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08-01-2001, 02:33 PM
Aight here goes. Starting this week im starting a full body overall strength program designed by me! Many of you condone this, I'm training for endurence and strongman type stuff while at the same time working up my 1rep max in 5 main lifts: Squat, deadlift, clean and push press, bench, and row. You will see my routine (exercises/reps) as I post it.
Tuesday- Legs, abs, calves
Thursday- Chest, shoulders, triceps
Saturday- Back, forearms, biceps
Most stuff is done really low reps, 1-3, with a few exceptions. I do some form of cardio and endurence work in between workouts. I also do strongman work between workouts. I will tell what exactly I do for endurence and strongman when I do them.

08-01-2001, 02:43 PM
Type: Legs/Abs/Calves
Your Weight:149
Opinion: Good workout, I thought such low volume wouldn't work, but my legs are jelly :D. I think next week I will add in a set of heavy extensions.
Comments: Want my squat to be 300 or over within a year, weighted situps, 80lbs. for 8 reps would be nice in a year, calve raises, 500lbs for 3 reps in a year. I think my calves and abs will go up fast, because I haven't focused on them as much in the past and they seem to be responding to low reps well from my experimenting before setting up this routine :D.

1 rep 165lbs
1 rep 160lbs
7 reps 135lbs

WeightedSitups 7 reps 35lbs
4 reps 40lbs.
12 reps 25lbs.
Calf Raises
10 reps 250lbs.
7 reps 300lbs.

08-01-2001, 03:22 PM
Whoops I forgot.

For those of you who don't know me, here's some background info on me:

150lbs about
Estimated maxes:
Clean and pushpress-125lbs
Row(barbell, bent over)- 155lbs
Shrug- 90lb dumbells for 6 reps
Curl- 80lbs for 4 reps
Skull crushers- 75lbs for 6 reps
Chins- 12, no added weight
Static grip- 160lbs for 40 seconds or so, not sure on this one
Calve press on machine- probably 375 for a rep
Weighted situp- 65lbs
SLDL- haven't done them in a while, I'll remax soon
Leg extension on machine- 190lbs, maybe more, will remax soon
Leg curl on machine- 160lbs
Goodmorning- Will remax soon
Shoulder db press- 45lbs

I've been training for 2 years on and off, and am finally gettin serious. I'm not countin cals, but I'm eating a ton hopin to gain alot of weight. 3000-5000 cals a day probably. 200+ grams of protein a day. 5-10 grams of creatine a day, before and after workout. That's about it, tomorrow is press day, chest, tris and shoulders. Will post then...

08-22-2001, 04:23 PM
This was my press workout from 8-3-01. It was from 2:30-3:10.
I weighed 149.5lbs.
Clean and Push-Press Reps Weight
set 1 1 rep 125<-- missed press, 115 lbs. <- missed press
set 2 1 rep 115lbs. missed press again

set 3 3-5 reps 100lbs. 3/4 of the press
Bench Press Reps Weight
set 1 1 rep 135lbs 1+1 forced rep
set 2 1 rep 135lbs 1, needed a little help
set 3 5 reps

Dips Reps Weight 7
set 1 5 reps bodyweight
Push-press Weight Reps
set 1 85lbs 2 1/2

Kinda dissapointed, but a good workout nonetheless

08-22-2001, 04:28 PM
I didnt log it, or can't find it.

From what I remember I missed 175lbs and got pissed. So kept trying. It was a good workout. Added extensions and leg curls.

Abs went up. Used 45 or 50lbs. cant remember which, for 4 reps, then took off a little weight for the other 2 sets of full incline weighted situps.

Calve presses, did 350 for 6 cheat reps. then 250 for 8 superstrict for ones.

08-22-2001, 04:40 PM
Worked out outside my house, cuz i couldnt get to the gym.
Had a good cardio/ strongman workout just carrying the weights down from upstairs. My back, esspecially lower, was really sore the next day from it.

Did barbell clean and presses. Missed the press with 125lbs. missed 120lbs and 115lbs. 95 for an easy 5 reps tho. Went to db clean and press. Got up to 65lbs with my right hand, pressed it about 6 times. Couldnt get the press with left, but got 50lbs for 3 or 4 reps. did that for a few sets.

