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02-04-2003, 08:56 PM

Well, its time to think big and get big... I've been a part of this forum for 2 years now . Each time i get back into lifting something seems to inhibit my success. For example; i pulled a intercostal muscle about three months ago when i was bulking. This time i have an ultimate goal which is to compete in an upcoming show.. It will be my first show ever! Im a little nervous, and figured if i kept a journal you guys would keep me on the right track..

I hope to get some pictures posted soon..

Here are my stats.
Male- 5'10, oh ok 5'8"
wt- 156 (better than the 140 i posted 2 years ago)
bodyfat- 7.6 % ( i took the average of five measurments throughout the week all at different times of the day)

Bench is 205lbs
squat is 265lbs (i know, iknow .. its weak)
deadlift= ? ( Ive nvr attempted a 1 rep max)

02-04-2003, 09:00 PM
Good luck. I will be interested to see your progress.

02-04-2003, 09:11 PM
Today was leg day.. I love to hate leg day..

breakfast 9:00am: 4 eggs, 1/2 cup of oatmeal
snack 1, 11:30am: three large chicken strips, battered
lunch 1 1:30pm: Two cans of tuna with mayonayse
snack 2 3:30pm: 15 pizza rolls
preworkout 4:15pm: Nitro tech bar, and glass of OJ
post workout 5:30 pm: 2 scoops of optimum nutrition protein in water and a meso tech bar.
dinner: Hamburger (lean beef) and 2 potatoes

Stretch 5-10 min.
Squat 135x20 with a concentration on form.
225x 11 1/2
235x 9
45 dumbells so 90lbs, 18x16x12 or 9x8x6 per leg
Leg extentions:
85lbs per leg on hammer machine. 10x8x6
210lbs double legged with toes pointed in 10x8x6
(Hams and calves tomorrow in case you wondering)

02-04-2003, 09:12 PM
thanks Hercule..

02-05-2003, 05:08 AM
Originally posted by TylerDurden
Here are my stats.
Male- 5'10, oh ok 5'8"


Congrats on starting up a journal to keep you on track and accountable...brilliant journal title too:thumbup:.

When do you plan on competing?? You have your ultimate goal so why not make it REAL?? ;)

02-05-2003, 10:55 AM
Im competing in april..
Im eating like a sumo wrestler right now.. but it feels good to keep seeing results..

02-05-2003, 11:20 AM
good luck man!

02-05-2003, 01:01 PM
I'm just sitting here eating and thought i would check out any new posts.. Thanks for the company Enrico!!

Can't wait to get off work so i can finish my legs off in the gym..

I'm a little worried about this upcoming weekend because one of my old friends/drinking buddy is coming to town fri and i dont want to **** up my diet.. I just hope i can withstand the pressure.!

02-05-2003, 01:06 PM
live a little man, call it a carb up!! lol

02-05-2003, 01:11 PM

CARB up it is, then!!

02-05-2003, 05:47 PM
today was hamstrings, glutes, calves, and abs
Very intense session today with the exeption that i forgot to bring some orange juice for post workout glucose so i ate some old protein bar i had that was like 46 carbs...

breakfast: 5 eggs, 1/2 cup of oatmeal
snack: 1 hamburger and a red potato
lunch: 2 hamburgers and sweet potatoes
snack (preworkout) Nitro tech bar and a MRP
postworkout- protein shake 2 scoops, and bar
dinner 1: hamburger and potatoes (again, it was convenient)4 cups of whole milk
dinner 2: 3 peanut butter sandwiches on wheat.

stretch 5-10 min
sitting single leg hammer curls: 12*10*6*6/
SLDL: 135/155/175 -10*8*6
lying leg curls: 110/140 -10*10*8 1/2
Donkey raises: 140/ -10*10*10 (good squeeze on these today)
CAlve raises on smith machine: 275 10*9*9 (ouch! i can barely walk)
Abs: NOrmal strength routine!

ALL in ALL i would say it was a good day! I probably will hate myself come friday though!

02-05-2003, 08:21 PM
Good luck Tyler! How many cals you taking in roughly?
Mmmmmmm burgers :drooling:

02-05-2003, 10:11 PM
almost 3200 if my figures are correct

02-05-2003, 10:12 PM
thats including condiments, and milk that i dont record.

02-06-2003, 09:12 AM
im sore as hell this morning.. But i found away to get out of bed anyway.. have to go buy some more oatmeal today cause my roomates ****ing cat knocked it of the refridgerator...

I wish there was a cat season, sort of like deer season..

02-07-2003, 08:00 AM
I had a great workoutout yesterday, it was shoulders and tricepts. The only problem is im so sore thatim not going to be able to do back today.. Im going to wait till monday for back.. I was planning on switching the days soon anyway, so now i have a reason. MEals went good yesterday, i actually had 7 meals instead of the six.

I weighed in at 158lbs !! prretty awsome!!
I feel so much stronger now that i quit the keto diet.

