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02-27-2003, 06:06 AM
I keep making journals then forgetting about them, but since im getting my diet sorted now... here goes.

Routine: typical 3 day split, chest/tris/shoulders, back/bis, legs
I might change to GIS's routine though :D It looks cool.

Diet: Aiming for over 3000 cals (try to get higher), and at least 200g of protein.

Rest: Need to get my sleep sorted, too much coursework at the moment :D

Wednesday 26th Feb '03
Dodgy diet today... Can't remember exactly what I had.

I haven't been training for a while so I just did a chest/tris workout with a bit of legs in there.

DB Bench
20kg (44lbs) x 12 (warmup)
Now I decided to try something...
40kg (88lbs) x 2
YES!!! This has been my goal for ages, to just get one rep at the heaviest DB's in the gym. And another try.
40kg (88lbs) x 2
And again!
40kg (88lbs) x 0
Then failed :o

Speed bench
50kg (110lbs) x 10
Was buzzing after the PR, so did some speed bench, nice and quick, nice and fun.

Close grip BP
50kg (110lbs) x 10

Tricep dips
BW x 6
BW x 7

Then for some reason I decided to do some legs:

Jumping squats
30kg (66lbs) x 10
30kg (66lbs) x 10
50kg (110lbs) x 10
50kg (110lbs) x 10
At which point I got bored

Decided to go for a max today, see if I could beat 130kg (286lbs)
50kg x 10 (warmup)
100kg x 1 easy peasy
120kg x 1 easy :D
130kg x 1 not too bad
150kg x 0 lol i shouldnt have tried that
140kg x 0 nope.
130kg x 1


Oh well one PR broken

02-28-2003, 08:41 AM
Thursday 27th Feb '03
60g + 460 milk
446.2 cals
22.24 protein
60.2 carbs
12.62 fat

Mass gain + 600 ml milk
490 cals
37.9 protein
56 carbs
12.6 fat

500g chicken
825 cals
182.5 protein
0 carbs
11 fat

Steak (not sure how much) and some veg.

diet started off well but kinda got crap towards the end. Ate all that stuff I listed in the morning except for the steak which was for dinner.
About 300g of protein
About 150g carbs
About 50g fat

Thai boxing: Half fitness work, half punch/kick/knee/elbow etc. work.

Whoops! crap

About 5 hours, due to coursework :/

03-01-2003, 06:53 PM
Friday, Saturday
Waste of time.
No training, no diet. I don't even have my split sorted yet.

03-28-2003, 04:33 PM
Friday 28th March 2003
Pretty crap, can't remember everything but it included:
1 ftlong r.chicken sub
Prawn sandwiches
1 cream donut thing
loads of sweets :o
1 ftlong double meat r.chicken sub

Training - Chest/Tris/Shoulders

DB Bench
Thai boxing yesterday = loads of pressups, can't be too good for fridays workout... But who cares its all fun! :D
34kg (75lbs) x 6
34kg (75lbs) x 6 (with assist)
34kg (75lbs) x 4

BB Speed Bench, dropping bar at top and pushing up really fast
30kg (66lbs) x 15
30kg (66lbs) x 10
30kg (66lbs) x 10
V light and easy, trying to keep the best possible form for these.

DB Flyes
12kg (26lbs) x 10
Decided that was enough for chest.

Tricep dips
7 x BW
6 x BW

Superset: Skullcrushers, close grip bench
30kg (66lbs) x 8,8
30kg (66lbs) x 8,6
I LOVE this exercise. Pushing out those final few reps on the close grip bench kicks ass.

Seated Military Press
20kg (44lbs) x 10
20kg (44lbs) x 10

DB Shoulder Press
Failed, couldn't be bothered, and decided to do...

DB Lateral raise
8kg (18lbs) x 10
6kg (13lbs) x 10

And im spent.

Excellent workout. V knackering, and v fun.

03-28-2003, 05:16 PM
Hey man. Lookin strong. I have never done DB presses, are they harder than regular bench presses? Everything is looking good. I'm sure you'll get a 330 deadlift soon. Keep up the good work. Later man.

03-28-2003, 05:49 PM
DB Presses aren't too hard, I do them mainly because it means my left arm doesn't get too weak, and I don't have to keep switchin weights, I just grab some DB's.
Not deadlifted heavy in a while, i'll give it a go on sunday, probably go for about 300 or something. At the moment though im crapping it because I found out that apparently my form has been **** (high risk of injury). I wasn't starting with the bar anywhere near my shins, which i've heard is a no-no.

04-05-2003, 08:23 AM
Time to start using my journal again :o

Wednesday 2nd April 2003
My friend persuaded me to go the gym with him because hes a pussy who cant train on his own :P
So I did chest/tris/shoulders which is supposed to be on friday.



DB Press
Can't remember exactly but something like this:
20kg x 10 (warmup)
36kg x 6
36kg x 4
40kg x 0 (he wanted to see if i could do them after two sets of bench ;o )

BB Bench Kinda speed bench but with slow negative, main emphasis was getting it moving fast on the push stage.
50kg x 10
50kg x 10

8 x BW
6 x BW

Superset: Skull crushers, CGBP
30kg x 8,8
30kg x 8,8

Then one of managers came into the gym and asked me to assist at swimming teaching... Its a bit of extra cash so why not. Shoulders will be done on friday instead of the full push routine.

Friday 4th April 2003
Breakfast - oatmeal with bananas and protein powder, 1 egg
Break - Footlong roast chicken and chicken tikka sub
Lunch - Prawn sandwich, Ice cream

Dunno after that. Pretty crap.

