View Full Version : Hellrazors back on the road to hyogness...kind of !

03-05-2003, 05:22 PM
Hey y`all, I`ve decided to do another journal to help get myself back on track and training again. I`m injured at the minute ( darn shoulders ) but am going to try and train around it as it doesnt seem to be getting any better, I`m fed up of people telling me how skinny I look or newcomers to the gym I work at asking " Do you ever train ? " Aaaaargh........it`s time.

Lets hope it`s as fun for me as my last journal, I`d really appreciate a little help from whoever decides to follow me on my lil` journey back to hyogeness.

I will be back in training as from tomorrow, My workout will consist of a full body routine 3 x week with 2 sets per muscle group @ 8 - 10 reps, 2nd set to or near to failure. It`s just to slowly ease my body into training again. I`ll follow this for a few weeks until I feel I`m regaining some strength, confidence etc.. then i`m going back to a split.

Diet wise I`m just starting to eat healthily again, slowly but surely I`m introducing back all the pasta, tuna, chicken etc...from the usual pizza, crisps, chocolate and other crap I`ve been consuming for the past 6 month.

I will be aiming for around 3000 cals a day, I dont give a rats testicle about gaining bodyfat.

I will post all my stats and stuff tomorrow when i can be bothered to go find a tape measure, calculator etc...Is budiak dead ? Havent heard from the lil` fcuker in ages, anyway see ya`ll tomorrow.

Jamie x mwah x

03-05-2003, 05:26 PM
Good to see ya back bro! Good luck easing back into your training and dieting.

03-05-2003, 07:08 PM
Great to have you back in action, man. I hope things go good for ya this time!

03-05-2003, 07:16 PM
Welcome back HR WBB is behind you!

03-21-2003, 12:55 PM
Yo ! I`ve been distraught for the past week as my pc was totally bolloxed ! I`ve just got myself a spanking new one and I`m back online..as for my training it seems to be going okay I`m doing a 2 day split with basically upper body and lower body as theres only certain excercises I can get away with..it`s basically this

Day 1

close grip uh chins 2 x 6 - 8
dumbell press 2 x 6-8
military press 2 x 6- 8
barbell curl 2 x 6 - 8
skullcrushers 2 x 6- 8

Day 2

Squats "
Leg extension "
Sld`s "
calf raises "
weighted ab bench crunches"
hyperextensions "

Not something i would usually go for but seems to be easing me back into it nicely at the minute, havent had much of a problem with the shoulder as yet but I`ll see how it goes.

It`s strange how I can get away with doing standing barbell and dumbell presses without any pain or discomfort !! I feel a lot better than just sat around waiting for it to go away..well I`m going to post my workouts as from sunday now I`m back online.