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03-24-2003, 07:23 AM
oh well, as i seem to spend more time on this forum than anywhere else. I have deciced to start a journal.
Here are a few stats:
Training for 12 weeks using a 5 day split
Chest 35"
Abs 32"
Waist 31"
Arm [ Natural ] 11"
Forearm 12"
These measurements were done a few weeks ago and i will get measured again soon.

I will start to post my calorie intake and sleep ect plus my workout later on today when i comeback from the gym:cool:

03-24-2003, 07:45 AM
Welcome to journal land Pete. Good luck with your goals man. Keeping a journal is a great way to get started.

Oh yeah, by the way..............


03-24-2003, 10:27 AM
well what a nice day today is [16c] so i got on the mountain bike to the gym. [its a 5km round trip]
some people need to learn how to drive.
anyway i workout to a 5 day split:-
day 1: arms
day 2: legs
day 3: back/shoulders
day 4: chest
day 5: abs.
i put my 2 days off in when i feel like it.Anyway today was ab day.
started off with a little cardio - 5mins on treadmill 9kph 5-12% incline. always run to survior, eye of the tiger [best cardio tune ever]
stretched out for 5 mins. i felt good and relaxed, ready to go.
warmed up i started with 2 x 12 knee raises.
then superset the following 3x15 weighted crunch [60kg] with 3x12 hanging knee raises.
i know that some people might say thats too much but i push myself to my limit and noone elses.
time to hit the free weights, 2x 20 reps [16 kg] side bends.
now im being to sweat,
ab crunches followed 3 sets of 15.
finally i hit the weighted crunches again the follow occured:
10x 70kg
8x 75kg
i had to sit down- too hot.
that was it,somebody stick a fork in me- i was done.
i had 5min cool down on the stepper- nice and gentle. stretched out and came home.
i hate rush hour traffic.

what i have ate today. before u think im strange, i work nights so my body clock is out of sink. also mondays is my 1st day back at work so its a long day for me.
Breakfast- 5am- 12" ham and pinapple pizza.
snack 7.30am- protein shake
lunch 11.30am- steak,2 saus[ done on the foreman]veg and potatoes.
ice cream to follow choc flavour with hazelnuts.
snack 4pm- post workout shake.
will eat again soon.
dinner 6pm- pork chop,rice & veg. more ice cream
snack 11.30pm- ham salad sandwich.
dinner 01.30 am- jacket potatoes & cheese
snack 04.30am- egg sandwich, 2 breakfast bars.
sleep last night 10 hours.

03-26-2003, 01:24 AM
well its take time again.anyway today is arm day, didnt fancy taking the bike to the gym today.
5min worth of cardio to loosen up - treadmill again,
stretched out upperbody for 5mins, the gym wasnt busy so it was perfect to work out.
2x15 pressups [ raised] to get the blood pumping.
sarted working my triceps with tri extensions 3x 10 [12kg] with bench dips between each set [ dips 3x 12]
bicep curls followed using fives [ 5 full, 5 top, 5 bottom curls] 2 sets x 35 kgs
standard tri pushdowns 1x10[ 35kg] 1x7[ failure 35kg ]
hammer curls 2x 10 [fw 10kgs]
unlaterial tri pushdowns 4x5 [20kgs] 2 set each arm.
finally forearm work till failure on 30kg
cooled down on the bike for 6 mins and stretched out again

food ate.
2.30 pm - breakfast - shredded wheat.
5 pm post workout shake
6.30 beef and rice w veg
9pm pint of milk
11.30pm - chicken sandwich.
01.30am -roast beef dinner and ice cream
04.30 - 2 pints of milk.
08.00 - leftover beef& rice

sleep 8 hours total[ split]

03-26-2003, 08:41 AM
Might want to throw in some protein with your breakfast and maybe get some EFA's into your diet.

Also do you find that working chest on the day following back and shoulders is overtraining the delts? The workout today looked good but wanted to ask if you had considered adding skullcrushers in place of one of your tricep exercises? I have found this exercise to work great for overall tricep development. Glad to see that you have started up a journal:)

03-27-2003, 12:57 AM
hi bradley, i take my multivits 2 daily and omega3. as diet goes i usually dont eat cearels,for breakfast, usually a full meal. i usually try to aim for 150 gms protein a day.my fatty acids are quite poor but trying to do better.
cheers for the advice on training - i try to vary all my excerises so that my workouts never go stale.

any way i always try to write my journal in the morning before i go to bed for the previous day.
so yesterday was a rest day so not alot happened. i always take the bike to work, around 4km round trip everyday.

9pm -1pint ss milk protien shake
11.30pm - chicken/bacon sandwich pint of milk.
01.30am- turkey salad, pint of milk.
04.30am- cheese sandwich, pink of milk.
07.30am- italian chicken ,vice and veg. protien shake.

sleep 11 hours.

03-28-2003, 01:27 AM
another day , another dollar,as they say, the weekend is almost here,:cool: :cool: :cool:
today was leg day, i havent done my legs for 2 weeks now,
took my bike out before going to the gym, about 5 km.
at the gym- my routine was:
Cardio on the treadmill, 5mins.
hip abductor [inside] 70kg x 20, 75kg x 15, 80kg x 10 .
hip abductor [outside] 50kg x 10, 50kg x 10, 50 kg x 10.
leg press: 88kg x 15, 88 kg x 12 .
leg extension ; 42kg x 10, 49kg x 10, 56kg x 8.
leg curl: 63kg x 6, 63kg x 6 , 63kg x 8.
fit ball squats: bw x 10. bw + 8kg x 8.
Calve raises: [single]40kg x 20.
[boths] 60kg x 20, 60kg x 20.
stretched out and rode home 2km.

