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02-14-2003, 09:37 PM
Heres my journal starting from MON.

Speed/wide/Box squats - 8 sets of 2 reps with 135 pounds. and then sets of singles with 220 pounds, 242 pounds, 253 pounds. this one was weird, i had the box positioned so that when i sat down, my knees were parallel just like if i was doing squats. 2 weeks ago, i did 258.5 pounds for 10 reps. When i did the box squats with 253, it felt really heavy, i don't think i could have done any more if i tried. So when i attempt my back squats on Thurs, i think the amount of weight i used previous will have to come down. I'll just need to wait and see.

Next was front squats - 3 sets of 135 pounds for 12 reps.

Weighted abs - 22 pounds for as many reps as i could.

Standing calf raises - 3 main sets. My heaviest was 297 pounds for 11 reps.
Flat bench press was next. - 2 warm up sets + 3 main sets. I just stuck on 220 pounds. I managed 7 reps and then stripped 10 pounds off each of the remaining sets.

Incline Dumbbell press - 77 pound dumbbells (2 sets) for 6 reps

barbell shrugs - I decided to experiment here and try doing this one with the calf machine. That way i don't have to wrry about my hand grip letting me down. it was ok but i think i'll just go back to the barbell way. Atleast my grip will get stronger plus i prefer it anyway.

Deadlifts - I was kind dredding this one. I best so far in the last couple of weeks was 275 pounds for 6 reps. i always aim for 15 reps. yesterday i dicided to try 242 pounds. i managed 10 reps. I did this without a belt. From now on if i 'm doing higher reps with a weight, i'll just leave the belt and only use it if i'm attempting reps in the region of 5 reps or below. I only did 1 set of this.

I then went on to close-grip cable pushdowns - I warmed up and did 88 pounds for 10 reps for my first main set. and then dropped 10 pounds off each of the other 2 sets that i did. I could have used more weight but i never had my dipping belt with me. Normally when i 'm doing this exercise, i hand a 45 pound plate from my waist. Which allows me to go heavier than normal by forcing my body to keep low to the ground. I forgot to bring it yesterday so i'll remember next week.

All in all, not bad. I'll post my results on Thurs and let you know about the knee. I'll have to see how it holds up for the back squats and leg presses.

Robert:D :D

02-14-2003, 09:39 PM
This was from yesterday,

Today i ended up changing some of my routine but still kept the basics.
I began with One legged extensions to warm up my knees. Then i went on to squats. Changed my warmups here. First i did just the bar, 45 pounds for 15 fast controlled reps. Then i jumped to 135 pounds for 10 fast reps. Knees felt good. Then i jumped up to 220 pounds for 5 reps. Felt fairly heavy. My left knee still held up though. Then i increased the weight to 242 pounds and repped out 5 more. Felt a twinge in my knee but it wasn't too bad. I then went up to 247 .5 pounds and repped out 5 reps which were difficult. Alot of breathing between reps. My knee though on this set was aching, so i quite the squats and went on to leg presses, NO,NO! Wasn't happening, my knee was killing me on these so i decided to call it a day for legs and move on to my next exercise.

That was a bitch. A couple of weeks ago i was up doing 258.5 pounds for 10 reps, today i was planning on working up to that weight for 5 reps, never happened. I think from now on, i'm just going to stick to body weight squats for a while, and just concentrate on my other lifts.

I went up in the Standing Calf raises - 319 pounds for 11 reps. Not bad considering after measuring my body weight this morning, i noticed i'd lost 4.5/5 pounds. I couldn't do weighted chest dips today because i've lost the clipping part of the chain so instead i did Flat bench press but this time dropped the weight to equal my body weight and went for as many reps as i could. I got 12 which wasn't too bad. I then did 2 sets of close-grip bench press for 12reps each.

Went on to do barbell shrugs and followed by deadlifts. Today i managed 247.5 pounds for the deadlift. This should increase as the weeks go on hopefully. By this i mean without injuries, cross fingers!

I think for the bench press i'm gona stick to 12 rep sets. I've had to strip 25 pounds off my bench to do this but i'll keep the reps up unti l i equal my previous lift for 8 reps if you get what i mean. Right now i'm beginning to increase my reps and take off weight if i can no longer increase from workout to workout. I'll keep doing this until my reps become as high as 15 or 16. Then i'll start adding weight and lowering the reps. I'm hoping this method will help my muscles to progressively continue, to get stronger.

I finished my routine today with some barbell curls. I want to work more of these into my routine.