Did some strongman work. Pushed a car around, but only to get it off the hose so i could get a drink lol. That was real easy tho.
Did farmer's walk in one hand. used a 60lb dumbell, easy enough. Walked around till my grip gave, didnt time it or anything. then went it, the bench was still upstairs so couldnt really do bench presses, but i got 2 wooden pieces of wood, big enough so i could get under the bar, and did a set of pretty close grip bench presses, bout 6 or 7 reps to failure.

I wanted to do more chest, but i was dead tired, and probably did too much anyways. went in and got my protein drink and creatine and went to bed.

08-22-2001, 04:44 PM
Went to the gym sometime that same week and did half squats.
Started out with 185lbs, which was really easy, so kept uppin the weight till 225, which i barely got up. The tried 225 again and couldnt do it. then did leg extensions and presses, 1 set of 6-10 with each. supersetted that stuff with abs and calves cuz i didnt have much time. did full incline situps with 55lbs for 4 reps. then 5 reps with 50lbs. then 15 reps with 25lbs.

Calves was more superstrict stuff, 300lbs for 7 reps. 350 for 4 reps, 250 for 8.

Calves hurt like nothin else the rest of the week.

08-22-2001, 04:52 PM
Yesterday i did this after school:

125 clean and press, couldnt get the clean!!!!! VERY dissapointed as I've never had problems getting the clean.
Couldnt clean 115 that day either, so just went to dumbells.
right arm did 70lbs for 4 reps easy. couldnt get it with left, so did 60 for 3 with left arm. couldnt get 80 with right hand, so kept doin 70 for right and 60 for left. Finally when i was about to stop and go to bench press i got 80 up with right and 70 up with left, dont ask me how.did about 4 sets with each arm. then did 2 sets of benching. 135 for 2 reps, kinda dissapointed, but not really cuz i was beat out from the clean and presses. then did 135 for 1 forced rep. then did 60lbs for 7 reps on skull crushers, again, already exhausted. Wanted to do some more for my shoulders so picked up dumbells and did seated shoulder press superstrict form. 40lb dumbells for 3 reps, almost four. then went and played bball till my old man was done workin out, but he couldnt find me so went on home without me. I had to walk home, but ended up running to save me some time. about 3 miles of running home, wouldnt have done it, but hey i need the cardio work anyways.

08-25-2001, 01:40 PM
I worked out at school yesterday with some buds. I almost always work out by myself, so i just did what they did to save time and prove I'm stronger lol. Kinda a gym rat workout, but here goes:

Got to the gym and did some curls, haven't done them in a while and wanted to see how much i could do anyways. Did 70lbs. for 9 reps, then 75 for 5. then did 21s (LOL :rolleyes:) with 55lbs, very easy. Then did rows, 115lbs. for 7 reps, then 4 reps, then added 5 lbs and did 2 reps. Then did bench press. 1 set of 120lbs for 10 reps. 115 for 8. then 145 for 1 forced rep. did skull crushers with 55lbs for 19 reps, then stopped because i had flexed my calf and strained it or somethin, stretched and massaged the calf and it was fine. then did clean and presses, 3 reps with 95lbs, the clean was easy. did 95 for 2 reps after that. all of that was done to failure. had to carry my backpack around for about 15 minutes after that, if that counts for anything lol. I was pretty satisfied with this workout, and im very sore all over today, wish i had done more for back tho.

09-17-2001, 05:00 PM
It's been a while since my last post. I've been on a different routine and will stick with it for a while. Here is it:

Heavy Deadlift 5x3 (switch off with goodmornings and glute/ham/gastroc raises every other week)
Heavy weighted decline situps 3x3-12
Hang from top position of chin x2 (hang on as long as possible until your mind tells you to quit)

Rest 5 days

Power Clean 5x3
Bottom Position Squats of full squats 5x1
Push Press from rack 5x5 or 5-6 heavier singles.
Calve raises 3x3-8

Warm-up each session with some light aerobic work or a couple sets of light clean and press along with some good stretching. Sprint 2x per week uphill or 10x40 yards, abs., and neck work or wrestler bridges. Eat lots of protien and drink a lot of water. Eat hard, train hard, rest hard = growth.

