View Full Version : Appetite for BS?

Gyno Rhino
07-28-2001, 10:37 AM
Everyone go read the "Appetite for Construction" article on testosterone this week. I know the mag is all garbage with their product pushing now and girly crap, but what do you think of dude's article?

07-28-2001, 12:47 PM
Nice article.If I could drop bodyfat while having a caloric intake of 2700calories and eating bananas for breakfast it would be perfect.At least I would have 3scoops of Advanced protein and 3scoops of SurgeWe all have different hormonal reactions.So I just stick to what works better for me and not to what supp companies want to.They really want to make you believe that you need a larger caloric intake -which means a larger protein consumption- and guess what:they tell you then:"buy our protein!"Then they backup what they've said with some "independant" studies :study: to persuade you.
The guy in test.net gives a good info but I'd prefer reading it in a really independant url and not in test.net.

08-01-2001, 09:57 PM
Just like Bill Phillips and hes supplement review books
over a hundred pages of EAS advertising