02-14-2003, 09:44 PM
Rob, man! It's nearly 4am! Go to bed!

By the way, stick at the squats. Some days are off, some are on. Stick with them and they'll go up. Just always push yourself.

I bet your late nights are holding you back somewhat too. ;)

I'll only forgive you if you have a bonnie lass waiting in your bed for you right now.

02-14-2003, 09:48 PM
I wish mate, i wish. Got to admit, the late i ccould progress better if i went to my bed alot earlier. Any leg exercise for me just now seems to hurt my left knee. So i'm gona experiment abit next week at the gym to see how my knee hold up. if i still feel pain, then i guess its the doctors for me.


02-14-2003, 10:01 PM
What sort of pain?

By the way, a good friend of mine just lives in a borough outside of Glasg-wee.

No idea the name though. He works for T-Mobile.

02-14-2003, 10:42 PM
As soon as i load up to my heavy sets of squats, and start to rep out, i feel a build up of pressure on my left knee joint. feels like its gona explode if i continue to do reps.

By Glasg-wee, do you mean, Glasgow?


02-15-2003, 10:11 AM
Haha, yeah.

That's what we call it.

No idea why.

02-18-2003, 06:16 AM
Hey People,

Last night i decided to go for 3 days a week training. It means that i have to train on friday afternoon after i finish University which will definetely test me. I'm normally up most of the night on Thursday doing my Uni work then i have to get up at 7.15am to get a meal and head off to catch the bus. So by the time i get into UNI, i'm normally half a sleep, ha,ha! I'll try it anyway and see how i feel. I mean, the other 2 days are fine so i'm just gona have to put in some dedication and force myself to go on friday, simple.

Anyway, i wrote a new workout last night. I was up late, really late so i was thinking about my routine, which is how i came up with adding an extra training day. I'll write my workouts on each training day. Just now, here's what i did today:

speed/wide/box squats - 137.5 pounds (8sets of 2) and 3 single sets of 225.5,242,258.5 pounds which is a PR.

front squats - 2 sets of 137.5 pounds for 10 reps and 7 reps.

weighted abs - 1 set of 33 pounds for as many as i could.

Standing calf raises - 3 sets - I managed 330 pounds for my last set.

Flat bench Press - 3 sets - My heaviest being 203.5 pounds for 12 reps.

Incline bench Press - 2 sets of 135 pounds for 13 reps each i managed.

Seated T-Bar Row - 5 sets - Heaviest set i did 209 pounds for 3 reps.

Deadlifts - 1 set. I managed 253 pounds for 10 reps. These were hard since i worked the T-Bar Rows before hand. But i like to do only 1 set for the deads which is why i did it after the T-Bars.

Close-grip Cable Pushdowns - 3 sets - heaviest being 93.5 pounds for 10 reps.

All in all. Not a bad day. My knee never bothered me today. Seems to only affect me when i do back squats. The seated t-bar rows and incline bench press i haven't done in awhile but i'm pleased with the amount of weight i shifted. Well until WEDS then, C ya,

P.S - My weight for today - 191.1 pounds/86.70kg/13.9 stone,
I've lost 5 or 6 pounds in weight. All since i began UNI. I've just noticed that there. I'm pretty bummed. I mean i knew i lost some weight but i never thought i lost that much. I think my target over thr next few months will be to keep as close as i can to the 200 pound mark. There's no way i want to drop down below 190 pounds, no way. Just need to be more disiplined with myself inorder to get my ass into the kitchen and cook some damn food. Oh well, until next time,


03-06-2003, 05:36 AM
Okay i haven't posted in awhile but i think i'll just post my best workout lifts of my routines. I workout 3 days a week still, full body workouts.

Mondays workout as follows: 03/03/2003

Bodyweight - 13.8 stone / 190.3 pounds / 86.40 kg

I was in the middle of doing box squats. They should have been fine for my knees but my left knee ended up hurting again. So instead of doing 3 sets of heavy max single box squats, i did it instead with the full SQUATS. I got a 'PR' which was good - 297 pounds for 1 rep.

I then went on to DEADLIFTS - I went back to the normal way of doing these as in i lifted the weight directly off from the floor. I managed 269.5 pounds for 14 reps, which i was chuffed about considering i hadn't trained deadlift for close to 2 weeks. By the way, i only did 1 set. My best 1 rep max ever for the deadlift has been 330 pounds. So i won't bother finding out my current 1 rep max until i work my way up to 330 pounds for 10-15 reps. It could take some time but hopefully i'll get there by June.