I usually don't do the sprinting or neck work. I've been drinking a gallon of milk a day. I now weigh 165lbs. That's 15lbs since my last post. I'm still lean. Deadlift is now at about 230 for 3 reps, squat 175, bench 160, calve raises 250x10 strict reps, weighted decline situps 60x5, on my first try of the following lifts:
power clean: 115x2
good mornings: 155x5
glute-ham-gastroc raise: bodyweight+30lbs x11

The new lifts are kinda sad, but its my first try at them.

Ive done the first workout twice and the second once, doin the second tomorrow.

09-24-2001, 10:26 PM
I'm doing my deadlift/chin/core workout tomorrow.

Last thursday I did:

Weighted decline situps: 60lbs.x6, more of a warmup than work set.

Powerclean 4x3 reps. Used 105, I could only do 1 rep on the last set.

Bench press: Got up 170 :eek: YAY! Then did 2 or 3 more sets of 3-6 reps

1 set of close grip bench press. Did 10 reps and put it down because it was too easy. Did these with 110 lbs. I'll consider them a warmup, cuz I did them before bench.

Squats: 2x1 with 180, yay again! 1x2 with 175 after that. Then had to go home.

09-27-2001, 04:45 PM
Tuesday I did:

1x175 bench press yay!

65x5 reps decline situps

Went for 250 on deadlift, but didn't warm up and threw my back out. Think I stained my right lat. Not gonna train for a few weeks probably.

10-06-2001, 04:34 PM
Couldn't stay away from the weights any longer.

Did a press workout friday:

Strict standing presses,
did some sets with 70lbs, then got up 90lbsx 3
I was pretty much dead after that, but did chest and triceps.
Did speed benching 70lbsx3 reps for 4 sets
Did close grip bp with 90lbs. Was only doing sets with about 4-6 reps, cuz my tris were dead from the other pressing. Then did a few normal BP sets. Then did 2 sets of intense curls, got a few reps to failure, then did some more cheat curls.

A good workout.

Tried getting into deadlift position but it hurt so I didn't try em.

Mystic Eric
10-07-2001, 03:37 AM
man, maybe you should go see a doc if your back is messed up...:confused:

10-16-2001, 04:12 PM
Did a workout last week but forgot what I did. Did this last night:

Bench press: Worked up to 160x1, strength is coming back, then did 155x1 forced rep, 135x8, 135x4
Close grip BP: 135x1
Dips, bodyweightx5, weak from benching. Did 2 sets
Curls 70x8
Chins bodyweightx4-6, dead from curls and benching. Did 2 sets.
Tried hyperextensions but they hurt just a tiny bit, back is almost better, could get into deadlift position and tried 45lbs for a few reps, didn't hurt but didn't push it anyways.
Did db rows with 60lb dumbellsx 8-10 reps. Very burned out from chins and curls.
Then did 2 sets of weighted decline situps. Stregth went WAY down after I hurt my back, but it's coming back up again. Did 50lbsx6 reps, then 25lbsx16 reps.
Then did sidebends, first with a 60lb dumbell, then busted out 10 reps with an 80 on each side. Felt real good, that's a 20lb increase already! I like that exercise.

For grip did on set holding 80lb dumbells as long as I could. Felt good.

10-16-2001, 04:41 PM
Where ya been? :confused:

10-17-2001, 05:42 PM
Bein the fewl I am I managed to cover my keyboard with dr. pepper.

Took bout a week for them to send a new one.

10-21-2001, 12:51 PM

Dips- bodyweight+25lbs. 1x8, 1x4

Bench press- 160lbs x 1, 155lbs x 1

Weighted pushups- bodyweight+25lbs. 1x6 widegrip, 1x3 closegrip. I absolutely LOVE these.

Chins- bodyweight+25lbs. 1x6, 1x2

Curls- 70lbsx10 reps

DB rows- 60lbsx10 reps

Weighted Situps- 50lbsx6 reps