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booze hound
04-03-2003, 09:50 AM
Ok here goes nothing. I started a journal ages ago, but made about two entries and gave up, I damn well aim to keep this one. Anyway, got to go to work now, but am finished at 10pm and my gym closes at 11pm so will probably squeeze in a quick chest (my bloody nemesis) workout. Call back later to see how it went.;)

booze hound
04-03-2003, 03:20 PM
Fook me I just wrote a whole load out, but forgot to press submit, and just pressed back and lost the lot. Canna be arsed doing all that again. The jist of it was that I couldn't get to the gym 'cos my boss is a penny-pinching slag. later

booze hound
04-04-2003, 09:13 AM
Legs today.

squats: 135kg 6reps
125kg 6reps
(plus several warm up sets)
( all sets ass to floor olympic style squatting)
Could have gone heavier on these with more reps, but am very conscious about doing them with no spotter and no rack.

Front squats: just played about a bit with these, working on which grip I prefer. At the minute I seem to be basically holding it in a clean grip about an inch or two above my collar bones, which is not very condusive to comfort or strength.

SLDL: 145kg 6reps
145kg 4reps
(plus several warm ups)
All done with textbook, very strict form.

Leg extensions: 85kg 12reps
85kg 10reps
All reps held for 2 seconds at top and they burned a fooking lot.

Comments: not bad, but need to get a spotter for squats. A woman was watching me sldl and was remarking on the weight and the look on my face, which is always nice.

Food going not bad today, not the cleanest, but getting all my calories which is good. Until next time.:cool: :) :alcoholic :evillaugh