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07-24-2001, 10:22 AM
Getting back into it after an AC joint injury bout 2.5 months ago. Anyways:

I did some VERY light work last week to ease my way back into things.

7-23-01 Chest, Shoulders, Tris

Flat BB bench: 100*10, 100*15 x 2 - felt ok, this is the movement that hurt my AC joint. So I am going VERY light for a while.

Incline BB bench: 50*15 x 2 - felt good, will add more weight week after next

Rotator Cuff (not sure what the movement is called): 5*12 x 2

Seated BB OVHD press: 50*10 x 3 - felt very good, no discomfort at all. Will up it the week after next.

Tri pushdowns: 50*10, 65*10, 65*16 or so (failure) - need to up this next week.

Lateral Raises: 10*12 x 2

Some basic info:

I am 21, 207lbs, 5'9.5", bf% prob about 25% not sure. I will get some measurements later. I workout at home, have an awesome set up with free weights. My poundages DO NOT include the bar that I use (bar is 15lbs, homemade).

Short term goal is to get back at it and to clean up my diet. It has been ok-good last week and this week; prior to this it SUCKED. Diet will look like this:

M1 - 7:15 - .5C oats (no time in the morning, I need a QUICK protein source)

M2 - 9:45 - .25C oats, .5 can tua (albacore)

M3 - 12:00 - medium size salad, 1 can tuna, little dressing (lite ceasor).

M4 - 2:45 - same as M2

M5 - 5:15 - mom's cooking usually. I eat the healthy stuff, and try to stay away from the high fat. Usually have 1 med potato, some other veggies, and protein.

M6 - 8-9:00 - salad with some tuna, or TURKEY spam (10g fat, 33g pro, and little carbs) and a little bit of dressing.

I lift 3 x a week, at 6:15PM or so. I have a protein drink with milk (the powder is all protein) right after.


Feel free to post as much as you want, any advice would be great.

07-24-2001, 01:05 PM
Rest day,

Diet pretty much the same, we will see what maa has cooking. May go jogging after it the sun goes down. Want to start to lose some bf.

07-25-2001, 06:38 AM
Thought it was going to be a rest day, and I was looking forward to taking a nap after work. Plans changed; my gal had to work late so I worked out Tues instead of Wed.

Back, Bis

Seated cable rows (wide grip): 80*10, 95*10 x 2 - felt great, may add some weight.

Seated cable rows (narrow): 95*10 x 2 - same as above

Pull downs (med grip, in front): 95*10 x 3 - same as above

BB shrugs: 130*15 x 2, 130*16 - will have to add some weight on this.

Curls (EZ bar): 50*10, 60*12

Over all this was a good workout. Think I will throw it up in the training forum to get some comments, think I may bo doing to many rows and not going heavy enough.

Diet wasnt too bad.....had the normal....oats, tuna, salad, turkey spam.


Today is a REST day FOR SURE this time!!

Tomorrow is leg day

08-01-2001, 06:23 AM
Chest, Shoulders, Tris

Flat BB bench: 100*10, 100*15 x 2 - felt good, still gonna keep it light for another week

Incline BB bench: 50*10, 60*15 - felt good

Rotator Cuff: 5*12 x 2

Seated BB OVHD press: 50*10 x 3 - felt very good add more lbs next week

Tri pushdowns: 50*10, 65*10, 65*20 or so (failure) - need to up this next week.

Lateral Raises: 10*12 x 2


Diet has been ok

Going on vaca in a couple of days. Cant wait to get away from work for a week and a half. Need the fuken brain break. will miss a couple of days of lifting though. Wont let that discourage me though

08-02-2001, 06:46 AM
Back, Bis

Pull downs (med grip, in front): 80*10, 95*10, 130*10 - slowly working my way to pullups. didnt have a spotter today for assistance

Seated cable rows (wide grip): 95*10 x 2 - felt great

Seated cable rows (narrow): 95*10 x 2 - same as above

BB shrugs: 130*15, 140*15 x 2- will add more to this

Curls (EZ bar): 50*10, 60*17 (failure) - may up this, either up the first set or just the second set

Workout was great. My AC joint feels fine. Did some ver light BB bent over rows, never done em before so i am gonna stick with the seated cable until form is perfect.

Today is a rest day, leaving to go on vaca. Be back at it in a week. Gonna do some wind sprints early in the morning on the beach a couple of days out of the week.

08-15-2001, 06:36 AM
Chest, Shoulders, Tris

Flat BB bench: 100*10, 100*15, 110*12 - felt ok, had a little "feeling" in my AC so I didnt raise the poundage too much.

Incline BB bench: 50*10, 60*12 - felt good, will stay at this for another week and see what happens

Rotator Cuff: 5*12 x 2

Seated BB OVHD press: 50*10, 60*10, 60*12 - felt very good

Tri pushdowns: 50*10, 70*10, 70*12 - will stay at this for another weeks and add the week after

Lateral Raises: 10*12 x 2


Vacation was good. The only downfall was I didnt lift, i did jog the beach a couple of times. My diet also sucked @ss. Cleaning up the diet this week, and hitting the weights again feels good. I am glad to be back pushing the iron. It was TOO soon to take a break, but this vaca was planned; oh well its done and over with.

On Sunday (8-12) my men's football league started back up. We had a scrimmage and I landed very awkwardly on my right leg. I was making a block down filed and when I hit the DB my right leg was fully extended and when it planted it hyperextended slightly, my ankle twisted and my hip has a sore feeling to it also. So legs will not be done this week. MAY do some VERY light work, but I will see how it is come the end of the week. Sucks but its all in the love of the game.

