. You could even leave off the bun or use ww bread as a bun.

As far as feeling fat just tell yourself that you have to eat to get bigger and stronger. Your body has to have fuel to exercise and exercise burns fat. Might want to have a couple of eggs with that oatmeal and pb. You gotta get your protein in for the day.

02-03-2003, 05:02 PM
take it we are going to be stopping by bk on the way home tonight, i for one could go for a chicken sandwich. some fats better than no fat, thats my motto!

02-03-2003, 11:46 PM
In addition to my oatmeal today, a couple hours later I had a pb&j sandwich and 2 pieces of whole grain sourdough bread, man it was delicious.
Oh boy, free weights were a little more challenging than i thought. I felt like the biggest wuss in the gym. I thought i could put up a respectable amount. HAHA YEA RIGHT. I did do three sets of each freeweight tho. I also did some nautalis machine work. My arms feel worked and don't even get me started. I think i did darn well on my squats. My legs were shocked with that one! I feel i had a successfull day, even tho i realized how much a pansy i really am. After the gym I had 2 roast beef sandwiches with no-fat american cheese. It was so good
As far as a nite school snack goes... I can't stand nuts. I love peanut butter with a passion, but peanuts, almonds, etc... i just can't eat. I've tried believe me i've tried. Im hoping Corn Nuts count as nuts, but i know they don't :( Oh well. I'll have to stick with beef jerky and kettle corn till i aquire a taste for nuts. And another thing, i weighed myself today. I think I actually lost a pound, please tell me thats normal. i was told that muscle weighs more than fat. Oh well. THanks guys for all your help. This is really making weight lifting less mystifying.

02-04-2003, 01:34 AM
Don't worry so much about the weight you put up in the gym. The gym isn't a place for any competetions. Just do what you can do and keep working at it. Everybody has to start somewhere. I'm more impressed with people that do smaller weight but have good form then some dork putting up lots of weight with stupid form.

You might lose a pound or two as your metabolism cranks up and you get accustomed to eating better. It will probably be just fat so just keep eating clean and you'll be doing alright.

02-04-2003, 06:44 AM
lol, no I don't think corn nuts count as nuts;) Stick with the pb sandwiches and beef jerky. The free weights will get easier once you get accustomed to them.

02-04-2003, 11:35 AM
OK my morning routine went pretty well considering i woke up at 11am and did all this at 11:45..
15 minute - jog/run/sprint
3 sets of 15 - Push ups
3 sets of 15 - Sit ups
3 sets of 20 - crunches (which make my stomach muscle burn)
I have had 1 cup of Chai so far, and my dad brought home some taco bell. I ate 1 taco and had a big glass of water. Please tell me that won't cancel out my work out this morning. My metabolism has to be working pretty darn fast these days with me weight lifting and running. Also, what kind of effect will Stacker -2's have on me, besides the obvious boost of energy. For lunch im planning on making some fried rice with eggs and chicken. I bought a packet of mix at the grocery store, no saturated fat so i think im safe :)

02-05-2003, 12:15 AM
Today before I went to school I snacked on two medium sized ribs from Famous Daves BBQ. They were delicious. At school i had a bagel with no fat cream cheese. I snacked on popcorn and ate a bag of Pemmican Beef Jerky. Not alot of food. I am pretty tired tonite so i think im gonna just do some crunches and push ups tonite. My regular sets, but i need to get some rest. my arms and legs are a bit more sore than they were earlier today.

02-05-2003, 09:26 AM
Here it is morning again. My body feels very tired. I read that soreness will peak anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after a hard workout. I think today is going to be a full off day for me. My body is saying "take the day off". I just know im going to feel fat today. I have planned out some meals for today. An omlete has been sound so good and i am making this packet of fried rice. Both will contain no fat cuz im going to use those "egg beaters" things. I am adding lots of vegetables to it tho. ALso if i need a snack I have strawberries in the fridge that look mighty apatizing. I also made JELLO!!! My only drawback is that i don't look any bigger. My stomach is starting to show very small signs of ab growth, but my arms leave something to be desired.

