View Full Version : i need a good eating routine

02-24-2003, 11:43 PM
That's what this place needs. a diet plan. something to work on and to show me (the village idiot) how to do things.

not the theroy buy an excel sheet with everything to work with and then i can take it from there. once i see the rules in order.

but i'm trying to gain muscle mass and lose my small but still there gut. it's annoying me and i have to diet even better now. i've just gotten back to the gym (medical problems kept me out for a bit) and next week i'm gonna be hitting tht routine that wanna be big has.

but i need to get started with my diet. i have a diet journal but nothing to put into it.

can you guys help me out?

i wanna gain inches every where. except one place, i'm all good there haha ;) :D. i hope i'm being concise enough. if not i'll be back after work to explain my self thouroghly (2am here :))

thanx for all your help :)

02-25-2003, 02:47 AM
What are your stats (height, weight, bf%)? I would concentrate on one goal at a time, either adding lean body mass or trying to decrease bodyfat. There is a lot of general diet info in the articles section and you can search the forum to get some information as well. Here is a thread that was asking pretty much the same thing you are.