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03-24-2003, 02:57 AM
Hello I decided to start a journal on this board. It's realy a friendly board, I like it. ;)

A little bit about me :

I started training 5 years ago but I was one of this guy using the same dumbells month after month... even years after years training without conistency without knowledge I didn't even know that you had to get stronger to build muscles :p

I "trained" like that for 3 years I gained some kilos, from ~59 to ~65kg (I'm 5.9''). There is a pic of me at 65kg in the pics board.

Then I had an accident and lost the few muscles I gained :( I was very angry and wanted to gains muscles very fast !!!! I started to read everything about training. Like Monstar I changed my routine every few weeks :p I tried nearly everything :redface: from Heavy Duty to German Volume Training and Pavel's routines. After one year and a half like that I was ~17kg heavier, weighting 81-82kg.

I hit a plateau and couldn't gain anymore size (I was still not convinced that you had to get stronger to get bigger) I was relatively weak because I changed exercises and routine every few weeks. Then I decided to do High Intensity Training (2 Full Body per Week a la Arthur Jones) and gained some kg to reach 83kg.

At the begining of 2003 I decided to lose some fat I wanted to be as lean as possible. I changed my routine again for a Yates HIT split because I thought I needed more volume. I'm on diet since early january and weight 76.5kg quiet lean, waist 29 1/2, height 5.9''. But I lost a lot of legs size too (both fat and muscles) I didn't train legs while dieting.... tuttut

actual stats after 23 month of hard training !!! and 3 years with pink dumbells like El Pietro :D

Age : 20s
Height : 5.9''
Weight : 168-169 (76.5kg)
Waist : 29 1/2''
Arms : 15 3/4''
Legs : 23 3/5''
Calves : 15 2/5''

Chins : 23x BW
Dips : 31xW
Pronated Barbell Row 12x81kg (bar to lower chest)
One arm Dumbell Row : 20x50kg
Bench Press : 11x87
Close grip Bench Press : 6x79kg
Standing press : 17x47kg
SLDL : 12x110kg or 21x99kg
Full Squat Smith : 8x90kg

Bent Arms Pullover : 20x53kg
Barbell Curl : 14x47kg
Extension Triceps : 17x43kg
Wrist-Curl : 15x39kg

My actual routine :

Chins 1xBW
Dips 1xBW
Standing Press 1x15-20
Barbell Row 1x8-12
Bench Press 1x8-12 and 1x8-12 close grip Bench Press
Full Squat 1x10-20 alternated with Leg Press
SLDL 1x10-20

Sometimes I add 0-3 of these : Lateral Raises + Frontal Raises + Bent over lateral raises / Flies / Bent Arms Pullover / Calves Press or one legged calves raises. I don't need direct traps work they are big naturaly.

One hour before or after, arms training : Barbell Curl 1x8-12, Triceps Extension 1x15-20, Wrist-Curl 1x10-15. I want to train arms with maximum weights :redface:

I don't know if I'll continue like that... maybe a split would be better !!!

Day A : Arms : B-Curl + T-Curl + W-Curl
Day B : Chest + Legs : Bench Press + Dips eventually flies / Squat SLDL Calves Press
Day C : Back : Chins + Bent Over Row
Day D : Shoulders : OHP + Lateral / Frontal / bent over Lateral Raises


My goal : getting as big and lean as possible "naturaly". I would like 16 1/2 to 17'' arms with less than 28'' waist :angel: it would be nice for end of 2003 :rolleyes:
I'll report every workouts sometimes I train once a week sometimes 3x or more :D

if you have any comments or suggestions...

03-24-2003, 03:10 PM
24 March 2003 :

I did shoulders today : I generaly do only one set to failure per exercise but with OHP I need more to have my best set, maybe 2-3 sets.

OHP : 3-4 sets I got 4x59kg
Lateral raises : 1 set 20x10kg (2x)
Frontal Raises (full range) : 1 set 20x10kg (2x)
Bent Over Lateral Raises : 1 set 10x10kg (2x)

I don't do the lateral and frontal rases very often... in fact I did frontal raises maybe only a few times... in 2 years. I don't know if I'll continue with dumbells or barbell for frontal.

My best on OHP was 17x47kg a month ago... I don't think I progressed... but I hit a plateau with high reps so I do low reps for a while. Goal + 1-2kg per week !!!

03-25-2003, 03:50 PM
Arms today : 25 march 2003

Barbell Curl 13x49kg relatively bad form (second set 5x49kg good form not to failure)
Extension 12x45kg I regressed (PR = 17x43) because I did it 2 days ago...
I skiped wrist curl for the same reason

I did a last set of curl for fun I LOVE curls : 7x45kg perfect form.

tomorrow probably chest + legs.

I did another set of extension today (26 march) 14x45kg still less good than my 17x43... but I guess I'll be soon able to do 17x45kg ! :p

03-27-2003, 03:39 PM
27 March I did Barbell Curl again 15x49kg !!! I'm very happy !!

some kick back sets : 17x16kg on my best set. Maybe I should train something esle than shoulders and arms... back and chest...

I tried bench this morning but I had no energy ! :(

03-28-2003, 11:47 AM
28 March I retrained legs after 1 month OFF !!!

I did chest before, very poor workout I nearly didn't sleep last night.

Bench 4x92 -3 reps
Dips 17 reps - 14 reps
Flies machine

Leg Press (45°) 10x150kg

tomorrow I'll do the same workout but I'll sleep this time !! maybe I'll do back too !!

03-28-2003, 06:46 PM
Hey! Congratulations on your new journal :D
Good luck with all your goals.

chris mason
03-29-2003, 11:27 AM
Glad to see a HITee having a log here.

03-29-2003, 05:06 PM
Thanks Ritzol and Chris !

Actualy I'm not realy a hiter I just follow the "low volume" guideline because I'm now aware that it's not high volume which build muscles, frequency and intensity (both effort and load) are far more important in my opinion. I believe that more than 3 sets for an exercise is realy unproductive.

Today I did : 2-3 sets of OHP with 59kg for 2-3 reps (last PR was 4 reps I was still tired, maybe the leg workout !)

Then Curl 3 sets of 2-3 reps with 59kg (bad form) I'm as strong as girl when it comes to LOW reps ! :( 15x49 => 3x59kg...

but I had more success with triceps extension 18x45kg !! new PR It made my day ! Happy :)

Maybe I'll do writs curl before going to bed !


I noticed something about my progress on barbell curl and triceps extension.

I do a lot more on barbell curl (more sets more often) but I don't progress faster than on triceps extension in fact it's even the contrary... I progress very well on triceps extension with only ONE (1) SET (I nearly NEVER do more than one) ! once every 2-4 days sometimes less often.

for Curl I generaly do 2-3 sets once every other days sometimes even more often or even more sets (I'm irrational with curl I love it too much)

Note that my arms are mostly biceps, my triceps are small :( I don't know if it's genetik or because I do curl every time... maybe it's also because I'm a lot stronger on pull exercises than on push exerises. My bench press beeing ridiculous !

Tomorrow back and maybe bench.... !

03-29-2003, 11:04 PM
Hey Gavan,
At the moment you cutting yeh? How's that going for you? and what's your diet like?

Good luck with the training mate.


03-31-2003, 10:05 AM
Hello Tank23 I'm still cutting but slower, waist 29 3/4'' height 5.9''

my diet is very simple I only eat when I'm hungry ! and eat very very few before sleeping. I eat less carbs/fat and the same for proteins.


After one month of "instinctive training" I decided to follow a routine. I'll do like Arthur Jones said one should do : 2 full body per week, 1 set to failure or close to failure.

Today I did :

Chins : 23xBW (+1 rep)
Dips : 32xBW (+1 rep)
Standing Press : 11x49kg
Rowing pronated (chest) : 7x85kg
Bench Press : 10x82kg
Close Grip BP: 10x72kg
Chins : 10x10kg
Dips : 13x15kg
Full Squat : 11x80kg
SLDL : 7x110kg
Calves : 15x full stack
ABS : crunches machine...

I'll do it 2x per week like Arthur said and I'll also do 1-2 short workouts because I need them.... if not I know I'll not follow this routine. So I'll do 1-2x per week the following :

Barbell Curl 1x10-15
Extension Triceps 1x15-20
Pullover 1x MAX (with my extension barbell)
Wrist Curl 1x10-15
Lateral raises, frontal raises, bent over lateral raises, flies 1x10-20 of each.

eventually 1x10-15 concentrate curl and kick backs...


Monday-Friday or Thursday the Full Body

Wendesday and/or Sunday the "gavan workouts" :)

04-04-2003, 09:49 AM
Last time : 31 march 2003

Chins : 23xBW (+1 rep)
Dips : 32xBW (+1 rep)
Standing Press : 11x50kg
Rowing pronated (chest) : 7x85kg
Bench Press : 10x82kg
Close Grip BP: 10x72kg
Chins : 10x10kg
Dips : 13x15kg
Full Squat : 11x80kg
SLDL : 7x110kg
Calves : 15x full stack
ABS : crunches machine...

