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02-19-2003, 07:05 AM
I lift in my basement so its real easy for me to keep a detailed journal, I feel it is a huge help and lets me get 1 rep stronger every workout.

I stopped keeping my journal when I was going to the public gym and school gym, and it did nothing for me, I hate lifting in public and love being about to lift in my basement whenever I want, play my music, and do whatever I want.

- incline/flat/decline/military bench that can adjust and turn the handles around to squat
- preacher curl attatchment
- leg ext./curl attacthment
- power rack (chin bar, dip bars, and leg raise bars)
- Smith machine with hi/low pulley
- 2 45's, 2 35's, 2 25's, 2 10's, 6 5's, 2 2.5's
- 45 pd olympic bb, 5 pd preacher curl bar
- 8db, 10db, 12db, 15db, 20db, 25db, 30db
- Standard db handles
- Tons of standard weights

I wish I could start all over, I got the smith machine for christmas and I only use the pulley's on it. I wish I could sell that and get a power rack. If I could start over I would get a adjustable bench and just put it inside the power rack. But im in my rents house so until I get my own and I can start my own little home gym that is going to have to due. Its hard squating without a rack though.

I have been lifting since March of 2002. I had a couple injuries along the way and some sports that have been getting in the way though.

02-19-2003, 07:05 AM

02-19-2003, 07:05 AM
2/18/03-Im done with wrestling

Increase stength, keep my weight down close to 147, more flexible, get my speed/explosiveness that I lost from pnuemonia. Win disctricts and go to states.

Until wrestling is over im going to be doing a HIT style full body routine with at least 2-4 days rest inbetween workouts. Im going to do 3-5 workouts with 12-15 reps and then do the same workout with lower reps.

02-19-2003, 07:06 AM
Tuesday, February 18th, 03

Had a pretty cool day. I slept til 11, lifted for 2 hours at 1, then when right into shoveling my great aunts driveway which was plowed in and is about 30 yards long, and then went to a three hour wreslting practice from 6-9. Today was my first day using my new full body routine, I loved it.

lifted: 1pm-time:about 1 hour 45 minutes
5 min jump rope, 10 sec stretches

Parallel Squat- 95x12, 95x6, 135x15

SLDL- 135x15
- better form next time

BB Military Press- 65x12, 80x12

Bent Over BB Rows- 95x8, 75x15

Incline BB Bench Press- 95x12, 115x11

Lat Pulldown(shoulder width)- 70x15

BB Curl- 45x10, 65x12
- used a wider grip this time, felt it a lot more in my bi's

Pullups- 2setsx10

Seated DB Laterals- 8dbx12

Close Grip Chinups- 2setsx10

Reverse Curls- 35x12

CG Bench Press- 95x15

Behind Back BB Shrugs- 95x12

BB Wrist Curl- 45x15

Calf Raise- bw on stepsx20

Pinch Grip Holds- 25 pound plates

Neck Ups- 4wayx15 reps supersetted (used hands for resistance with neck leaning over end of bench)
- this was the first time I did these and it felt great

Rotator Work- 8dbx15

Good workout, can't wait for my next one. I never did high reps like this, its pretty cool but I miss the intensity of low rep lifting.

02-19-2003, 07:06 AM
Wednesday, 2/19/03

Everything feels fine and I can't believe in not that sore, except my hamstrings. I haven't done SLDL since the beginning of wrestling in November and im DEAD. My hams are killing me and my abs are a little sore from wrestling practice which is good because I left them out of my workout because I had to go shovel snow.

I ordered 10 pounds of Bioplex Whey-in which should be coming soon with a accu-measure bodyfat tool so I can finally measure it. I will put some measurements up probably tommorow.