02-05-2003, 10:17 PM
I skimped out on my omlete :( I was already in the process of makin the fried rice so i said screw it. OH well. Todays menu:
1 bowl of fried rice
Roast beef sandwhich
2 pieces of a Hersheys almond bar
and a couple sticks of beef jerk

My body seems to "want" to do its nightly crunches and pushups, so i'll do 3 sets of each with 20 reps. Those crunches really hurt. But its a good kind of pain.
I also took 2 Stacker 2's throughout the day. They give me a nice boost of energy. Im gonna cut down on them again and not take them for a while. too much caffeine for my liking.

02-10-2003, 10:41 AM
Its been a couple days since I have written. My work out at the gym is getting better. We have implemented new routines and exercises. The freeweights are still hard, but with more effort Im sure I can do it. My diet has not changed much. I eat regulary, mostly of roast beef sandwhiches. Those are starting to get old now so i am moving on to home cooked hamburgers. Is the extra-lean ground beef worth spending the money on? or will semi lean work? Im using my bbq to cook them so alot of the fat will drip off. Also I have been having horrible cravings to snack. I have picked up a bag of sunflower seeds (cuz i really hate peanuts), and I also have takin a liking to carrots. They are easy to pack, and no real preparation is needed.

02-10-2003, 11:01 PM
Quite the work out tonite. On the military i went till failure. It feels good now, but, boy, did i wanna kill some people while i was doing them. All in all I did well. I actually put up some more weight than usual today, granted, not for too many reps but still progress none the less. Gonna drink a glass of milk and have few pieces of roast beef to curb my apetite, i need to stop eating at nite. Its a bad habit i think.

02-11-2003, 09:45 PM
Today was a good day. I got to relax. Actually in the morning I did a 10 minute jog(hard to do more than that on a treadmill, very boring), I also did 2 sets of sit ups and 3 sets of crunches. Today I ate a bowl of brown rice, couple glasses of milk, beef jerky, couple pieces of a hersheys almond bar(i cheated :( ) and a package of Keebler Elfin Crackers at school. I also had a couple ritz crackers(low fat) with some no fat cream cheese spread on it, and a little bit of jalepeno jelly. Not the best diet, but i gotta work with what i got. I got some brocolli at the store today, Im going to put some fat free ranch dressing on them and grill them on the BBQ, they taste sooooo good, and will be easy to toss in the microwave.

02-12-2003, 09:57 PM
Just another normal down day. Tonites exercises consist of crunches, situps, and push ups. Muscles arn't so sore today. My chest was sore earlier on. I had brown rice today with some brocolli, and snacked on beef jerky all day. Gym tomorrows I guess. Hopefully i'll continue to put up a little more weight each time. I'll probably jog in the morning.

02-13-2003, 11:55 PM
Not a bad day. Worked the arms and legs today. I did the usual 3 sets ranging from 12 to 8 to 6 reps. I didn't record my weights today. I got some pics i'll try and post here soon, just lazy. Todays menu:
-Grilled Brocolli
-Grilled Chicken Breast w/ BBq sauce (It was AWESOME!!)
-Piece of toast with jelly and zero calorie "I can't believe its not butter"
-Oatmeal with 1tbs of peanut butter (fills ya up!)

I have a question concerning Sugar. In oatmeal and tea would it be better to put granulated sugar or honey? I like either, preferably honey tho. Only problem is that it has more calories than sugar. But honey dosn't have to be digested since the bees do that for me. Its supposed to be really easy on your stomach. Just a question, any help would be appreciated.
Also, salt, someone told me its very bad for you and will make you store fat. Is there any truth to this? I make my own beef jerky and im sure the seasoning and cure i use has lots of salt. Please help.
I also weighed myself with no shoes on at the gym. I weigh 131 as of 11:20pm. I drank a bottle of water at the gym and my last meal was at 8pm this evening. I seem to be going down and not up. what be the deal yo? :)

03-08-2003, 04:14 PM
its because you are cutting rob!
mebbe you should forget the whole belly thing and eat eat eat (all good things mind you) and lift, instead of eating a wee bit and lifting. you bulk ill cut :P
plus on monday when we start our new routing, theres this power lifting thing i wanna try concerning benching. i guess its supposed to be easier to put up more weight or something, not sure though.

dont worry, i think you are doing great, your keeping up with me and i weigh 50lbs more than you ;P