4 April 2003 :

Chins : 2x13xBW (~half rep)
Dips : 16xBW (~half rep)
Standing Press : 10x50 then 9x52kg (same)
Rowing pronated : 4x85 (-3 reps)
Bench Press : 9x84 (+ 1 rep)
Close grip BP : 10x74kg (+ 2kg)
Weighted Chins : 10x12.5kg (+ 2.5kg)
Weighted Dips : 14x17.5kg (+ 1 rep + 2.5kg)
Full Squat : 6x80kg (-5 reps)
SLDL : 0x110kg (skiped) replaced by Leg Press 6x140kg
calves : (skiped)
ABS : crunches machine...

at the begining of the workout I had no energy I did only 13xBW on chins... didn't increase my Standing Press and LOST 3 reps on my row.... but I wanted to bench :p Fortunotely I progressed well on Bench Press and close grip BP and on weighted dips and chins.

Next time I'll do a little warm up to enter mentaly into the workout. :D

doing legs 2x per week seems too much for me... I regressed on squat.. I'll continue 2x but If I don't progress next time on legs exercises I'll do them only once a week.

For upper body I just regressed on row and progressed on others lift (if weighted chins go up, BW chins should go up too)except standing press.

I'll return to gym Monday or maybe tomorrow if I'm FIT !!!! :angel:

04-06-2003, 12:44 PM
I did an arms workout today (6 April) I was still tired from my friday's workout and I didn't progress.

Curl 8-10x51kg Extension 13x47kg.... then curl 6x47kg. So I decided to follow Arthur Jones and include arms work into my full body. Here is my new routine. I'll do it 2-3x per week. 2x whole routine and maybe an abbreviated routine once a week or once every 2 weeks. One set of each... maybe 2 sets for OHP and chins/dips (one weighted set and one BW warm up set)

Standing Press
Barbell Row
Bench Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Full Squat

04-07-2003, 03:26 AM
Things are looking good in here Gavan. Infrequent workouts are great. I think I may give HIT a go one day.


04-07-2003, 09:05 AM
Tank23 we will see in some weeks if I can get significatively stronger/bigger.

7 april 2003

Standing Press : 6x55kg and 5x55 (I could not believe I was so weak so I did a second set to try to get more reps)
Rowing : 7x85
Bench Press : 7x87
Close grip BP : 7x77kg and 6x77
Chins : 10x15kg
Dips : 11x22kg
Curl : 4-5x45kg and 2x45
Extension : 9x45kg
Full Squat : 11x80kg
SLDL : 0x110kg (skiped)
Calves Press : 17x full stack
ABS : (skiped)

I like Standing Press but I'm SO WEAK !!!!!!!!! I can do 17 reps with 47kg and I get ONLY 6x55kg !!!!!!!!! F*** !!! :mad: maybe I have 99.9% slow fibers in shoulders :D

I lost a lot of strength in arms after the compounds I could do only 4-5 reps with 45kg on curl... when I start with Curl I can do 15x49kg :cry:
I hope strenght will go up quickly :rolleyes: I stop dieting I'll eat for maintenance now.

I'll continue like that for a while... 2 full body per week and maybe an abbreviated workout in the week. Only one set per exercise but sometimes I do a second set for fun or when I was the feeling I could do better.

04-17-2003, 06:39 AM
Gavan, what's happening in here? I don't think HIT specifies workouts this infrequent :D


04-17-2003, 08:34 AM
In fact I decided to switch to HST :redface:

Why ? Simply because I got a lot stronger the last 6 month but didn't gain an once of muscle and I lift mainly for size. I'm also bored to read about strength gains without significant size gains and HST realy seems to work well. HST appear logical to me and is close to what Arthur Jones advocated in 1970 :

3 full body per week 1-2 sets per exercises. But insteed of working to failure you cycle intensity (both effort and load)
I think HST is a sort of Colorado Experiment with a shorter "SD"!!!!!

I'll do the same (the one I did on HIT) routine 3x per week HST style, I'm in SD now :D

If after 1-2 cycles I'm not a little bit more muscular then I'll go bak to HIT and continue to get stronger.

What's cool with HST is that you can lift nearly everyday, you'll not overtrain because weights are light and intensity of effort so low. I like to train very often with low volume but HIT made me very tired.

I'll report my gains (or loss) after my cycle. and give more information when I'll finish my SD (11 days), on Monday.

04-17-2003, 09:30 AM
Great! HST should be interesting!

What's cool with HST is that you can lift nearly everyday

You only lift 3x a week on HST, how is that every day?

Unless you split you workouts into upper and lower body, and did them on different days

i.e mon-upper, tues-lower, wed-upper and so on....

04-17-2003, 10:07 AM
Bryan said that to optimize HST you could lift 3x per week 2x per day OR 6x per week.

04-17-2003, 10:46 PM
How will that be split up? Like I said above, lower, upper...?
Or is that full body 6x a week?

04-18-2003, 10:43 AM
That's 6 full body per week !!! Bryan is doing it right now.
I will do only 3-5 and sometimes 2x per day.

I finally decided to start today because my last full body workout was 12 days ago !!! I only did 2 sets 8 days ago (1 set of standing press and one (light) set of row) so... I think it's enough for SD and I lost some muscles with my diet + SD. It was time to retrain !!!!

I started super light and will add 2kg on isolation exercises and 4-5kg on compounds 3x per week. So if I do 5 FB per week I'll repeat loads and only add weight 3x per week.

here is my starting weights :

I did 2 sets of each except for Dips and Chins. Most of the time I think I'll do 2 sets... maybe 3 when I'll do only 5 reps per set. I'll NEVER go near to failure, I'll only go to failure on the last workout of the cycle.

18 April

Row 2x20x39kg (1 set pronated one set supinated)
Bench Press 2x20x49kg
Close grip bench press 2x20x39kg
Standing Press 2x20x25kg
Chins BW 1x9
Dips BW 1x19
Curl 2x20x25kg
Extension 2x20x25kg
Pullover 2x20-25x25kg
Squat 1x20x25kg
SLDL 1x20x25

19 april

Standing pres 2x20x27kg
Curl 2x20x27kg
Extension 1x20x27kg
Pullover 1x20-25x27kg
Row 2x30x43kg
Bench 2x20x53kg
close grip bench press 1x20x43kg
Chins 0
Dips 0
Squat 1x20x27kg
SDT-JT 1x20x27

I was very tired today but with HST that's not a problem at least at the begining of a cycle !!! I'll do legs better tomorrow because I worked at home and cannot go "heavy" ! If I can call such light weights "heavy" :)

I'll not report every workout because I'll train very often... I'll some time report the size gains and strength gains.

04-18-2003, 12:36 PM
Hey Gavan,
I'm finding this frequent HST training very interesting. I posted a thread on the HST forum in 'general training' regarding this topic. I also visited the thread in the HST forum regarding this topic.

Interesting stuff indeed. I might give this a go later on in the year when I'm bulking. For now strength is a high priority.

Be sure to update you're journal every so often, I'm interested to see how you go with it. Even post up a sample of your diet if time permits. Good luck with it mate.


04-21-2003, 12:19 PM
21 april 03

Row 2x30x47kg (1 set pronated one set supinated)
Bench Press 2x30x57kg
Close grip bench press 2x20x47kg
Standing Press 2x30x29kg
Chins BW 0
Dips BW 0
Curl 2x30x29kg
Extension 1x20x29kg
Pullover 1x30x29kg
Squat /

I didn't do legs because gym is closed :( I'm ill but the weights are still very light so that's not a problem. I decided to stop chins and dips because they are too heavy lifts compared to my bench and row. When weight will go up on bench and row I'll re-include chins and dips.

since 18 april on HST no weight change. I don't bulk nor diet, in I eat when I'm hungry I'll see what will happend.

04-23-2003, 01:03 PM
23 april

Standing Press 2x25x31kg
Chins BW 0
Dips BW 0
Curl 2x25x31kg
Extension 1x25x31kg
Pullover 1x25x31kg
Bench Press 2x20x61kg
Close grip bench press 2x25x51kg
Row 2x20x51kg (1 set pronated one set supinated)
Squat /

still ill :( but I train :mad: the weight are light so... I hope I'll be ok in a few days :cry:

I'm too ill to do legs :p
I'll do weighted Chins and Dips next week.

04-23-2003, 07:12 PM
get well soon! :)

04-26-2003, 10:14 AM
thanks GhettoSmurf I'm nearly well today :)

25 april :

Standing Press 2x30x33kg
Curl 2x25x33kg
Extension 1x25x33kg
Pullover 1x25-30x33kg
Bench 1x20x65kg
Close grip Bench 1x25x55kg
Row (one set pronated one set supinated) 2x25x55kg
Chins 0
Dips 0
Full Squat 30x33kg (just for fun)

I stay away from failure ~5-10 reps.