Flat Bench Press - Was next. I managed 220 pounds for 10 reps. I will definetely need to improve upon this. Its pretty low. Next i did weighted chest dips with 38.5 pounds for 2 sets of 9 and 6 reps. Then 2 sets of flys 39.6 pound dumbbells for 12 reps.

Seated T-Bar Rows were next. This one i was looking forward too. I warmed up and then jumped straight to my heaviest weight of 181.5 pounds for 17 reps. I did another 2 sets dropping the weight by 10 pounds on each set repping out close to 18 reps for all sets. This one was a new 'PR' for me since i added on 5 pounds and still managed to rep out an extra 5 or 6 reps from the previous week.

I then finished off with some Ab work. Overall not a bad workout. Took me about an hour and a half to complete but the main factor is, i still managed to gain weight and still acheive my desired reps plus. I made a slight change from before. Instead of doing the deadlift near the end of my workout, i decided to train it after squats. That way my back is warmed up and it means i can go all out with just 1 set, cool huh!

Until next time guys, see ya,


03-06-2003, 05:41 AM
Hi all,
This was my workout from yesterday,

I decided to try some leg curls. I'm taking a day off from squats etc to just conc. on some hamstring work. I did 3 sets.

I then went on to Speed/Flat bench press - I did 8 sets of 2 reps - 20 secs rest between sets with 154 pounds. After this, i attempted 225.5 pounds for 10 reps, instead i only managed 4 reps. I think i'm overtrained slightly in my chest area due to maxing out on bench press on MONDAY there. Instead of training chest again of Friday, i think it would be wise to give it a miss. We'll see, depends how my chest feels. So i just did 3 more sets of 198 pounds for 10 reps.

I went on to Incline Bench Press next. I like this one. I did 137.5 pounds for 17 reps. My target was 12 so i blew that a way. Which means i'm definetely increasing the weight next week, ha,ha! I did 2 sets of this. I then finished of my chest with 2 sets of 39.6 pound dummbell flys for 12 reps. I think i'll increase the weight on these too next week.

Next was negative wide grip chins. These are painful on the old hand grip. I held myself up for as long as i could with 38.5 pounds hanging from my waist for 2 sets. Then i did 1 set of bodyweight wide grip chins for 5 reps. Couldn't do any more. I then proceed to do 2 more sets but this time did close grip chins. I managed 6 and 4 reps with just bodyweight only. I'll need to train harder for these. Its a weak exercise for me.

Barbell Shrugs - I did 236.5 pounds for 10 reps today, 2 or 3 reps shorter than what i was hoping for but hey, theres always next week. I did 3 sets in total. I then did a few concentration curl sets and finally on to close-grip cable push downs. I managed 104.5 pounds which is a 'PR' for 12 reps. I did 3 sets of this taking 10 pounds off each remaining set. And then i finished off my workout doing some AB work.

Not too bad today, need to get my reps up in the chins but that will come with time. I'll try and respond back later tonight or definetely tomorrow if any of you post replies, ok. Catch you all later, my next workout will be Friday by the way,


03-07-2003, 10:25 AM
Hey there everyone,

Well today was exhausting. I was up all night last night doing my uni work. Then i had to go into UNI, i finished at 12.30pm, hopped on the bus and got to the gym by 1.30pm and began my workout. Took me an hour in total. I never did my full workout, just exercises that i didn't want to miss out.

Well heres what i did:

I warmed up then i went on to leg press machine - warmed up with 100kg (220 pounds), then worked my way up to 200kg (440 pounds) for 10 reps. A couple of weeks ago i couldn't move 40kg (88 pounds) cause of my knee. I barely ever do leg press anyway so i was pleased with the weight i shifted.

Next i decided to experiment a little. So i went on and did 1 all out set of squats with just over my body weight 90kg (198 pounds) for 8 reps. I expected 10 or 12 but this was good considering i already trained heavy on the leg press. I then went on to attempt a max squat. I never went all out on this one, just enough. I did 120kg (264 pounds) for 1 rep. Could have got 1 or 2 more but i just wanted to do a single. From next week onwards, i think i'll do this again and just add on 2.5kg (5 pounds) to all my sets and keep doing this from week to week. So altogether i only did 2 sets of squats. One for reps and one max single attempt.

Next i did deadlifts. I only managed 125kg (275 pounds) for 10 reps. But my legs were tired from the leg presses and squats so that kinda made me drop a few reps. My body should get use to it after a couple of weeks though. I was still pleased.