02-07-2003, 10:02 AM
Hi Bro - Its good you are going to be doing a show later on - Keep pumpin:strong:

02-08-2003, 07:28 AM
I went out last night, but i didnt drink.. Had a blast and still got all my meals in. I hopw tonight will work out the same..

Thanks for the support cocoa!

02-11-2003, 11:02 AM
OH my god! i've been lazy about posting on my journal.

Well today is tues. im going in for chest and bicepts latter today.
sunday was an awsome cheat day, and mon was hard to get back on track witht he meals.. i had 5 meals yesterday, i just wasnt hungry..

Today is a new day and here is my plan:
Breakfast: 5 eggs, oatmeal and milk
sanck: 3 chicken breasts
lunch: 3.5 servings of tuna on two slices of whole wheat
snack: 4 slices of whole wheat with 4tablespoons of peanut butter
dinner: hamburger and potatoes
snack: turkey, and cream cheese.

preand post workout shake, and orange juice

10 min of stretch
hammer strenght bench press: 4sets 10/8/6/6
Dumbell incline bench: 3 sets 10/8/6 55/65/70
fly's: 3 sets 10/10/8 135/140/150
Straight bar wide grip curls: 10/8/6 55/65/75
dumbell curls / hammer curls: 8/6 | 8/6: 35/40
resistors (my own twist on preacher curls) 2sets of 3 85 lbs

02-13-2003, 09:34 AM
Ahh, so tired this morning
I did legs last night and im feeling it today..
My diet was good yesterday im 158 1/2lbs.. I feel skinny though..
Today my diet is going to suck because its my ****in Birthday…..!!!
My girlfriend is taking me to bennigans ( my favorite restaurant) and then my friends are taking my to the strip club!!! So its gonna be a good night!!

Im gonna try to get into the gym and finish off my legs before i go out though!!

Wish me luck!

02-14-2003, 10:13 PM



02-17-2003, 05:21 PM
Hey thanks tank

02-17-2003, 05:26 PM
sorry my post are so short, and my updates kind of suck right now but my CPU is overheating and i've been hacked by some low life.. I should be back to normal very soon though.

Just so you know, this weekend was crazy and i drank alot.. Today i wasable to kick my self in the ass and get back to it though. I weighed in today at 160lbs!!??? I think the scale is broken or something cause their is no way that im that heavy.. i'll let you know tomarrow if it is correct because they're putting new batteries in the digital scale first thing in the morning.

09-15-2003, 07:48 PM
Alright, i deserve to get flamed... I wanted to enter that contest and i did continue the program for a about a month, but i had to move to minneapolis for chiropractic school. All the hoops i had to jump through really threw off my motivation..

So heres the story, im in the second semester of school and i did the same program for the first semester.. I'm now 145lbs (lost some weight due to some phychological things) But im bulking again and making gains like triple H. so to start off to day was leg day
squats- 275: 15 , 315: 10, 325:8, 335: 6
lunges- 135 (smith) 10,8, 6
leg extentions- 240(both legs):12, 90(single leg):10:10
leg curls(single)- 75:12;12;10
slcd: 135 10;10;10
calve raises(standing) 240*15*15
sonkey press- 180*3sets of:10

Breakfast: 2scoops of optimum prtein, 2scoops of ice cream, 5strawberries 1 cup of whole milk (preworkout)

postworkout: phophogen hp, and 1 scoop of protein..

lunch: turkey sandwich with lettuce and cheese, wheat bread. 1cup of cottage cheese

snack: protein bar and 2 scoops of protein.
(in between classes)
dinner: hamburger on plain bagal with cheese. 2 cups of milk

before bed: another shake like breakfast...mmmmm tasty

09-15-2003, 07:49 PM
critique so i can fix my flaws, please...

09-15-2003, 07:51 PM
oh yeah, other supplements im taking.. multi vitamin GNC, and ornithine and arginine2g/5g

09-15-2003, 08:31 PM
I assume you are bulking...are you tracking your total cals in fitday or something similiar? Squat poundage looks impressive, assuming you are doing at least parallel squats.

09-16-2003, 07:21 AM
no and yes... i havent kept track of the total cals. im just trying to eat more than normal.... yes i do parrellel squats.

thanks for the response. gonna go to the gym and school now

09-16-2003, 09:06 AM
Might want to post your total cal intake...thats really the key to adding size.

09-16-2003, 08:15 PM

pectoralis major and minor, bicepts brachii short and long head. brachialis.