I'll start Chins and Dips monday. Weights are still very light for the next cycle (if I continue with HST) I'll start heavier !!!

04-27-2003, 03:13 PM
27 april

Standing Press 3 sets 31-24-21 x 35kg
Curl 2 sets 24-21x 35kg
Extension 1x25x35kg
Pullover 1x25x35kg
Squat 25x35kg


Bench 2x15-20x69kg
close Grip Bench 2x20x59kg
Row 2x15-20x59kg (one set pronated one set supinated)
Chins 0
Dips 0

I was tired this evening I could normaly get much more reps on Bench and Row. :(

Tuesday I'll add weights and do more reps ! :cool:

05-01-2003, 08:39 AM
29 april

Standing Press 4 sets 37kgx15 reps then 27 reps, 23, 25
Curl : 25x37kg
Extension : 25x37kg
Pullover : 25x37kg
Full Squat 25x37kg

30 April

Chins 2 sets BW + 5kg x 15 reps
Supinated row 18x73kg and 12 reps
Bench Press 12x73kg
close grip BP : skiped (too tired)

I give up with pronated barbell row a la Mike Mentzer I had pain in lower back... so I'll only do supinated and pronated "classic barbell row" :p

1 May

Standing Press 15x39kg then 27x39kg
Curl 24x39kg + 1 cheated donc 25 reps happy
Extension 25x39kg easy
Pullover 25x39kg very easy
Full Squat 25x39kg super easy :D

I'll return to gym and do heavy Squat and Dead and Dips I cannot do weighted dips at home. I'm realy weak on Standing Press and Bench Press.... I can nearly curl (in proper form) as much as I press and my pullover and trieps extension are better....

I'll perhaps do ROW BENCH G BENCH and CHINS this evening or tomorrow.

When I'll return to gym I'll do a more structurated routine :

Standing Press 1-2x
Supination Row 2x
Bench 1x
CG Bench 1x
Chins 1x
Dips 1x
Curl 1-2x
Extension 1x
Pullover 1x
Squat 1x
Dead 1x
Calves 1x (not sure...)

05-03-2003, 05:50 PM
3 May

Standing Press 26x41kg (to failure)
Curl 20x41kg (to failure)
Extension 23x41kg
Pullover 2x20-25x41kg very easy
Full Squat 25x41kg super easy

Bench Press 2x13-14x77kg (hard !)

I lost strength on bench !!! but I feel stronger on others lifts ! Maybe it's because I did bench in the "evening" 1am. I could do 20 reps with that weight before... :(

Tomorrow I'll repeat these weights and do Row and Close Grip Bench Press maybe also Chins up. I'll start with bench to see if I can get at least 18-20 reps !

Monday I'll go to gym and do the exercises I cannot do at home : Heavy Squat, Deadlift, Weighted Dips and maybe Thighs Press, Calves Press and ABS machine.

05-06-2003, 12:24 PM
5 May

Bench Press 10x81kg 12x81kg
close grip bench press 5x71kg
Supinated Row 15x81kg 18x81kg pronated 12x81kg
Curl 15x43kg to failure
Standing Press 15x43kg 18x43kg 10x43kg
Extension Triceps 20-21x43kg
Pullover 25x43kg
Full Squat 25x43kg

6 May

Standing Press 22x43kg (to failure)
Curl 10x43kg

I did 26x41 and only 22x43kg... I lost many reps on barbell curl too I feel tired I train every day and don't sleep enough I won't lift for 1-2 days to recover a little bit then continue the cycle.

I feel stronger than before because I lift near to my maximum for this rep range and I'm very very tired so after some days off I'll certainly come stronger.

05-06-2003, 12:31 PM
Originally posted by Gavan

I did 26x41 and only 22x43kg... I lost many reps on barbell curl too I feel tired I train every day and don't sleep enough I won't lift for 1-2 days to recover a little bit then continue the cycle.

i think that would be a good choice. if you feel tired like you say, and if you do train everyday, i'd say you definately deserve a couple days rest :)

05-09-2003, 07:10 AM
8 may :

Standing Press 20x45kg
Barbell Curl 10x45kg
Pullover 22x45kg
F-Squat 25x45kg
Extension triceps 16x45kg last PR was 18x45kg :(

9 may :

Standing Press 18x47 and 12x47 and 17x47kg
Curl 9x47
Extension 10x47
Pullover 25x47
F-Squat 25x47
Bench 6x85
close Grip Bench skiped
Supinated-Row 10x85 and 12-13x85 Pronated Row 10-11x85
SLDL 20x85 (best SLDL is 12x110kg)

I had no strength for arms :( and Bench + Row are well below my maximum. (11x87 for bench and 8x100 for supinated row)

I added SLDL insteed of DL. I prefer it ! and both Haycock and JONES suggest SLDL so :)

I need to add Chins and Dips and HEAVY Squat... I do squat with my OHP barbell ;(

05-11-2003, 02:19 PM
11 may bodyweight 75.5-76kg ~167lbs (I'm 5.9'' 1m75) !

Standing Press 15x49kg and 16x49kg
Curl 6x49kg good form (PR on curl relatively bad form 15x49kg)
Extension triceps : skiped
Pullover 25x49kg very easy (last PR 20x53kg)
F-Squat 25x49kg not so easy I had problem to load the barbell behind my neck !
SLDL 20x89kg very easy

Later I did Barbell ROW Pronated 10x89kg supinated 9x89kg not too bad. Finally I prefer the PRONATED row !!!

and some hours after Bench Press 4x89kg !!! I was tired... very tired... only 4 reps too bad !!!!!!!! Bench Press is DEFINITIVELY not a lift for me :angel:

Close Grip BP : skiped

I train 6 or 7 days per WEEK I LOVE IT but sometimes I realy feel DEAD !!!! tuttut

05-15-2003, 12:06 PM
I have 7 exams to prepare... a lot of work so I only lift moderatly... I mean a few lifts/sets 5-6 times a week.

12 May

Bench Press 6x89kg
Barbell Curl 7x49kg

13 May

OHP 3-4 sets, best set : 13x51kg
Bent Arms Pullover : 25x51kg

15 May

OHP : best of 3 sets : 14x51kg (2 cheated reps)
Triceps Extension : 5x51kg
Barbell Curl 2-3x51kg (no more energy)


Barbell Row : 8x93kg (pronated) and 6-7x93kg
Stiff Legged Deadlift from the floor : 21x99kg (new PR and didn't went to failure )

I'll try to do Extension, Curl and Squat this evening, maybe another set of Standing Press.

05-19-2003, 05:07 AM
17 May :

Standing Press : 6-8x 53kg (I did 14x51 before so it was not good !)
Full Squat : 25x55kg
Bent Arms Pullover : 25x55kg Very happy with my progress on pullover one month ago I could only do 20x53kg !

Curl and triceps extension skiped !

I don't do the ROW and BENCH often enough :mad: :mad: :mad:


19 May :

Standing Press : 6x55 8x55 10x55 + 1 cheated rep ! Very happy new PR !!! one month ago I could only do 6x55kg

Full Squat 25x57kg I had problem with the barbell I can't remove it :D

Later I'll do Pullover Curl and Extension Triceps.... I should do ROW and BENCH too.... I already gave up with Chins and Dips :(

grrrr I will do Bench and ROW NOW go go go !!!!! and I can't do the SLD heavy enough at home !

05-19-2003, 06:24 AM
19 MAY :

Bench Press : 3x95kg 2x95 0x95 (the barbell failed on my chest :cry: )
Barbell pronated row : 7-8x95kg thenm 8-9x95kg

Stiff Legged Deadlift : 21x110kg ! I'm very happy !!! (I attached 2 dumbells, 5kg each to the barbell because I only have 100kg weight at home :redface: )

I gained 10kg on my SLDL compared to my last PR (one month ago) !

gained a little bit on my barbell row maybe 5kg. Only my bench Press stagnate !!!

it's the WORST exercise on EARTH !!! :cool: why do I continue with it ? Because I'm a stupid young guy :p

05-26-2003, 07:45 AM
from 20 to 26 mai

Chins 26x BW (new PR)

Bent Arms Pullover : 22x59kg (new PR)

Rowing : 6x99kg (new PR)

Full Squat 23x65kg

Curl 10x49 (best 15x)
Extension 12x49 (best 18x45)

Standing Press 11x49 (warm up) 4x59 1x62

I'll continue to report every workout I had a problem with my comupter :(

06-04-2003, 07:27 AM
I stopped with full body workouts and started a split routine. Why ? Because I wanted to change, and because I realised I gained a lot of strenght with full body low volume workout but not a lot of muscles...

So I'll try something more conventional :

Back (PULL) / Arms (PUMP :) ) + Legs / Chest + Shoulders (Push)

3.6.03 I did the following :

Chins : 20xBW in realy realy good form, maybe too slow/good because last time I got 26 reps.