I then went on to Incline bench press. I did 3 sets. My heaviest being 75kg (165 pounds) for 12 reps.

Next was close-grip bench press. Here i did 55kg (121 pounds) for 20 reps. I was gona jump up to 60kg (135 pounds) but i just decided to keep patient and maintain my reps. I did 2 sets.

At this point i was feeling tired but i wanted to do another lat exercise so i went on and did 1 all out set of one arm dumbbell rows, 28kg (61.6 pounds) for 21 reps each arm. Thats it. I felt abit sick at this point but hey, i was up all night working so i'm not gona feel great.

Overall not a bad workout considering. I still managed to gain weight on all my lifts and got good reps.

Well thats me, will be on at the weekend if anyones on, if i don't see anyone, then i'll post again on MON. see ya,


03-09-2003, 03:30 AM

03-10-2003, 02:21 AM
you are doing alot of exercises, do you feel like your overtraining at all?

03-10-2003, 03:01 AM
I ain't gettin enough sleep due to University but the workouts are going great. Every workout i still manage to add on weight and achieve my reps sometimes i get an extra 1 or 2 reps. So i guess i can't be overtraining if i'm progressing. The workouts last about an hour and half which is a little long but all the exercises you see up there are the ones i don't want to do without. I'll be sticking to it for as long as i can. Atleast until i stop progressing up in weight. I'm aiming to enter my first Powerlifting meet in the summer so workouts now are becoming slightly more important. I don't want to be doing any crap exercises that i don't feel will benefit me. Know what i mean?


03-10-2003, 07:52 AM
Todays workout felt very long. I timed it and the grand total was............2 LONG HARD HOURS......Too long!

Heres what i did:

Squats - warmed up - did 203.5 pounds for 9 reps
Then maxed at 275 pounds, then again at 264
Pounds, then did 4 reps with 253 pounds.

Deadlift - 1 set of 280.5 pounds for 11 reps. Should have been
more but i think i still felt tired from those last ones
on Friday.

Standing Calf Raises - 1 set of 352 pounds for 12 reps. Plus 2
drop sets.

Seated T-Bar Rows - I lifted 187 pounds for 14 reps for my
final set. I felt really weak in these
today. Maybe because i haven't had
much sleep lately but i think i might stick
to doing Bench press first before these.

Barbell Curls - 2 sets of 88 pounds for 10 and 8 reps. i haven't
did these in ages or any really heavy direct
bicep work.

Flat Bench Press - I attempted 220 pounds for 10 reps. I
managed 6 reps only. I'm gettin weaker .

Weighted Chest Dips - 2 sets of 45 pounds for 9 and 7 reps.

Incline Flys - 2 sets of 46.2 pounds for 10 and 12 reps.

Reverse Preacher Curls - My heaviest set was 45 pounds for
10 reps. I did 3 sets in total.

My weight for today dropped slightly again. I weighed 189 pounds just before my workout this morning. Even though i still managed to increase weight on certain lifts, i really need to figure out a new workout. Workin the amount of hours i do for Uni is taking a toll on my body. Its only right that i cut my training down to the very basics and try to get my workout time down to 45mins.

Deadlifts i might only do once a week maybe. If i can still gain weight every week and keep up my reps then great. The only problem being it will take me longer to go up the weight especially since i only add on 5 pounds each workout. Legs too .

Chest however is a tricky one. Flat bench press seems to be getting weaker but my incline is still going up. But they don't judge incline in a Powerlifting comp. so i'll need to think about this one. Okay, i've ranted on way too much, just had to get it out, ha, ha! Should have a new workout schedualed for the following week. On WED and FRID i might leave out flat bench work and just do incline. I'll see how i feel.


03-15-2003, 04:48 AM

03-15-2003, 05:07 AM
How long do you rest in between sets and exercises? Just curious. BTW about your knee, have you considered using knee wraps for greater stability? Maybe something to consider?

03-15-2003, 05:48 AM
yer i've considered knee wraps but i don't want to rely on them even just for heavy low rep squats unless i really have to. My knee is actually alot better now. I haven't had any problems with my left knee for about 2 weeks now which is great.

I rest for about 3 or 4 mins between heavy sets of compound lifts and only 1 or 2mins between sets of shaping lifts like flys etc. Can't think of another word for shaping at this point in time, sorry, ha,ha! Inbetween different exercises i rest about 3mins. If i train abs or forearms i only rest something like 30s to a minute.