Barbell bench: 135*20 warmup, 185*8, 195*6,195*4(with help)
Barbell incline: 135*12, 145*8, 155*6
fly's: 140*10, 150*8, 160*8
standing dumbell curls: 45*20, 45*16, 45*12
hammer curls: 40*20, 40*12, 40*12
striaght bar wide grip curls: 65*10, 75*5, 85*2 Weak!!
resistors: 2 sets of 80lbs(killer burnout)

had to skip abs, woke up late and didnt have time before class.
1. 4 eggs and 5 sausage links. phosphagen hp (preworkout)
2. (postworkout) 60 grams protein in 8oz of water and a yougart.
3. can of tuna, plain bagel, cup of cottage cheese, and yogart
4. protein bar loaded with carbs, and another 60g shake
5. turkey sandwich(1/2 lb) wheat bread, glass of whole milk.
6. before bed, homeade wt.gainer shake from receipt forum.. :)

today i was so sore form legs then i had football practice. i think im getting old.. workout went well, i felt strong. I have alot of studying to do so i probably shouldnt be on here typing... I tried to go to that website fitday but it takes so frickin long to lookup each food item, then it doesnt have protein shakes and **** on it so i gave up.. i have to mush to do to waste an hour trying to figure all that **** out. so, ill just post my meals and if you think they look weak, then tell me how to fix them and ill listen..

09-16-2003, 09:12 PM
cool, awesome movie = had to check out the journal LOL

nice job posting stuff.....

I agree fit day is difficualt and time consuming at best. I use it to double check the odd meal now and then. I just count stuff on my own now and once you get on a regular rotation of food it is very easy to keep intake around the same number of calories every day and not as hard as I thought it would be when I started the whole "diet if key" thing.

I think you should add a bit more carbs for another meal either as oatmeal or a bagel or granola nuts cereal = all of these have @300 calories and 40grams carbs in single serving. Or maybe an extra tuna sammich utilizing the whole can of tuna on two slices of bread = gives you another 30grams protein and 35grams of carbs.

which protein bar are you eating?

09-17-2003, 07:10 AM
thanks kenn, Im eating optimum nutrition chocolate brownie bar. i got a deal on a box at dpsnutrition.30g of protein, 40 grams a carbs, 20 form sugar.
i think ill add peanut butter sandwiches to the diet.

09-18-2003, 01:27 PM
yesterday, the diet was excelent.. i got seven meals in...
today.. I did back and tri's.. had a partner today, so i got to push myself a little harder.
--I did tricepts first on the advice of my brother who is a personal trainer, i was complaing of not "feeling" anything from my tricept workout. Im glad i took his advice, got a pood pump today.

Skull crushers. 85*15, 95*10, 105*6
close grip bench 135*10,8,4 (tried for six, got help with the eighth rep)
tricept pull down, 120*15, 140*10, 140*8 1/2
single arm tricept kick backs. 40*8, 40*6, 40*4

Deadlifts (just started these 3 weeks ago so no flaming please)
185*10, 215*8,215*6
DB rows- 90*10, 95*8, 100*6
pull ups- 25lb wt- 8,6,4

abs- 3 sets of 20 with weight
diet is good so far.
4 eggs and sausage, creatine, protein shake post workout. double cheese burger and fries( a little cheat but alot of calories, i have a test so i need some extra fuel to study, good excuse?)

09-18-2003, 08:02 PM
God how I wish I could bulk.

Journal is looking good. Looks like you got a goal and a plan.
I'll look forward to seeing your progress.:)

09-19-2003, 08:36 AM
thanks midee,:)
This morning started a little slow, but i managed to get the eggs down. I was really dehydrated for some reason, maybe the creatine. I drank about 32 ounces of water before i came to school. Today we are cutting the lungs out of our cadavers.. should be interesting. diet is going wel so far today, but ya never know on fridays!!:alcoholic

09-19-2003, 08:37 AM
does anyone know how to shrink your pics? i would like to post some before shots but my camera makes the pics huge.

09-20-2003, 10:26 AM
bump......, ill be back tomarrow

09-22-2003, 08:12 PM
today was legs again....

im a little dissapointed in my meals, i had 4 hours of class in a row and football practice right after word. I didnt have enough time this morning to put together enough food for the day..

legs (i also slacked on legs today due to my football tournament this weekend)

(i guess im cheating a little on my squats so i tried to work my form harder, i find that my hip flexors stop my squats about 3 inches above parallel, i dont think i can fix that.)
lunges(walking db)
55's *10*10*10
leg extensions (single leg)
100 *10*10*8
leg curls(single leg)
calve raises
donkey press

1. phosphogen hp, 4 eggs
2. post workout protein shake
3. can of tuna, bagel, yougart, 1 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
4. protein bar, and shake
5 piece of pizza (left over from about a week ago, i think i need to go grocery shopping) peanut butter straight out of jar
6. homemade wt gainer shake.
7. a big bowl of that stuff i use to get in undergrad... whats it called? oh yeah, some muff pie!!!

im pissed off at my football team, its a passing league and we have alot of talent. the problem is our quaterback, he can throw like a champ but he throws to the same guys all the time, and well, they dont know how to run off a DB or come back to the ball. ah.. f**** them, ill just go lift weights.....

09-22-2003, 10:00 PM
oops, i just had about a cup of macaroni and cheese..

09-24-2003, 09:03 PM
did chest and bicepts today..
185 10*8
195*4 hmmm?
incline press
dumbell flies

standing dumbell curl
hammer curl
straight bar curl
85 *10*7*4
diet was so so
leaving tomarrow for chiro games to play football.. wont be back until mon...