Diet:3pm- 2 saus sandwiches and protien shake.
6pm- post workout shake.
9pm- chicken,rice and veg.
11.30pm- egg sandwiches and pint milk.
01.30am- italian tuna and noddles.yogaurt.
04.30am- noddles.
08.00am- 12" cheese pizza and protien shake.

sleep 8 hours split.

03-29-2003, 02:23 AM
the weekend is finally here.:cool: :cool:
i have switched my days round on my split so today is day 3 chest day.
my split is now:
day 1- arms
day 2 - legs
day 3- chest
day4- abs
day5- back/shoulders.
anyway todays workout put me through it today, it was my best workout on my chest so far.
started with cardio on treadmill 5mins.
Press ups 2x15
Bench dips 2x15.
Bench press [db]- flat bench:15x6kg. 10x8kg.12x8kg
- incline- 10x8kg.12x8kg.10x10kg.
Dumb bell pullovers- 6x18kg.6x18kg.6x18kg.
Pec flye machine- 8x35kg.15x42kg.7x49kg.
Chest press machine- 12x 42kg. 12x42kg.
cable X overs- 10x20kg.10x20kg.

Diet- 1pm - chicken,rice and veg.
2pm- protein shake.
7pm-post workout shake.
12am- toast
01.30- chicken,mushroom pasta.pint a milk
0430-pint of milk.
0800- pork,pasta and veg.

sleep 6.5 hours split.

03-31-2003, 08:22 AM
what a weekend, didnt train so had 2 days off and manage to pop a knuckle on my left hand,cos of a runnin with the ex.
anyway as i not been to the gym im doing 2 workouts today.
shoulders/back and abs[ do them later on tonight]
so back workout first.
cardio- 4km on bike and 1000m rowing.
lat raise- 20 x 21kg. 6 x 35kg. 6 x 28kg.
lat pulldowns- 10x42k. 10x49k.8x56k.
shoulder press- 10x 20k.12x25k.10x30k.
upright rows- 12x 35k.12x40k.8x45k.
db rows- 18 x18kg 2 sets
arnold press- 8 x 10kg.7x10k.
db shrugs- 12x18kg. 2 sets.

later on will do abs, will post tomorrow for that i think.

03-31-2003, 08:35 AM
Good Luck with your plans Pete! :spam:

04-01-2003, 07:45 AM
same day different time, back to the gym. to do abs.
did a fitness test at the gym scored 55 [which is excellent].
gym was so busy tonight, so good job that im doing abs.
ab workout:
started with 3 sets 15 pressups[ warm up arms and shoulders for later]
Knee raises on dip bar- 3x 20[at bw]
ab crunches 2 sets 30 x 65kg, 1 set 20x 65kg superset all 3 with hanging knee raises 3 sets of 15.
side bends 20 x 18kg each side.
so that was my ab workout , not too heavy as i had already worked out once today.
12pm- chicken and veg, pots.
3pm- sweet sour chicken, rice, veg and protien shake.
6pm- post work out shake.
8.30pm- steak, veg and waffles
11.30pm- cheese sandwhich
01.30pm- chicken,potatoes and veg, pint of milk.
04.30pm- choc bar.

sleep 7.5 hours.

04-01-2003, 01:59 PM
today was nasty, i was meant to work my arms today, but i warmed up and stretched out ,started to work out and when i started doing dips, i heard a crunching sound and got an intence pain in my left shoulder[ under the collar bone.]
so i sprayed with ice spray and now i have got a cold compress on it, never mind,

04-02-2003, 11:39 AM
24h later in what seem a nightmare. today i spent 4 hours at the hospital being looked at, my shoulder bust, im strapped up and my doc says i can train for the next few weeks. cos i have less than 10%bf i might just feed for the next few weeks.
im so fed up :cry: :cry:

04-02-2003, 02:23 PM
Sorry to hear that man. Did you ask him about legs, or maybe doing some cycling on the stationary bike so you can keep active?

04-02-2003, 04:10 PM
nothing until i seen the specailist next monday

04-08-2003, 05:02 AM
im back after almost a week, ive not been on the web site or to my gym, anyway i got a damaged rotory cuff, i got to have an ultrasound scan on my shoulder later on this week. but i can start to train again, only cardio and legs for the moment.
cos i not been training or eating correctly whilst i been off, i lost 1.8kg in wieght, but im back and ready to go.
got measured yesterday and heres my new stats

04-09-2003, 04:49 AM
Tuesday 8th April.
today was my first day back at the gym,it was really good just to be there and smell the sweat.

cos i can only train lowerbody and do cardio my workouts not very good at the moment.
cardio work- 10mins bike level 11.
10mins stepper level 10
10mins treadmill 9mph
leg workout .-
Hip Abductor[in side] 30x95kg. 15x95kg.
[outside] 15x55kg. 8x60kg.
leg extension, 10x 56kg. 6x 63kg.
calve raise- 25x 133kg. 15x133kg. 30x 106kg.

my diet is crap at the moment, i seem to have gone on that front.i will start to post it again when back in check.