Row : 2x100kg 1x100kg then 4x100kg and again 1x100kg I had problem with my gloves. I couldn't hold the barbell (thick barbell) so I missed the 2 first sets ans only got 4 reps for my best set.

SLDL same problem with the barbell.... 6x120kg then with better gloves 12x120kg

Pullover and Press : 12x65 + 8x65 I was totaly taxed by the Row and SLDL. (best on Pullover : 21x63kg)

MACHINES : Wide Grip Front Pulldown 2 sets 15x60kg then 9x70kg, another machine (row) : 6x65 machine 2 : 10x60kg

Cable triceps 2-3 sets then Triceps Extension (barbell) 4-5x45kg insteed of the 18 reps I can do if I start with it. And I finished with 2 sets of Dips 10xBW and 8xBW.

I had no strenght for triceps it's why I'll change my split as described at the begining. I had no strength for Pullover I think I'll do it before SLDL next time.

Today my whole BACK is SORE !!!! very sore !!! nothing into the triceps.

06-04-2003, 07:35 AM
my split will be :

Every set to failure or close to failure (1 rep)

Back :

Chins 1xBW / (1x weighted 6-10 reps)
Barbell row 1x pronated / 1x supinated 6-10 reps
Bent Arms Pullover and Press 1x20 and 1xMAX
SLDL 1x10-20
Machines : wide grip front Pulldown, rowing machine 1, rowing machine 2, one set of each 6-10 reps
ABS work 2-4 sets

Arms + Legs :

Barbell Curl 1x15-20 / 1x6-10
Triceps Extension 1x15-20
Wrist-Curl 1x10-15
Incline dumbells curl 2x6-15
Cables triceps 2x10-15
Dips 1xBW
Curl Machine 2x6-10
Full Squat (free weight or smith, maybe alternated) 1x20
Leg Press 1x20
Leg extension 1x10-15
Leg Curl 1x10-15
Calves Press 1x20-50

Shoulders + Chest

Standing Press 1x10-15 / 1x4-6
Bench Press 1x6-10
Close grip Bench Press 1x6-10
Incline Press Dumbells or Smith 1x6-10
Shoulders Machine 1x6-10
Pecs Machine 1x6-10
Dips 1xBW
Lateral raises 2x10-15
Bent over lateral raises 1x10-15
Flies 1x10-15
Butterfly machine 1x6-10

07-04-2003, 05:48 AM
I'll continue to report my workouts but I didn't trained in june :( because of EXAMS !!!! I did only a set here and there so I didn't do the split above.

I lost fat and muscular mass, a lot of muscular mass in the legs which I didn't train since 2-3 month !

I'm now on holydays for 4 month :) and I'll train HARD !!!! I'm 5.9 75kg bodyfat : too HIGH ! :D

here are my performances the 4 July :

Standing Press : 19x49kg
Bent Arms Pullover : 19x67kg
Barbell Row supinated : 10x99kg pronated : 5-6x99kg
Bench Press : 11x87kg or 19x79kg close grip : 6x85kg
Chins : 26x BW
Dips : 34x BW
Barbell Curl : 16x51kg
Triceps Extension : 18x45kg
Wrist-Curl : 14x43kg
SLDL : 10x130kg
Full Squat : 20x69kg :redface:

My routine for July : 3 Full Body workout which will include all the above exercises in 3 different orders. I'll start with PUSH then another day with PULL and another day with Arms or Legs.

One set to failure fo each exercise, 6 to 20 reps !!! I'm better on high reps...

07-07-2003, 02:51 AM
After 4 days off or nearly off :redface: I'll start my summer (High Intensity) training.

I'm only 74kg now !!!! tuttut

Yestersday I only did 2 sets of bench press :
15x83kg then 14x85kg new PR !

Today I'll do a Full Body Workout !!! I need to retrain legs after 2 month off... My legs atrophied but they will grow fast and it should help me to lose a ton of FAT !!!

Today Barbell Row (supinated) 18x91kg in relatively good form ! new PR ! :cool:

07-10-2003, 06:56 AM
I tried 2 Full Body workouts... damn it was too hard... it overtrained me.

I did Bench Press 2 sets then Row then Standing Press then Pullover but I was so exhausted...

I'll do a split routine...

Today Barbell Curl 8 sets : cheated 2x10x53kg, 10x49kg, 6x49kg then in nearly perfect form : 12x39, 12x41, 12x43, 11x45.

I also tried the standing Press with 39,41,43,45kg and got 12-13 reps for each set easily but I feel my shoulders are overtrained... because I did a lot better weeks ago and I felt a pain/soreness into the shoulders.

Then I did wirst-curl : 17x45kg NEW PR :eek: I don't understand how I did it... maybe it's normal, maybe...... I do it as outlined by Jones.

I'll now go to the gym to do Triceps + Legs and maybe a little bit of Curl :angel:

So I'll do a low volume split... and if I fail I'll switch to 5x5 training !!!! but the Full Body are realy a way too hard if you go to failure on each set...

07-10-2003, 01:08 PM

After the 8 sets of Curl of this morning I still wanted to blast my arms :D after month with just 1 or 2 sets of Curl I did 20 sets today maybe more !

Biceps :

Curl machine : 5 sets (2 negative accentued)
Curl cable : 4-5 sets
Curl Dumbells : 2 sets with 15kg dumbells I was EXHAUSTED !

Triceps :

I didn't did the barbell triceps extension...
Cables 8 sets :redface:
Dumbell 2 sets 20kg (I felt pain into elbows...)

Legs AFTER TWO MONTH OFF :rolleyes:

Leg Press 20x80kg then 20x100kg easily but I was able to do 20x200kg before :cool: then 2 sets of accentuated negative. (up with both legs down with one leg)

Leg Extension : 7 sets 2 negative accentued sets then 10x20 10x25 10x30 10x40 10x50. I was able to do 10 reps with the full stack before, 70kg.

Leg Curl : skiped 2 guys were sleeping on the machine :D

Calves : 2 sets 20x100kg 20x180kg. Before I did 25x240kg (full stack)

That's not too bad for a first leg workout. Tomorrow I'll do legs again to remove the soreness. I'll go heavier.

I feel sore in my biceps ! Good feeling !! Long time I didn't get them sored even if soreness and growth.... but I'll look if my arms grow ! Unfortunotely triceps aren't sore !


Tomorrow Chest + Legs + Abs a more serious workout ! Today it was the ARMS FEST :angel:

07-11-2003, 04:10 AM
I measured my arms 3 times this morning ! they are a little bit under 2/5'' bigger, at least 1/5 bigger !! It may be inflamation/soreness but it's interessant I'll keep an eye or tow on them :)

Biceps are realy sore, triceps nothing (didn't do the negative accentued).

I do not think that's the high volume which produced this "growth" but maybe the fact that I got my arms sore. I went from 1-2 sets for biceps to 20 ! Maybe some of you remember the theory of Vince Basile :

=> get sore => rest + grow => retrain (every 4-5 days).

I'll train chest + legs + abs today and I'll also do some negative accentued sets for my triceps...

07-12-2003, 04:55 AM
7/11/03 Legs + Chest + ABS

Legs :

Leg Press 20x120 20x140 and 20x160kg
I could have done 20x180kg if I started with this weight ! It's incredible I didn't lose much strenght if any in my legs but my legs are over 2 inches smaller !!!

Calves : 20x240kg best = 25 reps
Same for Calves I could do 25 reps and got 20 without going to failure... next time I'll do 25 reps or more and my calves are 2/3'' smaller !!!

Leg extension : 10x45kg no more strength :(

Chest :

Bench Press : 13x87kg NEW PR
Compound Machine 2x10-20 (full stack 100kg)
Incline Press with Dumbells 1x10x30kg
Fly machine 1x10x70 (full stack = 100kg)
Dips 1x20x BW without going to failure
ABS work

I didn't did triceps again. Arms are back to their previous size ! ;) it was just a sort of inflamation due to the huge volume or somthing like that, maybe glycogen storage... anyway I don't care !

07-14-2003, 03:01 PM
Back at home today :

Supinated Barbell Row : several sets (6-7) with a lot of rest between sets, sometimes hours until I finally got 17x93kg in relatively good form except for the 2-3 last reps. I was tired this morning started with a maximum of 2-3 reps with 93kg....

Supinated Chins up : 1x28 reps ! I hit the bar with chest on the 18 first reps then only chin above the bar for the 10 last reps. Then 10x BW +5kg in perfect form, not realy a good performance but I was totaly exhausted after ROW + Bodyweight CHINS.

I could do more without hiting the bar with chest (full range of motion) doing the first reps like most people do : chin above the bar.


I'm very happy I gained 1-2kg on my Barbell Row and I gained 2 reps on Chins and I could have done maybe 29-30 reps if I cheated ! I didn't do the Bent Arms Pullover because the last time I did it I nearly died !! :cry:

Maybe I'll restart this exercice very light... but I love Bodyweight Chins and Heavy Row !!!