Tomorrow is BACK/BIs

08-16-2001, 06:27 AM
Back, Bis

Pull downs: 80*10, 130*10 x 2 - slowly working my way to pullups. my friend is very RAW with lifting and spotting so no assistance today. Cant wait for my brother to get back to spot.

Seated cable rows (wide grip): 100*10 x 2 - felt great

Seated cable rows (narrow): 100*10 x 2 - same as above

BB shrugs: 130*15, 145*15 x 2- will add more to this again

Curls (EZ bar): 50*10, 60*19 (failure) - will up thisnext week

Felt fuken tired these past couple of days. I think it is from the diet. It is geting better though and should be on tack for next week. I am taking the rest of the week off, my ankle and knee still feel sore. Hopefully it will be good for game on Sunday.

08-16-2001, 07:04 AM
Bro you need to up the weight, especially on shoulders. Try 70-75 for your first workset. Try to stay at 10 reps maximum. To me it looks like you are doing light sets, and not even failing, stopping at 10-12 reps. You gotta go heavier, and go till you fail.

08-16-2001, 10:52 AM
Ya I understand what you are saying. But should I up the weight even though I had an AC joint injury? My plan is to up slowly to prevent another injury. Believe me it is hard to keep myself from throwing on some weight. Before my injury I was working with 195 on the bench and 75 for the OVHD press. Hopefully I will get back there. Like I stated in my first post, the injury happened when I was benching so I am going very slow with this. Now I have fuked up my leg, it makes it hard to feel like I am accomplishing something......I think the leg will be good next week.

Thanks for the advice,

To Everyone:



08-16-2001, 10:58 AM

08-16-2001, 11:07 AM
Originally posted by Cackerot69

I expected that

Chris Rodgers
08-16-2001, 08:32 PM
LOL, so did I.

I'm pretty sure that Yaz didn't know of your injury. I think you are doing the best possible thing for your body by building up slowly. No need to rush back in and go heavy. Good Luck with it and Hi!

08-17-2001, 06:00 AM
No actually I didn't but he posted it in here so I should have seen it.

No problems then. Keep it up. BTW, hi.

10-31-2001, 07:22 AM
just bumpin it up for future use; will update later today

11-01-2001, 06:53 AM
FOCK, just posted three days worth of lifts and then previewed the post and hit the back key and all of it is gone, will update later. Man thats a kick in the nuts

11-01-2001, 06:40 PM
Shoulder, Chest, tris

*First three lifts are to strengthen my shoulder (hopefully). They are rotator cuff/shoulder isolation exercises.

Cuban Rotations: 15lbs*15reps x 3 sets

Rear Delt Raises: 5lbs*5 x 2sets

Seated External Rotations: 5lbs*5 x 2 sets

BB Flat Bench: 100*10 x 3sets - I know it is VERY light, remember
I am taking it easy due to my shoulder/AC joint. It felt great no pain, I will add some weight next time.

BB Incline Bench: 60*10 x 2sets - felt a little discomfort, weight is very light. I might ditch this exercise for a while, will give it another week.

Seated BB OVHD Press: 50*10, 60*10 x 2sets - usually I feel very comfortable with this exercise, this time I had some discomfort in my shoulder and AC joint. Not good, will try it again next week and take it from there.

Tri Pushdowns: 50*10, 65*10 x 2 sets - felt good, used VERY strict form.

Standing Lateral Arm Raises: 10lbs*12 x 3sets

Back Bis

Pulldowns: 80*10, 110*10, 130*12 - felt good, will do assisted chins in a couple of weeks, will raise weight next week.

T Bar Rows (used a BB w/weight on one end and the other end placed in the corner of the wall - great for a home gym!!) 100*10 x 3sets - felt good, will keep it at this weight to concentrate on form since this is my 1st time with this movement.

Narrow Grip Seated Rows: 110*10, 120*13 - will add some weight to both sets next week.

BB Shrugs: 150*15 x 3sets - almost feels like my forearms get more of a workout than my traps!!

EZ Bar Curls: 60*10, 70*failure - arms were very pumped!!

Legs on Friday

Diet is comming along slowly, goal is to lose some body fat. I need it big time!!

Fart Barker
11-03-2001, 05:02 PM
How bout that leg day? :)

11-05-2001, 06:47 AM
Squats: 135*10 x 2 (warmup), 185*10, 205*10, 225*6 - I had alot more in me and will up the weight next week. Felt some stiffness in my lower back nothing major though, probably need to do some direct lower back work (spinal erectors).

Leg Ext: 120*10 x 3

Leg Curls: 70*10 x 3 - need to get my hammys up to par, this is my weak spot.

Seated Calf Raises: 115*10 x 3

Also did some ab work: crunches, machine work

Was a very quick workout today, seemed like I was only in the gym for a half hour, but it felt good.

11-06-2001, 06:42 AM
Back Bis

Pulldowns: 110*10, 130*10, 130*12 - felt good, will add more weight again next week.

Narrow Grip Seated Rows: 130*10, 130*13 - felt good, will add a couple lbs next week

T Bar Rows:100*10 x2, 100*15 - felt good, for seems to be dead on, will add weight next week

BB Shrugs: 150*15 x 3sets - almost feels like my forearms get more of a workout than my traps!!

EZ Bar Curls: 60*10, 70*failure - arms were very pumped!!

Work out was great, my upper body was dead. Diet is getting cleaner.

11-29-2005, 06:07 AM
You haven't worked out since 2001? Damn you're a slacker!

12-15-2005, 01:24 PM
Wow. this is fuken old. i didnt even know i had this out there hahaha