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02-03-2003, 12:30 PM
Hello everybody;

Today is February 3 and I am starting the bulking phase. I have increased little but little my calorie intake during the last 7 days and today I am staring to eat big.

-7 AM: 5 Eggs and a glass of skim milk: 790 cal / 40 prots

-10 AM: Tuna sandwich: 340 cal / 40 prots

-12 PM Lunch: 900 cal / 40 prots

-3 PM Protein shake (with skim milk): 270 cal / 40 prot.

-6 PM Dinner: 900 cal / 40 prots.

Total: 3200 cal / 200 prots.

I supplement with creatine, which makes my face feel puffy all the morning , and I-glutamine.

My main concern is not to gain too much fat in the bulking.

Today I feel stuffed with so much food, I don't understand how the big guys (260 lb) do not to explode with so much food.

Tomorrow is my first training day in this bulking phase. I work Back and do some running.

I ll tell you how it went.

02-03-2003, 12:36 PM
Good luck mate! What do you normally eat for these things you call lunch and dinner? Do you eat anything after 6pm?

Oh yeah :spam:

02-03-2003, 12:50 PM
Thank you;

I don t bring Lunch to the office and I don t want to cook Dinner so I rely on responsible restaurant eating......

For Lunch I either go to a restaurant where I can order Grilled Calamari (no taste and rubber like texture) with some sushi for fish and rice. I also have some broccoli. Other times I have grilled chicken and some more grilled chicken who even if better than the rubber calamari is still far away from a good old American cheeseburger with its two million calories....:).

For dinner I either eat Grilled Chicken with rice and some vegetable or a Tuna steak with a salad or some beef.

02-03-2003, 01:17 PM
Best of luck to ya!!!

What are your goals man?

02-03-2003, 01:49 PM
My goals are to be 220 lb at 15%.

02-03-2003, 04:40 PM
How many carbs are you taking in each day? Good luck with the journal and the bulk


02-04-2003, 04:13 PM

Today was back day and it felt great since for the first time I had something to eat before I went lift my weights. Expected a sore back tomorrow.....:strong:

Tomorrow I rest.

As far as the crabs Bradley I think I don t have enough. Just in the skim milk I have (two glasses a day), some rice in lunch time and 2 slices of bread for my tuna sandwich.....I suppose I should have more.......

02-05-2003, 08:57 AM
I got the exact carbs count. It must be between 140g and 168g per day. Is that too much???

02-05-2003, 04:38 PM
No that is fine and maybe should be higher. Are you gaining at your current calorie intake? I would try and get 1g per lb of bw in protein, about 25-30% of cals from fat, and the rest from carbs. The fat cals would ideally be coming from EFA's. I would also take in about 50-75g of simple carbs with some protein postworkout. Oh yeah and make sure that you have eaten something each time before working out. It doesn't have to immeditately before you lift but if you work out first thing in the morning then you will need some carbs and protein before working out. Otherwise I would recommend eating a regular meal about 1.5-2 hours prior to training.

02-05-2003, 05:26 PM
Good luck there Icharus. I love Calamari, bland and chewy. You didn't post your back workout! Maybe next time.

02-06-2003, 09:31 AM
Thank you guys, this journal is really helping me;

I am gaining weight alright. I made a 4 lb jump in the first seven days of bulking but I suppose it was just my body getting choked after cutting.

I am getting 200 g of proteins which is a little lower that what I should be taking but I plan to increase later on to 215g.

I have some cereals before workout which give me 32g of carbs. I really feel the difference in the energy level it gives me. Before I went to the gym with an empty stomach and it was too hard. now I am doing fine.

Today was pecs and shoulders. I usually classify the quality of my workout by the soreness of my muscles next day so we will see.

02-07-2003, 10:08 AM
My pecs are not that much sore so I guess I ll work harder next time i train that body part. Tomorroe Biceps and triceps :strong:

My diet is gping fine I think.

02-07-2003, 02:19 PM
I think going up in weight or reps from workout to workout is a better indicator of progress.

02-10-2003, 02:56 PM
Saturday was Biceps-Triceps and some running day. Very intense, I felt good about myself. It must be the beautiful ladies in the gym that morning who inspired me.....

Sunday was legs and abs. I focused in the form and went a little less intense than Saturday.

Every Saturday morning I step on the scale. Saturday I was surprised to see that I did not gain a pound, still 210. I am having my 3200 cal per day this week and if I do not gain weight next Saturday I will increase my caloric intake and se what happens.

today was rest day and tomorrow a do Back (dead lifts and all) and some running.