Tomorrow Shoulders + Stiff Legged Deadlift (didn't do it since.... 6 weeks oops !)[B]

07-15-2003, 05:39 PM
Shoulders + ARMS :

I alternated Standing Press with Barbell Curl

1 set of each with 47kg then 49kg, 51kg and 53kg I did 2 additional set of curl with 53kg

Curl : 10x51kg 8x53kg not realy in good form ! good form for 47-49kg and 51kg not better / not worse than last time... I did too much "warm up sets" I wanted to know if I could get 10 good reps with these weights. Next time I Start with 51kg then 53kg and maybe 55kg.

Standing Press : 16x53kg NEW PR :cool: ! good form except the last 2 reps. NExt time again 53kg then 55kg and 60kg.

Extension triceps : 10x47kg I didn't do this lift since 2 month... I was able to do 18x45kg... :mad:

Wrist-Curl : 2 sets 16 and 18x47kg !!!!! :cool: NEW PR

GOOD WORKOUT !! I'm happy

07-16-2003, 12:34 PM
Chest + Legs today !

Chest :

Bench Press 9x92kg but someone helped me for the last rep
close grip Bench Press 8x82kg
Dips 22xBW not to failure
Incline dumbells press 6x35kg (2x) then 12x25kg (2x)
Machine Butterfly 1 : 5x100kg
MAchine Butterfly 2 : 5x85kg

Legs :

Leg Press 1 warm up 10x140kg and 1 work set 9x180kg
Leg ex 5x60kg
Leg curl 10x20-25-30-35-40
Presse à mollets : 26x240kg + 1 rep !

I should train less often I progressed a little bit on chest (maybe + 1 rep) and I'm close to my maximum on thighs. I'll train once every 7 days each muscle NOT every 5 days like I did today... I'm sure pogress will be better with less frequent training ! I shouldn't have done Arms + Shoulders yesterday... only One muscle group grrr :mad:

07-21-2003, 02:52 AM
2 days ago I did back :

Barbell row several sets : 11x95, 14x95 15x95 8x95 no PR :(

Chins : 1x12xBW no more strength :(

I stoped because I was too exhausted plus the barbell row (45°) killed my lower back !!! I'll do the Row Yates Style now ! I tested it it's fantastic ! no lower back pain and you can lift heavier and the range of motion is just a little bit shorter !

I love it :cool:

my new back training : (1 set of each)

Row Yates Style
(eventually Bent Arms Pullover but this exercise is a killer...)
2-3 machines

07-22-2003, 12:16 PM
Today I had the confirmation I'm a "repper" and not good at low reps and 1RM.

I bench 20x80kg and my 1RM is not even 100kg !!! My standing Press 20RM is ~50kg and I CANNOT do one rep in GOOD form with 60kg !!!

So I decided to train EVERY lift in HIGH reps, 15-20 reps !!!

22 July arms training :

Barbell Curl (good form !) : 20x39kg 20x41kg 20x43kg 17x45kg and finaly hours later 20x45kg PR

Triceps Extension : 20x39kg 20x43kg 16x47kg PR
Wrist-Curl : no more strength.... only got a few reps at 47kg (PR = 18 reps)


I'm happy I got 2 PR !!! and I LOVE high reps they are safer, TUT is longer and I work in perfect form. (I ever want to cheat with low reps, work too heavy).

I'll continue with my split or full body... don't know maybe tomorrow I'll try a full body with 1 set of 20 reps per lift to see how it goes.

07-23-2003, 06:01 AM
Again Barbell Curl definitively my favorite lift with Standing Press ! I did Curl and Extension yesterday but I did it again today ! I don't fear arm's overtraining haaha !

Curl : 19x47kg in good form ! and 2 min later 10x47kg I shouldn't have done the second set but I wanted to check my endurance and see if I realy could curl that weight for many reps.

Triceps extension : 15x47kg (problem with my grip... but I cannot do this lift as often as Curl!) I could have done at least 18 reps... next time !! NOT tomorrow :)

maybe it's time to do something else than Barbell Curl ! I'll go to gym to do Chins / Dips / Bench Press / Row / SLDL and Leg Press

07-23-2003, 06:12 AM
Nice workouts man - good idea to switch it up some :)

07-23-2003, 06:26 AM
Thank you CoCoa !!

my journal is a mess but I ever do the same exercise and progress relatively well. I know I could do better with a FIXED routine but it's too hard for me.

sometimes I follow a routine fo a few weeks then change... today it'll be a Full Body routine, if I like it I'll continue if not... :D

I know I shouldn't focus on Curl but but I would like to curl as much as Chris :eek:

only a dream for the moment :angel:

07-24-2003, 04:05 PM
Back Training :

Barbell Row Yates style : 11x93, 17x93 (new PR) then 18x93kg (205 pounds)
Chins up : several sets (maybe 6), from 10 to 24 reps (PR = 28...) but I did the first 22 reps until chest touch the bar then did 2 normal reps (chin above the bar)

Bent Arms Pullover : I stoped it for the moment too dangerous I should start a cycle... maybe next week.

Stiff Legged Deadlift : 20x99kg I don't have enough weight at home... I did 10x130kg at the gym and 20x110kg I MUST return to gym :(

tomorrow pause (!) I hope I'll be able to take a day off !


Bodyweight around 74-75kg
Bodyfat low but still not as low as I would !! (something like Aka)
my goal beeing to be as lean as possible and as big (muscles as possible...

07-25-2003, 08:12 AM
Today it was a REST DAY (I train every day) ! here is what I did !! I'm CRAZY I know I know !!!

Standing Press : 1x51kg felt like I would die after this rep :(
second set : 2x51kg again I felt totaly burned

I took 10 min off and did a third set : 4-5x51kg !!

I was pissed my best was around 18 reps with that weight... Angry I decided to do a set of Chins (I did chins yesterday)

I got 19 reps and felt GOOD ! So I decided to do a set of Dips and got a NEW PR : 36x Bodyweight ! :D
I didn't do Dips serisouly since 19 june ! but sometimes I did a set of dips at the end of my chest training without even pushing it hard.

I DON'T understand how I could do a PR !!! my strength on Standing Press was ridiculous and not good on chins... Maybe I'm overtrained on chins and standing press but NOT on Dips.

I'll maybe try to do each lift only once every 2 weeks but work each muscles 1-2x per week.

at 1am I did again standing press got only 12 reps F.... :cry: tomorrow Bench Press + Standing Press

07-26-2003, 08:07 AM
Today Bench Press !

4 sets : 2x10x81kg then 18x81kg new PR :D and 20-30 minutes later 15x81kg I'll stop I got a PR and that's enough, last time I did 19x79kg or 11x87kg.

I gained 1 rep / 1kg that's enough for today !!!

Maybe I'll do (light !) Bent arms pullover this evening

Everyday I got a PR on one of my 10 lifts ! It's good !

Edit : 1am 18x81kg again but I had a problem the barbell hurt the rack and droped on me :( I could have done 19 reps GRRRRRRRR it was hard I had to fight to push the bar and stay alive :help:

07-28-2003, 12:30 PM
Today : Arms

Barbell Curl

20x49 + 1 rep + 1kg
~30 min after 10x49 no more juice :p

Triceps Extension

not enough energy for this lift... I did too many Barbell Curl sets :(


1x16x47kg (-2 reps)

I'll start a short cycle with lighter weight. form was not good and the set was very hard ! Anyway I don't realy care about wrist-Curl...

Good workout I increased my Barbell curl !! Tomorrow Back + Legs

07-29-2003, 08:03 AM
Today Back (not legs !) : 2 new PRs

Rowing Yates : 20x93kg (+2 reps) and 14x95kg good form !

Chins : 29xBW (+ 1 rep) and 15xBW+10kg

I'll SDT-jt at 110kg or Pullover in the evening !!!

guys every workout I had weight or reps or both !!! I never progressed like that I'm so happy :D

I'm on cell tech new protein ! :p

PS I should have done legs.. it'll be for tomorrow with shoulders :rolleyes:

07-29-2003, 08:23 AM
Why are you on cell tech :(

07-29-2003, 08:46 AM
it was a joke Goin !!! I take nothing and I'm dieting I want to be very very lean !!!

I did the SLDL : 15x99kg very bad but I didn't have gloves and thus my grip was very weak !!! I did 20x110kg with gloves and 10x130kg grrrr !!!

Anyway I think it'll be better if I alternate Barbell Row and Stiff Legged Deadlift, doing both in one workout is too much intensity !!!

07-31-2003, 09:53 AM
Yesterday Bench Press : 5 sets, best set : 16x83kg

my last PR was 18x81kg so I didn't progress :(

Today : Standing Press : no strength at all so I decided to restart with Bent Arms Pullover after one month of

I did 3 sets : 20x59kg 25x49kg 25x61kg (last PR 19x67kg) so I didn't lose strength with one month off !!! :eek: maybe I'm even stronger !!!

