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02-19-2003, 08:19 PM
I'm doing NHE and the carb-up meal calls for lots of carbs obviously.....but fat and protein must stay below 20grams. I'm wondering what happens when you have alot of protein in your carb-load? I probably took in about 56g of protein with my carb-load tonight (pasta + sauce). This is the only part of the diet that I have broken the "rules". Can someone explain what happens when you take in too much protein during a carb-load? Thanks.

02-19-2003, 09:50 PM
If you go on his website www.extique.com and under the ask rob section it states that you don't have to worry about the proteins that are in pasta. I mainly counts as additional protein coming from other sourses such as meal. Also the only reason I think that it is forbidden is due to the bloated feeling that it mage give you and you won't fit in as many carbs then.

I actually want to know from people that did this diet in the past and their view in this. (doc, monster, avatar, TCD) because I have read all the posts and it started to go in to it but then it lead somewhere else. Basicially taking advantage of the post workout carbs and protein on the carb up days. My last carb up I included some extra protein, about 20 grams with my oatmeal and pasta and didn't feel that bloated and I managed to get in about 300g carbs in the 2 meals. I felt fine after. Not bloated. I didn't really break the rule but how vital is this rule to the succession of this diet.

Sorry for stealing your thread Moose.

02-19-2003, 10:55 PM
Thanks AJ........that's great news. He even states that he should have said that in his book. Looks like I have broken no "rules" then.

You can take over this thread all you want. My question has been answered. Thanks again.

02-20-2003, 03:06 AM
10. Ok, the topic of this week's FAQ is Bodyopus Recomposition.
I find it strange that this is where people are having the most
problems since it's the one area of the book that Dan went into
the most detail about. Go figure. First, let me say that I'm not
going to give out the exact recomposition numbers. Buy Bodyopus
if you want the details. What I will answer is some of the main
questions I'm getting in terms of food choice, protein intake, fat
intake, supplement intake, etc.

10a: Should I still be dieting during the carb up? Should I still consume
25% protein and 75% fat in addition to all my carbs?

No, no, no. The whole point of the carb-up is to supersaturate the muscles
with carbs, water, electrolytes etc. This takes lot of calories so you
shouldn't be dieting. And, fat should be minimized to keep insulin
levels high. I'll discuss fat requirements and where I think the fat
should go next week.

10b. How many calories should I eat?

It's determined by the recomposition guidelines. Again, I'm not
giving you the actual numbers. Go buy a copy of the book. Sufficed
to say, it's a ****load compared to what you're eating during the week.
I'm pretty small and I, according to Dan's numbers, I have to put away
about 3500 calories or so of just carbs in the first 24 hours. When
you've been on 1500 calories during the week, that's a lot of food.

10c. How much protein should I consume during recarb?
Dan brain farted and didn't mention this in the book. He told me
20 grams of protein with each meal but I think that's overkill
for most considering the massive calorie intake on the weekends.
(In case you're unaware, protein requirements are related to total
caloric intake. As calories go lower, protein needs go up. Hence, as
calories go up, protein needs go down. If you're eating high quality
proteins like whey, egg and milk protein, amount is even less critical.)
Go for 1 gram per pound of bodyweight divided across the
12 meals and you'll be fine. Soluble protein powders will help with
insulin secretion during the first liquid carb meals.


This was taken from one of Lyle McDonalds posts. The above link is the complete post.

02-20-2003, 03:53 PM
Thanks for that link. I find that information useful but I don't want to stray too far away from the NHE guidelines.

The Bodyopus diets are similar but are still different. The refeeds are shorter and more frequent. I know there are quite alot of you the have been on this diet. If I can manage to eat 200g of carbs can I still throw in some protein.

I am also asking this for taste. Plain oatmeal isn't really that tastful. If I add some whey it tastes a hell of alot better.

Same with pasta, Tastes better with some cottage cheese or chicken.

I wont eat a sweet potatoe unless i put on some cottage chesse because of the taste but does this create problems in relation to the NHE.