Had to be quick because gym was closing in 10 mins, didnt really apply cos I worked there but still...

I went mental on shoulders today.

DB Press
20kg x 10
18kg x 8
14kg x 8

DB Laterals
6kg x 10

Standing BB Militaries
20kg x 8
20kg x 8

Arnold Press
12kg x 10
14kg x 10

Then I switched all the machines in the gym off and left.


Keep on as normal with training
Make sure I get enough sleep.

04-06-2003, 03:11 PM
Leg day today, decided to do some deadlifts... Screwed my back up, used decent form. Know I know its a recurring problem. It went away fora ges but now its back.
Training was screwed today because I just left straight after the deadlifts.

04-08-2003, 01:20 PM
Tuesday 8th March 2003

Crap, had a few footlong sandwiches etc.


Today I went to the gym once in the morning, but left after a while because a load of old people came in and started playing (and singing to) really old songs while using the cardio machines and 2lb weights.


One arm DB Rows:
80lbs x 8
66lbs x 8

BB Rows:
110lbs x 8
110lbs x 8

None because I was wearing shoes so couldn't hold the weight between my feet.

BB shrugs:
I figured out how to do this looking at the bench press, it has two height settings. The lower one I found out today is perfect for shrugging.
110lbs x 10
200lbs x 8

Then I left because of the old people


BB shrugs:
Can't get enough of those wonderful shrugs. BTW today is my first day BB shrugging, so excuse the weight.
200lbs x 8
242lbs x 8
286lbs x 6

DB shrugs:
These were SO easy after the BB shrugs
90lbs x 8 (not much of a set, more of a pisstake)

Those 21 things (7 bottom to half, 7 middle to top, 7 full):
22lbs (bar) x 21 (get the feel for it)
33lbs x 21
38lbs x 21
Wanted to keep good form, was quite fun really.

And some other bicep stuff.

Training was total shambles, but I like it that way baby :D Got hooked on the shrugs.
The old people kinda put off my concentration. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, goodbye sweetheart or whatever it is, all song by old people on cardio machines. Imagine that while trying to lift some heavy weights.

Weighed in at 81kg in the gym.

04-09-2003, 04:22 AM
Wednesday April 9th 2003

Breakfast - ate over a period of about an hour because im lazy:
Oatmeal with a load of milk, mass gain powder and protein powder.
7 egg whites, 3 whole eggs.

1400 cals
127g protein
122g carbs
43g fat

wow, this isnt too hard.

04-13-2003, 01:48 PM
Sunday April 13th 2003

Meal Number | Calories | Protein
Meal #1
10 whites + 3 yolks 340 40
2 rolls 370 12
2 tins tuna 490 70
Total: 1200 122

Meal #2
Oatmeal 220 10
Fruit 80 0
Mass gain 539 41
Total: 839 51

Meal #3
Rice 200 4
Total: 200 4

Meal #4
Pizza and chips
Milk 550 39
Total: maybe about 1000 50

Meal #5 prediction
oatmeal 220 10
Milk 550 39
Total: 770 49

TOTAL: 4000 276

Thats with the estimate of half a pizza and some chips being about 450 and 11.

Wasn't exactly spot on today but at least I gave it a shot, postponed legs till tomorrow cos the gym shuts at 8 and it was 7:30 by the time I was ready to go.

04-14-2003, 04:56 PM
Monday April 13th 2003


Meal #1 (9am)
10w+3y 340 40
Oatmeal 220 10
Mass gain 540 41
Total: 1100 91

Meal #2 (1pm)
3 rolls 555 18
2 tins tuna 490 70
PB 180 7
Total: 1225 95

Meal #4 (3-4pm)

Meal #5 (9pm)
dbl meat R.Chicken+more meat sub 1000 80
Milk 275 20
Total: 1275 100

Meal #6 (10pm)
Biscuits and hot chocolate 809 16

Meal #7 (11.30pm)
Oatmeal 220 10
Fruit 80 0
Total: 300 10

TOTAL: 3900 296 (without hot choc and biscuits)

Need to increase water intake, 300g protein isnt to much good if my body can't digest it :(
Diet was still a bit dodgy, needs to be spread out more, but today i couldn't really help it cos I had work.

04-22-2003, 09:24 AM
Tuesday April 22nd 2003

Not very good


WG Chins:
8 x BW
8 x BW
8 x BW

One arm DB Laterals:
90 x 8
90 x 8

Seated cable rows:
50kg x 8
74kg x 8
74kg x 8

BB shrugs:
154 x 8
200 x 8
286 x 5

45 x 1
55 x 1

Incline DB curls:
26 x 8


OMG DOMS! My quads are killing me.

05-02-2003, 05:55 PM
Friday 2nd May 2003

OK, not amazing though, quite a bit of junk food.


BB Bench
5 x 40kg
5 x 45kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 55kg
5 x 60kg
Easy peasy, I like 5x5. :P

DB Flyes
1 x 12 x 12kg

Machine Flyes
12 x 50kg
8 x 60kg
I like this machine...

10 x BW
10 x BW

Superset: Skulls and close grip bench
10,10 x 32.5kg
8,8 x 32.5kg
Love this superset...

Arnold Press
Tried to go up in weight too much...
6 x 22kg
Dropset: 5 x 18kg

Too much weight...
Next week i'll go back to less weight, go for more reps.

Cable Lateral Raises (One arm at a time)
10 x 3.25kg
10 x 3.25kg

Now that was some fun training :P

Weight around 82-83kg (~180).