------------ I progressed well on july but it's time to start a well organised training because I did too often shoulders + arms and not enough back chest and legs and also didn't do the SLDL nor Pullover nor T-Curl.

Back-A : 2x Row + 2-3x Bent Arms Pullover
Arms : 2-3x B-Curl + 1x T-Curl + 1x W-curl
Chest : 2x Bench Press + 1x Dips eventualy 1x DI
Back-B: 1x SLDL + 2x Chins (1x BW 1x Weighted)
Legs : 1x Presse + 1x leg ex + 1x leg curl + ABS
Shoulders : 1-3x OHP + 1x lateral, frontal, and bent over lateral raises

I'll take days off when I feel tired it may vary.

07-31-2003, 12:09 PM
yayurns, I was scared that another person got scammed into cell tech, lol

08-01-2003, 11:52 AM
Today Back :

I should have done SLDL + Chins but the gym was closed so I did Row + Chins but I did them 2-3 days ago so it was not enough rest for real progress. I also did a few sets of Pullover I got 25x61kg and 19x63kg but it killed my elbows and didn't allow me to use maximum strength on row and chins.

Row 5-6 sets, best : 18x95kg not realy an improvement I did 20x93kg last time.
Chins : many sets, 8xBW+26kg not realy good but I didn't do them serisouly since month I only trained bodyweight chins.

In the training forum I said Bodyweight chins killed my strength on low reps but that's not realy true I think I'll quickly be able to do BW+30kg for 10 reps which is not too bad for someone who can do ~30x Bodyweight.

relatively good workout despite the pain into elbows :cry: Tomorrow arms !!! :D

08-11-2003, 10:48 AM
I did a Strategic Deconditioning period of 11 days. I (re)start HST

stats :

I weight 72kg (159 lbs)
My biggest arm (left) is 15'' right : 14 3/5'' :cry:

I lost 10kg since november 2002, arms went from 16'' to 15'' and waist from 32 1/2'' to 28 :D I want it at 26'' or less so my HST cycle will be a cutting cycle !

First workout

Curl 15x35
Standing Press 12x35
Triceps extension 12x35
Wrist-Curl 10x35
Standing Press 12x35
Full Squat 20x35 :redface:
Chins 12xBW +2
Dips 15xBW +5
Pullover 19x49
Bench Press 11x75
ROW 12x81kg
SLDL 15x85 pronated grip

I do this full body 3x per week and do some sets the other days. I really want to be shredded at the end of the 6-8 weeks cycle !!!

08-16-2003, 02:59 PM
I'm on HST since 6 days I didn't report every workout because they are light and not interesting.

today I did the following (remember it's HST so the weight are far from maximum)

Curl 24x43kg
Standing Press 20x43kg
Curl 26x43kg
Standing Press 21x43kg
Full Squat 25x43kg (just after standing press, same barbell)
Chins 22xBW+12kg
Dips 15xBW+22kg (technical problem I need a better Dips station)

later I'll do :

Bench 79kg
Row 89kg
SLDL 110kg

the goal of this cycle : lose fat and if possible increase strength/mucsular size. I use higher reps than a classical HST program simply because I ever trained with high reps and now my 20RM and 5RM are nearly the same... so I started with my ~30RM.

I hope I'll readapt to low reps and do a normal (better) second cycle !!!

08-28-2003, 04:33 PM
I changed my split I do it now

Day 1 Chins / Dips / SLDL
Day 2 Standing Press / Curl / Extension / F-SQUAT
Day 3 Bench Press / Row / Bent Arms Pullover
Day 4 pause
Day 5 = Day 1

09-03-2003, 10:37 AM
rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I stop HST !!! I don't like to train light and not to failure !!!!

BACK TO a MIX between HEAVY DUTY and HIT !!!!

yesterday I did :

Chins : 8xBW+30kg 9xBW+30kg 8xBW+32kg
Dips : 5xBW+40kg and 12xBW+30kg
SLDL : 7x140kg

I should have done only ONE set per exercise but I had problems to attach the weight !!!! So I failed on some sets... Now I found a good technique ! I'll do only ONE set to FAILURE !!!!

routine :

SLDL or DL (I like SLDL but feel DL is safer...)


Standing Press or lateral raises
Barbell Curl
Extension Triceps
Bent Arms Pullover


Bench Press
Barbell Row
Full Squat (smith or free)

ONE set of each to failure !!!! It's how I love to train : HARD, briefly and as often as possible. I train 2-3x per week. Sometimes I had a set of a machine or 1-2 isolation exercises like calves raises or leg extension, leg press, peck deck etc.

09-22-2003, 04:38 AM
I stopped to report workouts for ~2 weeks

Here are my new performances : (BW = 72kg)

Chins : 35xBW 6xBW+35kg
Dips : 46xBW 10xBW+32.5kg
SLDL : 8x140kg
Barbell Row : 16x97kg or 2x110kg
Bench Press : 10x89kg (down)
Standing Press : 16x53kg (down to 11x51kg :( )
Barbell Curl (EZ) : 20x52kg
Triceps Extension : 19x49kg
Full Squat : 20x69kg (down to 10x69kg)

I do only 9 exercices, sometimes I add isolation fo others bodypart or Pullover.

I continue to train with low volume high intensity because I like it and think it's a good way to make gains, not necessarly the best way. I don't have a fixed routine. I do 1-2-3 or 4 exercices per workout and try to do them at least once a week.

Standing press is down because I overtrained shoulders, SQT because I didn't do it since month. Maybe I lost a little bit on bench too but others lifts are up !

09-23-2003, 07:59 AM
wooow while these 2 weeks I lost 3kg, BW = 69kg :( ! I have exams... 4 exams so I don't sleep, don't eat, don't train !!! F..... tuttut :D

I'll finish exams the 4 october so I don't except strength gains until the 4. I'll just try to regain strength on Bench Press, OHP and F-Squat !

Today Workout :

Bench Press : 20x69 20x71 20x73 20x75kg 17x79kg (best 20x79kg)
Barbell Row (supinated hands) : 20x69 10x89 14x99kg
Squat : 1x73kg then gave up, I did't do it yesterday

I do only one WORK set to failure, sometimes 2 and never more than 3 !

well I lost strength on benche because I stoped it for 6 weeks and I didn't increase my Row, best performance was 18x95kg which is the same as 14x99kg for ME ! each rep = 1kg

09-29-2003, 05:24 AM
OK I had time to think while this exam period ! Maybe I should have think more about the exams than about my training but...

I looked at my training logs ! Guys I trained for 2 years and 5 month and I'm not happy with my gains, like many people I gained, then regressed, stopped training for weeks, month sometimes... cut, bulk etc !!! Changed routine 100 times and finally I got some strength and size but nothing fantastic !

It's time for a BIG CHANGE and BIG discipline !!!! :D I hope some of you will HIT me in the HEAD or in the balls ! :redface: if I change my routine !

What I plan to do is :

1 Full Body once every 3 o 4 days (because I cannot progress faster than that) then if I cannot progress I'll add rest days until 6 days between workout. Then if I cannot progress once every 6 days I'll change for a 3 day split, each muscle once every 7 days and it doesn't work I'll change for a 2 days split (push / pull) and train each muscle once every 8 to 10 days. If it doesn't work I'll stop the experience ! It'll be hard to train only once every 3-4 days but I'll success !!! Why ? Because I WANT TO PROGRESS I WANT BIG MUSCLES ! :cool:

1) The Full Body : (because I train at the gym and at home I will alternate some exercices)

Chins / Dips or Bench Press* / Standing Press / SLDL / Full Squat / and 3 isolation exercices : Barbell Curl / Triceps Extension / Calves raises or Wrist-Curl*.

*I cannot do Dips at home nor Calves raises.

2) The 3 days split :

Chins / Row / SLDL
Full Squat / Curl / Triceps Extension
Dips / Bench / Standing Press

3) The 2 days split (final routine)

Chins / Row / Curl / SLDL
Dips / Bench / Standing Press / Extension / Full Squat

I'll start today or tomorrow with the Full Body, I don't know if I'll need the 2) and 3) routine, in my opinion the Full Body will work best and for a very long time... we will see !!! I'll do ONE set of each exercice to failure, rarely 2 sets and never more than 3.


PLEASE HIT (not too hard) ME INSULT ME :cry: do what you can to make me stay on this program !!! thanks you guys ! :cool:

10-04-2003, 03:55 PM
ok I did my first workout today it was very hard after nearly 2 weeks off but with exams which mean nearly no sleep !

I was too tired to do a good workout, I did :

Chins : 10xBW+30kg (last PR 8xBW+32.5kg)
Bench : 10x81kg (18x81kg)
Push Press : 10x49kg (16x53 standing press)
SLDL : 10x110kg (8x140kg)
Full Squat : skiped

arghhh I was so tired so weak today, the push press is a disaster, not even as good as my standing press even if it was after bench press. SLDL is extremly weak too !

I'll sleep as much as I can the following days and retrain when I'll be FIT !!!

10-11-2003, 09:11 AM
The date are in french style insteed of 5/17/03 for the 17 MAY 2003 we write : 17/5/03 I didn't change the date because I'm too lazy !

so Here is my progression since 17 May 2003 to 11 Ocotber 2003 not realy good... a BAD period for me :cry: I hope things will go better now !

First number = 17/5/03

Stiff Legged Deadlift : 21x99kg
19/5 21x110kg
3/6 12x120kg
7/6 10x130kg
2/9 7x140kg
15/9 8x140kg

Barbell Row pronation : (P) 8x93kg et supination 8x100kg (S)
19/5 8-9x95kg (P)
24/5 5-6x99kg (P) (bad form)
3/6 4x100 (P)
16/6 18-19x89kg (S)
17/6 12x99 (S)
7/6 18x91kg (S)
14/7 17x93kg (S)
24/7 18x93kg
29/7 20x93kg
2/8 18x95kg
6/9 2x110kg
23/9 14x99kg

Standing Press : 14x51kg or 18x47kg
19/5 10x55kg + 1 cheated rep
19/6 12x55kg
27/6 19x49kg
15/7 16x53kg !

Bench Press: 11x87kg and close grip : 5x85kg
19/5 3x95kg
16/7 8'1/2 x90kg and close grip 8x80kg
26/7 18x81kg
30/7 16x83kg

Bent Arms Pullover : 25x55kg
21/5 23x57kg
22/5 22x59kg
25/5 21x63kg | 3/6 12x65kg
30/6 19x67kg / 20x65kg
31/7 25x61kg

Barbell Cheated Curl : 15x49kg
22/6 16x49kg // 30x41kg (dont 10x49kg in ~good form !)
29/6 16x51kg !!!
MORE strict :
10/7 11x45kg mais bientot 10x50kg ou plus à réaliser
15/7 10x51 et 8x53kg
22/7 20x45kg good form !!
23/7 19x47kg !
28/7 19x49kg + 1 triché = 20x49 !!!
21/9 20x52kg (ez)

Wrist curl 15x39kg
29/6 14x43kg
10/7 17x45kg
15/7 18x47kg !!!!
5/10 21x51kg

Triceps Extension : 18x45kg
15/7 10x47kg
22/7 20x43kg
20/8 18x47kg
11/9 18-19x49kg !

Full Squat (smith) 8x90kg and Full Squat free weight 25x55kg
19/5 30x59kg
24/5 21x63kg
26/05 20x69kg
11/6 5x75

Chins 23x BW / 7x25kg
21/5 24xBW
24/5 26xBW
14/7 28xBW
29/7 29xBW ! 15xBW+15kg
2/8 8xBW+26kg
2/9 8xBW+32kg
6/9 8xBW+32.5kg 6xBW+35kg
7/9 32xBW 33xBW
19/9 35xBW
30/9 36xBW

Dips 32x BW / 9x30kg
19/6 34xBW !
25/7 36x BW !!
22/8 40xBW
2/9 5xBW+40kg and 12xBW+30kg
6/9 10xBW+32.5kg
21/9 46xBW
1/10 48xBW

10-11-2003, 01:36 PM
Today Workout :

Full Body :

Chins : 3xBW+32.5kg (down) then 19xBW+20kg (up)

Dips : 20xBW+25kg (up) easy then 6x32.5 (down)

Standing Press with dumbells : 10x30kg 10x40kg 8x44kg I regressed on standing press so I try standing press with dumbells

SLDL : / and F-SQT : / too tired today

Barbell Curl : 20x46kg 10x54kg didn't go to failure (down) max was 18x54kg


Grip :

Wrist-Curl 22x51kg (+1 rep) 10x53kg too hard !
Reverse Wrist-Curl 11x21kg (+2kg)
Reverse Curl 19x21kg (NEW)

I'll do everything in HIGH reps (20 per set) it's the ONLY way I found for "rapid" progress. But everytime I retry low reps because people tell me that high reps are ****... I don't care now I progress with high reps so !!!!

My routine will be :

Once every 3 to 5 days :

Chins 1x20
Dips 1x20
Standing Press 1x20
SLDL 1x20
Full Squat 1x20
(eventualy Calves Press 1x50-100 and ABS 3x20)

and 2 hours later or before I'll do the following : ARMS specialisation :

Barbell Curl 1x20 immeditately follow by Barbell Row 1x3-5
Triceps Extension 1x20 immeditately follow by Bench Press 1x3-5
Wrist-Curl 1x20
Reverse Wrist-Curl 1x20
Reverse Curl 1x20

I like to train arms/grip even if it's not very useful anyway it'll not increase a lot inroad.

10-19-2003, 01:48 PM
I just started to use negative only training or negative accentuated training

Today's workout :

Negative Chins : 8x40kg and 9x42kg
Negative Dips : 12x50kg
Push Press : 10x59kg
Negative Curl : 8x60kg (I use a sort of power clean with supinated hands for the positive phase)
Full Squat : 20x61kg (I didn't train legs since over 4 month)

I'll alternate Squat and SLDL, that's too much for me in the same workout (!) but sometimes I'll do both or I'll do the leg press with one leg (negative accentued training). The negative Chins and Dips were very easy didn't sweat didn't even feel tired after the sets which is not the case with conventional training. I could use much more weight but it's just a start and in practice it's hard to use heavy loads (I train mostly at home). I which I could do every exercise in Negative Only.

I love the Push Press and negative Chins !!!

10-26-2003, 11:15 AM
21 October :

Push Press : 1x65 6x63 4x63 UP
Full Squat : 20x63 20x65 20x69 UP

22 October :

Reverse Curl : 20x25kg (+2kg)
Wrist-Curl : 20x53kg (+2kg)
Reverse Wrist-Curl : 2-3x25kg and 2-3x23kg (- 8 reps !!!)

24 Otober BW = 70kg

1x65 6x63 6x63 3x63 7x63 8x63kg Push Press UP
10x + 18x24kg + 10 Tractions UP
10x28kg + 5x Dips DOWN

25 October Grip competition ! it was extremly FUN !

26 October BW nearly 72kg !!!

11-06-2003, 03:35 PM
31 october :

Curl 20x26kg 20x46kg work sets 19x54 19x54 maxi cheat !
Reverse Curl 20x29 20x31 15x33 14x33
W-Curl 20x33kg no more strength !

1 november : Reverse curl 18x33kg

6 november : Forearms work

Reverse Curl : 16x35 15x35 17x35kg
Wrist-Curl : 9x55 14/15x55 70x19kg
RW-Curl : 0x23 1x19... I'll give up with this exercise !

I stoped the heavy lifts for 10 days, a sort of decondition period then I'll resume with 1 Full Body workout per week. Little or no isolation work ! I realy think isolation is unuseful if you do enough compounds. I tried isolation to increase my forearms : no size gains (even if I gained a lot of strength), I tried isolation for shoulders no size gains... the same for calves and even for arms with Dips I don't think you need triceps extension. I'll switch to Bench Press now and so I'll restart triceps extension and I do barbell Curl because I love it !

I'll use the following exercises (ever the same) for one set to failure once a week (total 7 sets per week).

Chins 18x24kg
Bench Press 10x89kg
Standing Press 16x53kg
Barbell Curl 20x54kg (cheated)
Triceps Extension 19x49kg
Full-SQUAT 20x71kg
SLDL 8x140kg

And sometimes I'll do a set of Barbell row 12x101kg and Dips 20x26kg or 5x40kg. I'll also do a mini-workout for forearms : Reverse Curl and Wrist Curl, maybe some ABS work. I continue isolation for forearms because I need grip strength but I don't except any size gains from isolation because I do heavy SLDL.

11-22-2003, 01:33 PM
nearly one month since I posted :( I had difficulty to train felt drained day after day...

I didn't progress yesterday I did : all my lifts are down

Full Squat 8x75kg before 20x71
Row 5x105kg before 8x105
SLDL 8x119kg before 8x139kg
Bench Press 17x79kg before 20x79kg
Chins 18x20kg before 18x24kg

I didn't realy lost strength because 2-3 weeks ago I could do my best performances but I don't progress.

what I plan to do is this workout once a week or a little bit more frequently :

Chins 1-2x10-20
Bench 1-2x10-20
Sumo DL 1x10-20

I'm not interested in maximum legs size and cannot squat safely at home so... and the Sumo DL should give me some legs size. Also I think that for upper body only 2 lifts are required : Chins and Dips. Unfortunotely I cannot do dips so I'll do Bench Press insteed.

sometimes I'll do a set of barbell row, military press, dips (if I go to a gym) and Squat just to maintain strength. I also like isolation work for arms so I'll do it once every 2 weeks.

12-06-2003, 05:10 PM
I'm back and my strength is back too

I do a new routine :study: :redface:

Workout A : Chins / CG BP / SLDL / Hack Squat
Workout B : Barbell Row / Standing Press / Upright row
Workout C : Bent Arms Pullover / Incline Press / Shrugs

some isolation work :

A ABS : Weighted Crunches
B Forearms : Wrist-Curl
C Arms : Barbell Curl and Triceps Extension

3-4 days between workouts and up to 7 days ! Generaly 1-2 sets of 20 reps per lift a little bit more on Standing Press and Chins (one set supinated, sometimes one set pronated and one set of negative only). Frequency is extremly low per lift which work extremly well for me and frequency per muscles is ~1-2x per week which should be enough !

I cannot do Dips if I could I would have add them... sometimes I do a set of Bodyweight Dips...

12-11-2003, 02:14 PM
2 workouts :

8 december 2003

Chins 19x22kg
CG BP 19x71kg
SLDL 20x121kg
Hack Squat 20x89kg

12 December 2003 :

Pullover 24x63kg
Incline Press (45° 30cm grip) 17x59kg 9x65kg
Shrugs 7x127kg and some reps at 135kg I'll use a pronated-supinated grip because with a pronated grip I'm too limited by my grip ! I think I could add 20kg to the bar.

12-14-2003, 05:40 AM
Forearms work : 12.12.03

Wrist-Curl 19x55kg +3 reps better form
R-Curl 19x35kg +3 reps better form !

exscellent progress !


Workout 13.12.03

Dips : work set : 57xBW + 7 reps

Upright Row : 15-20x35, 10x43 work set : 10x53kg + 1 rep + 3kg

Standing Press : (last time 30x41) 10x35 work set 21x43 22x43 28x43kg I'll alternate Dips and Standing Press, each lift once a month !

Barbell ROW yates style : 20x69kg 20x89kg work sets : 12x95kg (grip problem) 20x95kg + 2 reps and better form ! Back to sets of 20, nothing work better for ME !

FULL SQUAT (THE REPRISE !) : work set 50x43kg Easy ! I restart F-Squat but with extremly light weights... I want to squat safely and don't care fi my legs grow or not I want to maintain so... light weight super high reps should be enough !

Excellent worlkout everything is up except standing press which is only slighty better but my shoulders were overtrained, with standing press once a month they should recover better ! :nod:

12-15-2003, 01:49 PM
15 december 2003

Barbell Row Yates Style : 19x97kg New PR ! But form was not very good on the last 2-3 reps... I need more rest I shouldn't have do Row today !! but that's not too bad either !

12-16-2003, 11:37 AM
Today simply two sets of Full Squat (not to failure) 50x49kg and work set 50x55kg it was not so easy.... I do rehabilitation on squat ;)

I'll go on holidays the 23 december and I'll restart training in 2004 !
I'll probably do 1-2 last workouts before.

Routine for 2004 :

A) Chins / CG BP / SLDL / (ABS work)
B) Barbell Curl / Lying Triceps Extension / Pullover / Incline Press / Shrugs
C) Rowing / Standing Press alternated with Dips / Upright Row / Full SQT

and sometimes I'll train the forearms : Wrist-Curl and Reverse Wirst Curl. 3-4 rest days between each workouts and 1-2 sets of 20 reps per lift, never more than 3 !!! (most of the time 1). It's what I did the last 2-3 weeks and it works well so I'll continue in 2004 with more consistency !!! and HARDCORE MOTIVATION !

BW = 156 waist : ~28'' arms : 15''

01-01-2004, 07:25 AM
Last 2003 workout :

Chins : warm up : 4xBW+34kg work set : 4xBW+36kg
Full Squat : warm up : 20x49 20x69 work set : 20x75kg
One legged Calves raises : 2x1x20 with 36kg attached

I will probably do the calves once a while ! For 2004 I want my CHIN UPS to go UPPPPPPP !!! I lost a lot of fat but look much smaller and I'm weaker. But I still motivated, I'll concentrate on 4 exercises Chins, BP (~30cm grip), SLDL and Full Squat !

06-15-2004, 03:59 PM
It's so HARD to make progress... epecially on Chins and Dips... I can do around 10xBW+35kg attached on Chins... but I make no progress since 5 month !!!! I think I can still progress but only a little bit..... I'm not Marvin Eder :drooling:
Whatever I do I don't progress so I decided to do what I want and do not care about anything but progress ! no more method, science or logic !! I'll train CHINS and DIPS like an ANIMAL !!!! :ninja:


Chins : 10xBW 10x10kg 10x11 10x12 10x13 10x14 10x15 10x16 10x20 10x21 10x26 10x27 8x31kg 7x33kg !!! Yes that's it !!! 14 sets of Chins and 6 sets of Dips !!!

BE AN ANIMAL or don't train ! :strong:

I'm relatively happy not too bad after so many sets and I did heavy negatives chins yesterday !

06-17-2004, 04:34 AM
Yesterday, Chins again :

morning : 6xBW+33kg evening : 5xBW+38kg .... not good enough !!! I want 10xBW+35kg or 5xBW+40kg !

06-26-2004, 04:25 PM
Here's my training since the 15 june :

BW = 70-71kg

15 june :

Chins : 10xBW 10x10kg 10x11 10x12 10x13 10x14 10x15 10x16 10x20 10x21 10x26 10x27 8x31kg 7x33kg
Dips : some sets

16 june :

Chins : 1x6x33kg, 1x5x38kg (2 sets)

17 june :

Chins : 3xBW+41, 10x1, 10x11, 10x16, 10x21, 10x26, 10x31, 7x36 6x37 1x41kg

18 june :

Chins : 10x10 10x20 6x30, 3x41kg and 3x42kg

19 june :

Chins : 3x43kg
Pullups : 15x10 15x15 15x21kg
(full) Dips : 3x35kg

20 june :

Pullups: 10x20kg, 10x25kg, 5x31kg, 4x34kg, 4x33kg, 3x36kg, 3x37kg
Dips : 10x20kg, 8x25kg, 1x31kg (home)

21 june :

Pullups : 3x38kg

22 june :

Chins : 10xBW 10x10kg 10x15 10x20 10x25 10x31 8x36 2x46kg 1x47kg 2x47kg
Bench Press : 20x49 20x69 22x71

23 june :

Chins : 2x48kg
Pullups : 8x31kg
Bench Press : 12x73kg

24 june :

Chins : 10xBW (stomach to bar) 10x10kg 10x15kg very wide grip 10x20kg 10x25kg 10x30kg 8x37kg 6x37kg
Bench Press : 20x49 10x69 10x75 10x77kg

25 june :

Pullups : 15xBW, 10x5, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 10x25, 8x32 to failure, 6x33kg (not to failure, 7 ok 8 non !)
Bench Press : 20x49, 10x59, 10x69, 10x79, 2x81 (no more energy, I didn't rest enough between the last 2 sets)

26 june :

Leg Press : 20x130 1x170...
Pulldown supinated grip : 20x50 20x60 10x70 10x80 10x90 2x100
Shoulders Press (machine) : 20x50 20x60 10x70 10x80 10x90 0x100 (last week I did 8x100kg)

Dips : 10xBW, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 10x25, 2x30
Dips : 2x10xBW, 2x10x10kg, 20x20kg
Dips : 2x10x26, 2x30, 8x31, 2x36kg, 1x36

(3 different times in the day)

Barbell Curl :

30x26kg 20x36kg 20x40kg 20x42kg 20x44kg 18x46kg 20x48kg (little bit cheated) !!!! My best ever was 20x52 ans I think I can do better now.

08-01-2004, 02:52 PM
Here's the report of my gains from 15 june to 31 july for chins and from 26 june to 31 july for dips.

June : gains +3kg PR : 7x38kg or 2x48kg (BW = 71.5kg)
Juillet : +1kg avec 2x49kg (BW = 72.5kg) Total Gain : +2kg

From 15 june to 31 july gain : 5kg

Juin : no gain, PR = 9x36kg (BW = 71-72kg)
July : +2kg, PR 6x41kg or 3x47kg (BW = 72.5kg) Total Gain = +3kg

From 26 june to 31 july gain : 3kg


Now I'll change the way I train, NEW Method. I'll do that :

1) Exercices : Chins and Dips
2) Frequency : everyday
3) Volume : 15 repetitions
4) Intensity : 5RM
5) Rep Range : 5-6 reps
6) Progression : +1-2kg per month
7) Tolerance to regression : 3 days
8) Tolerance to stagnation : 15 days

7 and 8 mean that if I can't do 5 reps with my 5RM I'm in regression and thus after 3 consecutive days on regression I'll take a DAY OFF, then retry and if I'm still not back to 5 reps I take 2 days off and so on ! If after 15 days I didn't progress it's the same mecanism. If after the rest I don't make any progress or worst I regress it would mean that I was not overtrained but undertrained and thus I'll increase the stress (increase training Volume).

I start in August, my 6RM on Chins and Dips is 6xBW(72.5)+41kg. So I'll start with 42kg.


1 august : rest ! I'll go on holdays from 6 to 13 august !